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  1. FYI rumors going around of at least three cases down here in mobile. Nothing been confirmed yet though
  2. Respect your optimism but it’s not happening under Mickey. This will probably be the worst season AU softball has had in years
  3. Also I forgot about Dre Butler but I’ll throw him in mix on the d-line as well. Could be our next buck if big Kat doesn’t step up in the off-season
  4. Just my opinion- Frazier, pegues, Tank and the juco OLs on offense. on defense- Hardy, zyk walker and Burks are the ones that come to mind
  5. Can definitely see us giving the ball to pegues on 3rd and 1 situations
  6. Sorry kinda OT but check out South Alabama’s new clubhouse! 😍 as a USA alum I’m very proud lol
  7. Agree. I think he’s a very good punt returner but his DB skills are subpar. Wouldn’t be surprised if he lost the job in the spring
  8. Gotta say I give Gus credit for at least acknowledging it lol
  9. I think the 3* rating is a little misleading. This guy can have an immediate impact. He’s a beast