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  1. Eligibility

    Screw the forfeit of games- I want to just see Auburn win basketball games. If we have to give up wins later, then so be it- I'll remember the games we won and the moments from those games anyways
  2. Scale of 1-10, Rate the Appeal of the AU HC Job

    He said not by emotion
  3. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Find me a better motivator with great NFL connections and recruiting pitches that has been analyzing football for the last few years
  4. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Heath Evans. I know it's a semi-joke but I'm kind of on board. Would keep Kevin Steele, would be a fantastic motivator (kinda like PJ Fleck) and would be a GREAT recruiter. Plus, he runs businesses. Has managerial experience. I'm telling ya he wouldn't be and X's and O's guy, but I believe he could get it done. I think he knows what it takes
  5. Heath Evans for HC

    Screw it. Let's get a guy with his motivation who knows what coordinators to get it going and get some fire about the program like Pearl did with basketball. I'm on board. Heath Evans
  6. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Auburn ought to go after Chris Peterson or Chip kelley. If can't get them, Heath Evans would be kinda fun.
  7. Heath Evans for HC

    In all seriousness, would this be a possibility?
  8. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    Most deflating loss since 2014 Texas A&M. Georgia sucked last year but at least we weren't up by 20 before we lost. I haven't wanted to fire Gus before but I'm finally there after this game.
  9. Time to boycott

    I've never been on the Fire Gus train until now. I've always given the benefit of the doubt and thought he was learning and was patient. I've always said he'll learn from this. Gus has not learned. It happened in 2013 In the national championship, it happened in 2014 against Alabama, it happened in 2016 against UGA, It happened in 2017 against clemson, and now it has happened in a big game that we should have won handily. A Conservative mindset on both sides of the ball when he's taken a big lead by getting aggressive. He hasn't learned to keep the foot on the gas even when the entire fanbase have yelled it at him for 5 years. That's the problem. He will not learn from his mistakes. This is the most embarrassing loss in terms of what we had in front of us and the difficulty of our opponent- and it is time to move on.
  10. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Geez, we're up by 9 and you'd think we're down by 21 looking on this board
  11. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    We'll come out better next half. Steele will adjust and hopefully we will get pressure on Etling
  12. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    Schlabach has taken a turn for the worse ever since CSS went under and ESPN picked him up. Promising journalist a few years ago but now has written barely anything but opinion pieces that aren't backed up much by facts at all. I don't know what it is but these guys can't get it through their heads that Gus is as squeaky clean as you can be.
  13. AU in the Top 10 Under Gus

    Interesting to me that all but one of those years has seen Auburn in the top 10 in November. Gus may not have been able to win the big one yet, but he puts us in a position to strike every year.
  14. The Perfect Scenario

    AU wins out, UGA wins out except loses to Auburn. Bama wins out except loses to Auburn. Clemson wins out. Auburn gets to beat UGA again in SEC Championsip to avenge all those years twice in one season. Auburn goes to playoff as 4 seed because the committee "still sees Bama as the better team" (like Ohio State last year). Auburn beats Clemson in the first round semifinal to avenge three losses to Dabo and then beats Bama in the iron bowl national championship to officially end the Tide's reign over the state of Alabama by beating them twice in one season, and end the "experts" garbage of putting a team that didn't even win their conference into the playoff. Unlikely? Yes. Out of the realm of possibilities? Don't know if it is yet....
  15. what did Cam do?

    He really didn't do a whole lot wrong. He made a comment that the PC crowd took and ran with since their national anthem protests are running out of steam. Just a bunch of whiners trying to make sure no one is offended. Bear Bryant once asked a woman reporter "well what you know about football, you ever play?" And barely anyone remembers that. If you're gonna condem this, you gotta go back and condem everything else you used to let slide.