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  1. So who wants to keep him now?

    The real question would be more about how he is handling the head coaching job instead of just how he coached one game. For those who know better than me, was the GA games outcome because he has finally turned the corner and let all of his coaches do their job? I hope this is the case and he did not just have a good game. If he has turned the corner AU needs to keep him. If there is to much of a question keep him but do not get in a bidding war for him.
  2. end the hot seat talk

    I hope this is a sign of Gus turning the corner as a coach. Win or loose, if AU looks this good the rest of the season you have to stick with him. There is going to be so much coaching turn over this year, in the SEC that it should be a similar scenario in the SEC next season. AU will also have a great chance in recruiting this year. I hope for this season, you have to nuke the idea of fireing Gus and hope he has figured this thing out. War Eagle and great win!
  3. Gus would be wise to look around

    It is definitely a cross roads for AU. Gus has not shown much and the argument can be made for him to go. If AU gets an upgrade from Gus it would be the best for both. However, things are not always greener on the other side. The best thing for AU would be for Gus to turn the corner as a head coach and be successful. Guess we will see. Hopping for a historic run for AU!
  4. What I hope to see on Saturday

    I Just do not want to see Gus out think himself again. Please Gus, let your coordinators do their jobs and stay out of play calling! I think AU is ok if this happens.
  5. Pettway out indefinitely

    We are favored at the moment. Could definitely change.
  6. Heath Evans for HC

    I will let them fire me for 1 million and not even complain about it!
  7. Emailed the Athletic Department

    Give Gus a break he won countless Super Bowls in Tecmo Bowl back in the day! LSU just kept guessing his play! If he had only chosen one of the other three choices AU might have done better! πŸ‘Œ πŸ˜”
  8. Heath Evans for HC

    One of my all time favorite AU players. The bad thing is he is as qualified as the last two coaches AU has hired. Head coach is more about management and motivation than being a great coordinator or high school coach! He has my vote.
  9. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    We got a freakin 2 point lead let’s play conservative... says only Gus.
  10. 2018 QB recruiting

    I think NR means not rated. So, I would guess none of the rating services have looked at him. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.
  11. 2018 QB recruiting

    So, AU has only two scholarship QB on roster and at lest a possibility of one of them going pro this year. I would think AU would have to sign at lest 2 QBs this year. One would be JG and it seems like Fields is not a possibility. So, who would be the next best possible guy? I was reading through and saw a few names mentioned but it has been a while since they have been talked about?
  12. Carlton Davis

    AU needs to be in the top of the draft to get the attention of some of the kids who's entire reason for playing is going to the NFL. This is a huge draw for some other teams and has been for AU at times. Hope he goes in the top 5 this year!
  13. Question about Sean white

    It has always been crazy to me that sometimes these coach's jobs rest on the shoulders of 18 to 23 year old kids in a lot of cases. I bet Gus was sweating bullets if SW was in this bad of a situation and he had no other real options at QB. Just think if your future rested on a jrunkin 19 to 23 year old. 😳
  14. Running Game

    I am starting to wonder who is actually healthy at RB for AU. KJ and KP are definitely not. Heard Martin was not going into game and I do not remember seeing him play. Is Barrett hurt after his big hit? Also is there a reason we are not seeing Miller? I wonder if they are playing KJ out of necessity. It may also be because they do not trust the others in pass protection. What are the thoughts?
  15. AU is the 10th most valuable CFB team!

    I wonder what they base this on. If value of the stadium is included it might pull AU down. Still pretty good. I would have thought Southern Cal would be higher.