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  1. I wish I had a video of the 49 yard TD pass Finley made against Bama State. Not sure I’ve ever seen Bo make that throw
  2. People are forgetting that Finley hasn’t had any practice with the 1s in practice so of course timing is gonna be an issue. I don’t know if he’ll be better than Bo but I know he has a better deep ball and a stronger arm.
  3. Coincidentally his mobility is what won the game. He has lost weight since he played at LSU
  4. Love Bo as a person. He loves Auburn and is a hard worker. But I’m not sure he is more talented than TJ.
  5. Call me crazy but I actually feel really confident about this game.
  6. I’ve avoided this board all the weekend so I wouldn’t have to see the meltdowns. Surprisingly, most are taking it better than I thought. im not happy with some of play calls either. However, we took a top 10 team down to the wire on the road so I can’t complain too much. I still think 10-2 or 9-3 is doable.
  7. Good game. Penn state just got a few more plays! We’re headed in the right direction
  8. WAR DAMN EAGLE! We’re headed in the right direction
  9. Bo didn’t make Shed drop those balls. Let’s be fair
  10. Yeah don’t know why people are overreacting. Only down 4 at the half on the road vs a top ten team and the offense has shown promise. Just gotta fix the little mistakes
  11. Said I liked our chances if it was a 3-7 point game at the half and I stand by that
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