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  1. Unless my math is off, it would cost us more to keep him another year, and fire him after next season. Of course that savings of 7.0 would be offset by the cost of the replacement. What an imbecilic deal Leath left us with.
  2. That's beside the point. This guy said we are better equipped to defend Ole Miss than GA, or Bama. Reality is we don't have a single player on defense that could start for either team
  3. Better set up defensively? My God. I'm in the Twilight Zone🤪 Just for my morbid curiosity, mind explaining that one?
  4. The most Gus thing would be to boatrace Ole Mrs., then have to deal with the sunshine pumpers lauding the improvement.
  5. Cristobal will wind up as a HC in the SEC somewhere there's no doubt.
  6. I continue to be surprised that Venables has not gotten a HC gig.
  7. Agree. Ten years ago for the right job, and for the right money maybe. Not now
  8. Me either,and I'm not getting my hopes up. It's like getting a date with Liz Hurley to the prom, and then drowning the day before.
  9. Always liked Peterson,but don't see him coming south at this stage of his life
  10. JBoy said he got several text messages, and a couple of phone calls from people he trusts saying " The Malzahn era at Auburn is over." Would not speculate as to how soon, but claims one of the phone calls said it could come as early as next week if we lose to Ole Mrs. There it is, for what it's worth.
  11. Seth, and Shwartz would get some touches. Neither one would probably start
  12. These two teams look like they are in a different division of football from us. We look like division 2 compared to them
  13. These two teams are so much better coached it's like watching a whole different level of football.
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