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  1. bigman334

    Kiffin speaks on UAT QB competition

    I never thought of NM as being very vocal i did think Coates was pretty vocal. I'd say the difference between NM and Hurts was confidence.
  2. bigman334

    Kiffin speaks on UAT QB competition

    sorry for the late reply here but thats a great question. I watch a ton of replays of SEC games and the Bammer WR's were frustrated with the bad passes. I honestly dont think they really had a leader on offense, which showed in the beatdown we gave them and the 1st half of the UGA game..They looked to Ridley for a play. their next leading receiver was a RB. Take Ridley away from Hurts and it hurt
  3. bigman334

    Kiffin speaks on UAT QB competition

    he may have helped with that 26-2 record but i dont see him as a leader type.. a leader gets on his team when they screw up and hold themselves accountable when they screw up themselves. a leader holds everyone else accountable. the bama wR's were frustrated as heck all last season. He's a good kid and a team player. but thats not the same as a leader. Cam was a leader..AJ Mctatt was much more a leader than Hurts.
  4. bigman334

    Hurts frustrated with QB situation

    I hope much as we run, we have to at least have a QB who can push it downfield with some accuracy. Thats what made us so dangerous with NM.. Hurts aint pulling the trigger. and when he does, it's usually underthrown or overthrown
  5. bigman334

    Kiffin speaks on UAT QB competition

    well of course both are going to play... the question is, who will be their starter
  6. bigman334

    bama Reports Minor Violations

    we should just have this as a stickie for every season. this thread pops up every year. most programs report these small violations. i wonder if any school has ever reported a major violation.
  7. bigman334

    Dr. Pepper pulls Culpepper campaign

    my daughter and i are gonna miss larry culpepper and his tricked out tailgate 2000.
  8. bigman334

    The Dan LeBatard Show

    one of if not the worst ESPN shows for me. way to goofy. I want sports talk. it's probably the only ESPN show i wouldnt dare watch
  9. bigman334

    Which SEC coach will break through 2018

    i think Fisher will have a surprise or 2 in his first season.
  10. bigman334

    got beat by our rival/inferior team.

    not saying they are not a talented team but other than Sexton, which of those top 100 players have been a difference maker? also, which seniors are you speaking of? we were the better team and just got beat. plain and simple.
  11. bigman334

    calling Jalen Hurts the N-word

    just now seeing this. but c'mon. lets not act like this exact same thing doesnt go on, on or off the football field. some of you seem "shocked".. this is the world we live in
  12. bigman334

    irritation about our fan base

    he's right. everyone has certain things that irk them. irks the hell out of me too the things some of the fans will say. some threads the past week contain pure gold
  13. bigman334

    Pettway Declares for Draft

    it's the right move. nothing else he can do other than get hurt and possibly end his career before it gets started. the NFL knows exactly what he can do. Nothing else to prove
  14. bigman334

    Theoretical worst day in history

    heck yeh. i love football. i dont care who is playing. it's the championship game. i'd even go so far as to say you arent a true football fan if you dont watch the championship game. you are a fan of you favorite team. and thats ok.
  15. bigman334

    Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

    normally i get the cheapest prices from stubhub. and i always buy 2-3 days before the game.