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  1. Why do you have Dan Mullen as your avatar?
  2. What are you smoking? This game was horrible. Florida is not a good team.
  3. I won't be surprised if we win at least 1 of those. Then it will look that much more stupid that we lost to a horrible Florida team. Yeah, they'll be 6-0, but they suck.
  4. 4th and 12, at least throw it downfield. WTF? you're not gonna run it for a 1st. 😡 And I'm talking about Bo's decision making, not the play call there.
  5. We're better than this. Just laying an egg in this game. Absolutely horrible. UF sucks worse. They'll lose at least 2 (uga and lsu).
  6. Some bad calls, some bad execution.
  7. That was a delay of game as well. I guess we're lucky they didn't call it.
  8. Canella got one in the 3rd, so maybe we have 3?
  9. Where are the damn holding calls? WTF?
  10. It's Gus' new "bend but don't break" Offense.
  11. That play (bubble screen) has about a 1% success rate, since Coates took one to the house in 2013. Yet, we keep trying it.
  12. Yep. People also bitched when Fairley fell backwards into Murray, claiming he was going for the knees. 🙄