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  1. Yet...
  2. Briles may get a second chance but it certainly doesn't have to be st Auburn. The man is toxic at the moment and I'd really prefer that Auburn not become known as a rehab college because many times rehab isn't successful. While I'm not opposed to an occasional rehab project, Gus has his hands full at the moment and he doesn't need any distractions.
  3. You beat me to it, bro!
  4. The job must not have been too wonderful if he left.
  5. I have inside knowledge but I never had any warm fuzzy feelings from the start. There were just too many things that weren't right. I wish him well no matter where he ends up.
  6. More than likely it's "financial" connections...
  7. It's like the reality distortion field that many described when being in the presence of Steve Jobs.
  8. WJOX just reported Jared Park grey shirted with bammur.
  9. It's hard to keep much of anything secret on signing day.
  10. Just heard that bammur doesn't have room for DE J. Parks. He might make for a nice last minute surprise.
  11. I'm from Spanish Fort and back during the summer one of his team mates told me that TJ would likely end up with his brother at UAB. Would liked to have had him at LB, but he's a good kid so I wish him well.
  12. He didn't rain on your parade. He pissed all over it...
  13. It doesn't seem to have hurt Bammur at all.