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  1. Nice, I did not know they had a youtube with the games, thanks for sharing!
  2. Alabama and Auburn to the East Missouri and Vanderbilt to the West Tennessee permanent crossover with Vanderbilt Fixed
  3. Is it Nova?
  4. I'd rather see seating increase than another scoreboard
  5. Sunni, and you cannot "want" or try to change the laws of another land. Muslims lived(migrated to) in Abyssinia and were commanded by the prophet to follow their laws(as long as they did not conflict with Islamic teachings) and not cause problems...
  6. Also, a lot of the problems are that people mix in their cultural beliefs with Islam.
  7. In Islam, God created humans for one purpose, to worship and obey him...the only salvation in Islam is forgiveness from God, because God is the most forgiving, most merciful. I think this pdf booklet explains a lot, There are a few good American Muslim speakers too, that while their lectures are towards Muslims, help a lot to explain things people may not understand about Islam.
  8. As a Muslim, it really irritates me when people hijack the religion and do things that are completely at odds with Islamic teachings. It makes me upset when I see people use the words in the Quran to justify their actions. Did you know that killing women, children, and non combatants of war, is forbidden in Islam? Killing anyone with fire is forbidden..Also,killing yourself(I am assuming it means non mental illness) is forbidden. I get upset when I see Islamaphobes use words in the Quran to slander Islam,too. The time, place, and event in which a surah(chapter) was revealed has to be learned before you can even grasp what the surah or verse means. Especially when just a part of a verse is used yet the verses before and after are left out. It is quite sad, I have always been afraid to say "I am Muslim" on the internet, much less in person.
  9. I am super excited about this spring game, I mean..I know it's just practice but for some reason I am really looking forward to it this year!
  10. 1. Fire AD I am not sure that Auburn can recover from the destruction Jay Jacobs has done to Auburn athletics. 2. Fire all basketball(and football) coaches 3. Hire coaches who recruit people who can actually play basketball(and football)
  11. Time to focus on off-season football!
  12. Winner gets a free whooping by Ole
  13. oh boy...15 sec left
  14. This guy is a good AD, we are stuck with a chump. Alabama will probably add more seats. We took up our seating space with a bigger board because, we needed it?
  15. QB play will be the difference