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  1. You’re right. I must have gotten him confused with another guy. Rivals still has Bama, AU, LSU, Ole Miss and A&M all at “medium” interests fwiw
  2. He’s still scheduled to visit Auburn in a week I believe so we might have a chance
  3. What games has Hardy played? Seems he has been committed to Auburn. I don’t think it’s his fault other schools pursued in the last minute. Anyways, happy to have him and I wonder if he’ll crack the starting rotation next season
  4. Hopefully we can get some more news with the contact period starting tomorrow
  5. Yeah I guess I should add this was written before Joe Brady left for the NFL. Seems a lot of LSUs top players are declaring as well
  6. As a Saints fan I’m not very excited about this. As an Auburn fan I’m thrilled
  7. Disgusting news. Hope it isn’t true
  8. A good coach can turn 3 star recruits into 5 stars. JB couldn’t do that
  9. Just looking at his tenure at Ole Miss, it seems he did a really good job. I haven’t been able to read through the thread yet so I don’t know AU fans feel about this but it looks like a good hire to me.
  10. Clemson opens as the favorite with 2:1 odds, followed by UAT at 4/2, LSU at 9/2 and Ohio state with 7/2 odds. Georgia is 4th with 10/1 odds, UF at 5th 15/1. AU/Oklahoma 6th at 22/1 Notre Dame/Texas 25/1 Penn State/Michigan round out the top 10 at 30/1
  11. Im sunshine pumping the whole off season baby. Next year is OUR year! Nix will make a big jump and Morris will get the offense pumping! WDE!!
  12. I find most people that don’t follow football closely are just Alabama fans simply because they’re “Alabama” and they think UAT represents the whole state