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  1. Some thoughts on Mizzou......

    Me too. If I were a betting man, I would still bet on many inside zone runs.
  2. Bashing Gus

    What he said.
  3. Bashing Gus

    Yes I do think they are designed. Jalen Hurts not only leads the team in rushing yards, he leads the team in rushing attempts. If you think their offense is the same offense that they ran with McElroy you are not paying attention man.
  4. Bashing Gus

    I don't think you're watching enough of their games. Many times Hurts drops back with two options, deep ball, or pull it down and run .Go back and watch games from 3- 4 years ago, and you will see mostly I formation multiple tight end sets with QB under center. You see almost none of that now.
  5. Bashing Gus

    You are wrong there. His offense this year does not even resemble his offense of two years ago. He has a true DT QB, and certainly is not trying to make a drop back Passer out of Hurts. Saban wins because of superior talent for sure, but also because he demands superior effort, and sound fundamental football.
  6. The SEC

    Brohm is a future 5 star coach, and I mean real soon too. MMW.
  7. 2018 Schedule released

    Oh boy, if Gus is still here we need to start scheduling FCS schools for the first game. We will still be trying to figure out the offense in September.
  8. AU vs Mizzou - Weekly Presser

    He is going to play Adams if Stidham goes out for a play or two, or if we ever get a big enough lead on anyone he will play in mop up duty. Pray Stidham doesn't actually get injured, and we have to throw a true freshman in a tight game who has never taken a live snap in a college game. More genius roster management there Gus.
  9. Ha, Ha, CBS is CBS. I will say it was nice not to have to listen to Verne last week while watching FL-UT.
  10. Ole Miss voting on replacing mascot....again

    I get that. My comment was based on their taking old Col. Rebel off the field. Although it was always a misnomer anyway, nothing rebellious about sovereign states declaring their independence, the University of Mississippi always wore the label with pride. Just another step in the complete neutering of the American South, and I'll leave it at that as any more discussion of the subject belongs in the political forum.
  11. Ole Miss voting on replacing mascot....again

    Probably not popular with some, but I think if they don't have the cajones to call themselves the rebels anymore they should just shut the place down. That's how I feel about it, and will not debate it further.
  12. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Yeah, I saw that. Bama cam run out 4, or 5- 5 stars at running back, and the speed of theach two WR was just too much to handle. I'm was very impressed with C-State. One can tell a well coached football team if you're paying attention. Bobo will certainly be back in our neck of the woods soon I believe. Georgia's offense never seemed the same after he left.
  13. Thanks Coach, always enjoy your analysis. Hope all is well at home. I'm glad to know I'm not crazy in seeing the deficiencies in play, and coaching I'm seeing. Some of the sunshine pumpers on here have actually got me wondering if I'm the one who's nuts. All this talk from some in other threads about going 11-1, and being a top ten team is causing me to shake my head like my dog does when he comes out of the lake.
  14. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Bama had too many athletes for them. They are well coached.
  15. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    4th in the SEC puts you top 10 in the country most years. We have not played like a top ten team in a long time. As a counter point Dabo recruits just below our ranking most years, yet Clemson has become a perennial top 10 team. Coaching, Coaching, Coaching.