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  1. we may never know for sure. i feel pretty confident it wasnt being afraid of competition. thats his entire makeup. not backing from competition. having said that, it really doesnt matter IMO since it's his decision. i wish him good luck in his future
  2. Fbomb is a troll. he's not a fan of anyone other than who to ride for ratings. When we are up he's riding us.
  3. no use complaining about it or even making excuses. we rag on the bammers for doing it. hell, i'd rather be doing it from a blowout like them as oppposed to trash product
  4. i think they play at South Carolina early. wouldnt surprise me if that one is a little tough with those injuries.. that crowd can be crazy
  5. no surprise at all. of course turmoil will have an affect on recruiting. especially with a lame duck offense most of the season. I'd say we did a good job considering
  6. i'm not sold on Herbert as that type of QB to fear a game..Part of him being a top QB this year coming out was because of a weak class of QB's.. If we lose, it will not be because of Herbert
  7. nothin transparent about dabo.. if he could get away with it he could. clemson would be an ncaa suspension. he has no say..coaches with high morals are hard to come by these days. it is what it is
  8. come on guys. you think he's leaving a school for lack of whatever to coming into this mess? not gonna happen. we already blew our load on our OC.. no chance folks
  9. he seems to play better the more confident he is (most qb's do)... Not sure how'd he do in a QB battle competition. But dude looked like a new man in the SECG...had nothing to lose. And coors light is like the crispest, most tasty beer ever IMHO
  10. they got a little better i think. the one with the guy who had an injured grill hand was pretty awesome...
  11. upset cause our hated rival said a mean chant at us? oh boy
  12. Tua and Murray are both great. Tua only issue is that contact throws him off a little. Id say a little soft. Id go murray 1 and tua 2nd..that last game left a mark. Haskins is good but not near those 2...majority of his passes during the season were screens and short passes
  13. screw them but thats nowhere near the same. losing to pitt vs uga is totally different. if clemson loses, they will be sent packing