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  1. What? No. That doesn't make any sense.
  2. I seriously doubt people downing a couple of overpriced beers during the game will effect after game drinking.
  3. Samir gives up some size but is probably a better option than Purifoy.
  4. I think if we land Jalen we land Cliff. It's nothing more than a hunch but he plays a position a serious need for us and he'd have two Top 10 recruits in the class with him to ball out.
  5. Anyone who says that has no idea what they're talking about. His exposure playing overseas would be minimal where if he plays in college he'll have ESPN marketing him all season.
  6. I'm fairly certain AF will get the start again if Okoro isn't available.
  7. Auburn has shown many times and will show many more that it's willing to cut off it's nose to spite it's face.
  8. We have plenty of players that help us win. We only have one who is a lottery pick NBA talent that can take over a game and shut down the other team's best player on the defensive end. We're missing 1-2 recruiting classes thanks to Chuck so this is where we are today.
  9. I don't know how you took anything from my post complaining about the loss. We're 22-3 and I'm happy about that. I'm simply sharing my opinions.
  10. We have immediate playing time to sell at every position but PG. We have putting guys in the league to sell. I'm feeling good on landing 2-3 of the guys we really want and hitting the GT market for a few role players. Take a project big if we still have room after a guy or two decides to transfer.
  11. He'll probably sit @UGA as well, or at least play pretty limited minutes. I'm good with resting him as long as he needs to make sure he's ready for March. If he's ready to go versus Tennessee that would be awesome, but if he's not there's no reason to rush him back out there.
  12. I had to take some time and reflect on this one. I'm very disappointed in my boy JCam but it's not the end of the world, he'll learn to deal with his frustrations better. For those who have doubted how good Okoro is, just look at how we play without him. We'd be struggling to play .500 ball without him this season. AF plays plus defense but is the biggest liability on the team on the offensive side when he's on the floor. I don't think Johnson has it and I'll be surprised if he's not playing somewhere else next season. We need Jalen Green in the worst way. We have to have another shooter in this class. Wiley probably played his best game at Auburn. His development this year has been so much fun to watch. Good teams lose games but it's not much fun for all the losses to be blowouts.
  13. I'd love to see 7 minutes of Jaylin at the 4 today. AF probably gets the start at the 3 with Cambridge coming off the bench.
  14. It seems like the contract could be written to shift most of the legal liability to the vendor, but I'm not a lawyer. Either way, I'm of the mindset that there will be very little binge drinking of $10-$12 beers when you can only grab 1-2 at a time and the queue is long the entire time they're serving. Cut it off after the 3rd quarter ends, have a system in place for ID verification, don't sell to obviously schnockered individuals. I'm sure there are a ton of other reasonable barriers that can be put in place to limit abuse of they system. This is not a new issue, concerts and sporting events far larger than a game at JHS have managed to make it work. As to underaged drinking in the student section: those kids are still gonna sneak their booze in, same as every generation before them.
  15. So you'll need more concession stands than at a smaller sporting event? I think the logistics are already worked out for that.
  16. He was on his way to having a "break out game" that would've gotten him some ESPN love.
  17. I changed my post up a little but either way we need to utilize all the weapons we have across the entire field.
  18. If we don't get 3-4 attempts to the TE per game I'm going to be @sad.
  19. No worries man. TBH, I'm ambivalent about the issue until I can no longer bring my plastic flask in.
  20. It was an honest question, I didn't really have any intent other than to get his opinion. Haven't some schools reported less alcohol related issues after going wet due to slowing down pre-game binge drinking?
  21. I agree that we don't pass nearly as well as last year's squad and it's cost us a lot of opportunities.
  22. You'd be in disagreement with all of the recent projections if you said that.