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  1. I hope the AU ties lead to stability in the coaching staff.
  2. Looks like they already got a recruit. http://I was reading 'Auburn football lands 4th in-state commit in Brenton Williams' on FanSided for iOS and I thought you might be interested in reading it too.
  3. If it is done, than time to stop complaining and support this team! Give him a chance or get out. He was not my top choice but,I do not get paid to choose the coach. As an alumni, I will support this hire and give the man a chance. He now represents AU and so do you!
  4. This fan base will hurt recruiting more than Freeze. Does not make a difference what he did or did not do in his past.
  5. Fickell is 49. Lanning is 35. Good enough of a youth movement for me.
  6. At the moment I would want one of the following . I understand the arguments against everyone. A perfect choice does not exist. 1. Luke Fickell 2. Chadwell 3. Lanning 4. Freeze 5. Deon FWIW
  7. Stop comparing Dabo and Caddy. Dabo had 15 years of college experience. Caddy has 3 and all of that is at AU. I think (and hope) he will one day be a great head coach. However, he needs some experience. I hope he becomes the best head coach AU ever has but I do not think the time is now.
  8. Just thinking. I would think Dabo already has similar resources at Clemson than he would at AU. However, I do not know this and do not know what resources the other candidates might have. With that being said, a coach should see better results with better resources. If resources are the same I would not expect to see better than they are currently producing. So, which candidates would have more resources at AU than where they currently are? Would Franklin be able to have better recruiting and tool to win at AU?
  9. That is exactly what a JABA person would say. 👀🧐
  10. I understand where you are coming from. However, what I have seen on the one other instance you are referring to seems very strange to say the least. And it appears that there is more going on than you or I know. So, I can not make a judgment call without knowledge of everything. Also, not everything you read online is on the up and up. Seems like a lot of background info to go through on that story. I am sure AU would look at things a lot closer than we have before hiring him. So, at the moment, I can not make the case for him having continual moral horrendous decisions. You are welcome to your opinion but it does not make him guilty.
  11. I think the JABA thing at the moment, is being thrown out when anyone does not like anything AU does. It sounds like this is the best coaching search they have conducted in recent memory. Meaning, very little leaks as to what is really going on on the AU side of things. No one actually has a clue what AU will do. Freeze intrigues me as a coach because he has so much to prove. He made a mistake and paid for it. If he is hired, he gets his chance at redemption. How hard would someone work for that? Not saying he is my first choice. I am just watching the show.
  12. My fear would be he would be set up for failure. The head coach needs connections to set up a staff and he only really know Auburn. His staff would probably have an AU flare and the fans would love it. However, would it be what AU needs? AU needs an infusion of talent to succeed next year and a plan in place to make it happen. They need a SEC level staff and a coach that hopefully has enough experience to build that plan. I would love to see Cadillac get more experience and one day be the Auburn coach we all believe he can be.
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