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  1. Men vs. uat

    well you have to realize that's the same crowd that you would see of the NASCAR race or a wrestling match
  2. Men vs. uat

    pretty much summed it up. they missed free throws, and the style of play that the officials allowed favored Alabama big time
  3. Men vs. uat

    they have allowed that Alabama point guard to push off with his off hand all night
  4. Men vs. uat

    Three free throws in a row missed. Can't win like that
  5. Men vs. uat

    Guy has been unconscious tonight for sure
  6. Men vs. uat

    Bruce needs to pull a Bobby Knight,and throw a chair on the floor this is ridiculous
  7. Men vs. uat

    sorry I just can't help myself is buckwheat a Folk hero in Tuscaloosa?
  8. Men vs. uat

    this officiating is reminding me of playing Alabama at Legion Field
  9. Men vs. uat

    we will definitely have to win this game from the three-point line we cannot play in the paint because they won't call a damn foul
  10. Men vs. uat

    was going to ask the same thing. what Barrel did they scrape her up from
  11. Men vs. uat

    didn't think I would ever see a team with as many ugly hairdos as Alabama football, until I saw their basketball team
  12. Men vs. uat

    We are getting mauled under the basket.
  13. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I am not a frequent flyer on the Gus bus, as most of you know, but I like the hire of coach Grimes. Definitely think it's an upgrade. I saw many little things from the OL this season I didn't like. Don't remember those types of things happening when Grimes was previously here. Maybe we will be much better at picking up the inside blitz next season, and discontinue to leave defensive linemen mysteriously unblocked.
  14. Herb Hand to Texas

    Yeah, and Hillary was the most qualified presidential candidate as well
  15. Herb Hand to Texas