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  1. Whitlow may see time at RB

    h i think he also avg near 45 yards per punt in high school. just hope he gets a position and sticks. I hate when players get moved around and never reach their potential because of it.
  2. WR Jatarvious Whitlow

    for his skill set, Whitlow will be best at WR..he's electric and very tough in open space. Id say he's more of a WR than anything else. In high school some players are just so good you put them at QB to take advantage of how good they are. Whether they are a pure QB or not. The kid we recruited out of Tanner is another example of that type.
  3. Will Hastings

    Him being one of our top targets would mean he knows how to get open. a lot of NFL WR's success comes from running great routes regardless of their athletic ability. Not just the NE WR's. a pocket QBs best friend is a great route runner be it from WR, TE or even RB. Not saying Hastings will be an NFL WR or even our top guy. But if he gets lots of snaps over other highly rated players, it would not surprise me.
  4. 64-team football bracket

    very entertaining to read. but the amount of injuries from that would doom the actual product from playing all those games
  5. As Ramadi falls, Obama joins twitter !

    lol... this guy obviously just doesnt like Obama.. politics have very little to do with it. You got to much Trump in you
  6. UAt banned from HS campus

    good. that guy was making it a personal vendetta when it's suppose to be about his kids. good riddance
  7. Ole Miss Post Game

    I dont think anyone is wrong to question coaching. At some point you have to. We cant be "next year is the year" every year. We have talent. They just dont play well together and that situation is tough on any coach. Same with Kentucky. Not saying we should be leading the league in wins, but some of these losses just shouldnt be happening how they are happening.
  8. 2017 3* WR/KR JaTarvious Whitlow Signs with AU

    he can play several positions but he's best at the WR position and returns. Great return numbers even with teams kicking away. His returns fielded to returns for TD i bet are very good. He also is a pretty good punter. No attitude issue though doesnt mind a little high stepping
  9. 2017 3* WR/KR JaTarvious Whitlow Signs with AU

    that poster left out the part where he left early due to going to see his brother who was involved in a pretty bad accident on his way to the game.
  10. if ur a sidewalk type that only watches when we win or started watching because we won a championship type of fan then it's a bad time. if ur a true fan there is never a bad time. it goes in cycles.
  11. Respect for the office of President

    Trump only cares about one thing. Himself.
  12. Ranking the Obama Economy

    how on earth could anyone say we are worse off? the W days were some very dark days that will rewrite history books
  13. Rolling Toomers after bammer loss

    pretty lame IMO. would have been ok with it if we had at least won the game against them. Then i'd be ok with it. we lost to both teams playing in the championship. and here we are rolling trees cause we got nothing better to do. lol.. all in fun for the kids i guess.
  14. Kiffin to Florida Atlantic

    THis dude missed the bus again days ago. Al Davis told everyone about him years ago. Saban cant blame anyone but himself. He knew what he was getting with Lane. I'd be shocked if he ever got another major head coaching gig. This at FAU will not end well.
  15. SEC in Bowls

    i will watch and enjoy most bowl games but i dont give a crap what the SEC or even Bammer does in their bowl games as far as win/loss.. all i'm concerned about is the Sugar Bowl and even if the bammers win it all i could care less. I'll be getting ready for the 2017 Auburn season.