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  1. Malik Miller a 'steady force'

    Thanks. I suspected as much, but wasn't sure. I was under the impression that he may have been slowed somewhat by leg injury.
  2. Malik Miller a 'steady force'

    How good is his speed coach?
  3. Who jumped out to Mel Kiper from D-line

    Somebody on this forum made a snide remark to me about a year ago when I said Brown may wind up being the best DL ever to play at Auburn. Wish I could remember who it was.
  4. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    So you saying out of bounds implied literally out of bounds? Got it. I suppose you meant someone walking by that might be of another religion might slip, and fall in the pool and drown. My bad.
  5. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    And people of other religions happening to walk by is offensive how? Seems to be the problem in America now. Every one is offended by something.
  6. defensive line can be 'more dominant

    I agree. Not. Sure if we are thinking of the same guys, but I perceive too much I, and not enough team from some of our upperclassmen last year. 35th nationally against the Run is certainly a step in the right direction, but below the Auburn standards that we grew accustomed to over the years.
  7. Men vs. Clemson

    Well, we do seem to have a habit of embarrassing ourselves on national TV. At least at the most inopportune times.
  8. Men vs. Clemson

    Been a good year. It's the Clemson curse. We couldn't presently beat Clemson in Chinese checkers.
  9. A sinus infection? Indeed. Where I come from we call that a heart problem.
  10. Class superlatives

    Yes, but can he block? Catching footballs is not required to be a tight end at Auburn these days.
  11. Class superlatives

    And in a hurry!
  12. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    A legitimate downfield passing attack, oh and a tight end:)
  13. Please pray

    Prayers sent.
  14. All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    McClain = perfect fit for pass catching TE. If he had gone to Ole Miss he would probably be a household name by now would be my guess..