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  1. If we're taking 3 then I really hope Coffee is one of them. Law of averages as for panning out and being able to redshirt at least one makes him a take in my book.
  2. Whether it's the RB running inside or the QB OL play still dictates success. Cam doesn't have the success he had running inside without a very good OL.
  3. I think our offensive linemen are who they are. None of them, outside of possibly Tega, are NFL quality linemen. I am however hoping to see them operate stronger as a unit by knowing their assignments and their roles. It would be a huge step up if they have improved their strength and technique to get more of a push this year then they were able to generate last year.
  4. Good, gives him a redshirt year to continue learning technique.
  5. The 2014 aTm game was all I needed to see to know Gus was a flash im the pan.
  6. I really hope WILD BILL has gotten his quickness back. He had a knack for getting open and helping move the chains.
  7. 8-5. Losses to aTm, LSU, UGA,UF & UA. Will beat UNC in some mediocre bowl just to complete the trifecta on them.
  8. Hopefully he's improved his strength and ability to make a push after the snap.
  9. I've always wondered why football players care to have long dreads. It seems like something like this would happen more often.
  10. Thanks, I missed the discussion about Saban and his AC comments. It looks like he was roundly criticized for them.
  11. Can you link to a quote where Saban laid that decision at someone else's feet?
  12. His program, his decision. He shouldn't be trying to lay blame elsewhere.