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  1. 6-1, Top 10 again more than likely. The SSPers and other delusionals will have convinced themselves we're ready for LSU.
  2. 28-17 and everyone will get overconfident again.
  3. Please don't remind me of the worst decision AU has made in my lifetime. We coulda got paid to let Gus go...
  4. Sounds like he could be back to OC level when the next coach is looking for one.
  5. Orgeron is arguably the 2nd best HC in the conference.
  6. On the real though, I'd like to see some HB Wheel routes mixed in here and there.
  7. I doubt we see much of HJ or Shivers. Neither appear to have what it takes to be RB2 at the moment.
  8. Yeah, I should've done a better job of that. I think you're right though with your line of thinking.
  9. That would be truly impressive if he backed up himself.
  10. And he's been a recruiting machine ever since his HS days 😉
  11. If he's capable of hitting hot read slants/curls in RPO after a zone read/inverted veer decision then there's no reason for him not to get several series at QB. Mix it up between our normal offense and Wildcat looks. Have Williams in at RB. If we cut out the slow developing plays where our OL/TE/HB is supposed to hold a block for too long it'd do wonders as well.
  12. Bill Clark would be lower down my list but he does fit most of my criteria. I'd have to be turned down by 2-3 coaches before I gave him an interview though. What he's done at UAB is impressive. Jeff Scott is on my list as well, but again not a 1st tier priority interview. Great recruiter, great offensive mind, and has a lot of experience building a championship level program from the ground up.
  13. They went 4-8 the season before Taggart, I believe. Helfrich and Taggart's recruiting left UO kind of depleted for Cristobal. I think he's done a great job recovering from that so far. My biggest fear regarding the future of the program is we keep Gus another season and someone else snatches up Cristobal. Oregon is a pretty solid job though and he might hold out until after the 2020 season to make a move.
  14. And even more context, he had to take over a Willie Taggart coached and recruited team. They went 7-5 the season ( plus losing to Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl) before Cristobal took over. They were 4-8 just 3 seasons ago. Culture change on top of everything else.
  15. I've heard the same. Some people won't like this but I really like that he worked under Saban. That dude knows how to coach and build/sustain a program and anything that Cristobal carried away from that is a boon. Know your enemy as you know yourself and all that jazz.
  16. This is why I don't hold FIU against Cristobal. He did win a Conference Championship there, which was unprecedented. I think his great recruiting at Oregon is proof of what GWill are talking about, showing out at a better school with more resources.
  17. He's obviously a good coach but I don't know if he'd be a great coach at Auburn. I don't know much about him as a recruiter but he's e's never coached in or recruited the Southeast. I'll keep an eye on him doe. Cristobal has extensive experience recruiting Florida, which I consider a huge plus for him. Aranda is a two time Broyle's Award nominee and has been tearing it up as a recruiter for LSU.
  18. I'm ready to take a shot on someone like Cristobal or Aranda. Both are excellent recruiters, have experience recruiting the South, and seem intelligent enough to put together a staff of guys who can recruit and develop. They also have experience working under some great coaches and have much more exposure to program management than Gus had coming into AU.
  19. There's no reason at all that AU can't be a 10 win a season program with the right coaching staff, imo. Sustained improvement in evaluation, recruiting, and development, good-great coordinators on both sides of the ball, and a head coach that doesn't get all panicky during the games would bump us up a notch or two.
  20. The bowl game really should be irrelevant to the conversation. If the bowl game is necessary to get to 9 wins that means we once again lost to all of main rivals. The thought of winning the Music City Bowl Championship again just isn't really getting me excited or moving my needle on Gus.
  21. Couldn't have happened at a better time. It's 50 something degrees right now, I'm gonna spend the day in the woods.
  22. I am not sure I see a path to the SECCG with 2 losses. That's the only way I can make your math work, 2 regular season losses, losing the SECCG, and losing the bowl game.
  23. If he can we'll have one of the best defenses in the country.