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  1. It is hard to argue that had he not been part of an affluent and well-connected family, he would have been tried as an adult and faced adult consequences. Minority and underprivileged kids years younger with similar past indiscretions get tried and sentenced as adults every day right here in Montgomery and I am guessing the same in Lee County.
  2. Different times, different styles of play, different defenses, different rules. Hard to make an apples to apples comparison. More appropriate comparison would be seeing how they stacked up against their peers of the day.
  3. I don't buy too much into the recruiting angle on helmets. If a more "modern" and exciting helmet design is needed to help recruiting, the most boring helmets in the NCAA are on the west side of the state with a trophy case full of nattys.
  4. This sucks way more than the Bass Fishing team being suspended for the season.
  5. Watched his Q&A with the media the other day. No mistaking Bobo's geographic origin. Looking forward to seeing his 'awfence' perform.
  6. One of the most exciting games I remember was 1984 #16 vs #9 FSU where it was like the last team to have the ball would win. I was on bivouac during a field training exercise with the army and I was listening on a small transistor radio with an ear plug.
  7. My entire family also went to that game. In fact, I had just gotten my license and drove. On Wire Road going to the stadium, a bird flew right into the driver's side windshield. I about had a heart attack. I should have taken that as an omen to turn around and go back home.
  8. Best performance is a tough criterion because you have to consider all phases of the game and the strength of the opponent. Hard to beat the second half of the 2010 Iron Bowl and the dominance of South Carolina in the SEC Championship that same year. Best performance of a mediocre team had to be the 2018 Music City Bowl annihilation of Purdue. Using different criteria, answers would be different. Kick 6 and Miracle at Jordan Hare are hard to beat for exciting finishes, but not necessarily the best performances overall.
  9. 1980 on the Plains, Tennessee 42-0... the beginning of the end for Doug Barfield.
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