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  1. wildlife alumni

    Liberty post game

    I do not read many other boards and only post on occasion. However, the anti everything mentality of many is hard to look at. Right now if Gus crapes a gold brick there would be a crowd of people to compare it to the one Saban had and discus how it was not pinched off correctly. I would hate to know a recruit reads any of this. I am not saying I want Gus as the coach forever but I am a proud Alumni and will always support the AU family. Congrats to the team and War Eagle!
  2. wildlife alumni

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    It looks like the problem is Gus takes best available instead of need. If you take need every year and develop those players you have a good base of roll players. Hopefully those will be best available guys but if they are not, you still can not get behind on your recruitment plan. May not win mythical recruitment awards but you do not find the shelf empty. Some of the boards recruiting gurus correct me if I am wrong.
  3. wildlife alumni

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant

    A running QB would take a lot of pressure of of the O-line. Force the D to respect his legs on runs and force better containment. This, makeing the O-line would look better. Maybe not perfect but better. Combine this with the progression of the WRs and you force defenses to play different also helping the run. I hope AU gets him for a year.
  4. wildlife alumni

    Texas A&M Visitor List & Thread

    Only real booing I heard was because of the refs calls. A lot of booing after a few of the really bad calls. Did not really see any that was directed toward AU. A few people close to me were ready to storm the field after the refs.
  5. wildlife alumni

    Malzahn breaks down win

    Not getting paid near as much as coaches, but maybe go with this for last few games. Just a thought.
  6. wildlife alumni

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    Very hard for game plan, team, defense, play calling, etc. to look even mediocre getting beat at the line of scrimmage like this.
  7. wildlife alumni

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    He could get a motorcycle and go to Louisville I guess. Jokes aside, It would be fine with me. I imagine he has more than paid for his exploits.
  8. wildlife alumni

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    I will say the team fights for him. People compare him to Chiz’s last season but that team quit (or at least seemed to) and this team never has. It is flustering to see young guys have to be as involved and AU really not being able to reload every year after he has been around this long. However, it always seems they are so close to turning the corner. That is what is so aggravating. Do they need a new head coach or a new O coordinator with full control. Would Gus let that happen? You can see glimpses of the possibilities but they seem to fade away in a big burning garbage can. I will keep hoping He can figure it out until he is gone. War Eagle!
  9. wildlife alumni

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Also, all these Freshmen are going to be stout during their time at AU.
  10. wildlife alumni

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    O line looked a lot better.
  11. wildlife alumni


    They going back to true Gus routes and bringing back the Cam read option attack? Put Joey in and run the inside zones and throw deep. Could see Gus completely taking over to try and save his job. Can not be much worse.
  12. wildlife alumni

    Two takeaways from this season

    My takeaway is Hand could have put AU back two to three years through not recruiting lineman that are ready enough to play out of high school (developmental guys) and not developing anybody. Also, Gus still does not know he need a decent throwing dual threat QB for his offense to work. Gus is so smart that he has never lost a argument with himself. 30% of the time his offense works every time. 😉
  13. wildlife alumni

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    It just looks like JS does not want to be out there.
  14. wildlife alumni

    turning offense around

    As long as they can not run the ball or connect on short passes the defense is going to pin their ears back and put an priority on rushing the QB. They cannot even keep the defense honest at the moment. They can bring extra rushers and play personnel that can get to the QB with out much fear of getting beat by the run or quick passing game. Good day to be a D coordinator. Devote to a quick passing game like these 5 wide schools or run the ball. Either way, they have to set up something.
  15. wildlife alumni

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    I agree as well. People tend to think AU should just come out and dominate every aspect of the game. Coach’s will always have a perfect game plan and it will always be better than the other teams plan. When everything does not work its time freak out. This is not a video game and It is getting increasingly difficult for a coach to overmatch the other teams in the SEC. Put Gus and this team in the PAC 12 and he is one of the best coachs and a lock for the playoffs. I am going to support AU win loose or draw. War Eagle!