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  1. I enjoy the MLS and wish more people did. Last night I watched the NE vs Montreal game on twitter and they did have fake crowd noise on the broadcast. A lot of people were complaining about it but I personally liked it.
  2. Dukes mentioned somewhere (maybe on the Jboy podcast?) That AU has talked to him about possibly playing WR at Auburn and he’s apparently very interested in that.
  3. He’d be a day one starter at any program not just AU in my opinion. He’s that good. First rounder in the making
  4. don’t shoot the messenger but hope this is true
  5. True. I just found it interesting since Miami isn’t in it for Harvey and AU is the only other place they could play together
  6. I’d love to play Tenn and UF again
  7. ? We definitely don’t have a depth issue at RB lol
  8. He deletes tweets a lot so it’s possible you didn’t see it. I’m not arguing with you about what I saw lmao
  9. With due respect dukes has said those exact words I just said and he sees the staff almost everyday so
  10. He’s not gonna say if AU leads for anyone and risk other teams turning up the pressure (ex. Scoob)
  11. They might lead at the moment but AU is still very much in it and probably ahead of UGA now according the Dukes. Don’t give up hope just yet
  12. @auburn4ever No. AU still feels like they’re in it for Byrd. But if we do miss on Byrd I think the staff feels confident they could get Ore. don’t think there’s enough room for both right now
  13. I hope we get him. Many believe he is the best corner in the class and will be a 5 star soon. Would be a sonic boom