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  1. Brewer went before Chris Porter so that's who I would think. Eh, I count Cam in FBall so I count Toney Douglas haha
  2. I was thinking that was it, but I'm wondering why it says 7 seasons in the SEC. Malzahn's HUNH was at AU for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 = 7 years. They included Cam so that means they include his time as offensive coordinator. More than 7 years if they count time at Arkansas. Not super important just wondering
  3. Cool! One question though, who am I overlooking? Malzahn has coached Auburn's offense for 7 years so that means they are only including his Auburn years, because Cam is on the graphic. Cam and Tre were finalists but who else was? Marshall? Pettway? Dyer?
  4. One of the hardest straight up hits on a quarterback I ever saw
  5. Carlos Rogers was incredible- you hardly saw him though because teams were so afraid to throw against him- and when they did they usually regretted it. I say him because relatively, of the skill positions, corner back is probably the hardest position to play. Because you are reacting to what the offense already knows what they are going to do, and even if you do succeed in covering them, 50/50 balls are still just that.... 50/50..
  6. Tryouts for Nova replacement next Thursday: please provide your own jet pack/Wil-E Coyote flying suits
  7. I have always wondered this as well. What's our depth chart look like if both our starters go down? Do we just start throwing stuffed birds onto the field from the megatron?
  8. Those who stayed until the end for that one almost saw a Hail Mary beat the #2 team. I've watched that play a few times. If only the football gods had tipped the ball a few inches closer to Nate Craig, he would've been a household name in Auburn after only his first game
  9. Watched every second. All 720 minutes and one OT period. Proud of it too. I'd rather watch Auburn play than sit around and sulk/do work somewhere else
  10. Wow FSU got jipped on that final strike call. Would'be made the count 3-2 and another ball would've sent the tying run to the plate. I hate to see umpires end a team's season on a call like that. Although I'm pretty p'd at how dadgum lucky Florida State has been against us, I definitely don't like that
  11. I couldn't believe he wasn't even drafted. He has the talent and body type to be a big time NFL Receiver and even though he had off the field issues, I'm so surprised a team really didn't take much of a chance. It seems like he learned his lesson and actually still has a lot of love and respect for AU if you follow his twitter. I know he got some time with the Rams for a bit but man he could be really good, IMO.
  12. Since he was picked up in the sixth round, im think Jonah Todd is probably going pro. However, I could see him benefitting from one more year in college by increasing his power. He tends to be the kind of hitter that gets his hits by staying back and poking balls through the infield, so I don't know if he would fare well with that or not. My question is do we know anything about when he is expected to decide?
  13. Argh we should be here
  14. 100% Catch Rate with a touchdown on every catch!
  15. Frank Sanders is probably the answer but I'll say that Duke Williams had some of the most God-given ability to catch the football I have ever seen in a college wide-receiver. Many have blocked it out due to the score, but the 2014 Alabama game was one of the most incredible games I ever saw a college wide receiver play. He made multiple catches in that game that just flat out should not have happened.