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  1. Deep dives don't seem to be a @Mikey kind of thing. Pure surface level BS he trys to pander as if we're all idiots.
  2. We've had many players improve their shot over their AU career under Bruce. I do agree that this is the year to be a PG entering the draft though and Shariffe has potential even though he's shown very little of it outside of being a fantastic distributor.
  3. Both Bo Nix and our OL have problems that take more than one year to correct. The original comparison is laughable, ftr.
  4. Correct, I did not have that opportunity nor was my compensation as great as theirs.
  5. You're of the belief that their scholarship is the only compensation they receive? I can see why you are missing my point if so.
  6. How am I not empathetic? I'm happy for the kids and think most of them earn the compensation they are afforded.
  7. Coming out of school with no debt would have been pretty cool as well. I could've invested the $50k + interest I paid off in my 20s and I'd be much further ahead today.
  8. I'd gladly have traded that for >$100k in compensation.
  9. I never bought a pair of shoes while working 35 hours a week and taking a full class load, too busy paying rent and bills fwiw. Please tell me how players are not compensated to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars over their AU career.
  10. I'm guessing 8-4, if we can find a solid LT. I think that will be Harsin's floor and not his norm.
  11. Players are already compensated to the tune of $100s of thousands of dollars a year at a school like Auburn. Scholarship reductions penalize prospective SAs from earning a degree to improve their lives. Fixing recruiting is the only thing that fixes CFB, but that's more than likely not going to happen. Much like many aspects of our lives, we've seen the peak and we're heading towards the valley.
  12. I don't know what they'd be able to say about it until Spring Camp.
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