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  1. got beat by our rival/inferior team.

    not saying they are not a talented team but other than Sexton, which of those top 100 players have been a difference maker? also, which seniors are you speaking of? we were the better team and just got beat. plain and simple.
  2. calling Jalen Hurts the N-word

    just now seeing this. but c'mon. lets not act like this exact same thing doesnt go on, on or off the football field. some of you seem "shocked".. this is the world we live in
  3. irritation about our fan base

    he's right. everyone has certain things that irk them. irks the hell out of me too the things some of the fans will say. some threads the past week contain pure gold
  4. Pettway Declares for Draft

    it's the right move. nothing else he can do other than get hurt and possibly end his career before it gets started. the NFL knows exactly what he can do. Nothing else to prove
  5. Theoretical worst day in history

    heck yeh. i love football. i dont care who is playing. it's the championship game. i'd even go so far as to say you arent a true football fan if you dont watch the championship game. you are a fan of you favorite team. and thats ok.
  6. Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

    normally i get the cheapest prices from stubhub. and i always buy 2-3 days before the game.
  7. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    russillo gets it
  8. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    if i'm not mistaken wisky has 0 top 25 wins
  9. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    wisconsin played utah st fau byu northwestern nebraska purdue marylan illinois indiana iowa michigan minnesota ohio state nobody can convince me that wisonsin has ever been a top 4 team. I have no idea based off that schedule
  10. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    i'm talking about wisconsin. can you honestly look at their schedule and say with a straight face "i know they are a good team"?
  11. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    i dont see any wins for wisconsin that are impressive. bama is in the SEC west so they at least have lsu and miss state. Does wisconsin have 2 wins that compare?
  12. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    what really good wins does wisconsin have. i dont see it
  13. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    the big 10 is garbage. I dont care who gets in as long as they didnt. Wisconsin has the weakest schedule i've ever seen for a power 5 school. OSU nor Wisconsin deserve to be anywhere near a playoff. USC would be way more deserving than either.
  14. did we just screw Bama........again

    but that would go against why the playoffs are here. choosing the 4 best teams. all conferences are not considered equal. Especially when you glance at wisky schedule. i have no dog in the fight but i cant believe no one ever mentions how weak their schedule is. it makes the big 10 look bad IMO
  15. Whitlow may see time at RB

    h i think he also avg near 45 yards per punt in high school. just hope he gets a position and sticks. I hate when players get moved around and never reach their potential because of it.