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  1. 🙏🏻for Bobby and his family and caregivers. I can tell you from recent, personal experience that God is still in the miiracle business.
  2. I was a little surprised by the Sankey discussion during the nucon. I always took for Gospel that Sankey had blocked his hiring on more than one occasion.
  3. Thamel reporting Freeze is getting $6.5 million a year over 6 years, a savings which covers the Malzahn buyout.
  4. Talking Iron Bowl weather brings back memories of the '83 Iron Bowl with tornadoes and watching the water coming down the steps at Legion Field looked like whitewater rapids... and Bo running amok. It was my first Iron Bowl and I didn't leave my seat for a minute.
  5. If they can find that spark from the TAMU game that was clearly missing for three quarters against WKU, they play smart football and catch some key breakks, then there is a chance.
  6. If Kiffin falls through for whatever reason, Freeze would be like the year's supply of Rice-a-Roni you get when you lose on the Price is Right.
  7. I think he did the best he could with the hand he was dealt. We had two backs over 100 yards and no discernible passing game to help loosen up the defense to allow the running game to really be effective as it could have been. Our problem is no quarterback.
  8. One of my favorites and a pretty good NFL player, too. At one time set two NFL records, one for receiving yards by a running back in a season and one for total all-purpose yards in a season. His big heart more than made up for his slight stature.
  9. Just like in the NBA, the pace of the game and level of athleticism make it very difficult to call it closely. As long as it isn't so glaring that the 98-year-old blind guy in the 14th row can't tell, they usually let it go.
  10. With a little improved play in the back court and perimeter, it certainly would rank right up there. All the other pieces are there. And I agree with @ShocksMyBrain that this defense is world class.
  11. Agree to disagree. The majority of fans simply don't follow recruiting as close as you think. Some of them can't even tell the different between intentional grounding and an illegal forward pass. While there may be some cursory awareness, but following recruiting to the degree most do here just doesn't excite the average fan. .
  12. He can have the worst recruiting class in the history of collegiate sports, but if he beats Alabama and goes to a decent bowl game, he will stay. Precious few fans outside these internet forums really know enough about recruiting to care one way or another. They only see the scoreboard and record.
  13. Probably and since Ziad K. Abdelnour isn't a household name, chose not to attribute it as if it were Will Rogers, Abraham Lincoln or Mark Cuban... LOL
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