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  1. With the Kyle Davis news, I don't doubt Davis probably broke both arms, and his personal issues are that he forgot to do his chores at home. WHY MUST ALL OUR STARTERS BE QUESTIONABLE?!
  2. We still have a series to play against: Georgia @Tennessee Alabama If we pickup even the bare minimum for a series win in these, that's 6 total wins making our SEC win total 9. To get to 15, means winning 6 games in following series: South Carolina @TAMU Arkansas @Miss State @LSU Ole Miss That's 1 win in each series- and that's if we only beat the top three teams 2 out of 3. 15 wins sounds like a pretty attainable goal to me.
  3. I think this is the most important thing to get in this spot- a really good defender.
  4. Score stays there. AU Wins 7-4!
  5. Tigers out of the jam on a ground ball to second. Knotted up at 4 going to B4.
  6. Josh Anthony with a GREAT diving catch on a blooper in the infield to make it 2 outs.
  7. Florida finding some bats. Runners on the corners with one out. T4 4-4
  8. AU certainly makes Florida pay for that pop fly. 3 runs in the fourth ties up the game! Let's start over in the fourth! 4-4
  9. Florida finding some offense. Two straight base hits to left makes it 3-1 UF.
  10. Tigers in a little trouble in the T3. 1-1 game now. Florida has bases loaded with one out.
  11. 1-0 Tigers thanks to RBI double by Jay Estes- going to T2
  12. Test PASSED!!! AU gets out of the inning with NO FLORIDA RUNS SCORED after FLA had bases loaded with no outs! 2-0 Tigers to the Bottom of the 5th we go!!
  13. Error by Josh Anthony puts the lead off man on, and Fla now has bases loaded-no one out. First big test of the weekend.
  14. You make an interesting point about CSG. In 2015, although he had inherited some good players, he got them to think differently. Some may not agree with his tactics, but his players had the attitude that they were going to win. They were more on the attack than I've seen paying attention to auburn baseball.