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  1. Ah, you're correct, it's 3-3... I was counting 2014 for AU before I realized what game that was
  2. Eh, Gus is 4-2 against 'em. I don't think they're necessarily a thorn in our side. I'm not buying Florida, but that seems to be a popular pick for a bust team. I agree, this weekend will say a lot about where UF is.
  3. Since Gus has taken the reigns, he is the only coach other than Nick Saban to win an SEC Western Division title and he's done it twice.
  4. Just so it's in the recruiting thread, Greg Brown will visit AU for Iron Bowl Weekend! AU seems to have a real shot here...
  5. I hope we end up taking Tisdol. Seems like he really loves Auburn and it's always a good thing to have those guys on your team in any capacity.
  6. Don't think Gatewood will transfer this season. He will have a pretty big role on this team and will get plenty of PT to show off his abilities. If he does transfer next season, We'll be bringing in Garnett as a third scholarship QB. (Bo, Cord, Chayil). Certainly hope he sticks around and the coaches find a way to get a guy with his talent on the field (maybe as a receiver/tight end??).
  7. I'd love to see Joey stay right here in Auburn, AL and contribute to this team! He's too good of an athlete for me to want to see him anywhere else. I think he'll have a big role on this team this season regardless of him being the starter or not.
  8. And thus, the Bo Nix era at Auburn has begun. I have a feeling we've got a lot of wins in store over the next 3-4 years...
  9. Can't get his twitter at work, but 2020 4* PF Jaemyn Brakefield has Auburn in his top 10. Did NOT include Kentucky, which has had all 3 crystal balls for a little over a year and a half. Handles the ball well and looks to be a very good three point shooter. Added to the OP
  10. How's about a red hot stove for 12 days away??
  11. I had no idea Sanders ever got his hands on the football....
  12. Great read. This O-line class is solid on paper, but very well could be dominant if everything comes together on the field for them. Really like Zierer as he plays with a mean streak and should be ready to go for 2020.