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  1. That dude deserves to be on the Mt. Rushmore of college coaches. Nebraska has zero recruiting grounds and he dominated there for 20 years.
  2. This sucks. I will miss Stan.
  3. Auburn is now a less desirable job than Ole Miss. Sad!
  4. He is just in denial. It's hard to accept that AU has become the worst program in the West and one of the worst in the SEC. Not being able to snag a coach from Ole Miss may be the biggest failure in AU history. But it's where AU is now in the football pecking order. Ole Miss is a better program. I think MSU is a better program now as well. AU is the least desirable program in the entire SEC (above only Vandy).
  5. And he has turned it down officially now. So looks like we lost to Ole Miss. Embarrassing, but I guess that's how far down the gutter Harsin put this program.
  6. Nope. Kiffin is going off on Twitter this morning about that Sokoloff guy saying how dumb he is, etc. Also, Kiffin met with OM people yesterday and said he's for sure staying. Kiffin ain't happening. Zero chance.
  7. It would be a failure, imo. If AU can't pull a coach from Ole Siss, it's not a good look. Of course, this assumes AU has even offered Kiffin. The truth is no one knows anything.
  8. Yep. The Ivy League schools all have massive endowments. Harvard got $50 billion in donations this year (per their website). $50 billion. In one year. If the Ivies ever begin caring about football, we are all screwed. Their alums make Yella look like a pauper.
  9. Freeze discussed this on a podcast last week. He didn't say he interviewed, but did say his agent has been contacted numerous times over the past few years and he told him he wasn't interested in the particular schools. (He didn't name names, nor should he). Freeze said he's not sure if it was just "feelers" or if they had him high on the list, but he said more than one school has contacted his agent. Freeze said he has a "list in his mind" of the jobs he would take. The main thing is it has to be a "college town" because he is not "a big city guy." He didn't mention conferences, but SEC is king and there's no doubt the SEC would excite him. And Auburn fits the bill perfectly for a "college town." Freeze would take it in a second. Remember, AU will probably be the only SEC job open this year (and if one does come open, it won't be any of the major schools). So there will be no competing with both Florida and UT like AU had to do in 2020.
  10. Lanning seems to be a "hot name" now in this search. Sports Illustrated claims they have confirmed "mutual interest." Lanning was asked about it yesterday. He didn't flat-out deny the reports but did say "The grass isn't always greener." and "I am happy in Eugene and want to stay as long as they will have me." Denials mean nothing in coaching, but he certainly was much stronger in his denials than both Kiffin and Freeze (who is basically lobbying for the job). Lanning checks all the boxes: SEC experience, won championships as a coordinator, young, energetic, and a good (but short) head coaching record. He even turned Bo Nix into a Heisman hopeful. Will AU take a shot on a guy with only one season behind him? Will AU pay his huge buyout? Is a guy that young worth a massive contract?
  11. 1) Not true. Freeze said just the other day that his agent has been contacted numerous times over the past couple of years. Whether he was their top choice, I don't know, but people have reached out. 2) I would be happy with Deion. It would be a huge risk, but also a huge reward. No one (and I mean no one) would out recruit him. 3) I will always appreciate McGee's playing days on those great secondary teams of the 90's. But he's never been a HC or even a coordinator. 4) I agree Aranda should be a top candidate. I would be very happy. But he has a huge contract and seems to like it at Baylor. I am not sure he'd want to bail on them this early. He would definitely get the defense in order, though. 5) Stoops is meh to me. I wouldn't cry, but he isn't a splash. The problem isn't his coaching, but I just don't see him pushing recruiting forward. 6) Dabo would never happen. I see no reason whatsoever why he'd leave Clemson where he has 2 national championships. Besides, he is already at Auburn's clone campus (Clemson is AU with a lake). And Dabo is falling off anyway. He just got utterly destroyed by Notre Dame on Saturday.
  12. Yeah 12 years ago when he was 35. And he did have a 10 win season at USC despite them being destroyed by sanctions before he got there. Lane is now 47 and I can tell he has matured a lot. The time with Saban did help him, believe it or not. I think Saban taught him how to keep his players consistent - Saban does that better than anyone I've ever seen. That's not to say there aren't concerns with him, though. He doesn't seem to care about defense. This isn't the Big-12, sometimes you're going to be in lower scoring games and I am not sure Lane excels in that area. Still, I would 100% take him and would be very happy.
  13. The facility looks awesome from the graphics released. How do you guys think it compares to Clemson, Oregon and aTm?
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