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  1. OP updated with descriptions and current state of recruits and their recruitment. 247 profiles are linked as well. Let me know if I missed anyone on AU's board who is not already committed elsewhere.
  2. What happened to using Pegues in short yardage? Use the fridge!!
  3. Rod Orr announcing today. Tell ya what, the FSU board is some kind of excited about him. Some over there saying they think he's a first year starter at tackle. I know the story and I know what's up, and why we haven't offered, but it kind of stinks to know there's a guy who would love to come to AU and a power 5 program that is about to get him is really excited about him...
  4. Not sure how you don't pick AU here. 27-13 AU
  5. If you're saying he wasn't here, Dukes is reporting he was in fact here. Not sure if that's what you mean or not, just saying.
  6. In fact, reporting he was in AU this past weekend....
  7. UF writer Blake Alderman put in a CB to AU this morning...
  8. They all have to say that stuff. The fact he's still communicating with us is good news.
  9. Goodwin is a 5* running back. You can't convince me otherwise.
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