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  1. No idea, second hand info from someone with a sub over there.
  2. And to think so many on here have questioned his ability to recruit.
  3. Dude had liquid nitrogen running through his veins. I miss have a QB running around in circles and chunking it 60 yards.
  4. Sounds like (from one of the Rivals mods) we very recently tried to get a 2019 eligible JUCO OT transfer but lost out on him to UAB.
  5. There's a huge difference between recruiting for points/place and recruiting for need. Gus has by all measure failed to recruit for need.
  6. A losing record against our 3 biggest rivals and going 3-3 against MSU is "holding our on"? As to the National Titles, Gus has zero. He also has one SEC Championship which was six years ago. As to the fan base, from reading this forum and others, there are plenty of AU fans who are ok with being in the bottom half of the "best conference in America" , or at least they're ok with accepting 5 losses a season.
  7. Yep. So far he's shown he's an awful program manager and has an inability to recruit to future needs. One good season after averaging 5 losses a year isn't going to convince me he's not going to just fail for years to come.
  8. Of course 10 wins gives him another season, but that doesn't mean I have to "support him".
  9. If you mean this season then no, but I'll be happy for the players. Gus' will have to show consistency before I trust or support him. He's not shown that he can effectively manage a program or recruit to need and those are as much a part of his job as what he does on fall Saturdays.
  10. There's nothing disloyal with regard to pointing out Gus is in over his head. And yes, Pruitt has Gus' number and has for several years.
  11. Auburn didn't step up their game, they made a huge blunder. Luckily Jacobs is gone and Leath seems to have been put in his place.
  12. It was a reasonable request and one that any HC candidate would want to know.
  13. Of course he would've. Historically AU is a Top 15 program and has shown in the past we're willing to play the recruiting game.