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  1. Already prepping to bolt from Gainesville I see.
  2. Skewered? We would have been heralded as smart.
  3. I thought he had said he wanted to stay at Alabama https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30638892/texas-longhorns-hire-alabama-crimson-tide-oc-steve-sarkisian-new-head-coach
  4. In an article about him talking to the players, I saw he told them to fight hard in practice & the bowl game...don't just go through the motions because it's the last game of the year.
  5. I see a lot of negativity about this hire on here & reddit. We need to give the guy a chance, let's see how he does next season!
  6. People do not hate Auburn, They are just dumbfounded by our terrible decisions. The biggest enemy of Auburn football are the Auburn Alumni/Boosters
  7. The guy whose defense got shredded by Alabama?? LOL OK
  8. I havent been paying attention to UGA or Miss state in non Alabama/Auburn/LSU/Florida games
  9. I can't believe Auburn would lose to them, if we do Gus needs to go
  10. I thought there was a mega thread for Alabama high school football but I could not find it. Gadsden City went 3-7 Gaston High went 1-8 on the field but had to forfeit their final two games due to covid. They only had like 8 players left. Southside has gone 6-3 so far with one regular season game left + playoff first round game Etowah has gone 6-2 so far, one game won due to the other team having to forfeit. They have one game left (against Southside) then they have a first round playoff game. Coosa Christian has gone 2-7 so far with one game left to play. No playoff f
  11. How does the clock work with going "out of bounds"? I have seen plays where a player goes out of bounds & the clock usually stops. I have also seen plays where the player goes out & the clock keeps running. This confuses me. Is it the same across college, NFL, Alabama high school football?
  12. Prayers for his family.... however, he wasn't a real football fan. No true fans go to mental extremes over their rivalries.
  13. I found this while cleaning out some of my grandparents things.
  14. In no particular order of when the games are played Alabama UGA Florida Jacksonville State (JSU alumni here, we had that game won...smh) UAB/Troy on a rotating basis Tennessee Georgia Tech Oklahoma State Penn State Mississippi State LSU Florida State
  15. UAB to AAC! Jacksonville State to Conference USA!!
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