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  1. Tigers are now 26-14, 10-8 SEC. If we can go to Jacksonville and take care of some dern business there, we could get a little mojo back. At bat of the game has gotta be Will Holland’s walk. Turned the tide tremendously. It got to 1-2, and it looked like Holland was going down yet again at the plate, but kept on working and digging in and finally forced a walk to really put that pressure on.
  2. Love doing it! Feels better when we win. What a huge win.
  4. An absolutely ATROCIOUS strike 3 call!!! Oh my gosh!! No way!!!!! What a terrible, low pitch!!!!!
  5. WE ARE TIED!!! Grounded to first, throw pulls the runner off of the plate and the tigers have em loaded with 0 outs! Need a hit, walk, passed ball, SAC FLY, Error, HBP..... I don’t care what just WIN THIS THING!!!!
  6. Bliss runs it out!!! Bases loaded 0 outs for Ward!
  7. Leadoff single by Scheffler. Holland to the plate. Oh what a time to break out of a season-long slump.
  8. Two quick outs, then Kessinger singles and a freakin chopper sneaks over Woley’s Glove for an RBI double into man’s land in RF. Next batter grounds out. I’ve never seen a team waste opportunities only to have it come back and bite them in the but like I’ve seen us do it this season. This is just ridiculous. 5-4 UM B10 Tigers need one to extend, two to win.
  9. Well, we had 4-5-6 due up and they go down pretty uncompetitively. We have been disappointing at the plate this season. Julien seems to be the only vet that can come up with a clutch hit. I don’t know how this team is going to get going if their veterans remain unable to perform in the clutch. Hopefully they start the upward trend in this inning. One quickly down for the Rebs in the 10th.