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  1. Offensive line will be much improved. Need to find a quarterback. Defense will keep us in every game. Need some luck, and little change in attitude from past seasons. I see us being very similar to our basketball team this season in that we are solid at home, but can't quite figure it out against top road teams (except for Florida...I always have a good feeling about Auburn playing Florida). Oregon - w Tulane - w KSU - w @A&M - L MSU - w @ Florida - w @Arky - w @LSU - L Ole Miss - w UGA - w Samford - w Bammer - L 9-3. Capital one/outback bowl. Nice little season with a few fun wins, but can't quite break into crowd of elites. Hope this is 100% wrong. Think it could be wrong if we change our attitude about football a little from content with competing to attacking the opponent. Seems like we are the hunted in football more than the hunter.
  2. More of the same. Auburn gets hosed because committee fails to consider any games on Sunday. Whatever. Underdogs again!!! Bring on the whole field!!!!
  3. Hunt. Don’t be hunted. Don’t play not to lose this lead. Play to win by 30 now. Go for the throat Auburn.
  4. If anyone tells you Florida got screwed, that should’ve been called a foul, but certainly not a shooting foul. Three AU players hacked him trying to foul before the shot. Watch the replay and you’ll see Bryce hack him on the arm first before he even goes up
  5. We could win this by 15 if we don’t have a ton of mental lapses.
  6. He’s been very disappointing this tournament. Fumbling ball, bad passes, bad defensive intuition, etc. need more from him.
  7. Yep. That KT shot is one of my all time top 10 moments as an Auburn fan.
  8. Williams hits one a foot short of a HR to end the seventh. 2-0 AU T8 Here comes the bull
  9. Auburn takes the lead in B7 on a slash by Kason Howell and an E7! 1-0 AU 0 outs, runner on third
  10. Holland with two bad throws in that inning. Hope that doesn’t continue. Come on bats.
  11. Well well well, Florida just knocked off LSU, so that’s who we would get if we can find a way to win today
  12. Please please please please please please please
  13. I swear williams gets away with everything. Pushed Horace all the way down the lane
  14. Lots of journalists for Auburn seem to have a “holier than thou” attitude against Auburn fans. I don’t know I’m sure they’re great guys, but I notice that they kind of take shots at fans sometimes when fans are actually justified
  15. We’ve played well. We’ve contested shots, they’ve just buried them nonetheless. Gotta think that will cool off some. We’ve also moved the ball very very well. Really encouraged by the first half- this team CAN play with anyone!!
  16. Gotta play disciplined today. Good start- great movement of the ball
  17. I did not, i'll check it out. Thanks for the pointing out of JJ
  18. Glad to be done with UTM. They’re a pesky team that’ll hang in there and give you trouble. They had both us and Ole Miss on the ropes in a game. Could see them giving their conference some trouble this season.