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  1. gctiger

    Potential Grad Transfer QB Jalen Hurts

    Alex, I'll take Things that will never happen for $500 please!
  2. gctiger

    Potential Grad Transfer QB Jalen Hurts

    Sounds like a good beer. Even if it was bad, it couldn't be any worse than that horse piss that AUGolf drinks...
  3. gctiger

    Who replaces Chip?

    This is not intended to be a flame but who are we trying to kid? We all know that Gus’s hire at OC will likely be a facade and Gus will be the one actually calling the plays. We’ve seen this picture before.
  4. gctiger

    Freeze and Malzahn spotted in Auburn

    I heard on WNSP radio that Freeze actually was in Auburn last weekend. His daughter is enrolled at the university. No other details were mentioned.
  5. gctiger

    Who replaces Chip?

    IMO that’s contributed a lot to our recruiting woes. A player either fits Gus’s system or he doesn’t. There’s been little if any effort to adapt the system to the players. This in turn leaves little margin for error in the player evaluations during the recruiting process. We’ve had a number of highly skilled players arrive on campus and play very little before promptly announcing their intentions to transfer. A truly great offensive coordinator can mold his system to fit the capabilities of his players.
  6. gctiger

    2019-20 Starting Quarterback

    Yeah, I guess that’s what forums are for, but it sure seems like a waste of time to go guessing when you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle. That being said, waste away! 🙂
  7. gctiger

    2019-20 Starting Quarterback

    I would think it’s too early to even guess without knowing for certain who will even be on the roster.
  8. gctiger

    Chip Out As AU OC (thread title updated)

    AUGolf is available too, but nobody’s knocking his door down either... 😂
  9. gctiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Isn’t there something like a 200 page axiom on the recruiting site that states a recruit will commit elsewhere if we reach 200 pages? If so, would reaching 200 pages mean that Gus will be going elsewhere or would it mean we’re stuck with Gus for life. Asking for a friend...
  10. gctiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Reminds me of a murder scene where the killer attempts to cleanup the scene of the crime while tracking blood all over creation...
  11. gctiger

    Is it just me...

    So I suppose that Gus just went along with it because he wanted to be a team player? I'm sorry but I don't buy into your line of thinking. Sexton may have pushed for the buyout, but it was on Gus's behalf. Gus went along with it because of the money, the same as you or I would.
  12. gctiger

    Is it just me...

    Gus’s $32 mil buyout respectfully disagrees. If Gus was that great of a guy we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. Gus should gladly turn and walk if he really cares about Auburn and his players.
  13. gctiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

  14. gctiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    So AUGolf’s going to be the next Head Coach? I knew it would end badly, but not that bad,,.