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  1. 25 pages and I would bet that no one has changed another’s stance on this subject. It has been a good read though. I am really disappointed how much politics has infected everything in our lives now. Both sides dig in and weaponize anything that they think can help further their agendas. Anyway, War Eagle and I can’t wait to pack that stadium with ALL of you, vaccinated or not.
  2. Now it makes the behind the scenes money harder to track
  3. Lots of NFL players speaking out about not being or wanting to be forced to be vaccinated today
  4. Your right. A quick google search gave me the answer
  5. Are you sure about that. I haven’t looked to verify.
  6. They were definitely given what they were supposed to be given. It wasn’t an accident
  7. To my knowledge these are all grown men. I would hope they would decide to get vaccinated so they can play football. I am not vaccinated but if I had to get vaccinated to do something I am passionate about I would. I highly doubt anyone is telling them not to get vaccinated associated with the program but on an individual basis society is very split in the issue, especially with healthy young adults.
  8. I think he is probably ends up being the leader of that group due to his experience
  9. I haven’t been on here much sense the Harsin hire but the atmosphere seems to have changed drastically. WTH happened when I was gone
  10. I appreciate an opposing view. It gives me things to think about that might not be how I would look at it. This year it’s more important that we put a good product on the field than ever before. If we wet the bed this year it could have a domino effect for years to come. All this on the plate of Coach Harsin has to be a lot of pressure but he is well compensated for it
  11. I agree we don’t sign many 5 stars anyway. It’s just my opinion it will go this way. I hope it doesn’t but I guess we will see.
  12. I know it’s extreme. I get that, but we have to be honest about the extra incentive to go to a program that’s going to put retirement money in your pocket before you ever start a game. I would like others thoughts and opinions as to why it won’t go the way I am thinking. I believe these players should have a right to make this money but I am also realistic about the obvious money difference an Alabama QB is going to get versus us.
  13. @bigbirdI hope my post doesn’t age well
  14. I will go as far as saying we won’t sign another 5 star athlete again… my opinion of course
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