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  1. Miss State, Vandy, SCar, Missouri, Bama, Tennessee and us all teams that took one loss on the weekend. Georgia loses 2 against C of C. Kentucky gets SWEPT. Ouch. Looks like some opening weekend jitters around the league except for well-established programs like LSU, Miss, Fla, TAMU. Arkansas got a sweep to open it up too. Get ready for a lot of wins from AU baseball in the next month or so, we've got work to do, but the schedule builds slowly until we get to SEC play. We will be battle tested in the sense of we get a tougher opponent each weekend, but we don't have one we shouldn't at least take two from.
  2. That's an Auburn Winner! Tigers win game 4 by a score or 4-3. Auburn improves to 3-1 on the year and hosts Jacksonville State on tuesday. Corey Herndon gets the save today. Auburn scored 3 in the B6 to take a 4-2 lead on a 2 out bases loaded double by Luke Jarvis. GWU scored one in the T7 to close the gap, but Auburn pitchers got out of a bases loaded with 1 out jam to keep GW from tying it in that inning, and shut them down the rest of the way. T9 got a little dicey on a couple questionable calls by the umpiring crew, but AU hangs on and wins it! Big series win- GW will compete in the A10.
  3. GW Game 4: In T3- GWU leads 2-1. Bo Decker thrown out at home for the first out of last inning, and Jarvis hits into DP.
  4. Cole Lipscomb shut the door on GW in game 2 of the series. I'm wondering if he won't develop into that closer for us. Would like to have had the win in game 3 today, but at least we played almost a complete game and answered the bell at the plate when we needed to. Some nice 2 out RBIs and ABs today. Very encouraged by this team. They'll learn from the 9th inning meltdown.
  5. Cole Lipscomb shut the door on GW in game 2 of the series. I'm wondering if he won't develop into that closer for us. Would like to have had the win in game 3 today, but at least we played almost a complete game and answered the bell at the plate when we needed to. Some nice 2 out RBIs and ABs today. Very encouraged by this team. They'll learn from the 9th inning meltdown.
  6. Need to pick up Miss, LSU AND one more regular season win. If we can do that, we can go into the SEC tourney with some hope left for a little NIT run magic. I'm disappointed in the loss today. More than usual. It's almost like "come on guys stop making the same old mistakes and just play basketball!
  7. If we do lose anyone, we will be able to replace just fine. Talented Freshmen coming in plus Murray gets the shirt off. Maybe a grad transfer or two as well. We will replace. On a side note, Bryce Brown has improved, I think, this year. He was good last year, the regressed a little at the beginning of this year, but seems to be coming back into form both defensively and offensively; Offensively being the way he's driving and dishing the past few games has been much better than the stupid shots he was throwing up first half of the year. Seems to also be finding his shot again- South Car has Thornwell who's been there for years. He started out streaky like a brown. I'm willing to bet Bryce will be same kind of player by next year/year after.
  8. Remember what happened to that team at the end of the regular season though? They completely fell off. Lost home games, got blown out in away games- just couldn't do anything the last 5-6 games. Yes they had heart in the tourney when they started to believe, but they gave up for a little bit of the season. Culture is being changed- remember when we had to whine about only 11 wins? Now we're whining about what could be around 18 or 19 and a possible post-season birth. Culture changing...
  9. Pretty simple for the rest of the regular season: we need to win to get in..... we win all 6, we are probably being discussed as a tournament team. Win 3, and we'll have to make a run in the SEC tourney. Win 0, and we're looking to next year. Florida: tough draw for anyone, but the fact we have them at home makes it more winnable. @ A&M: Not bad but not great. Probably about like Ole Miss. If we can stay away from complete meltdown, this is a very winnable game. @ lsu: Should be a win. LSU is not good. Arkansas: Arky is in a bit of a free Fall right now. I would expect a pretty even line, but this is a game that could be pivotal for us. Very winnable. @ uga: tough away game draw. Georgia is good but have struggled at times this year. We should be in this game to say the least. If we play well, this is still a winnable game. mizzouri: Shouldn't lose this one. 2 games that should be wins, 2 games that will be tough wins. 2 toss ups. The good thing is, I don't know if there is a game left where I would think "Auburn doesn't have a chance to win that game." Florida is the closest one, but the fact that this game is at home really gets me excited about it. Remember, this team has been known to lose games they're not supposed to lose, and win games they shouldn't win. What say ye about the remaining schedule? Im seeing AU notching a 4-2 record to put them at 20-11 going into the SEC tourney.
  10. Once again, we're incredible when we win- when we lose, the coaching staff should be fired. I promise you there is a middle ground. The sky is not falling. Auburn Basketball has their best record through 25 games in quite some time. Chill out.
  11. Frustrating to watch but great effort at the end when things looked bleak. Give OM credit, they shoot the lights out at the line.
  12. Baseball is a lot different from basketball in a "who makes the tournament" setting. We could probably finish 8th or 9th in the league this year and easily be in the tournament. That's grounds for a 2 seed even depending on our OOC record. Finishing about 11th in the SEC would probably have us as a bubble team for the tourney. It's not going to be so much our number of SEC wins as where we finish in the SEC. 13 wins in conference is usually a magic number but a few teams have gotten in with 12 the past few years. There's mad respect for the SEC, especially the west. We have 19 straight games in a row at home that we are going to be favored in probably at least 17 or 18. (South Alabama... MAYBE a Lipscomb game?). It's not great for RPI concerns, but if we have enough wins at the end of the year, the committee has to at least consider us. If we can win over 15 games to begin the year, that would be ideal. Go into SEC play around 16-3, maybe 17-2, 18-1...... We've got to take care of business in the OOC though. Can't afford many losses in those first few games, too tough to win SEC games. RPI, just by being in the west, will be fine for us. We've got LSU, A&M, Miss St., Florida, Ole Miss, Arky, S Car on the schedule, so level of competition is really not a problem. Gotta get enough overall wins to get some consideration though. I think that's the big key is the OOC
  13. Ok I've done some more research. Here's my 2017 Auburn Baseball Preview beginning with an expected depth chart. C: Blake Logan, Mike Rojas, Damon Haecker 1B: Daniel Robert, Keegan Thompson 2B: Luke Jarvis, Jay Estes, Damon Haecker SS: Jay Estes, Luke Jarvis, Damon Haecker 3B: Josh Anthony, Damon Haecker, Keegan Thompson LF: Bo Decker, JJ Schaffer, Sam Gillikin CF: Jeremy Johnson, JJ Schaffer, Sam Gillikin RF: Damon Haecker, JJ Schaffer, Sam Gillikin DH: Keegan Thompson, Mike Rojas, Blake Logan, Damon Haecker, Sam Gillikin, JJ Schaffer, etc.... ----------------Pitching----------------- We've got a lot of names back, but also some new guys that have a lot of potential. I think we have an excellent pitching staff on our hands. These guys are experienced if nothing else. Returners: (Last Years role: S=starter R=Reliever C=Closer) Keegan Thompson(s), Cole Lipscomb(S/R), Casey Mize(S/R), Gabe Klobosits(S/R), Andrew Mitchell(S/R), Daniel Sprinkle(R), Gordon Cardenas(R/C), Kevin Davis(R)/ Daniel Robert (C). New Guys to watch for: -Davis Daniel (BIG recruit) -Ryan Watson (Auburn High guy, FBall touches 94). - Names like: Gohm, Warner, Maddox, Coker, among others. ROUGH ROTATION: Friday Starter: Mize Sat. Starter: Thompson Sun. Starter: Kolbosits/ Davis Daniel Midweek starter: Andrew Mitchell/ Kevin Davis / Davis Daniel /Daniel Sprinkle/Ryan Watson Closer Candidates: Gordon Cardenas, Cole Lipscomb, Daniel Sprinkle, Daniel Robert, Ryan Watson. NOTES: Some of you might be wondering about Cole Lipscomb. He has been a starter for two years and has performed pretty well, except for a couple rough outings last season. I think the coaches have been working with Cole to move him into more of a power-reliever or closer role. It is easier to move from starter to reliever because stamina is not as big of an issue. This way, Cole may be able to let loose a bit more and really come on as Auburn's closer or go to-reliever. Keegan Thompson has been taking some cuts at the plate in batting practice. If some of you don't remember, Keegan was actually a very good hitter in high school, and already has a few home runs to his name as an Auburn Tiger. I could see Keegan DH-ing for himself a good bit this year. I could also see Keegan getting some time at first base in the instance that Daniel Robert can't go, or ignore Robert has to move elsewhere to cover a position in need. Keegan's second position is probably outfield, but he can play first as well. I'd expect to see Keegan in that utility player role a lot more this year. You might even see a switch between Keegan and D-Rob at first mid-game at some points in the year. -Sam Gillikin left the program last year but is actually back and paying his own way through school. He will be some speed and outfield depth to keep a serious eye on. -JUCO is taking over the Auburn Infield. Jay Estes(2B/SS), Luke Jarvis(2B/SS), Josh Anthony(3B), and Mike Rojas(C) are all guys that will see a lot of action, if not start), for the Tigers this season. This could be good for Auburn, as the positions of need were filled by these guys. If these 4 can compete at the level they are expected to, Auburn will have a pretty darn good infield this year. --------------------Hitting---------------------- Expected Opening Day Batting Order: 1.) Luke Jarvis - SS 2.) Jeremy Johnson - CF 3.) Josh Anthony - 3B 4.) Daniel Robert - 1B 5.) Bo Decker - LF 6.) Mike Rojas - C 7.) Keegan Thompson - DH 8.) Jay Estes - 2B 9.) Damon Haecker - RF STARTER: Casey Mize ( RHP ) They're really excited about Jarvis being a lead off guy. Johnson is quick and has a good bat, so I'd pencil the CF in that "get on base" role of #2. The 3-5 holes are about of a guess but Anthony gives you a power bat, Robert gives you power and experience against SEC hitting, and Decker is a big power type guy who can score on one swing. I penciled in Rojas for opening day just because I don't think Blake Logan will be physically ready to go by then. As Blake gets his strength and baseball finesse back with him, I think he'll start. Not sure if it's going to happen, but Thompson, as stated earlier, has gotten a few at bats this spring, and I wouldn't be surprised to see his bat in the lineup. He's a guy who could hit in he 3-5 hole but it's been a few years since he's hit against SEC competition, and so I've got him on down in the lineup a bit. Estes I think is fast, but he's a smaller guy. He'll be a line drive guy looking to get on. In the 9 hole, I've got Haecker. I think the 9 hole is not where you put your worst hitter. The nine hole should be one of your more experienced players that knows how to get on base. Nothing special needed, just get on base. I think Haecker brings that exact thing to the offense. Many may look at the lineup and see 5 guys who have never seen an SEC fastball in a real live game before. I don't think that is going to turn out to be a problem. Most of these JUCO guys have gone against guys who have just about as much caliber of pitching as SEC pitchers. I'm thinking our offensive numbers may stay pretty similar to last season, but I would expect more home runs and maybe a few more stolen bases (speed all over this lineup. Overall Pre-Season Grades: OFFENSIVE: B- DEFENSIVE: C (Too Early to say) PITCHING: B+ OVERALL: B- Hoping to see all of those steadily improve, but I'd have us as about an above average team coming into the season. We've got 19 home games to start the schedule against competition that is not too difficult. Our next 3 games after that are also at home, but are against Florida, our first SEC test and our first true test of the season. Im excited for this season in that I see a lot of good potential for Auburn. Hoping Butch can really hit a dinger this year and win a big time number of games. #RoadToOmaha begins next Friday, Feb. 17!
  14. What I like about this thread topic(OP) is hearing that Marshall still comes back to Auburn, and keeps up with former teammates, and knows what goes on in the program. Some JUCO guys tend to be using college as just a stepping stone to the NFL, and don't really care that much about their school. I like that Nick's showing he's truly an Auburn guy.
  15. The fact we are even arguing about this is music to my ears. Auburn Basketball is relevAUnt!