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  1. Do you remember the second time you screamed obscenities? That was it.
  2. Another honest question. What is the system?
  3. Thank you JMR. I really enjoy your insights.
  4. Not more of a threat to run.
  5. ...and it was late because he hasn't had the chance to establish any rhythm or timing because he keeps coming out of the game.
  6. I just sent you a private message. Thanks to the poster above that pointed me to this.
  7. I have two and good seats. How can I reach you?
  8. It is pretty clear that Jeremy does not want to run the ball. Even though he is big and fast it matters little. He may as well be small and slow.
  9. So we get a first and 10 at the 12 and here we come with JJ in the game!
  10. This is no ordinary year. Can you even begin to imagine how important the Idaho game would be should we manage to lose it.
  11. Too much Dance Cam and not enough football. Barely geting back to the reason I am there in time for the snap of the ball.
  12. TV announcers also pointed out how we were always ran the ball predictably on first down, and that Arkansas was selling out to stop the same. This put us behind the sticks (2nd and long) all day long.
  13. I suspect he was completely exhausted
  14. Enjoyed that. He seemed really genuine and sincere as opposed to guarded and uptight.