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  1. gctiger

    What do you want to see against Ole Miss

    I’ve never used one on my head but I’ve used Remington and Wahl on my face and both were exceptional of quality.
  2. gctiger

    i got a problem

    I was just being a smart alec and it was a convenient way to reference the Dilly, dilly... I’ll have a Bud Light Lime on the beach but I generally prefer a good craft beer. If I’m gonnna drink, I’m gonna drink something worth drinking. What’s your pleasure?
  3. gctiger

    i got a problem

    You’ve been sentenced the Pit of Misery for the remainder of the season. Dilly, Dilly!!!
  4. gctiger

    Allen Greene comments

    Facts should ALWAYS override emotions when making any business decision! I’m aware of how far the program has fallen behind with its facilities. But you’re putting the cart before the horse. A football only facility and stadium upgrades may be pretty to look at, but they’re not the best way to spend the money if you don’t already have a competent head coach in place. I can just hear Nick Saban and other opposing coaches asking a star recruit, “Would you rather have a pretty club house for the next 4 years or would you rather have wealth for the rest of your life?” Clemson has a new club house with a slide, but Bama has an extremely competent head coach and a trophy case full of hardware. In fact, we’ve already been this route before. During the late 70’s when Doug Barfield was head coach, an upper deck was added to the stadium and it didn’t do a thing to help the program. It took Pat Dye, a competent head coach several years to get the mess straightened out. If you want a great example of how it should be done then look at the Auburn Swimming program during roughly the same time period. They akready had quality coaches and atheletes and then decided to invest in a new facility. It happened just like my AU swimmer room mate told me it would. Although he had long left the program, it proceeded to real off multiple nattys, at least until Jethro Jacobs ran off one of the best collegiate swimming coaches in the the history of the sport. Yes, it’s easy to throw a lot of money that’s not yours into a stupid buyout, but the same can also be said for maintaining the status quo. Did it ever occur to you that one of the main reasons that we’re in this mess is that the decision makers let their emotions enter into business decisions? Jacobs absolutely gave away $5 million to Tommy Tuberville when he had already agreed to step down because he said “it was the right thing to do...” Then Jacobs and Leath gave Gus a new contract with a huge raise and an enormous buyout based on a highly questionable body of work. I’ll admit that I likely would have granted some concessions, but I’d have limited the term to 4 years with a reduced buyout and told Sexton if that wasn’t good enough then Gus should start packing. If you think that pretty buildings are a better long term investment than a competent head coach, then more power to you. You can slather a pig in lipstick but at the end of the day it’s still just a pig. I’m perfectly fine with Family All-in mantra is as long as it doesn’t enter into critical business decisions.
  5. gctiger

    Allen Greene comments

    I’m a 2nd generation Auburn Grad with a business degree 26 years of IT experience. I work for one of the largest employers in the state of Alabama and I own a successful consulting business on the side. (Not bragging, just giving a bio). With all due respect none of my business classes ever suggested riding out a bad investment over the long term, as you’ve advocated. It’s been proven time and again that the quickest way to recover from a bad investment is to cut your losses so that you can begin moving forward again. Although you may feel that that you’re thinking big picture, it appears that you’re relying too much on your emotions. I understand how you feel that a true fan would never pull against the team, but when you approach it that way your emotions come into play and interfere with making a sound business decision. While I won’t be yelling Go Rebs on Saturday, I certainly won’t be yelling for Gus either. Think of the buyout money as an investment instead of a loss. Heck, you and I won’t be paying any of it anyway! Do you truly feel that a new football only facility and a stadium upgrade would benefit the players and program better than a competent head coach that can develop players for the NFL? I don’t. In fact, I feel that it would be extremely irresponsible and a disservice to the players. Winning solves all problems. Trust me, the big money will start flowing once the program starts winning consistently again, and the quickest way for that to happen is to put a competent head coach in charge of the program as soon as reasonably possible.
  6. gctiger

    Allen Greene comments

    Just out of curiosity, how many of these crap shows have you been through? Are you good with Gus roaming the sidelines again next season?
  7. gctiger

    Allen Greene comments

    Just because I’m in favor of a long overdue change, it doesn’t mean that I don’t support the players. The players and fans deserve much better than what Gus and Company are currently delivering. If a loss expedites that change then so be it. If a win increases the likelihood that Gus remains then I’m 100% against it. I’m for change at nearly any cost.
  8. gctiger

    Allen Greene comments

    IMO it’s supporting a change for the better. The sooner Gus is gone, the sooner everyone can move on.
  9. gctiger

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    He’s not adapting at all and there lies your problem... Bye bye, Gus!
  10. gctiger

    Allen Greene comments

    It’s tough love, although it does appear to go against the grain.
  11. gctiger

    Which Freshman you got?

    My top 3 are: Schwartz, Schwartz, & Schwartz in no particular order...😂
  12. I think it a was very wise purchase. It’s becoming very likely that he may need it to leave town in a hurry...
  13. gctiger

    Ryan Davis: "We Know What We Have to Fix"

    It’s hard for me to imagine all of that. I can only get so far before I’m hit by a dose of reality and begin to puke...
  14. gctiger

    Oklahoma Fires Defensive Coordinator

    He gone!
  15. gctiger

    Enough Negativity (merged threads)

    With the amount of money that Gus is being paid I wouldn’t think that the expectation to field a competetive team would be very unreasonable, but maybe I expect too much.