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  1. Since I have lived in GA most of my adult life, had some family in AL ask me last year how long the honeymoon would last over here with bowl cut. I told them until SC beats them. GA fans are the absolute worst. If they drop a couple more this year I'll just sit back, munch popcorn, and watch the show. Could be a real entertaining rest of the season.
  2. I have to admit I'm a closet fan. Have been impressed with Wisconsin for several years. Old fashioned hard nosed football.
  3. Prayers Bird. So sorry to hear.
  4. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    I'm not so sure. I think the gentleman equates Gus, because he is the coach at Auburn, with someone like Shug Jordan. Shug would have, and did coach at Auburn for what generally amounted to just a decent living. Shug was famously quoted as saying one that "If an Auburn man ain't good enough to coach at Auburn they ought to shut the place down." Well, those days are long gone. We are living in the days of multi million dollar contracts, and the fact that the football coach is many times the highest paid employee in the entire state. When a job involves that kind of compensation it's no longer about emotion, but about results, and production. Auburn doesn't pay Gus, or any other coach for that matter, for any other reason than to win games. It's really just that simple.
  5. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    You know I get all the AU loyalty thing that 64 preaches. I really do, but I can't for the life of me come to grips with the fact that he somehow equates that with a man you have to pay 49 million dollars to purchase his loyalty to AU. Gus Malzahn loves Auburn sure, but if circumstances were a little different he would love any other University that paid him. I generally like Gus as a man, but none of that matters when it comes to my opinion, or personal evaluation of his leadership of our program. Fact is the results are just not that impressive. His SEC record is average at best, and his record against our main rivals is really abysmal. None of that means I don't support the man, and genuinely wish he would help himself. He should have hired some qualified help in the passing game years ago, but continues to hire yes men to coach basically only his own concepts.
  6. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    No one who knows football that's for sure
  7. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    That's interference against an Auburn defender
  8. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    Better get used to it. The SEC is headed that way at breakneck speed
  9. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    What a great football game
  10. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    Wow! What a call again
  11. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    I was just going to say that. I can't see it. If we do I'll have my crow medium rare.
  12. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    How's his blocking?
  13. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    On third, and one no less. Can't throw that ball
  14. Eagle-1

    LSU vs Florida

    Finally made a mistake