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  1. It's more of what Muschamp did for the future of the defense. Recruited very well and brought in a newer, meaner attitude for the defense that has progressed every year since. Now, Kevin Steele certainly has the majority to do with it, but if Morris is just looking for a one-year stint to find another HC job, he could re-energize the passing game of the offense. It would be interesting to see him and Gus come up with an offensive gameplan though I hope they don't overthink themselves out of their minds...
  2. In the one I linked he has Walker to AU. Probably doesn’t matter much, was more just to highlight the fact that Jones to AU is gaining traction with some
  3. Don’t know who/what this guy is, but he thinks Auburn gets Broderick Jones flipped from UGA. Georgia loses offensive line coach Sam Pittman to Arkansas earlier today .... This is in no way a report or official, but there’s certainly some talk we’ve got a chance with Jones
  4. I think this is different though. Last time, we had just lost a game that would’ve put us in the playoffs if we had won it. It was a lack of motivation because we didn’t do enough to get to the playoff. This time, these guys did enough to get in a NY6 and didn’t get rewarded for it. I think Auburn players will have a fire inside them for this one. Feel bad for Minnesota if they do
  5. Should be in NY6. There is no argument that Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin should be ranked ahead of Auburn. All have a bad loss and don’t have but 1 or 2 quality wins. Auburn has 2-3 quality wins, no bad losses, and has the best win out of all of those teams. Maybe Penn State because they have no bad losses and a few good wins, but the three teams I mentioned initially, if the cfp committee looks at this objectively, have no reason they should be ranked ahead of auburn.
  6. Yep, I can get behind that logic, thanks loof
  7. Would you say coaches are pushing recruits to give them a "commitment" while still allowing them to visit elsewhere? It seems like most coaches would want these guys to commit and shut down their recruitment with other schools. I just don't get the point of a commitment I guess. Genuine question that I don't know the answer to.
  8. I understand that, and I don't think he should've been a South Carolina commit. He wasn't fully sold on committing to play ball there. I get that these are kids and they're making tough decisions, but I just haven't liked the fact, for years now, that the commitment to a school means almost nothing for a lot of guys. Why make such a big deal about committing when you are still deciding?
  9. Don't like that media continues to call him an Auburn commit. I know he hasn't made any "formal statement" yet but I think it's bogus to call yourself committed to a school and not be fully committed to going to that school. Sign of the times I guess.
  10. Hope Austin Troxell can still be what we thought he could be
  11. Oregon Central Michigan LSU Clemson Florida Atlantic Ohio State Cincinnati Boise State Oklahoma Appalachian State 61
  12. Seems like the staff is all in on Greg right now. Green still a possibility but just haven't seen much on him. My gut tells me we're getting at least one of these guys, don't know which though.