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  1. Some of the replies on Twitter are gold.
  2. Yeah, I think the SJSU game was kind of an "uh oh" moment. But getting beatdown by PSU confirmed things. I don't remember a whole lot from that game, but one play that sticks out to me was the coaching staff NOT challenging that INT at the end of the 1st Quarter (game clock had run out before the snap). The refs messed up, but our coaching staff should have caught that. I'd be willing to bet that had we gotten a TD on the play that James Franklin would have pointed it out.
  3. I hope it bites them. I'm not sold on Kirby being anything other than a good recruiter. Decent coach? Sure. Genius? No. With their recruiting classes the last 5 years, and their cupcake schedule, it's kinda hard not to make it to the playoff. They'll get up for the big games, but they could slip. They almost lost at Missouri this year. Of course, I guess someone gets props for coaching up Bennett. Of course, any decent QB could be successful with that kind of talent around him. Kinda ironic that with their recruiting classes, they were led by a walk-on. Of course, I think the guy's an arrogant pr!ck that looks like Gazoo (huge head, tiny body) from The Flintstones. Not sure about the rest of the team, but something about Bennett and McConkey rubs me the wrong way.
  4. You mean uga vs tOSU in the final? Obviously, they were the best 2 teams (in the playoffs anyway). But tOSU had just gotten schooled at home by Michigan, so no surprise they were the #4 seed (was almost bama).
  5. Uh oh! I don't think everyone realizes the what a huge hornet's nest we just stirred up. 😟
  6. Yep. TCU would lose to uga and bama, no doubt. They'd most likely have lost to PSU and LSU as well.
  7. I didn't watch. But their's was only slightly more of a beatdown. LSU won 63-7, Auburn won 63-14
  8. This. It wasn't even just a "bad night". This was a "you didn't belong anywhere near the playoff". Sorry, but a NC game should never be this lopsided. This was about as bad as AU vs Purdue a few years ago (although, I felt like that was just one of those games where everything was going right for us).
  9. And pretty much a freebie in the championship game. TCU is so outmatched. This looks like bama vs ND in 2012. (Of course, if uga had beaten bama in the SECCG that year, they would have pounded ND as well.)
  10. People can say "but 2 losses" all they want, but bama would have destroyed TCU. They're the only team besides tOSU that would have had a chance to beat uga. TCU looks horrible. How many games would they have lost playing the SECW?
  11. Yep. It's amazing what Kirby has been able to do with 5 consecutive years of #1 recruiting classes. 🙄
  12. Anyone else watching this garbage game? TCU gonna get destroyed (hope I'm wrong). But they already look like hot garbage against uga. 🙄 Can't stand uga, and their arrogant QB. And their fans are just as bad as (or worse than) bama fans.
  13. I think this guy is going to be fun to watch.
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