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  1. If he runs anywhere in the 4.4- 4.6 range, I count me on his bus. A safety that has good coverage skills, and can bring the wood is exactly what we need. I personally love a guy that is a tweener between a linebacker, and a safety.
  2. Don't forget FSU, Miami, and NC State. There are many teams in that conference that would be hard to handle on a given day.
  3. This aint your Pappy's ACC anymore. That's for sure.
  4. Sounds good. However, I think Dabo managed the game very conservatively against us last year based on our offensive ineptitude. I would not base my predictions for this year based on last year's game. Alabama faced a much different game plan from Clemson than we did.
  5. My Dad was in school then. He enrolled in 56. Unfortunately, had to drop out in 58 due to lack of funds. He knew most of those guys fairly well. He, and big Ben Preston grew up together.
  6. LOL, If I ever see anything like that again, I may have to be permanently put on bed rest.
  7. Hope you guys are right. After some of the decisions I saw him make last year, I guess I'm a little gun shy.
  8. If Gus truly believes we have a QB competition, its going to be another long year. .
  9. PK: Carlson Punter: Terry Daniel. Honorable mention: David Beverly Kickoff Return: Thomas Bailey Punt Returner: Tie. Mike Fuller, Carnell Williams Kickoff Coverage: Tie. Craig Sanders, Aundray Bruce.
  10. 😊 Went to Myrtle Beach with the wife, and kids in 1991. Sitting in my little beach chair at the waters edge, with the wife, and youngest child on a towel about 25' behind me. Look to my left, about 50 yards away, here comes about a dozen of the Hawaiian Tropic girls! I had to sit perfectly still as all of them stepped over my outstretched legs right in front of my wife. I was scared to move, and knew if I turned my head I was probably a dead man.
  11. That's Hollis Wood!
  12. Still bitter about Louisville winding up with That QB, and us winding up with JF3 I guess. (Jackson?) Isn't that his name?
  13. Yeah, I thought of that. The only thing I can use for comparison is film. I personally like Webb better. Very impressed with his balance. Don't really know anything about his speed, or actual measurables.
  14. Swing, and a miss, again. Ladamian Webb will probably sign with Louisville, or West Virginia, and lead the nation in rushing.Just kidding, but would be indicative of our running back evaluation, and recruiting of late.