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  1. scouting report: Georgia Southern

    Not taking away your win... but that was probably the worst Florida team I've ever seen. Not even comparable. Their offense was ranked 112th. Historically we've done fine against sun belt teams. Arkansas State was a top sun belt team last season and we handled them fine
  2. scouting report: Georgia Southern

    A red shirt freshman playing his first collegiate game on the road in Jordan Hare. Good luck
  3. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    Isn't just one practice. They haven't been good at any practices but I agree their defense might be the best we'll face
  4. Will Hastings vows to not fade away again

    I hate the title of this article.
  5. Ranking all 130 FBS teams

    Thought I would share this out of pure boredom Georgia Southern ranks at #111 clemson #7 SEC: Missouri #55, Vanderbilt #48, Ole Miss #46, Kentucky #45, USC #40, Texas A&M #37, MSU #30, Arkansas #29, Tennessee #19, Florida #16, Georgia #15, LSU #11, Auburn #9, Tuscaloosa #1
  6. Clemson playing two quarterbacks have to wonder if the Clemson fans are starting to meltdown like we were at this time last season
  7. Batman Question

    His latest masterpiece: "who will be the backup holder and convert two point conversion attempts now that JF3 is gone??"
  8. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 19 (Scrimmage #3)

    This forum was completely miserable this time last year.
  9. Auburn offering $20 tickets

    With all the hype surrounding this season, I don't think (hope) we will have any problem selling tickets. Most people don't buy until game week
  10. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 19 (Scrimmage #3)

    6'2 226 according to the AU website. He also was an all star in track in high school like Iggy. I would be interested to see who's the fastest out of him/Hastings/Noah
  11. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 19 (Scrimmage #3)

    the most beautiful passes you'll ever see. Also, McClain has wheels. Fastest receiving core we've ever had
  12. Ex-Bama QB Opines

    Kinda OT but didn't feel like starting a new thread and it's probably nothing but Bama RB Bo Scarborough was completely absent from practice today along with two others. They could be dealing with injuries but it's weird they wouldn't show up to watch.
  13. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    Dabo can say what he wants, but if Kelly was that far above the other QBs there would be no need to rotate multiple QBs. Our DL could have a huge game with this. Bottom line is you can't be a championship team without a good QB, no matter how good your defense is. We learned this last season
  14. Receivers want to be best in the nation

    I'll say this is the fastest receiving group I've ever seen at AU. Of course I'm not that old, so I'm sure there's another group somewhere in the past.
  15. Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    How was he ever a backup to Seth Russell