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  1. It was pretty obvious Butch was trying to win this one today. He threw Mitchell and Lipscomb out there to try and keep the lead as small as possible for the hitters. Just couldn't muster up any clutch hits after the second inning. Really weird for us, but that has happened some this year. We go a few innings/games where we light it up and then can't do a thing for a number of innings. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I know Mize is doubtful but it'd be big if he could go tomorrow, and we get a series win over Arky. Hope the guys can piece it together in the bullpen and really jump on the Hogs early. Got a good feeling Watson will start.
  2. Dang. When we're hot, we're hot but when we're cold, we are ice cold. No runs since the second inning.
  3. Hopped out to a 3-0 lead and then Arkansas gets a gift from the home plate ump for 3 runs! Davis hit the middle of the plate about 3 times for strike 3 on two outs. 3-3, let's go Tigers!
  4. Think you're correct in that. Either needs 6-7 inning start, or a reliever to really step up. Lipscomb's done it a few times and so has Mitchell where they've come in after a starter and limited the damage pretty well. We shall see.
  5. I'm thinking more of if your starting pitching can get you through the first two games, you've got a game that you can try your starters and then throw the guy from your first game again if you need him. That's typically how the rotation goes in regionals with teams and so I would think Camacho could even come out of the bullpen in the regional. That leaves you with your starters being Mize, Thompson, and Daniel. You, then have Mitchell, Lipscomb, Robert, Camacho, and Coker that have been the most reliable this season coming out of the bullpen. If your starters can take you deep into the first two games, you've got a good opportunity to use your better bullpen arms the rest of the week. The key is getting good starts from your SPs. This is why AU sets up well for a regional.
  6. Many "experts" think that Auburn, no matter where they are, will be a very tough out in a regional with our starting pitching. ( I use the term "experts" lightly, but still....)
  7. My bad, messed it up- should look to sweep Alabama, and then should compete against Miss State.
  8. Series remaining: vs Arky @Bama vs Miss State @LSU vs Ole Miss Every home series we have I certainly think we can take 2. @LSU will be tough, so I'd be okay with one win and two close losses there. Bama is in free fall. If we can go into that series focused, we can sweep that and end up with about 19 wins in conference. I'd like 20 to solidify our regional host chances, but roughly 18-12 should at least put us in the conversation, especially with two top 10 series wins.
  9. Frustrating after being up 3-0 then 4-1 late in the game. Need to perform much better at the plate tomorrow. Series win probably not required, but would be very helpful in our hopes of hosting.
  10. RPI now to 27....
  11. RPI up to 28th after last night's win over Samford. Tennessee sitting at 47th after getting absolutely drilled by East Tennessee State last night, 10-2.
  12. Auburn WINS 16-15! Holy Cow what a weird game... Good offensive night, poor pitching night. Found a way to win and got the record 25-10 (8-4 SEC). Never know what one win can do- 40 wins looks much better than 39.
  13. Well, it's been weird, but we're 3 outs away from a win. 16-15 AU B9...
  14. Back to back homers for Samford and it's now 16-13 AU. My goodness what a weird game. That should be it for Herndon . Edit: That wasn't it for Herndon and he shuts me up with 3 straight outs! 16-13 AU going to the 8th
  15. So big question: what's the possibility of us landing Brooks now? He'd certainly be a nice addition.