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  1. Top Ten Comebacks in Football History

    I was about ready to just turn it off and take my kids to the park during that game. I always think how crazy it would have been had I done that and only checked the score after the game.
  2. Teammates: Davis made decision to sit out

    Hopefully, they're covered by HIPAA, too.
  3. Bama vs Georgia

    I'm just teasing. Lighten up.
  4. Bama vs Georgia

    So, technically, you were wrong. Because he took another meaningful snap to center the ball at the end of the 4th.
  5. Bama vs Georgia

    Did you say that before his snap to center the ball for that missed FG?
  6. Bama vs Georgia

    Maybe when I pass through on the way to the beach, or when I come for Thanksgiving (although, my whole family are Auburn fans, so it won't be from them). At least I don't have to hear it from uga fans all year.
  7. Bama vs Georgia

    uga sacked bama on 1st down. On 2nd and 26 (?) bama throws a TD. The ultimate "snatch the rug from underneath them" moment against uga. LOL.
  8. Bama vs Georgia

    2010 > 1980
  9. Bama vs Georgia

    Wow! Shank city.
  10. Bama vs Georgia

    This is so surreal. Can't believe I'm pulling for bama....and in a NC game no less.
  11. Bama vs Georgia

    Yeah, I figured that. I lived in Alabama for 22 years. Been in Georgia for the last 23. Never thought I'd ever pull for bama, but I dislike uga as much as bama now.
  12. Bama vs Georgia

    Had Ridley not caught that TD pass, uga should have been called for a PI. Their guy was mauling #22 in the endzone.
  13. Bama vs Georgia

    If you lived in Georgia, you might say otherwise. I never thought I would/could, but here I am.
  14. Bama vs Georgia

    Funny watching half the board pull for bama and the other half pull for uga.
  15. Spuat or Thuga

    Same thing here. Not a word before or after the 1st game. Not a word before the 2nd game, but a lot of talk afterwards. Pulling for bama in this one (first and probably only time ever).