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  1. When does fall camp start?
  2. Sounds like he doesn't care much for Alabama. I like this kid already!
  3. I thought he was pretty diplomatic for a guy who I'm sure is still fighting mad, and justifiably so.
  4. All class. He was a true gentleman. RIP.
  5. I stand by my first statement that Auburn, being the leadership in question, sabotaged their own ability to recruit with the handling of the February fiasco.
  6. Not trying to start an argument with you man, but you should re-read your post. It's contradictory to what you claim as leadership not addressing the problems with the guilty boosters, and journalist. The university President and AD didn't help because they should have immediately traced down the origin of the rumors after confirming they weren't true, starting with the Auburn website writer that was 100% their conduit and mouthpiece. The University President/AD should have dissociated the booster/s from the program for life and band the writer from campus. By not doing this, they most likely sealed Harsin future and will set back AU football for several years.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we just basically said the same thing albeit yours was a little more verbose.
  8. Can't wrap my mind around anyone not seeing that Auburn sabotaged it's own 2023 recruiting class back in February. Harsin has been behind the 8 ball since he's been here. If he doesn't win some games that he's not supposed to this season Auburn will wind up running him off, and sadly wind up getting rid of one of the most qualified football minds in the history of the school. Will we never cease getting in our own way?
  9. My sentiments exactly. There are an awful lot of whiny ass grown men among the Auburn fans. A few of them even reside here on this forum.
  10. Ain't beating this guy tonight. Better hope he wears out
  11. Got to pray the OM pitcher gets hot, and tired. Dude is making some nasty pitches right now.
  12. Watched that three times. Man, the blocking by the OL, Uzamah, and Prosch. You could have called plays with a dart board in 2013.
  13. Man, I'm not sure I ever remember Collis Campbell ever getting tackled. Seemed like on the limited carries he had the best the defense could do was run him out of bounds. Guy could have more than likely been a star on most any other SEC team.
  14. Calzada will start, but I'm just about convinced that Geriner is the best QB on the roster. At least in the limited viewing we've had of him.
  15. Prayers, and heartfelt condolences for his family, and loved ones. This life is so much more fragile than we realize sometimes. Enjoy it while you can, and tell those around you that you love them everyday. My heart aches for the ones left behind.
  16. Dude, if you think we had the players in place to win 10 games last season I see no point in further argument. I have a tree in my back yard I could probably make understand my point better.
  17. Yeah but, the same guy who is complaining about Harsin not upgrading the talent this past year is the same guy who has been telling us for years that the OL was just fine. Just saying.
  18. I know nothing about the situations at South Carolina, and Tennessee, other than the fact that Tennessee has changed coaches about as often as an oil change. As far as the dynamics of the rosters those two coaches inherited I have no idea. Much more goes into wins, and losses than the name on the head coaches door. In 2013 Gus Malzahn inherited a team that was winless in the conference the year before, and took them to the title game, because he inherited a roster with arguably the best offensive line talent in the history of the school. He could call running plays and consistently gain yardage against 8-9 man fronts, who knew it was coming, and still couldn't stop it. Most of you all thought at the time he was some kind of genius, apparently some even still do, Bryan Harsin has had no such fortune. Conversely, Harsin inherited a roster that had been depleted over several years to the point that it got the previous coach sent packing. So, Harsin dragged that team down from 6-5 to 6-7? That's not exactly a long drag. I get it man, you were butthurt that Gus was let go, of that I have no doubt. To answer your question about the timeline on the evaluation of Harsin's leadership of the program, I say let's give the man a chance to see if he can begin to upgrade this roster in the 23 class, and see if he can build some momentum here. I have seen you make posts that you expected 9-10 wins last season from a team that won 6 the previous year under a different coach. No one who is being honest would argue that this roster has not had bouts of inadequacy on offense, and trouble scoring points against good competition for several years now. It didn't just begin when Bryan Harsin walked on campus.
  19. Uh, last time I checked Harsin is the head coach. You don't get to claim defensive recruits aren't his as well. Also, you do realize that the OC from last year is no longer here. High school offensive linemen weren't going to help us this season anyway. Let's watch the OL recruiting for 23. He already has a commitment from a 4 star center. Yes we missed on a couple of portal OL targets this year, but if you can't land one who is an upgrade what's the point. If you think "Boise Boys", as you referred to them were going to walk in here with COVID restrictions and immediately light up the recruiting trail you are gravely naive, or just don't have a clue about recruiting against opposing coaches who have been recruiting these same kids for several years.
  20. Really sad that someone wants to blame a guy who has been on the job such a short time for glaring weaknesses on the roster. One who couldn't even bring recruits to campus for months when he took over the job. Unbelievable, but thanks for proving my point about not knowing jack.
  21. Just what offensive players Harsin keeping around are you referring to? All the same glaring weaknesses were apparent on last year's offensive roster as well. Bo Nix, who it looks like maybe riding the pine at his new destination? As I said, pay more attention to the 23 class than you do wins, and losses in 2022 if you really want to evaluate what direction Harsin is taking the program. As for the facepalms, and down votes to my post, I wear them like a badge of honor because they are coming from people who apparently don't know jack about what it takes to run a football program, especially one with glaring deficiencies all over the roster.
  22. I hope the title of the article is way off base. 2022 should in no way define the future of Harsin at Auburn, unless you are talking about the recruiting of the 2023 class. This roster is in dire need of talent at many key positions which is mostly not Harsin's fault. Upgrading the talent level on this team is going to take time, and I would hope that someone in the Auburn administration has enough brains to realize that. We have no proven QB, nor any Wr's that should be considered legitimate threats to a defense at this time. We are a team that to have any real chance against upper level SEC teams needs to rely on running the football, and shortening the game. The big problem with this is that we have an OL that struggles to get any push run blocking, and I don't expect that to change much in 2022. Our deepest position group on offense is at the TE position, yet I don't see a one of them that I feel could turn a missed tackle into a a 60 yard TD. Hopefully we have enough defense to keep us in several close games, because I expect the offense to struggle scoring points again this season. This has nothing to do with Harsin's coaching abilities, nor where, or what conference he came here from. Auburn fans, and administration needs to exercise some patience, and let this play out for another couple of years to see if Harsin can upgrade the talent level here.
  23. Charge $10.00 a person, and enter the ticket stub in a raffle for a tank of gasoline. That should help boost attendence.
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