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  1. I hope not. We're about to face a lot better defenses than we have so far and last nights game plan ain't gonna work against SEC front 7s.
  2. They looked goodt against one of the worst teams in the MAC.
  3. Tega's been hurt to some degree or another since fall camp. I'm hoping this is just a good time to rest him.
  4. I want him to get more carries and prove he's a better pass blocker than what he showed against Oregon. He needs to be on the field more but it's hard to be a 3 down back without being able to block.
  5. I will be shocked if Handy doesn't move inside. Neither of the MS kids are pass rushers.
  6. I could also criticize how they're being developed and utilized, if you'd like.
  7. Terry will always be one of my favorite coaches for the consistently great DE's he produced. They were critical to those incredible defenses.
  8. Haven't you heard, Gus is saving up his real play calling for aTm.
  9. AU does not have championship caliber talent at a single position on offense.
  10. It would be cool if Rodney would recruit some elite pass rushers. He does great at every other position but has continuously failed to find someone to get to the QB off the edge.
  11. This is by far my biggest concern with this issue.
  12. It's not like athletes aren't currently compensated. Tuitition, room, board, athletic training, nutrition programs, medical benefits, etc. Football players receive hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of compensation over their tenure at a university, it's just not direct financial renumeration. If they want to be compensated financially then they can start paying for some of these benefits out of pocket.
  13. There are multiple problems with stipends. Smaller schools would be at a financial disadvantage plus you would run into Title IX issues where athletes in all sports would have to receive the stipend putting even more financial strain on programs.