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  1. Per Hooks on 247, Jalen Green is still leaning towards AU. Virus and distance from home is not an issue as his family has a "plan" if he does in fact choose AU. It's looking more and more like we may pull this off. Could change, but I'm all for something to celebrate right now.
  2. Not a guard, but Grad Transfer big man Patrick Tape just decommitted.... seems like he'd be a nice get...
  3. Don't want this to come off as sarcastic but check the first page of this thread!
  4. Yep. He's treating just about everything like "you shouldn't care about this because you should only be caring about Covid-19."
  5. He mentioned Auburn when talking about Texas and then called Auburn his "second home." I think we're in this more than people realize.
  6. I'll be just fine if he ends up at Memphis. It'll just be one of those where "well crap they beat us out." If we lose him to pro ball though, I'll be incredibly disappointing. Do everything right, have him most interested in Auburn out of any other school, and then we lose him to something that's not even college. Part of me says he's just saying "50/50" to drum up some drama. Hope I'm right.
  7. With Cliff headed to Rutgers, and assuming Maker is going pro, I’m thinking we’ll turn up the heat on JT Thor and may offer Cardwell...
  8. Dan McDonald of Rivals just flipped his FutureCast from Memphis to Auburn for Jalen Green!
  9. Is there a source or are you just saying because Daniels flipped his pick?
  10. Hard decision to read. I think the more indecision there is, the better shot we have.
  11. It might be a good sign that we are IN it in both scenarios
  12. I as well @ellitor. This all has me ticked off at everything.
  13. Just saw Hooks on 247 say we will be luck to have any college sports next season. I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but I think that's very dramatic and unlikely.