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  1. But you never explained what that meant. Are you assuming that everybody knows everybody here? Am I missing some inside joke?
  2. Well, it is endorsed by Frank Thomas, so maybe we could get and Auburn discount.
  3. I can't even watch right now. Weather alert cut in. Now it's going to news at 4pm. WTF?
  4. I hope (I know, zero chance) ND could pull off the upset. But if they lose, I hope they get smoked. No business in the playoff, once again.
  5. At least I can enjoy the Peach Bowl. Cincy up 21-10 right now over uga, and just recovered a fumble.
  6. We need Scott Loeffler back. He coached Tom Brady.
  7. I thought he was on tour with Zack Attack.
  8. What about AC Slater? Proven leader. Took the Bayside Tigers to a state championship.
  9. I feel like he's getting a cold reception from most Auburn fans.
  10. Rhett Lashlee? 🤦‍♂️ Write in for Bill Belichick. 😀
  11. Maybe he's going for that ST player of the week award. 😀
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