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  1. No. If precedence means anything it may be the third game before he figures it out. Let's hope not.
  2. This is perhaps the greatest single game effort in the history of Auburn sports, and I'm just ecstatic. Defense has been amazing.
  3. Does Vitale ever shut up? Talks more than my sister in law.
  4. Not going to get into this argument, but if Willis is our starter everyone better stock up on Maalox, and Gus should go ahead and put some moving companies on speed dial.
  5. I haven't enjoyed an Auburn win so much since probably 2013
  6. God forgive me, but I could choke Vitale
  7. Auburn just got screwed. This is like playing Bama in football
  8. when you allow that got to push off with his off hand like that there's no way too defense him
  9. It's like watching football on CBS
  10. How many times can Williams change his pivot foot?
  11. How was that not a foul? Over his back! My God
  12. Can't believe he argued that call