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  1. National sportswriters are so lazy. We didn't fire Gus for never winning a natty. We fired Gus because he was in over his head and had no idea how to build a team that can even have a chance to get to the natty.
  2. T-Will barely has any experience coaching LBs and you want him coaching DL? That's a hard pass and should probably never have been typed.
  3. I wonder if Mason would be open to throwing Tosh a Co-DC title that was just an OTJ training position with no real input? That and a boat load of cash and we might could get him on board with the possibility of taking over the role when Mason gets another HC gig.
  4. This is addition by subtraction if the role can be filled by a dynamic recruiter.
  5. That's certainly good news. I really hope Zac can turn into a stud recruiter.
  6. This is how you JABA, for those taking notes.
  7. I think it's ok to be skeptical, in fact I think it shows more intelligence to be skeptical than to be a blind loyalist. I think that your concerns re: the recruiting prowess of the staff are somewhat warranted. We have a mixture of coaches with a strong history of recruiting, one or two who have a weak history of recruiting, and a lot of unknowns who have never had an Auburn to sell. It's going to take more than just the assistant coaches to improve recruiting, though they are obviously a huge part of it. Our off-field and off-off-field recruiting operations have to be top tier for us to
  8. I don't mind him coming back. I don't want to see him on the field much though.
  9. AU fans were fine with 6-4 for years, it's just that 6-4 masqueraded as 8-5, or 9-4 thanks to those buy-a-wins. The defense of Gus for so long was truly maddening and it made me sad what the fanbase overall was willing to tolerate.
  10. Just a reminder that LSU 2016 was the most costly win in AU history. #NeverForget
  11. And that's just the expenses that hit the balance sheets. AU better have decided to go all out or it will have been pointless to pay Gus $21mm.
  12. I saw him play a few times in HS, he was impressive. I had forgotten about him but it looks like his time @ JuCo really increased his stock. Seems to have a good attitude at first glance:
  13. Sure, I could see him getting a few carries a game in that type of role which is why I said he'd probably be better somewhere else. If he's good with that limited of role than so be it, I hope it helps us out. I just don't see him ever being RB2, much less RB1 and thus he'd be better off elsewhere if that is his goal.
  14. My apologies, completely misunderstood.
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