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  1. Whether it rains or not, I think we see a healthy dose of the run game regardless. I think Tank and Hunter both want 100 yard games!
  2. In my comment a couple of days ago I was unsure if the NIP would arrive in time for the first game. Low and behold stepping out on to the porch to walk the kids to the bus stop this morning I discovered it to be a crisp, refreshing, and low humidity morning. What perfect timing with the start of September, 2 days before game day, and all of the Fall things starting to show up everywhere!
  3. or David Allen Greer from In Living Color
  4. Auburn - 45 Mercer - 17 I imagine we will be playing 3rd-4th stringers by the 4th quarter so I wouldn't be surprised by a late score by Mercer.
  5. Had the first pack meeting for Cub Scouts last night and it was like sitting in a sauna. The poor kids were dripping head to toe and all they did was introduce themselves and kicked a soccer ball around for a few minutes while I spoke to the parents. The call of the Nip for me this year is going involve these sort of "Fall" activities more so than the actual change in weather unless by some miracle we get a cold front to come through before gameday!
  6. I'll take Tyler Fromm if he is still available. Can't wait to see those flowing locks catching TDs!
  7. I think this is where Harsin could use some tact instead of being a hard nosed when it comes to certain types of personalities. However the stuff about not being late to meetings and following the rules I hope he stays stubborn on because those are more life skills than football skills.
  8. I have always liked that name a long with Captain Munnerlyn. I always thought those would make great names for the game CLUE.
  9. I can understand that point of view of Harsin since early signing day because it obviously isn't what anybody wanted. I just give him a long leash because so many things are different now between the portal, NIL, establishing his culture, and possibly not understanding the connections he needed to while recruiting. I believe it does take time to acclimate to the SEC and believe he will do so because he very competative. I really believe he had it set up so Mason and Bobo could do the heavy lifting on the recruiting front and when they left it created a void which he tried to fill with Austin Davis.
  10. McFU

    New AD

    Well it is obvious now that you are the type of person that can't give credit where credit is due. Even when facts are presented you still try to minimize them because you're so mad that you didn't get your way. My 7 year old twins are less petulant that some of you on these boards. I'd really hate to go through life being as miserable as some of you come across. It is one thing to disagree with someone else's opinion but to minimize facts and use your opinion as some form of gospel is pathetic.
  11. But Harsin beat LSU at their stadium breaking a long curse which is something Gus never did. We can pick and choose outcomes and situations but I believe the reason Harsin didn't have a winning record was he l ost his starting QB to injury and then the backup QB got injured. I don't know why people don't take that into account as to why we lost games on the back half of the season.
  12. I think at this point any remaining staff and players have bought in and/or are willing to unite and move on. If so that could be a powerful motivator to get things going in a better direction. I'm hoping this spring transfer portal window yields some good acquisitions.
  13. Wow, I never thought you'd be the type of poster to conveniently edit someone's quote to make it match your narrative. You could have at least left in the rest of the sentence with it struck through.
  14. Have them talk to the current players who had Harsin's back. Also, tell what big marbles Harsin has:
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