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  1. Thanks Stat for posting this. I've avoided watching or listening to anything for the past couple of days but I forced myself to watch this and I'm glad I did. The pain is still fresh and it makes me very sad to know that we won't get to hear Rod on the air for this upcoming season, but it was great to relive these iconic calls again!
  2. From that video he seems to know the plays very well. He was calling TDs before the QB even threw the ball at least that is the way it appears. If he gives Gus 3 plays to choose from and they are executed to Dilly's preference then this arrangement might produce.
  3. Because I picked him as my man crush...I knew I should have not tempted the Football Gods by choosing an O-Lineman
  4. RIP Jay and War Eagle! My prayers and condolences to your family as they navigate this tough time.
  5. He was the not the AD I expected when JJ left, but he is exactly the AD Auburn needed!
  6. Lighten Up Francis
  7. That may be true, I don't know much about them, just us and how we tend to bog down in the 3rd quarter and that is with our 2-deep. I think we have too green of guys sitting 3rd or lower on the depth charts that mistakes will be made. This is more about AU making mistakes than the ability of ASU to do anything.
  8. I'm only predicting it because we will probably be playing our depth guys who have hardly any experience against their starters. There are bound to be mistakes that happen when you give back ups of the back ups a chance to play. A simple fumble in our own territory or a pick 6 from the 3rd string QB. I would be glad to have a shut out but I think in order to improve our depth we have to give our guys at the bottom of the depth chart reps in a game.
  9. AU - 45 ASU - 14 (mostly garbage time points)
  10. My man Horton did not have a good game, probably the worst I've seen him play. He better get some push this week against Alabama St. so he can be ready for LSWho's D Line.
  11. Good thing they have $2 Unlimited Fountain drinks! or $4 for the souvenir cup.
  12. Wouldn't every Auburn game day adult beverage some form of hard Lemonade since Toomer's is famous for their lemonade? I kid I kid. For Washington, I know on the west cost Red Hook Beer is very popular and it is brewed in Seattle. Probably can find it in a specialty package store.