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  1. Thanks, I'm a long time member here, but I'm not going to continue if this kind of ridiculous empty rhetoric is allowed. If I have to defend my being white on social media I can do it someplace else.
  2. Well, I guess I shouldn't even weigh in here since I'm white, privileged, and middle aged, but I enjoy watching the young man play football. I hope he stays. As for the other issue, this broad brush of white privilege is a tired, and completely ridiculous line of horse manure. Coming from a successful middle aged white man, who is only one generation removed from growing up without indoor plumbing, and had to drop out of college because I simply could no longer afford it, so spare me.
  3. Don't know why I am just now learning of this young man's misfortune. My heart, and prayers go out to him, and all his family, and friends. Will make a donation to his fund just as soon as I get back home. God Bless.🙏🙏🙏
  4. Strange times we are living in. If one of you guys hear that one of our offensive linemen declares for the draft please just keep it to yourself. Not sure I have a bong big enough to deal with that one.
  5. Question I have is how did a team with all this draft ready talent lose to South Carolina?
  6. Harper Lee wrote To kill A Mockingbird, not Truman Capote. JFYI 😊
  7. Not going to get too upset with the transfer of most any player off that defensive line. Was watching some old videos of some of Dyes teams in the late eighties, and Ron Stallworth made 14 tackles in a single game. Not sure we had a defensive lineman make that many in an entire season.
  8. Now he's ready to dominate. 🤔
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