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  1. The FBI is not very busy these days. Maybe we should give them a call.
  2. wildlife alumni

    What Gus Malzahn said about the 2nd day

    I know you are correct. However, I still wish he would split touchs with at two.
  3. wildlife alumni

    What Gus Malzahn said about the 2nd day

    I wish he had not said all five running back canadents could be 20 carry a game players. 😔 Wish he had said, with the running backs we have we should be able to keep them fresh.
  4. wildlife alumni

    Trey Neal

    Everyone must still be recovering from the last recruiting cycle for me to post this stuff before someone else. I am unworthy!
  5. wildlife alumni

    Trey Neal

  6. wildlife alumni

    Trey Neal

    I am going to guess he is 2019 since kickspot is adding him to the 2018 specialist commit tracker.
  7. wildlife alumni

    Trey Neal

    https://twitter.com/treysen_neal/status/964985898642395137 Saw this and did not see a thread.
  8. wildlife alumni

    2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    He will also have a chance to show out in some big games with title implications at AU. Texas is still rebuilding and may be a year or more away from fully being ready. Who knows what Michigan is doing. So, come to AU and show you can play against the best defenses in the country and maybe come away with some hardware.
  9. wildlife alumni

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    I guess if you ain’t first your last. At least on this thread. Maybe AU will still field a team after this horrible possible top ten class. Do I need yellow font?
  10. wildlife alumni

    Football Only Facility

    The old track is to the west of the current practice fields. I would think that would be plenty of room. I parked on it a few months ago. I was thinking they would have built something there by now. It has not been used since before I was in college, over ten years ago.
  11. wildlife alumni

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    Saw a tweet with a pic of Rice offensive tackle Calvin Anderson hinting he may be receiving interest from AU. Here is an article about him transferring. https://www.google.com/amp/collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/01/09/three-year-starting-offensive-lineman-leaving-rice-as-grad-transfer/amp/ . Anybody know much about him or AU’s interest?
  12. wildlife alumni

    Herb Hand contract

    Am I mistaken or did we not have a lot of injuries throughout the year? I do not remember many times that the line was able to use the same set of guys in multiple games in a row. Thinking back, wasn’t the center or another lineman hurt about the time the offense decided to take off the rest of the night at LSU? I think they did pretty good considering the mix and matching. It probably hurt Golson more than anybody. Having to move around so much. We will really see how he has developed his guys next year with a very talented group.
  13. wildlife alumni

    Sporting News 2018 Poll

    On offense QB could be one of the best in SEC and the WRs should be one of the better groups if they progress like they should. Question will be mainly the line. On Defense D-line will be one of the top in the country. LBs should be a good group. Secondary will be the question. I can believe AU will be a top ten team, as far as talent goes. If they get the o-line and secondary fixed they have the potential to compete with anyone.
  14. wildlife alumni

    Are we headed in the right direction?

    To me, it could be a toss up. If you look at Gus in one direction, he has recruited very well, had great offenses, fixed the defense by hiring the right guys, played in two SEC championships (winning one) and played in a National championship. In the other direction, he has a very bad bowl record, loses games he should win, and does not have a great record vs his rivals. I look at him as a crap shoot. He could improve and have a statue in front of the stadium one day or be gone in two years leaving an average to slightly blow average program. The fan base might as well get behind him and support him or he will have a harder time succeeding.
  15. wildlife alumni

    Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    Hope you are right!