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  1. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    I think the difference this year as in years past is in the way it looks. From what I have read is in previous years both Gus and Chip looked at the defense then had to discuss what each saw then call a play. Usually we ran up to the line and then held the formation until the play came in. I'm surprised that they were able to get to the pace they did doing it that way. I thin with Chip he is assessing the defense on his own for the most part and then calling the play. It seems like there is less time between getting up to the line and snapping the ball than in previous years. Overall yes it may average out to close to the same amount of time per play but it looks very different.
  2. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Texas A&M Georgia Vanderbilt Mississippi State South Carolina Miami USC West Virginia North Carolina State 62
  3. Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    AU - 30 LSWho - 13
  4. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    Auburn 27 MSU 17
  5. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    AU-35 Mizz-14
  6. Pettway vs. Clemson

    After watching that video the thing that caught my eye was that KP doesn't need a huge hole in order to bust through. For example, the play against Ole Miss where he just seems to appear from the scrum and take it to the house. I wonder if his time as an H-Back has given him the patience to find the small hole and cut through.
  7. What Clemson fans think of the game

    Don't forget even in 2010 when we had Cam, Clemson took it to overtime and we barely escaped. I believe that was an early season game as well. There should be no trash talking from Auburn until we reach the top. Even then I'd like to think Auburn Fans are humble enough to not need to brag.
  8. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    AU - 24 CLEMS: - 21
  9. open it up or go vanilla

    I don't like holding the offense back, especially at the beginning of the season with all of the new pieces we have. Maybe that's why it seems like the team does not get going until the 4th game of the season. I'm not for showing everything but let the QB throw the ball and get a rhythm with the WRs, TEs, and RBs out of the back field. Nothing against GA Southern but Auburn could dink and dunk them using the same 3 pass plays we used all season without showing too much along with the capable run game. It doesn't have to be a home run throw every pass but moving the chains at a good clip should suffice.
  10. Prayers Please

    Prayers for you and your family. War Eagle!
  11. Fresh Paint

    Thanks for all of your posts RIR! It really helps to bring the Auburn campus atmosphere to those unable to be there!
  12. Reasons the Nip is on the way for me: I was kayak fishing the other evening and as soon as the sun went down I noticed I wasn't getting eaten alive by the bugs and it felt so comfortable out on the water for a change. I have had to raise the mower up 1 level because the grass isn't growing as fast. Fall brews are in the stores and breweries. The smell of fire pits through the neighborhood and people enjoying sitting outside in the evenings.
  13. Quentin Groves passed away

    RIP Quentin. Thanks for all of the memories and my condolences and prayers to your family.