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  1. Anyone know how fast he is now? I know good hands and good routes trump speed a lot of time but, I am just curious.
  2. I do not think anyone could reasonably think Auburn was going to change everything this year. I think we will be better next year but, I do not truly expect things to be turned around till year three of this coaching staff. Gus recruited speed at the receiver position without much thought on hands, route running or apparently coaching them up. Also, did not recruit lineman. Give coaches time to get their guys in and establish the culture he wants. I hate waiting but we have no choice.
  3. Can’t be one dimensional anymore. QB is going to have to be at least decent for the run to work. If not they only will focus on stopping the run. Probably why they tried to pass as much as they did. It was what the defense was giving them. However, our young receivers could not take advantage of it.
  4. Overall impressed with Coaching. We are lacking in a few spots when it comes to experience and maybe being a little out maned. I really thought the O line would get destroyed but they held up. The team showed fight and I think they will improve every game. I think they are heading in the right direction. On the QB play. Bo is what he is, a game manager type guy. Not a bad QB but not a guy that will take the game and win it by himself. If he had a few more play makers with experience to get the ball to he would look a lot better. Play calls hurt him at times but he is not going to ma
  5. I am excited about Jackson. Would love to see a walk on become a star before his time at AU is over!
  6. I agree. It does not seem that they have had the backing of the school as much as they should. They finally got some facilities upgrades but, I would still say we are behind the most of the SEC. Granted, I could be wrong about facilities. They have an opportunity to upgrade things with the football team moving to a new facility. Will they renovate some of the old facilities for other sports like baseball or let them use the old indoor practice facilities? Update the fan experience at the park? Honor past players? There seem to be so much they could do the help recruit and build excitement.
  7. I accepted my own friend request. One of the best days of my life! 😁
  8. On a positive, I can not wait to see what AU is going to do in the next couple of years. They were still able to recruit the players they did and have some very good teams with a dang high school offense and very questionable management. What can they do with a better head coach, new facilities, better development by assistance and the backing of ex players?
  9. Maybe the NCAA feels bad for the bammers. If they investigate them Dodge would take such a hit on Charger sales it may never recover. Not to mention they would have to change their dogs name back from Nick to Bear and get their tattoos fixed again. πŸ˜†
  10. Add Bo Davis to that list. If you had that name a Auburn tattoo would magical appear on your arm.
  11. Shug Jackson, Pat Williams, I will take any Lutzenkirchen. Maybe Bo Lutzenkirchen
  12. This is something I have been wondering as well. Seems like many leaving are assuming they will be able to play next year. I hope they allow it though. I am really curious who Auburn can pull out of the portal.
  13. I see 10 but they are all 5’9” 180 or smaller. However, most will probably not be interested unless they are at lest 6’3”. We apparently like em big here! πŸ˜‰
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