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  1. Great coach, should do a great job if giving more than 2 years
  2. I would not be surprised if he bolts for Alabama once Saban retires someone save this post for 5-10 years
  3. He is actually right. Why would anyone want to coach at Auburn when they know if the boosters suddenly don't want you, they will create false stories to try to destroy your reputation & your family...
  4. Hopefully Auburn hires a competent coach. Not just some good ole boy or someone the boosters think they can push around.
  5. Auburn: We took your AD, now we coming for your coach!! /s
  6. I saw a thread on reddit. A lot of people(including MSU flairs) talking about how Cohen was a bad AD, how the school is wanting to fire him...etc
  7. I actually saw it on reddit then came here and saw this thread
  8. Hiring a guy that MSU can't wait to get rid of.. sounds about right for the University of Auburn.
  9. Auburn football has been so frustrating.. the boosters are the enemy of Auburn athletics.
  10. After seeing UGA against Missouri I don't think they will beat Auburn by 29. More like by 17.
  11. Alabama and UGA defenses are salivating at the thought of having T.J Finley for dinner
  12. I always assumed Auburn would get Ole Miss if Alabama gets Mississippi State. I have seen different forums say that Auburn may get Florida as the 3rd.
  13. When I started watching football in 2006 I watched Alabama and Auburn mostly. I would say I am a fan of both
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