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  1. I’m happy for the kids. I think this helps Auburn more than it’s hurts. I don’t know why I feel that way I just do
  2. Going to OT? I’m not watching
  3. Who is the coach for Transfer Portal. They are getting a ton of players at the moment.
  4. Good luck. Hope he lands on his feet
  5. Rumor has it, you turned down the job? Wouldn’t give you full autonomy?
  6. Who do we hire for 3rd and long, screen game defense coach?
  7. If he gets the job, we are putting together a recruiting juggernaut.
  8. One of my all time favorite players. Came back from a broken neck. I have no idea If he can coach
  9. First black man to be DC at Auburn. Congrats! I love the hire. Awesome coach and even better of a man!
  10. I love it, but I have my doubts about any name that is leaked before it’s inked
  11. Maybe Georgia has another DB they are not using? 🤷‍♂️
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