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  1. Men vs. Kentucky

    Sorry I hurt your feelings snowflake
  2. Men vs. Kentucky

    Haven't you guys ever heard of a reverse jinx? Geez
  3. Men vs. Kentucky

    So what's the excuse this time? I'll wait...
  4. Men vs. Kentucky

    Any time Auburn plays a team with size (Bama,A&M) they lose. Don't know why people can't understand this
  5. Men vs. Kentucky

    Out coached. Ridiculous. This team will be one and done in the tourney
  6. Softball vs. Furman

    Whoever runs the auburn softball twitter this season is awful. I miss the old updates
  7. Men vs. Georgia

    To hell with Georgia
  8. Auburn Invite Game Threads

    FINAL Tigers win 2-0! 4 Straight shutouts
  9. Auburn Invite Game Threads

    Wild pitch and RBI single for KK Crocker. 2-0 Auburn after 5
  10. Auburn Invite Game Threads

    Chardonnay Harris!
  11. Auburn Invite Game Threads

    If creepy wrote it then that's all you need to know
  12. Auburn Invite Game Threads

    Not defending Bama, but South Alabama is a solid team. Their ace was Top 5 in strikeouts last season and could've been higher but she missed a week with an illness. I believe she was 2nd the year before that. Only behind osorio. Always takes a few games for most offenses to get going. That's why pitching and great defense is so important in softball.
  13. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    Two tallest teams we've faced: Bama and A&M. Enough said
  14. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    We just aren't sizable enough to be an elite team.
  15. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    Guess A&M isn't gonna miss a bucket tonight...