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  1. Yeah, I highly doubt that's the case either. People normally get fired for a small number of reasons. They don't perform their job up to expectations, they're late to meetings, job etc., they are not doing what's asked of them, or they are insubordinate. Of course you also have the few that are scapegoats for the failings of the boss. If the latter one is what happened here it will eventually come to light. If it's any of the former ones we may never know.
  2. I'd like to know why he was fired myself, but reality is we may never know. I'd bet the mortgage Sammie doesn't either.
  3. I didn't say they don't know who he is. I said they don't know him. There's a difference. But, I digress, I guess Harsin should have probably ran the decision by Sammie first. 🙄
  4. I doubt it. Most of the kids playing WR at Auburn probably don't even know Sammie Coats. Yeah, maybe he's been to a few practices, or games, but if he's not privy to the inner workings of the new staff, he's just squawking like many others in this forum
  5. You say it's dumb. I don't. Truth is he more than likely has no idea why he was fired. So, maybe he should just shut up until he does.
  6. Well, in truth Sammie is not there. Not in meetings etc. So, probably should just keep his mouth shut
  7. There's a difference in arm talent between the two for sure. I would hope that's obvious, and not debatable. Bo has made some outstanding throws, and we have won some big games with him at QB. Where the problem lies is his accuracy on a consistent basis. I saw one throw in the AL. State game that is most indicative of what you get with Bo at QB. In that game he had Hunter wide open down the right sideline on a wheel route. A well placed pass, and it's an easy touchdown. The throw was to the outside shoulder however, and led Hunter out of bounds on the play. Hunter caught the ball for about a t
  8. Well, I'm certainly not going to argue against the Briles offensive system. If Gus had hired Kendall Briles, and given him full control of the offense he probably would still be the coach at Auburn. But, we all know that wasn't going to happen. I still however stand by my statement on the talent level. Talent on paper, and actually on the field are two very different things.
  9. Have you seen Ark, or Ole Miss play this year?. We do not have far more talent than either one of them. Ole Miss has the best QB in America, a weapon at tight end, and both teams have better players than we do on the offensive, and defensive lines. Not to mention Arkansas has a 6'4" 225lb WR that is far better than any WR we currently have. On defense we have one pretty good corner, decent linebackers, although undersized, mediocre talent on the defensive line, and a b safety that may, or may not be a starter on most other SEC teams. On offense we have a veteran offensive line, but
  10. What no one is really talking about is how we could not effectively run the football on GA State. That's the most disappointing thing I saw today. I mean, eight man fronts, or not, we should be able to run the ball better on the likes of GA. State.
  11. Yeah, I couldn't remember which one. I took a 50-50 shot😁
  12. Dude, Gus lost to an abysmal South Carolina team that fired their coach. Not to mention getting blown out by the likes of Northwestern. No matter what you think of Harsin, It was time to get rid of Malzahn. Did you forget that when Gus was here we had to go to overtime to beat AL. State?
  13. I'd say they have a pretty good chance. There are no really good teams in that conference this year.
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