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  1. AUsome_Tiger11

    Malzahn meets with Green today

    Make Auburn Great Again!!!
  2. AUsome_Tiger11

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    Bill Clark! The guy can straight up coach. Imagine what he could do with good recruits!
  3. AUsome_Tiger11

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    Does this feel oddly similar to 2008 mixed with 2012? Good defense, bad offense, no discipline, and no fire in the players on the offense.
  4. AUsome_Tiger11

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant (Mizzou)

    Hurts has decided to stay at Alabama as a back up instead of transferring.
  5. AUsome_Tiger11


    While JJ gets to take credit for the Clint Myers hire, he was not responsible for it. Coach Myers was not even on JJ's radar when it fell into his lap. That being said, I have no doubt Jay loves Auburn but when you start hurting something you love (whether it be bad hires or bad financial decisions) it's time to step down.
  6. AUsome_Tiger11

    Does anyone else feel kinda bad for Jeremy?

    He wouldn't be able to transfer because he played this year. This is just a rumor because apparently he wasn't at practice yesterday, but no one has come out to confirm or deny anything yet from what I've seen. I saw the rumor on Reddit as well but no one else is talking about it
  7. AUsome_Tiger11

    Does anyone else feel kinda bad for Jeremy?

    You talking about the Jeremy Johnson leaving the program rumor?
  8. AUsome_Tiger11

    Check in for the Clemson game

    I still live in Auburn and will be there, first year in the Young Alumni section. Looking forward to not having to stand in line for hours before the gates open to get a seat. Also looking forward to being able to go to Tiger Walk again. A good friend of mine and I are starting our own tailgate this year so that is exciting. To any Clemson fans travelling to the game. I have always found it very easy to park on Wire Road next to the IM fields and walk into Campus (about half a mile from the stadium). I highly recommend going to Toomer's Drugs to get some of the best Lemonade you'll ever have (gameday's are not as good just because of the quantity they are producing but still great). For food in Auburn I would recommend Momma G's, Little Italy Pizza, Draft House (newer place downtown with a great beer selection) and Island Wing Co. off Glenn Ave. It is one of my personal favorite places. If you want some BBQ then I'd go to Mike and Ed's in Auburn or go to Opelika to get Chuck's BBQ (Buy one get one free chipped pork sandwiches on Saturdays).
  9. AUsome_Tiger11

    2016 AP Preseason Poll is out The comments in this thread gives a pretty good breakdown of why they are.
  10. AUsome_Tiger11

    Orange-Out Against Clemson

    Its on the Tickets themselves.
  11. AUsome_Tiger11

    2016 Fall Camp - Practice 9 (Scrimmage #2)

    I hate it for Dean, especially after getting hurt in High School which killed his chance at Ohio State. Wish him a speedy recovery. Here's another link to that story.
  12. AUsome_Tiger11

    2015 5* DE Byron Cowart commits to AU!

    Booooooom! Welcome to the AUFAMILY!!!
  13. AUsome_Tiger11

    Welcome back Coach Will Muschamp

    11:30 AM EST 10:30 AM CST Of course it would be during graduation.