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  1. tigerbrotha12

    NC State Pregame/Postgame Thread

    Essentially, I believe if we are "on" shooting, we can beat anyone in the country and beat them handily. If we can't shoot very well, we'll be in really competitive games. Also, NC State should be ranked already...
  2. tigerbrotha12

    NC State Pregame/Postgame Thread

    Wouldn't be surprised to see any outcome in this game, except for us getting blown out. Could see us losing competitively, winning, or winning by a whole lot. Will depend on our ability to get crucial stops and make some shots. Those two things, I think, are going to go a long way for us when we are on this year: we will be shooting lights out and making commanding stops on defense.
  3. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    I agree with you on this. Just didn't think the defense was really bad overall. Thought UAB hit some contested shots, and we shot incredibly poorly. Think that was what kept them in the game.
  4. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    Also think there were some good defensive plays though. You sound like you think the defense was terrible all night. I didn’t really get that. Thought it was pretty average. Lots of bad plays but lots of well-defended shots. UAB had a few open shots they shouldn’t have had but they also hit a lot of contested shots. We’ll improve. Our best game last season other than the Bama game at home was maybe the Tennessee game, our first conference game.
  5. tigerbrotha12

    UGA QB Justin Fields Transferring

    Bo is coming to Auburn no matter what. That is as close to a certainty as you can get in recruiting.
  6. tigerbrotha12

    UAB game

    Disagree with you here. We had open shots all night, they just weren’t falling. It happens, teams have bad shooting nights. I’ve said it already somewhere but we couldn’t throw it in the ocean. That’s why we had to start going inside and driving, and it worked a lot of the time. Made some dumb passes throughout the night, but if we shoot like we normally do, we win this game by 15.
  7. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    I’ve got a different opinion than many of you. UAB will won a lot of games if they played like they did last night. We’re going to get everyone’s best this year and will not always win games by 20+. I fear our fan base is becoming a bit spoiled with basketball by winning some of these games by 20+. Not even the great teams do that. Chill out. We’ve hit a bit of a dry spell in our last three games and we’ve still won all three by an average of over 13 points. We’ve got enough talent to be able to go through some of these spells and have one guy step up on those nights and carry us. It’s very common in basketball. We’re a good team, just chill out.
  8. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    Happy to get a win and happy to see that we can win playing really sloppy. Shots will start falling again. Gotta work a little more on team ball and defensive rebounding, you gotta say after UAB hit shot after shot down the stretch of regulation when they haven’t done that all year, lots of teams would have crumbled under that momentum. This team knows how to win. Really far cry from just a few years ago.....
  9. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    This team is not good. Most teams have a “bad loss” every year, and if we’re not careful, this could be it.
  10. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    Yet again, the shot is in Bryce’s head. We have got to make shots. Simple as that.
  11. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    Harper bails out a crappy half. I have a feeling we’re going to look a bit more polished this next half...
  12. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    Gotta get Bryce and Jared more involved in offense.
  13. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    Got to think we’ll pick it up but we’re making a ton of stupid mistakes
  14. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    Got to think we’ll pick it up but we’re making a ton of stupid mistakes
  15. tigerbrotha12

    Men vs UAB

    Gots to start hitting shots