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  1. AU doubles wins first round of NCAA Individual Tournament over TCU.
  2. AU plays Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament match Friday @ 11:00AM Central time on Friday in Athens.
  3. Auburn faces Florida St. in second round of NCAA Tournament Saturday @ 12:00.
  4. AU hosts the NCAA Regional Tennis Tournament this Friday against Big East Conference Champ DePaul. Winner plays Florida St. / Arizona St. winner on Saturday. AU selected as one of sixteen host sites in the field of 64. Match time Friday is 1:00PM.
  5. SEC Tournament: AU 4-3 over #14 Arkansas thursday, AU 4-1 over #4 Georgia today.
  6. New week, new national ranking -- #4
  7. Women move up to #6 in this weeks ranking.
  8. Auburn Women's Tennis defeated Fresno St. on Saturday to advance against Southern Cal today. The Tigers won their first ever Regional Indoors 4-1over the Trojans to advance to the National Indoor Tournament on Feb. 10-12 @ Yale University.
  9. about three weeks ago
  10. Lots of sportscasters & sportswriters should probably watch the two part series that KCEN, channel 6 Waco did recently on the Baylor story and decide if it affects their thinking/opinions any.
  11. Herman is the only coach out there that any historically top twenty program should go after as a HOME RUN hire! The others are flawed, from smaller schools or assistants & all these will be crapshoots.
  12. Just thinking: Terrific defense- all we could have hoped it might start to play like! Still no QB. Offensive line was terrible the first half, but improved a good bit 2nd half. K.Johnson proved to be a player tonight & if the line improves, could have a really good year. Lack of continuity in QB / play calling meant no faster pace which was said to be the goal. Offensive line is going to have to really improve to help any of these QBs have success. And just random-- I look forward to seeing the Texas High School/Baylor /released freshman running back get some time. EVERY running back Briles signed at Baylor has turned out to be gold in a spread system running attack.
  13. positive hire
  14. The national draw for next years Indoor Championships was completed yesterday. With a #12 2016 final ranking, the Tigers earned one of the 15 host sites. Auburn welcomes Southern Cal, Fresno State & Rice January 27-29.
  15. AU doubles advances to round of 16 in NCAA individuals- - team ends up #12 in the last poll after NCAA team tournament!