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  1. I'm sitting over here trying not to judge the intelligence of the people pushing Carnell for HC....
  2. I had an anxiety attack just looking at the wall of text.
  3. This. If we don't give our next HC everything he needs, then we might as well just give up.
  4. Isn't our supposed number just pledges at this point as well? I genuinely do not know.
  5. I'm not finding any evidence he's a strong recruiter, which should at the very top of the list of qualifications for the next HC. With Freeze supposedly being off the table, Lanning is starting to become more intriguing to me.
  6. Why? On paper he's much more qualified for an SEC HC position?
  7. Agreed. I mean who could want a coach who recruits top tier QBs and wins championships?
  8. Ruined my business plan of selling houndstooth sombreros.
  9. Interesting. Rivals mods were adamant that Sankey had approved Freeze back to the SEC back in February.
  10. OM got jobbed on the backward pass. Refs obviously blew the play dead as players from both side just stop and stand around. 2 big things I did not like, should've gotten 7 on at least one of those early FG drives and not kicking the FG when they went for it. I thought the shuffle pass was an ok call, the guy was across the goal line and it would have been a TD without an incredible play by the DL. The 99 yard drive under that pressure was well called and executed. Overall I give Kiffin a B- in this one.
  11. I liked the call to go for it, but I'd have probably run Judkins.
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