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  1. Saw where he reiterated his commitment. Anyone have any additional insight?
  2. I envisioned something more like this...
  3. No, it's been that way for about the last 10 years or so...
  4. No argument there, but I think we should have high standards across the board. Certainly don't want Auburn to become bammurish, but it's not unreasonable to expect to be competitive with them at any level.
  5. So you're perfectly happy with the last decade of Auburn Football? If we don't have high goals, then we will never achieve anything worthy. With the exception of the natty's, it isn't like we haven't been there before. Under Pat Dye, we had much of what you mentioned above, and there's no reason we shouldn't expect to do it again.
  6. As I've stated previously, I feel that the players should receive some additional compensation to help them out with their living expenses. Although for I'm for free enterprise, I'm against NIL in it's current form, because there are no regulations in place and I fear that it will create a bidding war type of environment for teams. I also think that in many cases it's detrimental for 18-22 year olds to have access to excessive amounts of cash because they may have issues managing it in a responsible manner. Drug issues are not all that uncommon for college athletes, but it's very possible that they may become more prevalent when there's an abundance of cash on hand.
  7. Good grief! If you wish to take the time to slowly review my review my comments, you'll likely find that most of my "all over the place comments" are in response to the "all over the place comments" made by Cole256. A couple of you guys are hell bent on taking my statements out of context and twisting my words, but I'll take the time to dumb it down for you guys. I absolutely hate that college football, which is supposed to be an amateur sport has become big business, but it is what it is. It doesn't appear that it will be returning it the good old days, so given the current circumstances we have to make the most of the situation, which means making major investments in the program so that the program can remain competitive and, yes, earn a "profit". In other words, if your gonna play with the big boys, you've gotta play like the big boys! Understand now?
  8. Where did I say anything about "pay the most for the best coach"? The sole goal of any business is to make money. Auburn Football is a business so by definition, it's "mostly" about money! Feel better now?
  9. I’ll sleep so much better tonight knowing that Pete has offered his unvalued opinion…
  10. You make no sense at all! If it’s not about the money, then what’s it about? It’s naive to think it’s about anything but money! It’s takes a lot of money to play big boy football and Auburn hasn’t antied up for years, while the Bamas, Clemsons, TAMU’s and others have. They have the best coaching staffs and facilities that money can buy. It’s the money that pays for the coaches, facilities, recruiting, NIL, etc., because it’s certainly not free. The reason we’re not a super echelon program is a lack of financial commitment and acceptance of mediocrity. Until that changes we will remain near the bottom of the pack. Why shouldn’t we think we can recruit better than Texas and Bama? We better start thinking we can be competing with these schools if we ever expect to win another natty.
  11. I’m talking about the money! Those programs have been making major investments in their programs and facilities for years and we haven’t. They’ve also better planned and invested in NIL and that’s why they’re signing the better recruits. We may have the money but, it doesn’t appear it’s being wisely skent and it’s certainly not showing up in results.
  12. Texas, TAMU, Bama. Where did I mention their in state recruits? In case you missed the news, Texas will be coming to the SEC. Don’t you think it’s best to start ramping up to compete against them now, instead of waiting and letting them slap us around a bit before we get serious? If you will take the time to thoroughly read my posts prior to responding they may make more sense…
  13. I don’t doubt that we may be financially capable of competing with most schools, but until the money starts flowing we’re no better than many of them. IMO we’re way behind bama. They’ve already had several major facility upgrades courtesy of their big money boosters.
  14. So with our new staff and NIL we still can’t compete with the big boys? That’s a comforting thought… Just research their facilities and what they’re paying their staffs. They’re far ahead of most schools.
  15. So why didn't Auburn rack up OL like Texas with a $50,000 NIL deal for each lineman? The fact is that although Auburn has established an NIL program, it's currently far from a flagship program.
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