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  1. So now you agree that it is possible to be shot in the back and point a taser at the same time? BTW, he was reportedly 18 feet away.
  2. He was "shot in the back" while pointing a taser at a cop. Why leave out the most important detail?
  3. Here's a tweet from Stacey Abrams (potential Biden VP pick) about the shooting. Will those of you on the left defend this kind of rhetoric? How does this do anything to unite the country? Specifically, "Sleeping in a drive-thru must not end in death." She mentions "accountability", but it's only one-sided.
  4. People said the same thing about Obama, and it was just as true.
  5. Who ever said or implied "libs are all evil"? I don't judge anyone based on political party. We can agree to disagree on things. But I've never said anything nasty or stopped being someone's friend over political views. BTW, I'm right of center. But I probably hold more socially liberal positions than you'd imagine. Not every Conservative is the stereotype that I think you (liberals) think they are. That said, more often than not, the left is nasty if you dare hold a differing opinion. Just look at the cancel culture going on. Have you ever seen that from the right? I've had liberal "friends" on Facebook say some ugly stuff, not in the heat of a discussion either, but more of random blanket statements...i.e. "to all my Conservative friends, **** you, you're racist" kind of way, as if your opinion doesn't matter.
  6. Whether you agree or disagree with what Trump said, that's not the point. The point is that the MSM (and social media) ran with the false narrative that "Trump said George Floyd would be happy about jobs numbers." Also, Trump wasn't saying Floyd would be happy that Trump made remarks about him. 🙄 He was speaking about the country's focus on equal justice.
  7. This. Sweat, dirt, blood, any number of things could prevent it from working.
  8. Like I said, some are flat out lying with Tweets (which they since deleted after getting called out) like: "Trump says George Floyd would be happy about jobs numbers". Others are a little more sneaky with stuff like: "At a press conference about jobs numbers, Trump says George Floyd would be happy." (Technically correct, but out of context, and totally misleading.) And some people just eat it up, without questioning it. And you accuse the right of lacking critical thinking skills? 🙄
  9. You can't watch a 2 minute video and see for yourself? Here is the FULL TEXT of Trump's remarks about George Floyd, IN CONTEXT (all about equal justice, nothing about jobs numbers):
  10. Dodge noted. 🙄 Are you just too lazy to watch your own video? Or you just can't stand to admit that you're wrong?
  11. Okay, so where does Trump say Floyd would be happy with the jobs numbers? He doesn't. It was at a jobs press conference, but he had pivoted to equal rights at that point. The CBS tweet was MISLEADING AF. Others were flat out LIES. Liberals eat this up without questioning it. (You should see the thread on reddit about this.) But Conservatives are the sheep?
  12. Looks like Yang only boycotted them for 1 month, ending it when he needed to widen his audience. Also, it sounds like he boycotted them because they weren't giving him equal time, not for fake news.