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  1. This man brought life to the radio. I remember losing Fyffe when I was in my early 20’s and The first game I heard RB call, I thought to myself he is no Jim Fyffe.... man was I wrong but also was I right. I soon realized this man cherished everything Auburn as much as I did and he paid amazing respects to the late Jim Fyffe all through the 2004 season, all while finding his own place in the hearts of all Auburn fans. There is nothing that will make me feel better today but I am sure the entire Auburn family will pour out prayers, love and support to his family that is left behind. 2019 Jim and Rod will be calling games from heaven I can’t wait until the day that I will be there to hear it. War Eagle Rod and Paula Bramblett you will be missed.
  2. Momma, before your son leaves Auburn ALL college football fans will know and FEAR Worm. People that can recognize not only talent but HEART know what is right around the corner for your son. He will rush for 1000 yards in 2019. Doak Walker finalists and ALL SEC honors. Momma you know it’s coming 😉
  3. This has been mentioned by many connected with the program. Not a secret
  4. I was told he could stand outside but would not be allowed to use an umbrella
  5. I predict that we hear nothing formally from Auburn out of all this. Things just continue on like nothing happened.
  6. I usually do not agree with much you have to say but your assessment and mine are very similar. The only difference is that I think he should be run out of town. Great post though corch. WDE
  7. Why do we not want to be great? Is it a fear of failure? Can someone please explain the psyche of a person or organization that would rather wallow in the mud then make changes and move on. Yeah sure those changes might not work but if they don’t you try again until you succeed or die trying. WDE to all sides of this debate today. Beat Bama