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  1. I loved moving Spencer to 4. He's played Center all his career so far, but I don't see him being a true center. I think his ball handling is good enough for him to drive the lane from the perimeter sometimes. I also think he's a much better rebounder going towards the rim than he is standing in the paint and boxing out. Giving him a bit of freedom to move around the floor is a really good thing IMO. Running out him and Wiley together gives us an edge rebounding. Wiley can score underneath, and Spencer seems to score better when he's not restricted to the paint. I think it's a good lineup.
  2. Here is a list of the last 9 seasons of free throw shooting for Auburn Basketball (all I could find). I have included the percentage and NCAA rank for that year. % Rank 2008-2009: 60.7% 338 2009-2010: 65.4 % 281 2010-2011: 65.3 % 284 2011-2012: 64.8% 300 2012-2013: 70% 158 2013-2014: 72% 97 2014-2015: 66.7% 260 2015-2016: 63.3% 341 2016-2017: 68.9% 195 (Current) AVG: 66.3%. 250 Years at 70%+: 2 Years ranked inside top 100: 1 Years Inside top 68: 0 Years Under AVG pct. : 5 Years Under AVG rank: 6 Years under average points out that there have been many years that have been bad, and a few really good years (relatively) that have boosted up the averages. It's tough shooting FTs for Auburn. Ouch
  3. Took some big steps forward this weekend against Kentucky. Playing even with them for about 34 minutes in Lexington should give this team a lot of confidence
  4. Tough crowd- you guys really think Auburn played badly on defense? Kentucky is averaging something like 90 points a game. (They dropped 103 on North Carolina. They're an offensive powerhouse. Look at our progression. 2 years ago, this game is over in the first half. Today? Guys we had a 4 point game with 7 minutes left to play, and a 5 point game with about 6 before UK started to pull away late. That means until wiley got the 5th foul called on him, we played almost even with Kentucky on their home court for 33-34 minutes. Be encouraged about where the program is going. My gosh, we lose a game on the road to the number six team in the country and the first thing you guys think to do is say "we're bad at free throws, bad at defense, bad at rebounding....." Kentucky is very talented in all of these areas. Sometimes, the other team really is that good.
  5. While we certainly will not be favored today, and while many of us are already warming up the criticism we will have for the team after today, just remember this: Auburn Basketball is in a position, today, where a win would most likely bolt them into, or close, to a top 25 ranking. A Win over Texas Tech and non-home victories against 2 power five schools and Kentucky would look pretty impressive and could be the beginning of a season to remember. Don't expect it today, just know that while it is certainly a daunting task, it is also a huge opportunity to be the turning point of the program.
  6. If you think this team will maybe win "a game or so" you haven't been watching them. Talent alone will win them 3 more games. To get the 5 more it would take to be .500, it will all depend on how they learn to deal with the SEC
  7. Idea: would Gus be considering taking over play calling duties. I know there are some programs that do that. Derek Mason at Vandy does this and while his team is certainly not a band of world beaters, they were pretty dang good on defense. Not necessarily my opinion of what we should do, Just a thought. Maybe getting Lashlee out was what Gus needed to stop trying to let Rhett develop, and start running the whole show himself.
  8. Countdown to Briles...
  9. Auburn begins a stretch of games in which I think they can start to make up for some of these losses early on in SEC play. After Kentucky, AU plays host to LSU and Alabama. These are two teams that are not necessarily bad, but are winnable games at home. We then go to Sourh Carolina which will be a tough road game, but when that and the TCU game are done, we get Tennessee back on our home court and then Bama at their place- which again, are two games I feel we can win, especially if we have Purifoy back. If all goes according to plan, we could get ourselves back to .500 In the league by the time the Mississippi State Game in Auburn rolls around in the beginning of February. Get a big win over them, and it's a whole new team we're watching. Not expecting for this team to turn a complete 180 all at once, just saying there is some opportunity ahead.
  10. If you think this is a bad team you haven't been watching Auburn Basketball for the last 12 years
  11. I just would like to point out one thing- For anyone who was upset that Auburn lost the sugar bowl primarily because Joe Mixon was deemed eligible, it's a bit hypocritical to now say you want to go get Art Briles. Now, am I saying I don't want Briles, not at all. I certainly believe in second chances, I'm just bringing up the point that it's a similar situation to Mixon.
  12. Well Loeffler coached Tom Brady so obviously he's the greatest coach ever
  13. If 2017 season started right now, I would project LT- James LG- Horton C- Golson RG- Smith RT- Wanogoho With backups: LT- Harrell LG- Carr C- Brahms (Freshman) RG- Kim RT- Ashley (Freshman)
  14. Don't forget about Cowart. I think he's about prime to have a breakout year
  15. Lawson could have gone pro this past year and been fine. Instead, he came back to give it a go for Auburn again. Thanks for your hard work and devotion Carl, go kick some butt