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  1. Did anyone actually want him at Auburn?
  2. And it shouldn’t. Auburn SHOULD be able to beat Bama with Tua out and if we don’t, just another nail in the coffin.
  3. Beating Bama with their backup QB playing will not make me get back in the bus. I’d love to beat Bama and we should win this game (which will make it even worse on Gus if we lose)
  4. Sean Payton. But there’s 0% chance he leaves New Orleans imo
  5. Auburn’s favorable schedule next season is probably the only thing that’ll save him this year. But if he goes 8-4 next year, bye bye.
  6. Also can’t have a DT quarterback and not allow him to run the ball
  7. Yeah. I hear Saban has visited the school quite a bit this semester
  8. This guy is from my alma mater. Saw him play a few times this season. He’s a monster
  9. Money isn’t a problem. If the boosters want Gus gone bad enough he will go
  10. Since Auburn is making this look a lot closer than it actually was maybe they’ll give him a call
  11. Funny Gus decides to coach for his life now down 14 with 10 minutes left. Where’s this urgency the rest of the game?!?
  12. Why not for head coach? Can’t be much worse
  13. We need to give Joe Brady a call