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  1. auelvis87

    If Malzahn returns

    If he wasn't ready to contribute then why did he play in 5 games and burn a year?
  2. auelvis87

    If Malzahn returns

    Ask Asa Martin. He got totally screwed this year. If Gus is coming back he needs to turn on the heated seats in his Audi sports car and leave them on so he can get used to being in the hot seat.
  3. auelvis87

    Staff Changes

    I don't think it'll matter who is on the offensive staff until Gus fully commits to getting out of the way and letting the offensive coaches do their jobs, and I've seen nothing to convince me that Gus will ever do that.
  4. auelvis87

    Legit Question About O-Line Progression

    This is one of my biggest knocks on Gus and his offensive staff. They NEVER make adjustments. The others are not playing to your strengths (we all knew O line and RB were questionable and were not considered strengths this year) and not developing players (especially QB's). I don't know if it's from just plain stubbornness or ignorance or both.
  5. auelvis87

    Our Head Coach

    I just have 2 questions: 1. Is Gus that stubborn, stupid or both? 2. What in the hell does the offensive staff do during the week?
  6. auelvis87

    "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    And don't forget we gave up a 20 point lead in the 4th quarter. If we had kept playing to win instead of playing to not lose we wouldn't have been in the situation to throw a hail Mary.
  7. auelvis87

    Prediction for Game 3

    I'm at a loss for words...
  8. auelvis87

    Four Players Out For Mercer.

    Prediction for the offense: 1) With our 2 top RB's out we'll put Cam Martin in and have him run it up the middle at least 30 times even though he is not suited to be that kind of running back (and he'll run it up the middle on every 1st down), 2) we won't utilize the tight end at all, 3) we won't attempt any slant passes or screen passes, 4) when it's 3rd and 8 we'll have our receivers run 4 yard routes, 5) when it's 3rd and 1 we'll have our receivers run 25 yard go routes, 6) when Mercer shows blitz we'll run the flee flicker, 7) and when it's 4 and goal on the 3 inch line we'll call a timeout, get a delay of came penalty, and settle for a field goal. Is it that obvious that I don't have any confidence in our offensive coaches right now?
  9. auelvis87

    ESPN analyst new theory for AU offense struggles

    So if you don't have KJ in the lineup, how about making some adjustments to your game plan to put your team in a position to win?
  10. auelvis87

    Prediction for Game 3

    I hope this game gives the offense some opportunities to correct mistakes and get their timing down. Of course, that starts with a good game plan so I may be going out on a limb here. I say you leave the offensive starters in the whole game because they need the work. Unfortunately, I don't think this game will give us much indication of whether the offense improves or not. Based on size and talent, we should be able to line up and run the ball down their throat and win, but I don't think that will benefit us much offensively. My guess is we'll see the same old Gus offense we've seen for the last 3 years. Unorganized, confused and predicable.
  11. auelvis87

    The Chip Lindsey hire Poll

    I'm in the "wait and see" group. I hope Gus will get out of the way and let his OC do his job. If GM doesn't and the offense start this season the way it ended he won't make it thru the season.
  12. auelvis87

    Kiffin and the Old Malzahn Offense

    A few years back Saban didn't run the HUNH and didn't like it. Didn't succeed in changing the rules so what does he do? He realizes he has to adjust to the game and goes out and hires an OC that runs a more wide open and creative offense. Remember how we laughed at Saban for hiring Kiffin? Who's laughing now?
  13. auelvis87

    Everybody had Enough?

    Against what I consider our 3 biggest rivals (LSU, UGA and UAT) we scored ONE touchdown this year. Zero first downs in the 2nd half against UGA. One first down in the first half today. Where can I make $4 million a year and turn out that kind of product? Shoot, I'll only take a million.
  14. auelvis87

    Everybody had Enough?

    Why have we thrown to the tight end ONCE this season? Why does this offensive coaching staff NEVER have a Plan B? Injuries happen. Defenses make adjustments. Good coaches make adjustments to deal with the given situation. What'd the definition of insanity...???
  15. auelvis87

    Upon Further Review - Ole Miss Postgame

    Could it be that Gus' offense doesn't work without a true duel-threat QB? I mean a QB who can take it to the house on any given play?