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  1. There's a few on here who qualify to be the DA coach as well.
  2. I will not get excited again, I will not get excited again, I will not get excited again... Seriously, been waiting for over five years to see if Gus ever finds it important to be the Head Coach, instead of a perceived offensive guru. I'll sit back and watch. I've been very critical of Gus, and justifiably so I feel. However, contrary to what some may believe I don't hate the man. I sincerely hope he has seen the light, and will let Morris do his job without micromanaging. Come September if I see Gus with a set of headsets on rolling his hands like some spastic all bets are off. I won't be led to the buffet again, and then told there are no more plates.
  3. I didn't start it dude. I was just making light of the comparison others seem to want to make.
  4. Bruce = Championship game appearance, followed by rebuilding year. Gus = Championship game appearance, rebuilding year X 6 Nuff said.
  5. Now, if we played in the ACC, we probably aren’t losing 4 games a year either, so... I'm not entirely sure. Good thing we don't play in the Big 10😏
  6. Ironic you bringing this game up. As I was watching the championship game a few days ago, I was thinking about this very thing. Not so much the game itself, but the contrast of the two programs in the years since. Clemson has become a perennial powerhouse, and we are mired in mediocrity while our main rivals frequently play for championships. Clemson has become everything we should strive for as a program.
  7. Hurts when you can't make wide open shots
  8. Don't quite get that one. I think the guy is the best back in college football already.
  9. He's the best in most any sport