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  1. What I've heard is that in a lot of the cases with younger people getting sick, they actually had other underlying conditions.
  2. Yeah, that (escaping the press around 2:00) was sick!
  3. Per an article in mid-January.... “I’ve been seeing that, and I want to let everyone know that, that is not an option,” Green said about going pro. “I’m considering college only. I’ve been looking at things saying I’m going pro, but that’s not the case, I am going to college.”
  4. We play them at night, so it'll be dinner.
  5. Yep. The whole season has been this way. Early on, I kept thinking "well, they've got time to work out the kinks", but it doesn't seem to be happening.
  6. By calling us "overrated", doesn't that just make this win that much less impressive? Of course, they've only won 11 games, so they must know how bad they suck.
  7. This isn't the same Mizzou team that we're used to seeing.
  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!! 91-90 0.1 seconds left
  9. I would think so. Especially if he's only a 55 (uga)/45 (au) lean.
  10. Does it bother Aubie to lose?
  11. Miss St allowed 36 uga allowed 37
  12. Skalski about to be ejected for targeting? That would be huge.
  13. They don't call em spare ribs for nothing.