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  1. I’m legitimately curious as to the lack of interest in Dave Doeren and Matt Campbell. They were Hot last year and it only looks like they’ve continued their success
  2. I listened to the interview, but I’m a little confused about what ‘We’ve complied enough to still be here’ means. Why not comply fully with Auburn’s internal investigation? Especially if you’re innocent?
  3. Way too much money for a mediocre coach
  4. Agreed. This is important. This data looks at a snapshot in time, skewed currently by 2013. The trend tells me the more relevant data...which does not look so good.
  5. I love data. I was an economics major, and dabbled in some econometrics, but never really got a chance to learn the craft as well as I would have liked. So this interests me a lot. But What I'm concerned about with this raw data is that it doesn't take into consideration trends and spillover talent. Does Terry Bowden really deserve all the credit for '93?...or did Pat Dye kinda set him up for success on that one. And does Gus really deserve all the credit for 2013? Truth is, I don't know. Just brining up some points to ponder on. Take out a magical 2013, and Gus starts to look a lot more pedestrian. 8 wins, 7 wins, 8 (probable) wins...are we evening out at Gus's expected level of performance now? If so...expect him to start falling fast on this list. My point? This data is heavily weighted by an exceptional 2013, but the more recent data seems to suggest that was an anomaly.
  6. Pretty high strung and emotional right now, but DAG has some points. Truth is...CRL is not even close to the same level of an offensive coach or QB coach as CLK. Auburn has a QB development problem and has for a while. Our last successful non transfer QB?...2007 and Brandon Cox. Back in the Tubberville days.
  7. I think a lot of it has to do, at least with me, with how we lose. When we lose, the other team usually isn't earning it. We are beating ourselves into the ground with poor game planning, poor strategy, and usually no in-game adjustments. We looked like the same horrible offensive team that started the season when we didn't have Pettway out there. And while White was injured, and that could play a factor in our running game, I'm not sure it should have made that much of a factor, especially toward the beginning of the game when White's status was still unknown. It starts to make me question the whole streak we went on mid season, and whether it was due to coaching adjustments or just stellar contributions from key positions. I want our team to succeed because of our coaching staff, not in spite of it. Half the time, I feel like our coaching staff holds back our potential as much as they help. That's why I think you have so many Auburn fans uncomfortable with them. Maybe I'm off base, but those are my thoughts.
  8. I too think Gus will be our coach, at least until the end of next year. However, its not that we lost that bothers me, but how we lose when we do. When we lose, it seems to be game planning and coaching decision making that are areas where we are lacking. We beat ourselves more often in the past 3 years than I ever seem to remember us doing in the past. And once we're in those situations, i.e. Clemson and UGA games specifically this year, we fail to be able to make adjustments to correct our course. So White couldn't throw the ball effectively last night, and our receivers weren't on their game, so why not double down on the run game and put in JFIII for a series or two instead of an apparent triple down on the ineffective passing game? How many times were we going to pass it on 3rd and 2 when we were getting atleast 2-3 yards a play on our runs anyway? Or better yet, why didn't our coaching staff have any semblance of a Plan B specifically if this happened? It wasn't hard to imagine this as a possibility going in if they knew White's condition. It starts to make me wonder...was our recent run of success due to coaching adjustments?...or the emergence of a running game suddenly because of Pettway? Take him away and our offense looks pretty similar to the beginning of the season. Back when our coaching staff was on the hot seat. And yes I know, there are other factors like Sean and KJ not being 100%, so it's hard to judge everything straight up, but is our offense an example of success because our coaches put the puzzle pieces in the right places and have the right plan, or in spite of that with great individual contributors and performances? And the fact that I even have a little trouble answering that question should be the first alarm for concern. We often talk on here of the need for a new OC that can supplement Gus instead of one that only knows what Gus has taught him, but at some point, all I want is a HC who knows what he needs himself before it becomes a glaring problem. I think Gus stays, but I think it may be only a matter of time before we need to move on.
  9. I'd point out a few things. The defense in 2010 and 2013 had a pass rush that enabled them to create opportunities. We don't really have that aspect this time around. So we're more likely to see more of an 8-5 type team then a 13-1 type outcome of 2013, and then you have to take into account the fact we lost two games already, and that this offense is not even close to performing on the level that last years did. Taking the slight improvement seen last night and assuming it'll continue to improve to the level we saw last year, and that our defense will find some spark to become at least a little more dynamic like 10 and 13...all to assume that we'll recreate the magic that let us win all those games then (let's face it there was some luck involved, esp in '13) is just a little too much assuming for my taste. I'll hope, but I'm not holding my breathe just yet.
  10. I find this view a bit odd. Sure we saw improvement last night, and I think we see enough to know this shouldn't be an implosion like 2012, but 9-3? Yikes. Just cause we best a ho-hum Kentucky team by 3 as our first sign of life doesn't mean we can pull off only losing one more game all year. Arkansas- toss up, so I'll count it (w) Ole miss- their offense looks exponentially better even counting the UF game. If we have to out score to win (let's face it we will) their O beats ours, (L) TAMU- at their place and they look like one of the better complete teams in the west this year. (L) UGA- this team has owned us even when we've looked good, and we look better sure, but we don't look good. (L) Idaho- win ALA- I want to say the usual anything can happen stuff into this part but they still have a defense guys, even if their offense is spotty. I'd say we have a shot in this game esp with it at auburn. It's a toss up but until I see more consistent play its marked as a loss for now (L) These are my predictions based on what we have seen so far. If we keep getting better, sure maybe we can win more. But I need to see it. One slightly above average game on Offense and a still clearly poor performance on defense doesn't make me believe we'll suddenly win most of our games now
  11. I don't have issues with any of the transfer situations except the one at the most important position of the field. To date, Gus Malzahn has never successfully developed a high school QB. It's scary to me. B.. b.. b.. but.... Tulsa! I know you're kidding, but for anybody who doesn't know that, he inherited a 4-year starting senior his first year, and the guy who backed him up all but his first year for the 2nd. Aplin was a senior in '12, too, if I'm not mistaken. I think it's a legitimate concern. Agreed.
  12. I know there may be cases that disprove each theory, but I think it would possibly be an issue if your leaders and top performers were consistently JUCO or transfers. At some point, you have to grow leaders from within. I'm not sure the percentages matter as much as who they are and what they are doing. Maybe I'm not making sense... When was the last quarterback to successfully start for Auburn that wasn't a transfer? Brandon Cox in '07? No, I'm not going to count Trotter in '11. Have we gone 8 years without developing an SEC caliber QB without bringing someone in? Who's our best defensive player seeing the field consistently? Blake Countess, a transfer. WR? Before his dismissal, talent wise it was Duke, a transfer. I get that transfers can and maybe even should play a big role, but at what point do you look at the situation and say, maybe Auburn has a development issue? We can keep ourselves competitive and afloat with JUCO's, or we can figure out how to actually develop a team. As many on here stated before, a majority of our recruiting focus is in HS, and that's where most of our offers are. So why isn't that avenue producing more results?
  13. This won't be a blowout like last first. Crowd and defense keep us in it for a little while, but Moo State pulls away by the second half. If we bring in/start White I think we may have a small chance. Even if all he does are screens and out routes and completes half, that's still better than backwards passes and ints. But I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach we won't see White. Moo State: 34 Auburn: 17
  14. In light of the news Jeremy will start for us...I have created a way for me to ensure I have fun this weekend watching. Please enjoy responsibly. 1. Down your beer if JJ starts, you're gonna need it 2. Down half a beer if Carl Lawson doesn't start 3. Drink 1/4 a beer for plays AU's def. gives up of 15+ yds 4. Shots for every JJ interception. Yep... 5. Drink 1/4 a beer every AU run up the middle after a 1st down 6. Drink a shot if Sean White enters the game (celebration?) 7. Sip your beer when AU's off. 'hurries' then looks to the sideline 8. Drink 1/2 a beer when Gus says 'execute' or 'play better' at half 9. Down your beer if we are down by more than 14 at half 10. Shots if AU wins. Have to... 11. If you're still awake, 1/2 a beer every time Gus says 'no doubt' in presser should put you to sleep
  15. I think there's a difference between blind optimism and a realistic approach. To say I'm going against my team when I say I think we will lose is dead wrong. I hope we win. I do not think we will win. I'm using empirical evidence from the two games we have all watched. You are going off hope. Nothing wrong with either approach, but to say I'm going against my team? Nope. Lsu: 35 AU: 17