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  1. Bruce just said in his weekly press conference that dialogue has increased in the last few days and it is looking more hopeful, but SC is still not cleared. I cannot stand this.
  2. OP with a past-due update yesterday. Sorry guys and gals, been busy round these parts. AU probably done for this cycle I would assume.
  3. Love it. Can he win? Yes? Great. "Is he a good upstanding moral person with high quality char-" ... Yeah I don't care. He can win.
  4. He's mad because every time he writes a hit piece on AU, he gets proven wrong. It started with the Cam investigation, where he swore up and down there was something going on, and even the corrupt NCAA couldn't find anything. Auburn is clean and he wants so badly for them not to be so he can be right.
  5. I know he's doing his job, but JGT has turned into the new Marcello for me in that he seems to only bring bad news.
  6. Hope we get to play both Gonzaga and Kansas. If so, Zags, KU, Washington, Memphis, Baylor will all be non-conference opponents. Auburn will be close to the top in SOS this season. Means NET ranking will be huge if we even have a mediocre record.
  7. Make it happen Brucey. ESPN and liberal media be d***ed! Glad AU and Zaga are both seeing through the BS
  8. I significantly appreciate Tank Bigsby
  9. Agree with this. This will be his TAMU 2015, UGA 2017, TAMU 2018, and Bama 2019. Seemed like we had little to no chance in those games, but played way above our heads.
  10. Arky, MSU, and TAMU have all dropped off a tad in recent years, but all of them have still given us some fits, ESPECIALLY TAMU!!
  11. The way I see it, if it works, RUN IT... and the PeguesCat has WORKED.
  12. Probably looking at about 300,000 donations of about 10-20 bucks on average from a GoFundMe. That gets us $4.5M. Not a big dent in $21M. Here it is if ya wanna start though: https://gf.me/u/y5bir8
  13. I actually think we end up getting him. Once this loss blows over I think he ends up here.
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