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  1. FYI, Tay did NOT change his prediction. He said on 247 that he doesn’t know why he was included in that tweet. I think people everywhere are hearing conflicting things, including JBoy and everyone around him. Not saying it won’t be Miami just saying not sure anyone knows outside of the Kinchens family.
  2. Hoping he bypasses top 5 and commits to the good guys Thursday, thought not sure that’s very likely so soon
  3. 8 of them don’t belong to Gus. We were 0-8 in 2012. 33-23 isn’t bad at all.
  4. His twitter profile pic has him pictured in an Auburn Jersey. Certainly not a bad thing...
  5. You and your family are in my prayers, Bird!
  6. Yep we might, but we’ve got a bunch of options. I do hate it for the players though. Don’t envy the position they’re in.
  7. Siposs was also lined up 15 yards behind the LOS whereas Bo consistently punted from about 4-5 yards off the line, with no rush, and no real concern for hang time or a return.
  8. Coby Neenan This would seem like a no-brainer for me. Guy is from Dothan, is a grad-transfer, and has experience punting against D1 talent. Sure do need a punter....
  9. Btw, that makes two first round pitchers out of Auburn in 3 seasons. Heck of a recruiting angle for Butch and the boys
  10. Bump. I wasn’t sure if we were still pursuing Ruffin or not
  11. Yep. Auburn had all the momentum, and I believe would’ve won in OT.