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  1. The funny one is Michigan ranked #7. They haven't beaten a team with a pulse in ten years.
  2. We got our behinds beat a lot back then. The orange jerseys didn't have anything to do with it.
  3. This. I have traveled, and worked all over the country at different times in my life, and not once has anyone said to me, " hey you're an Auburn fan, love those uniforms man!". What we do have are two very beautiful colors with the our version of orange, and the dark Navy blue. Two colors that would work very well for some alternate uniform variations. I'm as old school as it gets, but when trying to sway high school kids to come play here a little uniform excitement couldn't hurt.
  4. Don't like it at all. I'm not one who is normally resistant to change. I for instance wish we had several alternative unis. However, I think when a change is made it should be something unique, or an upgrade. This is neither. The round bottom U looks god awful.
  5. Dude may be. I don't keep up with A&M enough to have seen him. I think Brown has all the potential in the world. Question is will he become a true game changer this year, or not. Nick Fairley for one particular season was the first real game changing DT we've had since Tracy Rocker.
  6. I agree with that, always have. If Gatewood is good enough to keep Nix on the bench that's great. However, just from my short observation of the Nix kid it's going to be a tall order. I miss some sure, but I'm the same guy who touted Aundray Bruce an all American when he was a freshman playing on the kickoff team. Still remains to be proven, but I also said Derek Brown could be the best DT tackle ever to play at Auburn, when he was a freshman. Nix is the most polished looking freshman QB I've personally ever seen at Auburn.
  7. All I've seen of Nix is what I saw in the A day game, and I agree completely.
  8. I'll do it cheap. I can work on it for the next twenty years. Auburn is going to drag their feet for at least that long anyway.
  9. Pretty sure I saw somewhere that he did. If I remember correctly the numbers are relatively high.
  10. They are the staple of the extracurricular. Because I live here among them I watch several of their games every year. They have incidents on the field with just about every team they play. They are a dirty entitled bunch, and they're fans are the worst I've ever encountered.
  11. For the sake of Gus's offense we better hope it's someone in the H back position.
  12. Loved Bailey, and Sanders. Frank would just literally take the ball away from defenders. Early in that 94 game at Florida field, I knew Auburn was going to give Florida all they wanted that day simply by Bailey's body language. It was evident we had come to play.
  13. His offense was fun to watch until he ran out of top level recruits
  14. I was one of the ones elated with his hire. His type of attitude can become infectious.