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  1. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    Bama's QBs have done a great job from a wins and losses standpoint but if we're holding Nick Saban to the same standard of quarterback evaluation that we are Gus then Nick Saban's staff might have a worse track record than Gus from a pure hit/miss standpoint. This is Saban's 11th season in T-Town. During that time he's signed 15 quarterbacks (14 if you want to consider Blake Sims was signed as an "athlete"): Six 3 stars, six 4 stars, and three 5 stars. Here's how they've turned out: -Of the 15 quarterbacks signed, only 4 have actually started a game (5 if you count Blake Barnett's "start" against USC last year) -None of those 4 was a 5 star recruit. In fact, two of the three 5 star quarterbacks Saban has signed have transferred (Philip Sims and Blake Barnett). Jury's still out on number 3 (Tua Tagovailoa) -9 of the 15 quarterbacks Nick Saban has signed have transferred to other schools. None of them have been especially good for their new teams.
  2. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    2014 UGA can be blamed almost entirely on the A&M loss the week before. That was a hangover game if ever I've seen one.
  3. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    Something I think also bears mentioning is that Gus, as a head coach at least, has never been particularly adept at adjusting his passing scheme to enable a limited quarterback to succeed in his offense. His track record seems to indicate that his approach is either you can run the offense (Cam, Nick, Chris Todd) or you can't (JJ, JFIII, the 2011 revolving door, even SW at times) and if you can't, he doesn't have either the ability or the desire to tailor the playcalling/scheme to what you CAN do. He just retreats into his little shell and leans on the running game and the (at times nonexistent) defense and hopes for the best. The Georgia and Alabama games the last two years are the best examples of this.
  4. Mark My Word 2017

    Mark my Words: Nick Fitzgerald will lead the SEC in total offense for a 7-5 or better Mississippi State team Mark my Words: Texas A&M will finish dead last in the SEC West Mark my Words: Shea Patterson will finish no worse than second in the SEC in passing for a 6-6 or worse Ole Miss team Mark my Words: At least two Auburn receivers will eclipse 700 yards and 8 TDs this season Mark my Words: South Carolina will finish no worse than third in the SEC East Mark my Words: LSU will win 10 games and finish third in the SEC West Mark my Words: The winner of the SEC East will have AT LEAST two SEC losses Mark my Words: Georgia will be favored by AT LEAST a touchdown against Florida and will still lose Mark my Words: Georgia will still win the SEC EAST despite losing to both Florida and Auburn Mark my Words: The Big 12 will get left out of the playoffs again, sparking either calls for either another round of expansion or a concerted effort to change the playoff format. Neither will happen. This year.
  5. Jarrett Stidham to be named Auburn's Starting QB

    Right on schedule....
  6. Do we get a 1K YD season by a WR in 17?

    Just a quick note on 1000 yard receivers. It's not as commonplace an achievement in the SEC as you may think. The most any school has produced is Florida with 10 and 8 of those came during the Fun n' Gun Spurrier years. Auburn's 2 is pretty far down the list, sure but it's not like other SEC schools are cranking out a 1000 yard receiver every other year or so.
  7. Most overrated programs in college football

    We've beaten them twice since 2006 (2010,2013) and four of our eight losses have come by a touchdown or less. Les Miles will forever be the king of late game voodoo to beat Auburn but Mark Richt wasn't far behind.
  8. I understand the skepticism for sure but I think the context here is different. Chizik and Tubs were both defensive-minded coaches who hired coordinators they'd never worked with before and whose philosophies clashed with the way their teams were constructed (i.e. Franklin's hurry-up offense ran counter to Tubs' ball control, grind it out tendencies and Loeffler tried to build a square peg pro-style attack with a group of round hole spread players and that's not even considering the inter-personal strife that doomed the 2012 staff/team). In Chip Lindsey, Gus hired a guy he's familiar with and has worked with before and with whom he also shares much in common from an offensive philosophy stand point (both are hurry-up, spread guys at their core). Their differences are a small gap. Tubs and Franklin's were a chasm.
  9. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    Tommy Trott will forever be the worst TE in Auburn history to me for this exact reason. I swear that dude dropped every single 3rd down pass thrown his way.
  10. Stidham's odds of winning Heisman

    Even if we win a lot of games, I don't see JS entering the Heisman conversation without AT LEAST 3500 passing yards and 30+ TDs. He's not going to approach 1000 rushing yards and I would say 500 is probably pushing it so he's going to have to put up absolutely monster passing numbers just to get his foot in the door in my opinion. The average stat line for the last six Heisman trophy winning quarterbacks is as follows: 3100 pass yards 34 TDs; 980 rushing yards 15 TDs. I don't see Stidham putting up those kinds of numbers.
  11. Defensive Pass rush

    With the depth we have on the line this year, if MB can contribute 2-3 sacks and 7-8ish hurries in situational pass rushes (which I think is within the realm of possibility), I'd call that a success. He doesn't have to be THE guy but I think he can contribute.
  12. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    Also, Darvin Adams obliterating the SEC Championship game receiving yards record despite dropping at least one and, if I remember correctly, possibly two walk-in touchdown passes (that would've given him the Auburn record for single game receiving yards) is worth a mention.
  13. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    I have a couple of thoughts on this one: -The 04-05 Obomanu, Aromashodu, Taylor triumvirate is, for my money, the best trio of receivers I've seen at Auburn. 2009-2010 Adams, T-Zach, Blake is a close second. -Darvin Adams wasn't the most talented but he was EASILY the most consistent I've seen. I can't remember an Auburn receiver who could get open and make the tough catch on 3rd and long as reliably as he could. -From a pure talent standpoint, Sammie Coates probably should've owned most Auburn receiving records by the time he left. He still produced but I would argue that he absolutely could've done more -Also, Rodriguez Smith (remember him!?) does not get NEARLY enough credit for turning in a 50 catch, 700 yard season in 2007 despite Al Borges' phoned-in playcalling and having freshman Kodi Burns and the ghost of Brandon Cox throwing him the ball.
  14. Auburn opens as underdog at Clemson, LSU

    Given our recent history, it's actually pretty generous. We haven't won in Baton Rouge since 1999 and haven't come within a touchdown of them there since 2007.
  15. Woody Barrett Transferring

    Dude, did Sean White run over your dog or something? Steal your lunch money? Egg your house? There's healthy criticism and then there's obsession and at this point you might as well start calling yourself Ahab.