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  1. This is purely a business move to keep Brown off of a competing roster. Bucs can suspend him, effectively ending his time with the team without having to put him on waivers and another playoff team picking him up and hurting the Bucs in the playoffs. Brown is a cancer and the Bucs don't want him. Period. But the difference between suspension and waiving him is a business decision and a strategic playoff decision. His suspension is not leaving the door cracked.
  2. It won't be until the Seahawks season is over. That is all I know.
  3. Hate to pile on, but JJ for me as well.
  4. You can't afford to be parochial in this day and age. You hire the best you can hire and recruit the best that you can. If Alabama had taken that approach, Saban, with the LSU pedigree, would not be there.
  5. Great thread to point out some positive things. I am looking forward to a full season with some continuity of leadership and hopes Austin Davis will be what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, so many of the Auburn family have become so negative, I had to leave a couple of Facebook groups because I got sick of it in my news feed. And not just the negativity, but negativity mixed with complete ignorance of fundamental football knowledge. Some of the crap I read reminded me of when I was a high school basketball official and a large group of fans kept screaming at me to call a three-second lane violation because defensive players were in the lane over three seconds. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Same reasoning I used with Mullen, his other negatives notwithstanding.
  7. Balancing the intangible qualifications of a new president is a tricky business. Alums and the old guard will want a candidate that knows and understands Auburn. That is how you end up with a Hanley Funderburk. But the academic community is always hell-bent on new blood with no ties to the AU political ecosystem. That is how you end up with a Steven Leath.
  8. From my experience, new presidents are a crap shoot. Muse, Leath and Funderburk were all disasters of different stripes, some of their own making and others out of circumstance and the prevailing power dynamic of the BOT.
  9. I am just not seeing why so many are so enamored with Brady. I just don't see the track record to warrant it. Matt Rhule fired him and is having to defend hiring him in the first place. From ESPN's David Newton: [Rhule] made it clear there were no regrets in his 2020 decision to hire Brady, who at the time was a 30-year-old passing game coordinator for national champion LSU with no experience calling plays in the NFL or at any other level. So, please help me understand why there is so much excitement around Brady.
  10. Requisite boilerplate question: "Yeah, but can he recruit?" 🤣 His college offense resume is terribly short, but the Broyles Award does stand out. However, can we trust anything from the 2019 LSU team?
  11. I think he meant that all the pieces he would want to be in place were not... i.e. the stars were not aligned. Or he was talking about poorly stacked sandwiches at Mama Goldberg's.
  12. Bruce was still damaged goods when Auburn got him at a fire sale. He had the NCAA cloud hanging over him. He still was under the three-year show-cause penalty when Auburn hired him.
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