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  1. AdamsHouseCat

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    Is Darrell Williams #49 ok?
  2. AdamsHouseCat

    "A Grave Mistake"

    Bus measuring greenhouse gases is not consistent with NASA'S primary mission of Muslim outreach, or even its secondary mission of exploring space.
  3. AdamsHouseCat

    Offense Needs to Change

    We need more first down running plays that gain one yard.
  4. AdamsHouseCat

    Rep. Trey Gowdy abruptly resigns

    how might he have announced his resignmation un-abruptly?
  5. AdamsHouseCat

    Peach Bowl Game Report Card

    ...and SINCE WE RAN THE SAME FREAKING RUNNING PLAY ON FIRST DOWN EVERY FREAKING TIME ALL SEASON LONG, I think we gained a total of 9 yards on those 9 plays. I wonder if we led led the country on percentage of plays 2nd and 9 (or worse).
  6. AdamsHouseCat

    What was the “tell”

    First & ten - therefore time to run that play that sets up 2nd and nine.
  7. AdamsHouseCat

    Season in review

    Season in review: 2nd & 9, 2nd & 9, 2nd & 9.
  8. AdamsHouseCat

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    All. Freaking. Season....2nd & 9, 2nd & 9, 2nd & 9....
  9. AdamsHouseCat

    Byron Cowart

    I have always pulled for him and hope that he succeeds and I hope he does have two years left. Had he red-shirted his first season under Gus and Muschamp- that might have made all the difference but we will never know. With his high recruiting ranking it would have been near impossible not to play him early and see how quickly he might flourish. I remember him playing some - not a ton but some - in the first two games this season- he did record stats in both. I know if a player has any injury that early in the season that medical redshirt is a possibility. Might that somehow apply here? Did the fact that he left the team after just two games make a difference in his case?
  10. AdamsHouseCat

    Byron Cowart

    He DID play and recorded some stats early in the season.
  11. AdamsHouseCat

    Kerryon Johnson updates

  12. AdamsHouseCat

    David Langner

    Who else has been around long enough to know of the first game of the 73 season (the year after the Punt Bama Punt game). A not so good season for Auburn. We played Oregon State in the first game of a "double header" at Legion field. I don't recall who Alabama played in the second game. I believe Roger Mitchell intercepts this pass. After a moment, and in fine David Langner fashion- here comes #28 over the top of the pile. Also note one of the Oregon State player swinging his helmet like a club: Auburn Oregon State Brawl
  13. AdamsHouseCat

    Personnel Assessment

    You have to have an identity and our identity is run run pass in games that teams have equal talent There it is. Auburn’s offense: the RRP.
  14. AdamsHouseCat

    Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Ole Miss).....

    Coach I have question. After most explosive offensive plays, we "hurry up" to run up the middle for a one yard gain. 2nd an 9. 2nd and 9. 2nd and 9. What is up with that?