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  1. All depends on the NCAA, and whether they add another on field assistant. Then we have to negotiate McGlynn...and with him around, we are not going to hire anyone like a Briles. Even if they are innocent. He (RM) will not let it happen. Thus, my reason for starting threads on other sites, and putting out the warning! If Ole Miss/Bammer, can do what they have done, we need to get in the game!! I appreciate Rich for what he has done. But the time has come...
  2. Solomon is not coming to AU. Johnson, Taylor, Lasater, and hopefully Parks are all takes. Parks is sorta just out there, I don't know his story. The first three are all players IMO.
  3. LOL!
  4. Prediction: Malik becomes a serious factor at QB once stidham moves on. The fact he was not heavily recruited doesn't bother me. Changing schools/positions can cause someone to slip through the cracks. He won the State Title in the highest division in GA, running an offense similar to ours. WDE!
  5. What about the rumor that JFIII was a good QB? I think you had something to do with that.
  6. When are you going to STFU? Dude, i don't know if you have pics of RIR, TT, or WT, but you are NOT The Po-Po!! Go exercise or something...I can show some pics of exercises if needed!
  7. Has crossed my mind more than once.
  8. He (Gatewood) could be a heckuva TE. He is just an incredible ATH. I just like the kid. Be interesting to see what he does this year.
  9. Great list of offers as well!
  10. As round about as a live dummy
  11. I understand. I have just become a tad superstitious in this regard. Nothing personal. I hope he kills it!
  12. You know what I mean. That was a reference to JJ somewhat. I just don't want to jinx Stidham.
  13. He was very good in the playoffs this year. Led a 00:58 70 yard TD drive to send the final against Grayson into OT. Roswell has a big OT we are close to offering perhaps. Big kid.
  14. I hate when we project a kid to leave early, before he ever starts a game. Our prognostication has been skewed on those kids lately. I just want to see Stidham throw a TD pass first, before we assign him a draft spot.