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  1. Can’t believe I’m the first one.. let’s go Calzada!
  2. If the rumor about him using Dukes to drive him to Auburn is true then I’m not sure I want the kid anyways. Besides, there’s no guarantee he’ll be a stud in college anyways (ex. Cohen)
  3. Landen King is 6’5 Zevian Capers 6’4 Cam Brown is 6’3 do y’all do your research before you post?
  4. Camden Brown has also looked really good apparently. I can’t remember the last time our WR core was getting so much praise in august
  5. sick as in some people support Gus Malzahn more than Auburn
  6. We have to give Harsin time to build a program with a serviceable QB (sorry Finley). I’m in the “wait and see” phase. If we don’t win 8 games next season then I will start to be concerned. I just feel like we need to give him a fair chance first.
  7. Don’t forget there’s a gymnastics meet tonight.
  8. A guy on Reddit that claims to have inside sources. Posted a screenshot an hour ago that said he’s visiting UCLA and Auburn this week but has since deleted it
  9. Lawyer guy is still adamant that he’s visiting Auburn and UCLA this week
  10. If he doesn’t commit to USC today I’d say that’s very good news
  11. Guys take pictures in jerseys at every school they visit. Not saying he won’t go to USC but this picture doesn’t prove anything.
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