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  1. One of my favorites and a pretty good NFL player, too. At one time set two NFL records, one for receiving yards by a running back in a season and one for total all-purpose yards in a season. His big heart more than made up for his slight stature.
  2. Just like in the NBA, the pace of the game and level of athleticism make it very difficult to call it closely. As long as it isn't so glaring that the 98-year-old blind guy in the 14th row can't tell, they usually let it go.
  3. With a little improved play in the back court and perimeter, it certainly would rank right up there. All the other pieces are there. And I agree with @ShocksMyBrain that this defense is world class.
  4. Agree to disagree. The majority of fans simply don't follow recruiting as close as you think. Some of them can't even tell the different between intentional grounding and an illegal forward pass. While there may be some cursory awareness, but following recruiting to the degree most do here just doesn't excite the average fan. .
  5. He can have the worst recruiting class in the history of collegiate sports, but if he beats Alabama and goes to a decent bowl game, he will stay. Precious few fans outside these internet forums really know enough about recruiting to care one way or another. They only see the scoreboard and record.
  6. Probably and since Ziad K. Abdelnour isn't a household name, chose not to attribute it as if it were Will Rogers, Abraham Lincoln or Mark Cuban... LOL
  7. Barkley is an Oaks Society member, meaning he has donated more than $1 million to the athletic department. And BTW, I don't think it is Harsin's place or role to be the point person on raising NIL money. There are people in the Athletic Department Administration and probably the Auburn Foundation whose job it is to do that. I have read that booster groups organize funding at other universities for this purpose. And based on the opinions stated on these forums, Harsin should be focused elsewhere like recruiting, coaching and hiring assistants. Certainly, he can help close the deal on donations, but he doesn't need to be out shaking trees, beating bushes and knocking on doors for NIL money.
  8. I have never loved Sir Charles more. He always calls it like he sees it without regard for sugar coating or spin. It is right from the heart.
  9. I wonder if he didn't return Friend's calls during the whole investigation fiasco. That would certainly put a bit of a different light on it. If I were fighting for my career and my phone was blowing up (as surely his was by his own account) then I can see where some things got missed. Doesn't excuse it, but possibly explains it.
  10. If I read through these comments and ignored the score posts, I would have thought Auburn lost by 30.
  11. I just noticed that Auburn actually moved up on Jesse Newell's ballot after losing to Arky.
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