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  1. He didn't touch it, and the review should have seen that had they looked at several different angle shots. Keep in mind that on such an important play the review was one of the shortest reviews I've seen all year. Another writer I read noticed this as well. He stated that the review took all of 30 seconds. We older Auburn fans have seen this kind of crap in Bama games for at least 50 years. We lost last year on a drive that included blatant holding of at least two Auburn defensive linemen in the end zone no less. Bama's left tackle last night was auditioning for an episode of dancing with the stars on nearly every pass play.
  2. Yep, he's who I wanted in 2013. Afraid that ship sailed long ago.
  3. Damn. Wisconsin wins the coaching carousel sweepstakes. Auburn continues to be stupid.
  4. Bama takes Ghibbs out on third down,, and stalls their own drive.
  5. Why do I feel we just beat MSU 3-2?
  6. And we throw up a dumb three right on cue
  7. That's a nice way of putting it. Touche'
  8. Broome could be a real weapon if we had guards to feed him.
  9. We have athletes. We don't have basketball players.
  10. Weak point of the team two years in a row. That, and the small forward position.
  11. It's Auburn. Offense is not exactly our forte, no matter the sport.
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