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  1. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/4-star-wide-receiver-shines-at-Auburn-7-on-7-passing-camp-132851475/ Auburn definitely in the picture. He seems comfortable here. Bama and LSU may be our competition here.
  2. Per Hooks about 30 mins ago, Turbo is out of a wheelchair and walking in less than one week. That's great news
  3. Per Hooks, Franklin has been cleared and is practicing with the team. Same for Jaylin Williams...
  4. Yep, it's all about CWS appearances. Much like the final four in basketball- you get there, and it's all a crap shoot as to who wins it. All those teams are so good that they could all win it.
  5. Highlights look better than a 3 star. Guess that's why they're highlights, but still... Kid has the frame to be a pretty good tackle.
  6. Auburn is not necessarily putting up eye-popping numbers (outside of offensively in the Supers), but they consistently find ways to win ball games, and that is a scary trait to have to go through. A team that knows how to win is just as dangerous as an offensive juggernaut, a lights out pitching staff, or a can't miss defense. Auburn is that team in this regional. They just know how to win the big ones.
  7. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/06/11/college-world-series-baseball-vanderbilt-arkansas Sports Illustrated has ranked us as the worst team in Omaha! Let's prove 'em wrong!
  8. TOO COOL that we are here!!! Man, this feels so awesome to be in this field of elite teams!!! #Program!!!
  9. Hey, we're in Omaha. When you see a college baseball team's wall of success in their outfield, it tells you how many college world series they've been to! Not many teams win a natty in College Baseball, we are in the College Baseball Mecca as it is!!! We'll get to put a few different things up on the wall in the outfield, so let's celebrate that! Personally, I'd love to see us perform well in Omaha, but the fact that we made it is good enough for me!!! This is all icing from here on out.
  10. Andy had a great end to the broadcast. Can’t remember the exact words, but gave tribute to Rod and Paula, gave a big war eagle, and a “we’re going to Omaha!”
  11. What an accomplishment. Injuries to our pitching staff abound, our big hitters struggling to produce.... somehow, some way, they did it. They made it to Omaha. Wow. War Eagle.