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  1. It's been right there staring everyone in the face but most chose to ignore it cuz Top 10 Crootin Points trophies.
  2. There's the blame the refs moral victory talk I've been expecting. Surprised it took so long.
  3. The rumor was confirmed by JGT. I'm not sure why so many would dismiss it out of hand.
  4. This all I've seen "officially" and rumor on TOS was there was gunfire involved. Happened in Atlanta.
  5. Brother Chette's son died violently this weekend.
  6. Them preseason polls though...
  7. Even if true that doesn't explain no practice nor press conference.
  8. All it takes is 30 people to pony up $500k each and the upfront part of the buyout is covered.
  9. He won't be gone until whatever day in December his buyout drops again, at the earliest.
  10. His buyout is too steep. I like him though.
  11. What big time OL coach is gonna come work for a lame duck coaching staff? It would require a 3 year contract and that is just not good financial stewardship at this point. This is Gus' staff. Ride or die.
  12. The sheer arrogance of the OP is truly astounding.