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  1. We need to make the entry pass to Wiley earlier in the possession. Whenever we force the late pass the defense is collapsing all over it.
  2. I said I would not let Gus do this to me again. I would not believe in him again. Ugggg!!!!!!!!
  3. They are holding every single play!!!!!
  4. I have no evidence to back this up but DJ and Worm are gonna show out tonight and lay the foundation for the rest of the season. I’m speaking it into existence.
  5. The problem is that the “positives” that got us to 2-0, are the same positives that will get us to 7-6
  6. Momma, I think you just said a mouthful there. Plays this whole time we thought were read option plays are really predetermined from the sideline no matter what the defense does!!! This is absolutely sad. Give worm the rock.
  7. I think it’s crazy how we come in here and talk about things that need to change next week. Nothing will change!!! It never does
  8. I have started watching UAB games now. I’m so impressed
  9. Saw him mouthed “ it popped” broken collar bone bank it
  10. Anyone else think Seth Williams took plays off tonight? Not finishing routes, not blocking? I might be wrong but looks like his attitude might have been bad. Glad he caught that ball though!!! WDE
  11. Look guys the bottom line is that they are just a better coached team. They are out coaching our talent. Period