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  1. Auburn Alabama Georgia Texas A&M LSU Florida Missouri Utah Clemson Boston College Wisconsin 51
  2. We are going to have to play some kind of awful for that game to be close. Even then, I'd still pick AU. Hard to see us losing this weekend. Certainly could be wrong, but just don't think we're going to have a ton of issues.
  3. James sounds like a trooper. Praying for him and your family Bird.
  4. Maybe, but I think we ought to watch the game before accepting defeat
  5. Brown's tweet was in response to the graphic that shows him, Cooper, Green, and Omoruyi all in Auburn jerseys. Seems to me like we're much more in this thing for big time recruits than some are giving us credit for. I bet we get a second BIG time player in this class at LEAST.
  6. Not sure I get it. A DT should not lead the team in tackles or really be very close at all. That should be LBs and Safeties. He leads his DL in tackles and looks like he leads his team in TFL. What am I missing? Looks fine to me.
  7. Gus gets a clue and let's the fastest player on the field touch the ball? Not holding my breath
  8. LSU is a CFP title contender. They're got a bunch of talent on offense. Defense needs a little work, but Bo will have to play really well in a few weeks to give us a shot
  9. I'm insinuating that 2.5 quarters of Chris Leak may not beat LSU, but 4 quarters just might. Nix will need to play well, but the reason LSU is beginning to pull away is in part because Florida stopped being able to move the ball when Trask got hurt.
  10. Don't get hurt midway through the third quarter
  11. Yep. Could and should very well have beaten what looks to be a really good Florida team. I think we're legit too...
  12. Georgia Kentucky LSU Missouri Mississippi State Alabama Vanderbilt Oklahoma Iowa 58
  13. For those who missed it, Jaemyn Brakefield was offered by Duke over the weekend and essentially committed on the spot. He's been removed from the OP - need to really turn it up on Greg Brown/Chris Moore now