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  1. You have a link? I'm on most of them and haven't seen that yet
  2. 1/17 Update 1 seeds: Baylor, Kansas, SDSU, Duke 2 seeds: Dayton, Gonzaga, Butler, West Virginia 3 seeds: Auburn, Stanford, Michigan State, Louisville 4 seeds: Seton Hall, Maryland, Fla St, Arizona 5 seeds: Wichita State, Liberty, Ohio State, Villanova 6 seeds: Colorado, Arkansas, Memphis, Michigan 7 seeds: Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas Tech, Creighton 8 seeds: Purdue, Va Tech, Kentucky, Marquette 9 seeds: LSU, Iowa, Illinois, Rutgers 10 seeds: BYU, Akron, Houston, Duquense 11 seeds: ETSU/Minnesota, NCST/Penn State, UNI, Saint Mary's 12 seeds: Saint Louis, Yale, USC, Florida 13 seeds: Furman, Stephen F. Austin, New Mexico State, Louisiana Tech 14 seeds: Northern Colorado, Belmont, William & Mary, Colgate 15 seeds: Winthrop, Wright State, St. Francis (PA), Quinnipac 16 seeds: Arkansas Little Rock, Nebraska-Omaha, UC Santa Barbara/Hartford, Grambling State/NCA&T Last four byes: Saint Mary's, Saint Louis, USC, Florida Last four in: NCST, ETSU, Minnesota, Penn State First four out: Indiana, Washington, VCU, Alabama Next four out: Richmond, TCU, Texas, Georgetown Model had us playing against Belmont in the SDSU bracket, but I had to switch us and Stanford around since teams from the same conference who have played each other twice during the regular season AND conference tournament cannot play until regional semi-finals (sweet sixteen). This only happens to one or two teams every time I run the model and it just so happened to be us and Arkansas this time. Although we only play Arky once during the regular season, there remains a possibility that we could play them in the SEC Tournament, and this game not be eligible. Thus, we swap with Stanford, and are now the 3 seed in the Duke bracket, taking on 14 seeded Northern Colorado, with our second round matchup being with the winner of the 6 Colorado vs 11 ETSU/Minnesota game. I'd love an athletic rematch with the Gophers.... Some interesting games in the Round of 64: 5 Villanova vs 12 Florida 6 Michigan vs 11 Saint Mary's 8 Purdue vs 9 LSU 5 Wichita State vs 12 Saint Louis 6 Colorado vs 11 ETSU/Minnesota 7 Wisconsin vs 10 BYU 8 Kentucky vs 9 Illinois 5 Ohio State vs 12 USC 7 Texas Tech vs 10 Houston 8 Va Tech vs 9 Iowa 6 Arkansas vs 11 NCST/Penn State 7 Oregon vs 10 Akron I'm in the process of submitting this to BracketMatrix.Com but am still getting it verified an all that. I think it's pretty accurate, and it's a lot of fun to keep up with
  3. Hey guys, I'm a bit of a stat nerd, and have developed an algorithm based off of overall record, conference record, NET, and RPI that I update automatically every day. Nothing about this is my opinion, except for who I think will win the automatic bids for each conference, and a few game changes to keep first round conference opponents away from each other (no seeds are changed). After that, it's just ranking the teams by the lowest "value" that I've calculated (except for the play in games where I take the last four teams in a pit them against each other as 11 seeds, then the bottom 4 16 seeds and pit them against each other as well) and putting them into a model. It's projecting the bracket if the season ended today. It's a fun free time activity, figured I'd share results: As of 1/13: 1 seeds: Baylor, Butler, Duke, SDSU 2 seeds: Auburn, Kansas, Gonzaga, Dayton 3 seeds: Wichita State, Stanford, West Virginia, Michigan State 4 seeds: Oregon, Florida State, Louisville, Seton Hall 5 seeds: Liberty, Maryland, Villanova, Colorado 6 seeds: Kentucky, Memphis, Arkansas, Ohio State 7 seeds: Arizona, LSU, Wisconsin, Creighton 8 seeds: Akron, rutgers, UNI, BYU 9 seeds: Illinois, Duquense, Michigan, Iowa 10 seeds: Indiana, Va Tech, TCU, Purdue 11 seeds: Penn State, VCU, Saint Mary's/Minneosta, Houston/Oregon State 12 seeds: Saint Louis, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Furman 13 seeds: Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana Tech, William & Mary, Yale 14 seeds: New Mexico State, Colgate, Stony Brook, Northern Colorado 15 seeds: Belmont, Wright State, Quinnipac, Winthrop 16 seeds: St. Franics (PA), UC Santa Barbara, Ark Little Rock/Morgan State, Nebraksa-Omaha/Grambling State Last four byes: VCU, Saint Louis, Oklahoma, Texas Tech Last four in: Saint Mary's, Houston, Oregon State, Minnesota First four out: Florida, ETSU, Richmond, Cincinnati Next four out: USC, NC State, Rhode Island, New Mexico Model has us playing Belmont in the first round in the San Diego State bracket. Some other interesting first round matchups: - Akron vs Illinois - Liberty vs Saint Louis - LSU vs Virginia Tech - Colorado vs Furman - Maryland vs Oklahoma - Rutgers vs Duquense - BYU vs Iowa It's been cool to see these results so far! I think it's pretty accurate, and it'll be fun to see what the committee agrees with me on.
  4. Don’t know what the deal is. Looking much worse than the latter portion of the season. Lay-off has obviously affected us. We must get pressure on this QB or he’ll hit Johnson all day
  5. What’s been wrong with play calling? Those two plays were the product of very poor blocking. I don’t think it’s been all that bad, we just have struggled to block their entire D
  6. Two very poorly executed blocking schemes.
  7. This dude isn't even ranked on 247 composite. Wow, finding this guy may be an absolute gem...
  8. No team is that bad consistently at shooting. They will start to drop more. Just gotta make a few to get the confidence/swagger back. We’ve seen all the guards on this team shoot it well before. We know it’s in fhem
  9. Things looking good..... Canion stays, Pegues to AU, good vibes on Reed and Height... let’s keep it going
  10. Flax to UK. D**@%$&^%*$%^##$$#%#@^%*&%^$#@#$#%&^*&
  11. Yet they rank us at #12!!! I guess who cares about rankings, but it does frustrate me that the so-called "experts" still rank AU outside of the top 10.
  12. The one foul he did have was crap. Blocked the guy at the rim and the refs call a foul on what should’ve been incidental basketball contact.
  13. They seem to think something is happening soon. They’ve tweeted “stay tuned” and “just wait on it.” Could just be them being confident, but they’ve both tweeted it tonight after “recruiting” Jones on twitter for a little while. We shall see.
  14. Why lament the need for it? What's wrong with bringing in players that can play now?