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  1. Well here we are. Now 1-7 in 1 run games in the SEC, and 1-8 if you include games that were more than 1 run, but decided in extra innings (Game 1 vs. Kenutcky). If you look at Auburn's path to still being in the hunt for a regional, remember, the record you MUST get to (based on history) is at least 13-17. At 1-12, it ain't looking so good. In terms of mathematical possibilities that still are in the realm of rationality, it's pretty simple: Auburn has to win the next two games they play. If AU finds a way to take this series, they still have to win ev
  2. We have not. 0-1 in football 0-2 in basketball 0-3 in softball 0-1 in baseball 0-7 overall. Not good. If we don't see some improvement by the end of the year, Hudson may not be here next season. Have not seen much improvement from any of the pitchers. Offense scores enough runs to win. We continually take leads or come back to tie games, and then immediately give it back in the next inning. At some point, that's the pitching staff not being mentally tough enough. A few times is "just baseball." 9-10 times in one half of a season is no lo
  3. Chance to get on the board and set the tone tonight. Greenhill is the guy you want on the mound. Auburn offense needs to come out with great approaches and win this thing. If the Tigers happen to get one tonight, and another tomorrow, there can be absolutely NO let up on Sunday. Auburn needs every single win it can get. Let's start with winning one first, though. Go get em tonight.
  4. Simply put, Auburn has to have it. Each series from here on out is winnable for Auburn. I’ve done the math a few times on here, but as an update, Auburn has 6 series left in the SEC. That’s 18 total games. Generally, a 13-17 team in the SEC will make the NCAA Tournament, and definitely should this year with the strength of the league. With this in mind, Auburn will need a 12-6 finish in the league, meaning they need to win each series, or get a sweep if they are to drop a series. It’s do-able but it’ll be a challenge. Luckily, Auburn played well against Georgia Tech, who is a v
  5. Things gotta go incredibly well to end the year, but season not quite hopeless yet. Gonna need to become a force really quickly and pretty much win every series we play, but with the gauntlet of the top 5 teams behind us, it should at least be more manageable. Hope we get hot!
  6. Wanted to bump this to make sure it was brought up. This 2020 class finished 10th in the 247 recruiting team rankings. If you add Kessler and Green to that, who are now at Auburn, that class becomes the 3rd ranked class in the country. Just thought that was a cool nugget of info.
  7. JLee has hinted that he may be thinking it's AU, although that may just be the way I read it. Someone posted a tweet that said something like it looks like Kessler is headed back to UNC and he said "interesting." Who knows at this point. Kinda tired of the guy tbh. Love for him to come here but if not, stop wasting our time bro.
  8. Just about everybody who is saying “Kessler to UNC confirmed” has cited nothing and when pressed has given a statement similar to “here are the reasons that he would go back to UNC,” rather than “here is evidence that he told someone he is going to UNC.” Again, not saying he won’t end up back there, but I am saying people on social media/message boards tend to have no idea what they’re talking about. Some insiders in both camps are saying 50/50. Don’t think anyone knows right now except for the Kessler family.
  9. Walker Kessler is in Auburn. I repeat, Walker Kessler is in Auburn.
  10. Well, need a big crooked number to stay in this one
  11. That’s also counting 2016 in which he was left a reck of a program in terms of chemistry. Take 8-22 away. That’s now 46-55. Actually had a winning record from 2017-2019.
  12. Not sure I’m measuring success by what we do in the SEC. Looking much more at how we fair in the national picture, and in that respect, we’ve become much more relevant under Butch than we have been the last couple decades.
  13. Per JLee, this is about as 50/50 as it can get. Auburn got the last pitch. We ought to know within 24 hrs. Honestly my gut tells me AU, but I’m no insider.
  14. I don’t get it. You mean the epic rise from 2016 to 2019, the shortened 2020 season in which Auburn never played an SEC game, then one bad start to a 2021 SEC season? Come on, don’t start that.
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