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  1. He probably went and got a job at a daycare to actually get paid for what he does.
  2. AM86...my thoughts exactly. Seems to be a lot of crying over milk that we don't know is spilled yet. Maybe this is why it took a while for Bruce to take his commitment. According to the rumors, Desi had tried to commit a couple of times.
  3. I agree...he's not a franchise super star, but i don't think most of the folks believe he is. For the most part, I think the consensus has it right. Jason Campbell and Stan White both had similar evaluations after their second year. I hope Bo ends up following a similar path.
  4. McLoofus...I do rarely post, but have been on these forums since the recruiting eagle back in the 90s. I enjoy what this forum has to offer, and it's contributors. His posts, as I perceive, are very condescending, and that just rubs me the wrong way. I apologize as it adds nothing, and will refrain from such posts in the future.
  5. Don't feel bad....almost every cole256 "conversation" ends this way.
  6. Good to see that you treat everyone the same on this forum. 🦄
  7. I appreciate you being "polite". That's quite the contrary to your normal condescending posts.
  8. I will admit that i'm having reading comprehension issues with this response.
  9. I did. Didn't take long since it's mostly your posts. Still no claims.
  10. Powell had a solid start to the season. Appeared to be our best pure shooter, and earned the point guard position until Cooper returned...it wasn't just 2 games. I didn't see any claims that he was our best player, but he did show potential and would have been nice to see how he fit in with Cooper.
  11. 2001 Iron Bowl in Jordan Hare.....31-7 Bama....Andrew Zow(backup to Tyler Watts who was hurt). Carnell injured at beginning of game after big run. Downhill from there.
  12. To me, it appears that we are trying to play the same style as in years past...when we had credible 3 point shooters. We don't have those this year, and it looks piss poor when when one guy dribbles until 10sec on shot clock, and it usually results in a crazy 3. It was about the 3rd game after cooper returned that we started to move the ball, movement away from the ball...i.e. a credible offense. Since the Baylor game, however, it has regressed to the inefficient mess we see now. The same players are making the same mistakes, and it's doesn't "seem" like Bruce has made adjustment
  13. Love coach Pearl, but he has to take some responsibility for the crap show. Allowing everyone to have the green light from 25ft doesn't work for a team void of shooters.
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