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  1. I like the direction myself. I just wonder if Harsin will have time to see if it works or not.
  2. Here is my prediction, for what it is worth. I am going with this team over achieving. Backed in a corner with a chip on their shoulder, they win 8 games. With the others being close. They fighting in every game and win the heart of many AU faithful. Harsin gets another year because of the football played on the field. However, his future at AU will be decided on what type of team he can put together next year. They loose to much to make it on coaching alone.
  3. How much of the “coach will not be here” stuff is fans killing recruiting? If we came out and said Hars is our guy for the next two years and got behind him, what would happen. He seems to see problems and be looking to fix them with new hires. Like the guy from the Cowboys. I really do not think we will upgrade at coach if he goes at this point. To much internal problems.
  4. Between the off the field crap and bad use of NIL, how is AU going to be able to flip anyone? Could a good season and positive vibes be enough for this recruiting cycle or are they coaching for next cycle with the hope of the transfer portal filling in next years team?
  5. I honestly think it could be Geriner if Harsin’s job was more secure. The way things are, he can’t put is job in the hands of a freshman. He will go with experience and his best hope is probably Calzada. I think Ashford has the opportunity to get in with designed plays and build Harsin’s trust enough to take the second spot. If Calzada fails it may be to late to go TJ. They may have to roll with the young guns and try to play the “future looks bright” card. A big win by a young guy could energize people and get him another year.
  6. I think Hars will need to address this year above all else. A good year could put AU in a much better place with transfer portal guys after the season. A good year plus opportunity could equal some big transfers that will be instant impact guys. A team can be remade faster with the transfer portal than it used to be. A good recruiting class and transfer portal success will be helped with a surprise season. Then they actually developed what they have and boom!
  7. Don't mess with my positivity. I have only got so much to work with.
  8. I am going to stay optimistic. Different hard hat attitude with guys that will fight for their coach. I am going 8 wins. OL - I am going to say the oline improves with experience. I mean they have been here for 6 years. Different passing attack (quicker and more play action) may help. Wr - We need one "go to" guy. This would take pressure off the other guys and make the group seem better. QB - Just needs to be above average to be an improvement. I am not high on Finley but, I do think they can get overall better play. Need to be a game manager not a human highlight. TE/RB - Will have to carry the team. Multiple TE sets with a down hill running game will force teams to play bigger against us. Use play action off of this to get the ball to the TEs and WRs in Space. The offense will run through the RB position, mainly Tank. RBs will either have the ball or be a decoy every play. The big problem may be more in the two minute passing game. They will not be built to go four and five wide. Quick passes and play actions will probably be more utilized. I may be crazy but War Eagle anyway!
  9. We also do not know how the money is changing the landscape. Good players may wait to see what the best offer is. I read somewhere that the Tennessee QB is rumored to be getting 2 mil a year. To many money may mean more than vision. Lower ranked recruits probably have less money thrown at them. Coaches can not talk money so some things may fall in the hands of boosters. However, when it gets closer to crunch time I would not doubt a lot of flips. They may be worth more at closing time.
  10. Best I can remember, DD ran a very run heavy offense in high school. Super athletic guy in that offense really opens up the pass. Also usually has less reads for him to think through. Kinda like Ole Gus’s philosophy. Different passing concepts. He may be a good athlete but it may just not translate to what Hars wants to do. Just like that sometimes.
  11. We do not have to put walk on players on the active roster. Unless I am mistaken. Unless we plan on playing them.
  12. How many years before Zac can be head coach?
  13. Here is the thing. Until they get their crap together things will never be any better. It does not matter who the coach is. The BOT, president, boogie man, AD and who ever else need to have a meeting to look at the future. Then get on the same page and back whoever the coach will is 100%. Give CH what he needs to be successful and if he is not, have a plan in place to replace him if he is not. They need to come to the next coach with a clear plan and show them they will have the structure and support to win.
  14. So, before I go to sleep does anyone have a educated guess how this turns out? We leaning more to CH being fired or staying?
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