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  1. Eagle-1

    Kam and Sal considered leaving as well

    Too big, and too fast I guess. That guy should be playing as a small tight end. Sigh, Gus could have Jeremy Shockey on his roster, and wouldn't be able to figure out how to use him.
  2. Eagle-1

    Post-Arkansas -- Coordinators Speak

    I know what you were talking about. I was agreeing with you. Defense is the least of out problems.
  3. Eagle-1

    Post-Arkansas -- Coordinators Speak

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but we scored only seven points on LSU in the second half? That ain't getting it done.
  4. Eagle-1

    Post-Arkansas -- Coordinators Speak

    I'm with you there. Im smelling there is definitely some dissention on the team.
  5. Eagle-1

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    I agree the OL is terrible, but many teams that struggle to run the ball still manage to put up lots of points, especially against teams as bad as Arkansas. North Texas had over 400 yards of offense on Arkansas. No one is going to convince me that North Texas has more talent on the offensive line than Auburn.
  6. Eagle-1

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    Amazing huh? Actually Gus has recruited pretty well, and seems to be a good man. He needs to hire an offensive coordinator who can put a legitimate passing game on the field, and get him an offensive line coach who can recruit. While he's at it, hire a WR coach who has actually played in a sophisticated passing offense. I perceive that Lindsey is not real happy working for Gus, and don't expect him here next year. Gus will have an opportunity to fix it, but question is will he? I have my doubts.
  7. Eagle-1

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    What I find surprising is that many Auburn fans are surprised that Gus's offense is struggling again. It's been that way more often than not since Nick Marshall, and Trey Mason graduated. Unless he has a very talented tailback to make chicken salad out of chicken st#*, it's always going to struggle.
  8. Eagle-1

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    Funny, I've been thinking of that very quote since the first quarter Sat. night.
  9. Eagle-1

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    Anything like we're talking about would require Gus to think out of the box. Ain't happening. Don't you guys know there is nothing wrong with the scheme? It's just the execution.
  10. Eagle-1

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    Line up in the damn I with Marlon Davidson at fullback! Or, just use Cox, and fake off tackle to the tailback, and hit Cox in the flat for the score. It's an old staple play out of the I, and very hard to defend. Use your damn tight end, and fullback in the passing game inside the ten yard line! If I see another shotgun handoff up the gut again in short yardage I'm going to throw up.
  11. Eagle-1

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Love the work on the Red zone offense
  12. Eagle-1

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Score here, and then Malik, or Sandberg can come in and practice handoffs.
  13. Eagle-1

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    O line is garbage