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  1. At this point in their careers why does it matter that Wiley and Purifoy were top level recruits? They are seniors and have shown their ceilings, the games are not played on paper using recruiting rankings. J'Von and Samir should be coming off the bench but we don't have that luxury this season thanks to Harper leaving early and a lost recruiting class due to the Chuck Person mess.
  2. So he wasn't serious about winning until this year?
  3. LSU 2016 was the most costly win in AU history.
  4. Please stop ruining this thread by discussing football.
  5. All of this is true, but Stingley still got robbed.
  6. No, not this season we don't at this point. Help is coming next year. If this team make the Sweet 16 it'll be a huge accomplishment.
  7. hesrightyouknow.gif It should've gone to Stingley at LSU.
  8. Most people are stupid, proven time and again.
  9. I never implied that I expect them to replicate LSU, just that I see them being a better passing team under Monken.
  10. I know, just trying to help @Beaker remain positive. I'll be shocked if we pull him.