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  1. This kids haircut looks way too normal to be considering Alabama. Just sayin.
  2. If the gentlemen enjoyed the game atmosphere with those obnoxious drunks in Athens Ga they are going to love Auburn. Just saying.
  3. Played for Bear at Kentucky as well.
  4. It was probably Gene who was fussing at Johnny about the flying dropkicks to the tackling dummy.
  5. I can remember going to watch practice with my Dad back when Shug was the coach. I was just a young kid, maybe about eight, or nine. Remember Dad chatting with coach Jordan as he was sitting on his golf cart. They were practicing kickoff, or punt coverage. Cowboy, Johnny Simmons was having a blast assaulting a tackling dummy. As a kid watching, I never forgot how much fun they seemed to be having. I'm sure things got much more serious at other times.
  6. 😁 I'm sure Tre Mason could barely muster the energy to walk to class Monday- Friday. Seriously, I was many times concerned the guy was going to collapse on the field in the middle of a game.
  7. Gus was always going to revert back to who he is. Never have I shook my head more than when I would hear someone say we should go back to our 2013 offense. You mean handing the ball to the same RB 12 times in a row? Gus had the unique situation in 2013 to have the personnel to continually run the ball into 8-9 man fronts. When that rare blend of talent left Gus was a man lost in the wilderness without a compass.
  8. I'm reminded of the kid who lit up A day a few years ago, only to never be heard from again. Ended up transferring I believe. WR, name escapes me.
  9. I ain't buying it. Let's wait and see how many tight ends he signs.
  10. Saw another clip where he is under investigation now at Valdosta. Little Nicky was within an eyelash of hiring him a few years ago. Pretty sure Propst knows where many of the bodies are buried in Alabama.
  11. Where did you find this? Please tell me this idiot is under investigation by someone.
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