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  1. Prayers for his family.... however, he wasn't a real football fan. No true fans go to mental extremes over their rivalries.
  2. I found this while cleaning out some of my grandparents things.
  3. In no particular order of when the games are played Alabama UGA Florida Jacksonville State (JSU alumni here, we had that game won...smh) UAB/Troy on a rotating basis Tennessee Georgia Tech Oklahoma State Penn State Mississippi State LSU Florida State
  4. UAB to AAC! Jacksonville State to Conference USA!!
  5. no.. i am against abortion 100% but i dont wanna deal with the issue so i am like ..."not my business"
  6. On one hand I am against it on the other...I feel it's not my nor the governments job to police what other people choose to do. It is between them & God. #StopHavingKidsYouDon'tWant
  7. Thanks!! Feel free to explain why you picked a topic & not the others. If you picked football, what would your 2nd choice have been? https://www.strawpoll.me/18101125
  8. I was just thinking at the end of the 2nd quarter,...could this Auburn team beat Ohio State?
  9. 49 million dollars....wow To be honest, I wish I could get paid 49 million over 7 years just to drill a program into the ground.
  10. PPR, I won...assuming Elliot(other guys RB) doesnt put up 34 fantasy points tonight. I have the Dallas defense but I thought about sitting them so it won't give me any negative points.
  11. Here is my team, currently(including this weekend) 1-6 in a free espn league. Should I pick up Kittle, TE for SF? Should I drop Hyde? Ill include available players (sorted by % owned) below..
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