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  1. He’ll crawl naked across broken glass and bark like a dog if yella fella asks him too. The most auburn hire ever, but he might win some games.
  2. Yep. Or a month long search for head coach at a top 15 job with brand new facilities ends with just a random NFL QB coach. I’d wait as long as possible to announce that too 😂
  3. Looks like Freeze unless they have someone else they’ve kept super under the radar
  4. Still undefeated in regulation interim head coach Carnell Williams.
  5. There’s probably a Stoops brother out there somewhere no one has ever heard of that we can hire
  6. Superman : Kryptonite gus Malzahn: Navy
  7. Decent PR move. I'm sure on day 31 and once the money is in his account he and his wife's instagram page will be much less diplomatic. Godspeed to any school that takes a chance on this dude.
  8. #1 thing for me is not seeing this doofus on the sideline ever again.
  9. Man I love bammer kickers. so unreliable when it counts.
  10. 27.5 point underdogs this weekend 😂 that alone is fireable
  11. Expecting something similar to Penn State. Adrenaline and crowd keep it close until half, but LSU pulls away 31-13
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