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  1. Auburn06

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    Ole Miss 45 Auburn 10
  2. Auburn06


    Auburn Arkansas Kentucky LSU Missouri Alabama Michigan Oklahoma Clemson Oregon 37
  3. Auburn06

    Things I Think I Saw: AU vs Tennessee

    On the last touchdown, I was certain the refs were going to review it. I was sure the WR was never in control of the ball, he simply slid it across his body and batted it away behind him while the Tennessee defender caught it.
  4. Auburn06

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Tennessee looking like a juggernaut..
  5. Auburn06

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Auburn is content with mediocrity, AD and Gus may even get a raise if Auburn wins a bowl game.
  6. Auburn06

    Nick Saban rips Alabama students for not showing up

    When I started watching football in 2006 I would always make sure to watch both Alabama & Auburn's games....This year I do not even think I have watched a full Alabama game. I watched Texas/Oklahoma this morning, didn't even bother watching Alabama (plus ESPN had camera issues).
  7. Auburn06

    It's just a game

    I can't like this post enough. This meme is what Auburn football has become
  8. Auburn06

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    this glorified high school coach needs to pack his things & go back to coaching high school in Arkansas
  9. Auburn06

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Block in the back?? lol... That was a horrible call. As for the kicker, we shouldn't be putting him in that situation as a Freshman.
  10. Auburn06

    Ole Miss

    Nothing wrong with being good.
  11. Auburn06

    Ole Miss

    ruining football? lol... you wouldn't be saying this if it was Auburn.
  12. Auburn06

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    Alexa Bliss <3 <3
  13. Last week the local 7A school (Gadsden City) played the local 5A school (Etowah) and lost 32-23. Both teams turned the ball over a bunch, both looked bad but was a good game. I expected Gadsden City to win by 30 but they are just no good. GCHS went 3-7 last season and kept the same coach. Two other local schools in action last week, Southside and Coosa Christian, both lost their games. Gaston doesn't play their 1st game till this week.
  14. It's a double edge sword. Yeah she should be in jail right now...but what else is there to hear
  15. Auburn06

    UAT announces Bryant Denny renovations

    I hope Alabama plays my alma mater (Jacksonville State) for the debut of the video board, we slapped Auburn around for almost the full 60 minutes, we can do the same to Alabama!!!