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  1. To me, it is not right to the players or family of deceased players to not recognize what they have done. It should be about them. They put in a lot for some one to say “ you played great, won your games but, I think we will not claim it.”
  2. I am glad they are going to put up the new football statues and that they have already put the ones of the former Heisman winners and the the round mound of rebound. However, has their been any talk of the big hurt getting a statue? Arguably one of the top athletes to play at AU or even the SEC. I mean he is in the hall of fame for goodness sake.
  3. If they had let Cord start the game the other team would have left!
  4. With a better line. I think the line is better at pass blocking this year.
  5. I think it changes play calling if JS is here this year. It would have opened up the playbook a lot. Very good experience on the WR and a better pass blocking OLine would have allowed JS to have a heck of a year. Nix is not as comfortable in the pocket as JS, which is why he scrambled as much as he has. A veteran QB would have opened a lot up. We forget Nix is a rookie and he plays like it sometimes.
  6. I was at the game and have not watched it on TV but it looked like some big mistakes in the red zone led to no points. The fumble was a good example. They don’t fumble, hit one of the field goals and do not give up the long punt return before the half and you are probably looking at a blow out.
  7. Ok... bad game. Everyone should take blame from coach to water boy. However, we have all had a bad day at work, or where ever just did not have millions of people watching us and telling us how bad we were. It looked to me like the coach’s tried to protect Bo early on but without the line opening holes and the running game not working it would not be possible. You have got to be able to get a 1st done on third and short running the ball! Bo was rattled. He probably heard all week about the swamp and it got in his head. If you can not run the ball you have to do something to open it up. The screen was also shut down so you have to get your QB to open it up down the field. He could not. Hit a few and make the D have to defend it and Gus all the sudden looks like he knows what he is doing. The D would not set on plays, O gets it going and we see all the plays Gus has to offer. I agree that I would like to have seen Gatewood but putting him in as full time QB could create a divide in the team and take away the opportunity for your young QB to overcome adversity. If he had it would have been huge going forward. War Eagle.
  8. Just a question. Why is there not a AU museum anywhere on campus? They used to have one in the athletic complex and now all they have is the side of the basketball stadium. A lot of history to see throughout the University’s time on the plains. Would be cool. I think the other university has a museum of some sort. I would never go there but they got one.
  9. Will baseball be able to take some of the space football once used in the current complex or will it go to other sports? Anyone in the know?
  10. Offense and defensive lines. They controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. It is amazing how that makes life easier for the offense and defense. Great team win! War Eagle!
  11. Ha! Probably means all bammer players will get new Dodge Chargers.
  12. I hold out Judgment on Joey till I see him pass.
  13. My butt just itched........ it must mean AU is going to loose every game and my dog will run away!
  14. If they make it it was the right call, if they do not and loose you are a moron and should be fired. life of a coach I guess.
  15. With only time for one play and a kicker that was in his first game, (also missed a short field goal earlier) you have to make sure they have to kick to win. The math Bird explained.