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  1. Mize and Burns should be a good one-two punch; I see us competing for a regional title once again this season. 26-12 is a good spot to be in.
  2. Pretty cool. Never seen an Auburn name at the top of the MLB Draft. That would be something else. Glad we have him- now if we could just win some SEC games...
  3. Baseball vs UAB

    On another note, former AU pitcher Kevin Davis got to throw for UAB last night as well. Not sure his line but was interesting to see him back on the mound at Plainsman Park
  4. Baseball vs UAB

    3-2 AU B5. Venter at first with two outs for Judd Ward...... Ward K’s. Getting one hit through 5 and have a 3-2 lead. We might be cursed with sleepy bats.
  5. Baseball vs UAB

    Someone missed a sign. Wright takes off for second. Venter takes a pitch but then when he realized Wright was going swung way late...... maybe to distract catcher or something. Wright out out by a bunch.
  6. Baseball vs UAB

    Julien having a bad night thus far. 2 Ks in the 4 hole.Venter up now with 1 out, runner on first.
  7. Baseball vs UAB

    One hit through 4 still... come on bats don’t fall back asleep.
  8. Baseball vs UAB

    Some takeaways to look for tonight after the game: 1.) Did we hit the ball hard? Maybe not the hit total but are we barreling balls up? This means are we seeing pitches well. 2.) Did we have competitive at-bats? This is not necessarily meaning did we go deep into the count. This is primarily speaking about our approach. Did we go up there and get in an 0-2 count and get behind by swinging at junk, or were we selective to begin the at bat, and work to get on base? This includes first pitch swinging. If a ball is hit hard on the first pitch and the pitcher has not done something like thrown 12 balls in a row, that is a competitive at bat. Team going up there patient, but ready to hit. 3.) Did we look sharp in the field? We’ve shot ourselves in the foot recently with dumb defensive plays and lack of execution of defense. Any runners we put on base due to a lack of defensive consistency seem to come around and score. We need to look like a well oiled machine in the field. important game tonight, IMO. A win is important, but continuing this rise out of the slump is more important. I expect that if we do that, a win will be pretty easily obtained.
  9. Baseball vs UAB

    Need to continue the winning ways. No steps backwards at this point.
  10. State of baseball team

    Well said and well thought out. Think it’s time to move Burns to Saturday. Possibly time to give Greenhill a start considering he went about 80 pitches yesterday?
  11. Baseball vs. Mississippi State - Game 3

    I have seen CBT make a few odd decisions this year. A couple should-have been pinch hit scenarios or pitching changes that should or shouldn’t have been made. I think he’s a really good coach and I’m glad we have him, but he’s certainly not perfect. He’s had some head scratchers. Maybe he does certain things to “get guys going.” I’m not sure. Whatever it is he’s won two-thirds of his games and is a game and a half out of .500 in the hardest league in America to play in. I’ve bashed the team for a few weeks for their execution but I certainly don’t think they’re a bad team. I’ve been so upset because I know they are glowing with all sorts of potential to make a deep run this year, especially with the three starters that were supposed to all be pretty darn good this year. I’m just wanting it all to come together, and it finally did for an inning with the bats today. This has got to propel us forward.
  12. Baseball vs. Mississippi State - Game 3

    I doubted them. I doubted them since yesterday in the 4th inning. Man was I wrong. Good going boys, let’s let this propel us!
  13. Baseball vs. Mississippi State - Game 3

    Hit the ball and bet those will be filled
  14. Baseball vs. Mississippi State - Game 3

    Welp, now down 3-0 after a play that Estes should have made in center field, we are in a hole that I don’t think these bats will come out of.
  15. Baseball vs MSU Game 2

    Do you think we should be more patient? It seems to me like we letting first pitch fastballs go by a lot. This pitcher has thrown over 110 pitches. Take advantage of a guy you’ve seen 3 times before chasing a reliever into the game whom you haven’t seen yet.