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  1. No, Ann was a really pretty girl herself. She battled her weight most of her life, but man could she sing!
  2. Loved her pure voice as well. This one was the one who really stirred my scotch.
  3. Had an Aunt who worked in the Athletic Dept. at LSU for years. Better believe I'm pulling for the Tigahs to win it all this year. Geaux get it done!
  4. I always had the hots for Christine Mcvie myself. Call me different.
  5. This is a good hire for sure. I'm hoping it's because Gus has finally realized his offense needs some new blood in the passing game. I'm under no illusion that Gus is going to give Chad full control of the offense, but if he can breathe some life into the passing game I'm all for it. We shall see.
  6. Who is this jerk doing the play by play? He's more annoying than Gary.
  7. Wisky just smacked OSU upside the head
  8. Freeze would have made a difference. Or, maybe he, and Gus would have wound up in a fist fight😁
  9. While we were chatting another local WR we missed on just went off for about a 60 yd TD. Ross
  10. LOL, you sure he would listen to him?
  11. You're correct on all points, however Brady gave that talent the opportunity to realize that potential, and succeed.
  12. I'm holding out hope, but I truthfully don't think Gus realizes the deficiencies in his offense. Contrary to what many here think I really wish he would. I would love to see Gus succeed. I just don't have much faith in it.