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  1. Definitely don't want anyone to know that we plan to run up the middle for a 1 yard gain after a 1st down.
  2. Cord looked great because Gus the QB talent succubus is still feeding off Bo’s talent. Any more action than he saw yesterday and his skills will start to deteriorate.
  3. Have you forgotten that the Auburn tradition is to make backup QB's look like Heisman contenders?
  4. So you're saying HURRY HURRY HURRY > 2nd & 9 is not a sound offensive strategy?
  5. Yeah, me too 😂 I assume we're talking like UF post Urban Meyer? I'm down if win a couple titles, minus the whole murderer on the roster part.
  6. I'd put up with it for Leach. If we're going to perpetually be 8-4 it may as well be fun.
  7. I'm with you, I just want him to leave "voluntarily"
  8. Auburn should make it clear that Gus is more than welcome to stick around if he abandons his advanced version of the Tony Franklin system. Manage the game and let someone else run THEIR offense. If he doesn't like it he's more than welcome to go somewhere else. We're paying $7 million/year for a coach not renting a playbook.
  9. I'm good with promoting Steele and making changes on offense. Everyone's quick to shout TENNESSEE or FLORIDA STATE, but no one ever mentions that 2 of the current top 4 teams fired head coaches midseason & promoted from within.
  10. The fact that all these highly rated QB's end up as broken shells of a football player at other schools after being "coached" by Gus is problematic in my mind.
  11. We're headed back towards the promise land of that Jeff Klein led 1999 team!
  12. That's all well & good Herbstreit, but we've been losing the same way since 2009. Start strong, lull 2nd & 3rd quarters, and then Gus inspires hope by pulling a 4th quarter drive out of his butt just after the point of it being too late for a full comeback. Without Nick Marshall and Cam Newton it's an insanely predictable result.
  13. Oh he will find that rabbit. We'll beat UGA & bammer and finish 5th in the regular season. bammer & LSU will make the playoffs with one loss & rematch for the national title while we lose to Baylor in the Sugar and I ring in the new year by drinking bleach.
  14. It seems like we start every season with our best talent on the bench, going all the way back to Tuberville.
  15. I think it would have helped had it been thrown to someone who didn't have a cast on his hand. He was open, but a poor throw and playing one-handed gave it very little chance for success. If that's completed for a TD it probably changes how the first half goes offensively.