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  1. Mize getting squared up tonight. 5 hard hit balls through 3 innings, two of them over the wall. 4-0 Bryant, AU got the sticks in B3
  2. Baseball vs. Georgia St.

    AU gets two 2 out hits from Conor Davis and Brendan Venter to walk it off in the ninth!! 3-2 AU!!
  3. Baseball vs. Georgia St.

    TIGERS WIN!!!! TIGERS WIN!!!!!!!
  4. Baseball vs. Georgia St.

    Going to B9- Tigers need at least one! 2-1 GSU...
  5. Baseball vs. Georgia St.

    Estes beat by an 88 MPH heater..... we not on our game
  6. Baseball vs. Georgia St.

    How the bats have gone flat!!
  7. Baseball vs. Georgia St.

    Really cool, but didn’t realize this: according to Georgia State’s Athletics website, we’re the number 26 team in the country, so with an impressive week, we could move into the top 25 as early as next week. Meanwhile, Davis called out in strikes on a crappy check swing call by home plate ump. Didn’t even appeal to first. Even Davis asked him to, and the ump would not appeal to first base umpire. Strange indeed, but one out. Venter HBP - 1 & 2 with 1 out for Josh Anthony
  8. Last four Games without McLemore

    The good thing is Tennessee still has 3 tough games too. Ole Miss will not pose much of a threat, but they still have to go through Florida, Miss St, and UGA again. Every time they lose, it’s like a win for us. No team will back into the title this year- if Tennessee take it from us, they will have well deserved it.
  9. Motivation for the Alabama Game

    Really all that happens now is that Horace steps into the role Anfernee was playing, and Chuma stays in his same role, but with extended minutes. I think you have to try and recreate the production, statistically, that McLemore gives you, and Horace is a guy who can block and alter shots, and get you 4-10 points a game. I think Spencer is gonna be a big determining factor the rest of the way. He actually may be more of a threat to pull a post move and score where McLemore was more of a put-back guy.
  10. Men vs. South Carolina

    Official: UGA beats Tenn. Tigers have a 2 game lead in the SEC with 4 to play. Since we have the tiebreaker over them, this means that no matter what, if we go at least 2-2 over the next four games, we are SEC Champions. Will be tougher without AM, but we’ve got some of the best guard play in the country, and still have a rim protector in Spencer. Chuma and Spence will both have to be big time for this team down the stretch, but I don’t believe all has been lost. It’s grow up time for Chuma, and it’s time for Horace to become a leader.
  11. Men vs. South Carolina

    UGA hits a three with 1:42 remaining to stretch their lead out to 62-54 and will have possession- Grant Williams has fouled out for Tenn. we might just get away with a loss today ladies & gents...
  12. Baseball vs. Longwood - game 2

    Another note from today’s game: Peyton Glavine finished the game for the Tigers by hitting the first two batters that came to the plate in the ninth, then promptly striking out the side. Gotta like that.
  13. Men vs. South Carolina

    Under 4 timeout- UGA 59, Tenn 52....
  14. Men vs. South Carolina

    Under 8 timeout- UGA 51, Tenn 47....
  15. Men vs. South Carolina

    Under 12 timeout in Athens, UGA up 45-37.....