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  1. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Proud of our guys! We shot terrible in the first half, but battled them to the end. Duke just has too much talent. We need more physical talent in the paint to be a complete team
  2. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Leaning the shoulder into the defender isn't a foul either
  3. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Ha ha ha ha
  4. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Don't guess Duke ever gets called for holding either
  5. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Does Duke have their own officials like someone else I know. Ahem.
  6. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    How is that not a foul?
  7. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    I guess there is no such thing as traveling anymore
  8. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Phantom foul call there
  9. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Have to quit taking bad shots.
  10. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Don't get to watch us play much, but looks like we still need some inside scorers.
  11. Eagle-1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Brown finally makes one
  12. Eagle-1

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    My first Iron Bowl is still my favorite. 1972. Sullivan, and Beasley were gone. Big bad Alabama had rolled through the SEC like a juggernaut with their wishbone. All that was standing in their way was a determined bunch of overachievers in white, Orange, and blue, who had managed to win games they were not supposed to with gritty defense, and a sound kicking game. We weren't supposed to have a chance, and for 3 1/2 quarters we didn't. We finally managed to put together a decent drive, and came away with a 42 yard field goal. Alabama still had a insurmountable 16-3 lead with about 5 minutes to play when Alabama lined up to punt. Bill Newton blocked it, and David Langner picked it up on the bounce from the Legion field turf, and suddenly it was 16-10. On the next series it happened all over again. Newton blocked another punt, the ball bounced into Langners hands again, and the Amazins led 17-16. It was like the slaying of Goliath, and in my humble opinion still the greatest upset in Auburn football history. Just a side note about that 72 Tiger team. Coach Jordan took those little boys to the Gator Bowl that year to play Cullen Bryant, and Colorado. The Colorado players didn't seem to take Auburn, and their smallish players too seriously in the days leading up to the game. It proved to be a bad mistake as Auburn went on to whip them 24-3, and the tough little guys on defense completely dominated Bryant, and the Buffalos. I will never forget the words of coach Jordan who said of the team after the game " I will take these boys, and go anywhere, and play anybody!" I still get goosebumps just recalling it. War Eagle.
  13. Eagle-1

    OK State vs W Virginia

    Yeah, he told Holly Rowe that he decided to go 4 wide in the 2nd half, and it was not in the game plan. It worked to perfection. Interestingly, it was draw plays, and the running game that moved them down the field for the go ahead score.
  14. Eagle-1

    Ed Oliver-Major Applewhite drama overshadows Houston win

    O would kick his sorry ass off the team, and campus.
  15. Eagle-1

    OK State vs W Virginia

    Gundy just said in post game interview that they changed the entire offensive game plan in the 2nd half. I'm green with envy.