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  1. I was one of the ones elated with his hire. His type of attitude can become infectious.
  2. It's that damn global warming.
  3. One can only hope. One thing I'll say is that we're Auburn, and if Gus had said in 2013 that we're going to spread the field, and throw it all over the place he may have gotten lynched before he moved his pictures into his office. I've been saying for a few years now that the game has changed, and big physical WR's winning in space is what sets an offense apart from the rest. Clemson took Bamas lunch money because Alabama had no one who could match up with Ross, and Lawrence's uncanny accuracy. If Gus can put an offense on the field that can have success when a defense puts 8 in the box, and shuts down the run count me as one who will be surprised. Elated, but surprised just the same. If we can effectively throw the ball vertically, instead of horizontally I may dance an Irish jig.
  4. This kid is definitely no 3 star talent. His stock is for sure going to rise.
  5. It sure is different when it comes to Bama. They commit interference on every pass play if the officials call it the way they do us. Ironically, the officials in the championship game against Clemson this past season were having none of it.
  6. What did he say? Link? Never mind. I found it.
  7. Not to hurt anyone's feelings, but I live in GA, and didn't know they had a soccer team here. Of course I have to admit the only way I'm watching soccer is if it's women's, and they're playing in lingerie.
  8. The way the game has evolved I would be much more elated if we had multiple 1000 yard receivers.
  9. Thanks for reminding me who it was called on. If that was a hold on Canella, then Alabama should probably just give up football.
  10. Count me as one who would be very happy if the Shivers kid leads all running backs in touches. One missed tackle, or bad angle, and the band will be playing. It's been quite some time since we've had a back with the combination of speed, and power this young man has. Some may question his size, but when I look at him I see Noel Devine with a much stronger build.
  11. Thought when I saw this play live it was the play of the game. At least in regards to quarterback play.
  12. I still ain't seen no damn hold. At least not one anywhere near the bearhugs constantly seen by the Alabama O line
  13. Thanks m really liking this young man
  14. Gilmore is an idiot. If he doesn't know what he's talking about should just keep his mouth shut.