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  1. The transfer thing does not bother me. When I was in college I could change degrees, go to another college or what ever. As long as I had the money to do so. The thing that drives me crazy is we act as though the kids get nothing. How many of us worked through college to pay bills? The average yearly tuition for a student going to a public university in their state is $20,770 for tuition and and room and board. This does not count books, nutritionist, and other things. I am not saying the kids should not be compinsated a little for their time. Maybe a small amount for food and gas and such. However, they are getting a degree that most will make more using than they ever will make in the NFL.
  2. Seems like several recruits have mentioned how AU takes care of former players. Is this an angle they are trying to exploit as well? Seems to be something kids like. Also, seems to be easier to sell “your” school. As long as you are a good enough coach to develop players.
  3. I think he would have to work a total of 10 years to be vested. Looks like he came to AU in 2013 giveing around 5 years.
  4. Isn’t there a old thread that can be resurrected for the Cam Newton discussion. I bet it has been discussed before. If he is still secretly on the team, Gus is a moron for not playing him more and I bet he goes to the NFL this year. Now, who else goes pro other than Stidham and Dean?
  5. 35 AU to 14. AU surprises and dominates the game! Gives people hope! Not sure if that is a good thing or not.
  6. Thing that gets me is that there a lot of other schools besides AL, Georgia and Clemson that manage to have good o lines. People act like there is no other players but the ones they get. A good evaluater can find guys to fill the positions and then DEVELOP them. Should never be this low on talented o lineman. May not have guys ready out of high school but should have Juniors and Senior ready to go. If you get a great young guy then that is just gravy.
  7. I still would like them to clam every National championship AU has a right to and honor those teams. Then use this to brand AU with its true winning history. One of the smarter things bammer did back in the day.
  8. Stidham will play 100% of the game because Gus needs to look as good as possible to try and win back some of the fan base. He is calling the plays so if it looks bad with a inexperienced QB, everyone will be up in arms as usual. However, if they have a great offenseive game he may have some wondering if Gus was not all to blame for some of the bad play calling. Also a chance at a good sales pitch for these recruits.
  9. I wonder if it was Bentley why it has taken this long. Also, if Horton is supposedly getting interviewed every year for these smaller HC jobs, why has he not tried to become an OC. If not good enough for a OC job why would you hire him to be a HC? I’ll hang up and listen.
  10. Other - If he even had a chance Leath allowed it to be taken away. Leath should be on the hot seat as much as Gus.
  11. They will be good within the first Two years of a new coach. They will then sign him to a long term contract before being ready to fire him. It is the Auburn way! See Bowden, Chizik and Gus for your history lesson.
  12. There are several good High School linemen on the roster. They have to be evaluated correctly, pan out and be developed. So, a few of these 3 may not have worked out for them.