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  1. My money is on the wholeness Watson starts and gives us 2-3 and then let the bullpen run wild. Maybe even Camacho tomorrow?
  2. With regards to who we throw tomorrow- I think if you're Butch, you've got to realize that whoever you throw, you're gonna have to score some runs. Florida will hit just about anyone other than Mize and possibly Keegan, so it would make more sense for me if tomorrow was more of a bullpen day. You hope you score enough runs to win, but if not, you've got a proven starter to go for you in an elimination game. If you win, you've got that proven starter saved for another big opponent. Gonna b tough tomorrow but I certainly think florida is beatable. We'll get their ace in assuming?
  3. Well they get out of it. Tie ball game 3-3 going to B6. I've had good and bad feelings tonight. Something telling me we gonna win this one today...
  4. Yeah I was responding to OP saying it was an error- my bad! JOE DIRT
  5. Error was a hit- that was hard hit to Holland at short and they scored it a hit. Keegan bout to settle down right.......now
  6. I also see this side though.
  7. I agree boom, they've never held out an SEC team with 16 conference wins. Certainly would not expect us to be the first considering we are essentially tied for sixth in the conference, and the SEC will probably get 9-10 teams in.
  8. Ball game. Ole Miss wins 8-4. Rebels played like a team that was in a must win situation- they wanted that one more than we did. On to hoover! Depending on the result of the Vandy-Bama game, we will either be the 7 or 8 seed playing Mizzouri or Ole Miss, respectively.
  9. AU goes quietly. To the seventh- need some defense and some offensive production to return.
  10. Also, Klobo pitched the last 2 and two-thirds innings- not as good as his LSU outing, but only surrendered one run (charged to Davis Daniel) and saved the bullpen for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a big day for seeding- a win and we, I think, will at least be ranked sixth, with a possibility of getting the 5 seed. A loss, and we could be ranked as low as eighth.
  11. Other minor detail: Josh Anthony and Will Holland are actually hysterical to watch interact between pitches when playing third and short, respectively
  12. Now in the B5, AU leading 6-0 and have the bases loaded with one out- Dylan Ingram batting. Where have these Tigers been
  13. Wasn't aware of that, thank you; wonder why