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  1. Solid choice... maybe he could announce at his press conference why he's the right person for the AU job... He is a man and he's 40!
  2. A secret meeting between AU "officials" and Bobby Petrino. Wow, what a fantastic idea, nothing can go wrong from that.
  3. Where would you put Muschamp on that list? It was also mentioned that the "BOOM" hire called AU when he found out that AU may be looking for a new AD. Seems like I remember hearing of an issue between Jacobs and/or Jackson when Muschamp left for Texas.
  4. The names being "tossed around" are by individuals in a forum. I have yet to hear a BOT member or a booster mention a name in public. Removing everyone from the BOT will never happen and is not necessary because of their influence (supposed influence) in an athletic department situation.
  5. Forget Scab's opinion, that means nothing, he just happens to be the messenger in this case. I thought the memo he published and the quotes from McWhorter were revealing. Agreed. McWhorter blindly defends Jacobs (Jetgate pals) while giving the AU fan base the bird. They are not Jetgate pals. I don't recall JJ being on the plane. It was Housel, Walker, McWhorter and Byron Franklin.
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