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  1. We have to give Harsin time to build a program with a serviceable QB (sorry Finley). I’m in the “wait and see” phase. If we don’t win 8 games next season then I will start to be concerned. I just feel like we need to give him a fair chance first.
  2. Don’t forget there’s a gymnastics meet tonight.
  3. A guy on Reddit that claims to have inside sources. Posted a screenshot an hour ago that said he’s visiting UCLA and Auburn this week but has since deleted it
  4. Lawyer guy is still adamant that he’s visiting Auburn and UCLA this week
  5. If he doesn’t commit to USC today I’d say that’s very good news
  6. Guys take pictures in jerseys at every school they visit. Not saying he won’t go to USC but this picture doesn’t prove anything.
  7. fwiw he’s the biggest Auburn account on Reddit and not some troll. So he has to be pretty confident to post this
  8. Reddit guy in the know gives AU an 8.5/10 chance. Says Auburn gave him a pretty hefty offer and we’re recruiting Mario also. Apparently something is happening on Wednesday
  9. I think CW himself is visiting USC next week. Which is why I’m not super confident yet
  10. Not sure. I know Keith and Jlee never put out an official prediction on him cause they said it was too close to call
  11. He also predicted Khurtiss Perry to Auburn. But I hope he’s right
  12. Frankly I don’t care if Auburn gives him 10 million. Not like it’s coming out of my pocket. I don’t think he deserves that much but that’s the new world of college football. Either get behind it or get left behind
  13. I believe someone was bored and made that up
  14. Ole Miss hasn’t beaten Auburn in 6 years and currently has the #25 ranked recruiting class. They’re not on our level despite one good season
  15. Someone asked Hoke to give a percentage on Auburn’s chances to land CW in a space last night. He gave us a 55% chance and considered that pessimistic
  16. I believe he means CW is not threatened by Calzada lol
  17. If he commits to Auburn on Monday I say go ahead and build the statue
  18. Confirmed by Jlee. Apparently we’re heavily in it now as well
  19. Rumor that CW is visiting Auburn next week. I haven’t been able to confirm yet.
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