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  1. The whole country needs a Midol. To put it mildly
  2. Just completely numb. I don't have the words to express what Coach meant to me as an Auburn man. I was a junior in high school in 1980 when Coach Dye came to Auburn. I had friends on the team, and the stories coming out of practice that first year let me know change was certainly in the air at Auburn. So very grateful that Coach is associated with our University, both as a football coach, and more importantly as a person. Rest in peace Coach. Prayers to all.
  3. Great post. My family is Scottish also. Pretty sure I would be 100% accurate to say that throughout history far more white people have suffered at the end of a noose than black. Not even remotely close. As for AU Rex's comment on Robert E Lee, and the Confederate battle flag being viewed as as symbol of racism, and terrorism, it's because the American population has been misinformed with lies, and propaganda. I would remind all that the very same so called Union liberators turned their attention to murdering, and subjecting the Red Man soon after they supposedly liberated the Black man. It's hogwash plain, and simple. No, actually what they did was subjugate the southern population, both white, and black, and caused monetary suffering for members of both races for over 100 years. Then, turned their attention to the genocide of the red race.
  4. You got that dead wrong. I'm a member of the Christian right, and I have absolutely no problem with weed being legal. On the contrary, don't want the government telling me what's legal to put into my own body, nor on my person either.
  5. Best defense I have ever seen at Auburn, bar none. 57 was a little before my time.
  6. Ken Stabler. My Dad had a friend who knew him in high school. Story he told was that he, and many others thought Stabler to Auburn was a done deal.
  7. LOL, Bloomberg still trying to buy votes
  8. Should have been #5 on their center there wow!
  9. For Pete's sakes Bruce, stop Mac from shooting threes
  10. What the hell? He didn't even touch him