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  1. AuburnTiger4Life

    Media predicts UAT to win 2018 SEC Championship

    Where? Even Greg McElroy said ours was the best in the SEC and 2nd best in the nation behind Clemson
  2. AuburnTiger4Life

    Media predicts UAT to win 2018 SEC Championship

    Dontavius Russell is so slept on.... that’s ok. They’ll know who he is soon 😉
  3. AuburnTiger4Life

    SEC Media Days

    About what I expected honestly
  4. AuburnTiger4Life

    SEC Media Days

    When does the coaches poll come out? I assume it’ll be Bama, Auburn, Moo State as 1,2,3 in the West. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they put moo at #2 with all the hype surrounding them
  5. AuburnTiger4Life

    SEC Media Days

    Watching the interviews on SEC network now, I like how JS has stepped into his role as leader of the team. Looks much more confident
  6. AuburnTiger4Life

    SEC Media Days

    13 more days.. usually I don’t get football fever until the first week of August (around my birthday) but it has kicked in early this year!!
  7. AuburnTiger4Life

    steele on the d line

  8. AuburnTiger4Life

    10 wins this year?

    10-2 is definitely possible. I think Bama and UGA will be slightly down from last season. Bama’s defense took a slight step back last season and I think they’ll step even farther back this season (they’re particularly thin at the DB position). Im not as worried about Washington as some. I know we haven’t done well in big games (besides the iron bowl) but Washington is similar to USC. They dominate in a smaller conference and when they play a good team out of conference they get beat. And they don’t have the speed to create the mismatches for us that UCF had
  9. AuburnTiger4Life

    steele on the d line

  10. AuburnTiger4Life

    steele on the d line

    O-line is a question but I think we have enough talent there to be okay. I’m excited to see Smoke at safety
  11. AuburnTiger4Life

    First thing Chip will address at Fall Camp

    Throwback to fall camp of last year when JS threw (or didn’t, we’ll never know) a pick six and people were already calling him JJ 2.0... 🤧
  12. AuburnTiger4Life


    Obviously it’s looking like Martin will be RB1. So, who do we think will be RB2 this season? The options are: Devan Barrett (so.)- showed his speed his freshman year but got limited attempts Asa Martin (fr.)- my personal pick. Alabama player of the year. Ranked #9 nationally in high school. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a lot of snaps Jatarvious Whitlow (R-Fr.)- don’t know much about him but apparently the coaches really love him. Got hurt in camp last season and missed the 2017 season. Interested to see what the buzz is about. Malik Miller (So.)- Showed promise during the few touches he had CJ Tolbert (Sr.)- had an impressive A-day Shaun Shivers (Fr.)- ZOOM we’ll revisit this thread during the season! By the way, I like all our RBs this season and think it’ll be a hard choice for Gus and staff.
  13. AuburnTiger4Life

    steele on the d line

    I can’t wait to see TD Moultry and Nick Coe out there. Nobody thought our D-line would be better without Lawson last year and it was. I think they can be even better this year again even without Holland. Rodney Gardner has done a helluva recruiting job
  14. AuburnTiger4Life

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    Can we get ready for this season first?
  15. AuburnTiger4Life

    10 wins this year?

    This team will be better than last years. I hate the negativity going around in this thread. We have one of the Best QBs and the best DL in the SEC. The back end of the D should be better as well. The players will also be more comfortable in coach Lindsey’s offense than they were last season and JS willl have tons of weapons. Just because we’re unsure of the OL doesn’t mean we don’t have the talent to compete. It’s just a work in progress. Geez