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  1. Jalen Tolbert? That would be huge. Saw him play last year.. definitely a top 10 WR. He’s a beast.
  2. You know it’s bad when worm is recruiting o linemen on twitter lol. Hope we find a good one
  3. Lol. I don’t think Chad is a great coach but Bo definitely didn’t help himself when he was here. I feel like Dee will end up transferring, especially if Finley comes. Makes me sad cause I really liked the Nick Marshall moments that Dee shows but I will trust the new staff until I have a reason not to
  4. I think Bo is QB1. But I do think it’s very telling that the staff is even looking at Finley.
  5. I don’t see Finley coming here to be QB2. It has been said before that Bo doesn’t take coaching very well. Harsin won’t tolerate it the way Gus and Chad did
  6. @ellitor have you heard of any Olineman we’re looking at in the portal? I figured we were gonna take one more
  7. we really have become three star U...
  8. Feels great to finally be able to use this
  9. Not really a loss. The new staff didn’t want him
  10. Definitely waiting on WED to come say this
  11. Almost 500 yards rushing in 6 games... very good back.
  12. He likes chargers more than McDonald’s
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