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  1. I think it's high time you realize that Harsin has upgraded the talent in almost every position room since he's been here. Do I have to actually lay it out for you, or can you research it yourself? I'll help you a little. DL- upgrade WR- major upgrade Edge- upgrade Secondary- upgrade QB- though we lost Nix it's overall still an upgrade RB- upgrade
  2. I thought ESPN governed college football.🤔
  3. MMW Auburn wins 8-9 games, finishes 2nd in the West, and Mikey says it's because Gus left such a plethora of talent.
  4. When does fall camp start?
  5. Sounds like he doesn't care much for Alabama. I like this kid already!
  6. I thought he was pretty diplomatic for a guy who I'm sure is still fighting mad, and justifiably so.
  7. All class. He was a true gentleman. RIP.
  8. I stand by my first statement that Auburn, being the leadership in question, sabotaged their own ability to recruit with the handling of the February fiasco.
  9. Not trying to start an argument with you man, but you should re-read your post. It's contradictory to what you claim as leadership not addressing the problems with the guilty boosters, and journalist. The university President and AD didn't help because they should have immediately traced down the origin of the rumors after confirming they weren't true, starting with the Auburn website writer that was 100% their conduit and mouthpiece. The University President/AD should have dissociated the booster/s from the program for life and band the writer from campus. By not doing this, they most likely sealed Harsin future and will set back AU football for several years.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we just basically said the same thing albeit yours was a little more verbose.
  11. Can't wrap my mind around anyone not seeing that Auburn sabotaged it's own 2023 recruiting class back in February. Harsin has been behind the 8 ball since he's been here. If he doesn't win some games that he's not supposed to this season Auburn will wind up running him off, and sadly wind up getting rid of one of the most qualified football minds in the history of the school. Will we never cease getting in our own way?
  12. My sentiments exactly. There are an awful lot of whiny ass grown men among the Auburn fans. A few of them even reside here on this forum.
  13. Ain't beating this guy tonight. Better hope he wears out
  14. Got to pray the OM pitcher gets hot, and tired. Dude is making some nasty pitches right now.
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