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  1. Just as I figured you can’t come up with anything so you post a family photo instead…
  2. I’m not a fan of Freeze but that info is 5 years old. Maybe you could find something a bit more recent.
  3. Did you even bother to read my post? I clearly stated “post 2012”. My point is that Auburn never made a run at Kirby after he landed at UGA. We can do much better than Deion.
  4. No they didn’t. There has never been an effort to hire Kirby post 2012. He would never leave his alma mater anyway.
  5. I hope that Bama plays a great rushing team in their bowl game.
  6. It will interesting to watch for sure.
  7. But much of that talent is likely hitting the portal after this season’s melt down.
  8. On the surface Jumbo Fisher has a much more impressive resume with a natty and probably the most impressive recruiting class ever. His credentials run circles around Deion’s. How’s all that working out for TAMU? My point is that it’s about way more than just recruiting.
  9. It’s hard to tell with some of this crew.
  10. “The future is bright…” isn’t that what Gus was constantly reminding everyone of? 😂
  11. It gets even worse if you want to hop over to the Calling All True Auburn Fans thread that’s recruiting fans to match over to Cohen’s house to demand an explanation.
  12. That shouldn’t factor into the equation much, if at all. I was merely saying that if we’re gonna really roll the dice with an true unknown then we may as well roll them with Caddy instead of Deion.
  13. I’m sure that will straighten everything out…
  14. He’s not even a Gus 2.0. The only attribute that impressed me is his popularity, but that’s offset by all of his other issues that go way back. We can do much better, even if we have to roll the dice with Caddy.
  15. How so? Because he bought and signed 1 top ranked player?
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