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  1. AuGrad2004

    Would you rather?

    Is this a real question??? Did you just become an Auburn fan?
  2. AuGrad2004

    Offense Needs to Change

    I'm an Auburn fan could you please explain what these are. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. AuGrad2004

    Will Jalen Hurts transfer from Bama?

    FAU is a likely landing spot if he transfers. Kiffen is a QB whisperer and could they would both benefit
  4. AuGrad2004

    Player Development

    It's sad that I also just hope we don't fumble the ball on punt returns and kickoffs. I would love to see some explosive plays from our special teams next year or in the bowl game.
  5. AuGrad2004

    Ole Miss being raided

    Well, if the NCAA is going to let undergrad kids be eligible to play next year then please go and get that tight end and a couple recievers to come to AU.
  6. AuGrad2004

    Ole Miss being raided

    I only bring it up because I keep reading peole saying Shae Patterson could be immediate help to someone. He'd have to sit a year. Only the seniors would be immediate help
  7. AuGrad2004

    Ole Miss being raided

    Unless the players are seniors they still have to sit out a year correct?
  8. AuGrad2004

    LSU changed Gus.

    He really looked and coached like he didn't want to move back to ARKY
  9. AuGrad2004

    Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    Only if it's performance based going both ways. I know they have performance incentives for good years now but I want it to be less if he has a bad year......... FYI I think all coaching contracts should be a low base salary with incentives for doing well and nothing for underachieving.
  10. AuGrad2004

    What do you want to see vs ULM?

    Let Willis run the "FULL" offense. All of it!!!
  11. AuGrad2004

    Is it possible?

    I'll allow that one swap but no more...........( FYI, I have him losing in the first round) I will be tickled pink if CMR takes Miami to an undefeated playoff berth while UGA sits at home....LOL
  12. AuGrad2004

    Is it possible?

    It's going to these 4 teams in no particular order Auburn 11-2 SEC Champs Miami 12-0 ACC Champs Wisconsin 13-0 Big Ten Champs Oklahoma 12-1 Big 12 Champs Case Closed and no more rematches after the SECCG!
  13. AuGrad2004

    Just a Reminder....

    It's been since 2001 that we beat thUGA and not beat bammer too. I feel cautiously optimistic
  14. AuGrad2004

    "Every three years"

    Here's a fun fact that is probably in another spot. The last 4 times Auburn beat thUGA (2004, 2005, 2010 & 2013) they also beat bammer.
  15. AuGrad2004

    My thoughts from inside the stadium

    One of the best games i've been to in a while.