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  1. Not sure but he took a bunch 6th graders that ordered pizza during games to the ship.
  2. I may be remembering wrong but didn't Dabo say roll tide after beating us? He's a great coach but may not be the best fit here.
  3. Rob Spence was OC in 2007-2008 (first 6 games). After Bowden stepped down he helped call plays with Billy Napier as the Interim(2 moths). He shared assistant head coaching duties with Brad Scott for two years only for a pay increase. I stand corrected. You are technically correct.
  4. Maybe you need to refresh your Dabo history. He was never an OC or Assistant head coach. He did have more experience as a postion coach though.
  5. Does no one remember a WR coach that was promoted to Interim and then head coach? You don't have to have been one to be one. Not saying LAC is the guy or should be but saying he isn't ready because he hasn't done it before is a little short sided.
  6. Former NFL coach with little league experience.........
  7. Think of it this way.. If you gave tens of millions of dollars to whatever, wouldn't you want a little say in decisions? Saban also had interference from boosters until he started winning. Then he had the power.
  8. We should cut ties and move on. We can find an interim HC. I know of another big program that lost a big name coach mid year and put a WR coach as interim and they survived.
  9. The only thing we really need to happen at AU is get the money flowing again. I thought the money had stopped towards the end of Gus but this is another level. Maybe set up some LLC and purchase some houses and sell them to some kids from Hawaii for $1 then buy back for 1,000,000.
  10. Would have loved to him him recruiting for us.
  11. Top 5 most fun game I've ever been to along with 2017 win against UGA. Both games were dominating from beginning to end.
  12. Is this a real question??? Did you just become an Auburn fan?
  13. I'm an Auburn fan could you please explain what these are. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. FAU is a likely landing spot if he transfers. Kiffen is a QB whisperer and could they would both benefit
  15. It's sad that I also just hope we don't fumble the ball on punt returns and kickoffs. I would love to see some explosive plays from our special teams next year or in the bowl game.
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