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  1. Was the .001 correct or should time have expired?
  2. I remember thinking what could possibly go wrong here, and my answer was a foul. Glad our guys knew not to get near an LSU player.
  3. What should Gus and Bruce Pearl be learning from each other?
  4. Gus sends the message to his team that his superior tactical mind is needed to out trickerate the opponent, as his players are not good enough to man up and win the play.
  5. I don’t receive ESPNews in my cable package. I guess I am screwed.
  6. We have recruited consistently well as represented by star ratings. Are we misleading ourselves?
  7. So I guess next year is rebuild? Will we ever get sufficient depth of talent at all positions to reload?
  8. Ellitor- do you have any theories on why this is taking so long to resolve?
  9. Posted Jun 15, 2017 Philip Pierre-Louis' college football career nearly ended before it began. On the opening kickoff of Auburn's first game of the 2008 season, the speedy receiver tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee while returning the ball upfield. "All I remember is hobbling off to the sideline," Pierre-Louis said. "They checked my leg out and (I remember) them whispering in my ear that I tore my ACL. Being that young, I didn't know the injury time or if I could ever even come back. So I remember sobbing on the sidelines looking up at my parents." Following an excruc
  10. A swipe at his ankles seems to always bring him down.
  11. Why is it that the NCAA - after all this time- has still not released its notice of allegations concerning us? ( assuming one is coming). Do you think our compliance is still working behind the scenes to mitigate? Or is NCAA waiting for a time where they can make the biggest splash news? i did notice that Oklahoma State received their Notice a couple of weeks ago. Seemed Similar to the person situation. Does NCAA want to keep this stuff “out ther” as long as possible for maximum impact?
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