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  1. What I'm saying is that it's getting better. We're starting to get guys drafted every year now instead of just 1 or two every few years. Although it isn't at the level that some other programs are, don't count out the fact that the talent we are bringing in, and then putting in the league is improving. I agree with you about the fact that 5* players are real, but your post, to me, sounded like there was no reason at all for a DB to choose Auburn, because we had no visible proof we could put guys in the league. I'm saying I think that aspect is improving as we speak, and that we are not totally void of DB talent.
  2. I agree with some of this, but other parts are not true. Carlton Davis just went as one of the higher drafted CBs in the draft, and Javaris Davis is going to go pretty high barring a bad injury of some sort. Rudy Ford was also drafted very recently. Although it was pretty late, he was a running back that our coaches were able to coach up at safety to NFL Draft talent. I believe Blake Countess and Josh Holsey were also taken in the 6th and 7th rounds in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Although this is to your point, because these three guys were taken kind of late, the last DB that was drafted from AU before these guys was Walter McFadden back in the 2010 NFL Draft. To me, this shows improvement in our coaching of defensive backs, and even looking at some of the guys that are going to be projected to go in next year's draft does this as well. If an Auburn DB goes this year, it will be the fourth year in a row that Auburn has put a defensive back in the NFL through the draft. While it's not 1st round talent, every single year, it is certainly something that not many programs can say they have done the past four years.
  3. tigerbrotha12

    AU Home/Home with Washington

    By the way, this is so good for us. Washington is a solid program that is generally in the tournament pretty often right now.
  4. tigerbrotha12

    AU Home/Home with Washington

    I believe that UW is going to be coming to Auburn this upcoming season. It says a return trip to Seattle will take place in 19-20, so I'm assuming the "return trip" means we will get them here this upcoming year, 18-19.
  5. tigerbrotha12

    **2019 3* DE/Buck Colby Wooden commits to AU!!!!

    Underrated 3 star player. Hope he gets some camp film on him because I believe he'd go up to a 4* by signing day.
  6. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs Xavier first round of 2018 Maui Invitational

    I'd wager the Zion won't be able to dunk like that with Wiley/McLemore in the game....
  7. tigerbrotha12

    **2019 3* DE/Buck Colby Wooden commits to AU!!!!

    How is Wooden a 3 star? This guy's film is crazy
  8. tigerbrotha12

    Absolute best news of the week....

    Saw him walking into the dorms the other day. No limp, no sign of pain, no sign of difficulty walking. Not practice, I know, but I'm glad what we're hearing seems to be true.
  9. tigerbrotha12

    Mark My Word 2018

    Mark My Words: Deshaun Davis will lead the SEC in tackles Mark My Words: Florida wins the SEC East Mark My Words: Auburn will have two 1,000 yard rushers
  10. tigerbrotha12

    2017 4* QB Lowell Narcisse (LSU recommit 12/19/16)

    Do we take him if he turns up again in the future?
  11. tigerbrotha12

    2019 4* DB Cam'Ron Kelly

    If we want this guy, seems like we could get him. Va Tech and Penn State shouldn't have much of an upside on us other than better proximity to home and even that is a stretch for PSU.
  12. tigerbrotha12

    Perfect Game All American

    Sorry, I meant recruits as in prospects/guys that were considering us but not committed yet.
  13. tigerbrotha12


    South Carolina Georgia Missouri Florida Kentucky Tennessee Vanderbilt Auburn Alabama Texas A&M Mississippi State Arkansas Mississippi Auburn Auburn 493
  14. tigerbrotha12


    What about Asa?