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  1. I have been to prison in this state. The vast majority of its population are drug related offenses. Mostly nonviolent offenders. We have got to stop the failed war on drugs and try something different. The only problem is many municipalities and county’s depend on the money brought in from addicts. CRO, color code, community corrections are all big business and big money
  2. Republicans stand up there and tell tons of lies. Democrats stand up there and tell tons of lies. It’s crazy that any of us believe that ANY of the current members of either party are capable of doing anything other than keeping us bickering while they all rake in Millions. Everyone in this forum has more in common with each other than a single person in Washington DC. It’s laughable that anyone thinks we have a functional government working for the betterment of the people. It’s about power, ratings, likes, and a big fat bank account.
  3. Oh I agree, that’s what is so sickening about politicians. They stand up there and just say words that are completely meaningless to them from a speech they didn’t even write. All in the name of power and influence.
  4. Fatherless children are an epidemic in all facets of our country. I have 4 boys, none of which I raised. I pawned that responsibility off on either my parents or their mother’s parents. I have only started to get to know my children in the last 7 years. I made terrible decisions and loved drugs and women more than I loved my kids. I was an adult but not a man. What is sad is that we are normalizing this behavior. Not having a Father in the home is destroying the young men of our country and I hope we do all things possible to keep families together rather than tearing them apart.
  5. I agree with most, if not all of this statement. I don’t feel like I can trust anyone in Washington or politics in general to tell the truth. If I don’t believe my leaders in DC have the country or my best interest at heart, the more I start to be only concerned with making sure “me and mine” are taken care of and to hell with anyone else. How do you restore patriotism or just basic morals? How about common sense. We can’t even agree on what makes you a boy or girl. If that is up for debate then I can’t take part in the conversation. I know that’s just one thing that is not really of significance but if the most basic of things can’t be agreed upon then how do we even begin to conquer the complex problems?
  6. Everyone knew opiates were highly addictive in 1996 when OxyContin came out. For doctors running these pain clinics to claim they didn’t know while they raked in the cash is disingenuous and was something they said to help them sleep at night
  7. I don’t think Trump is a viable candidate. Biden…….well…..yeah
  8. I mean we don’t even know what our options will be yet? I would prefer to not vote for any candidate that has been mentioned so far. My point about the pharmaceutical company was not their greed, it was the government interfering causing an over correction which has given us the fentanyl crisis that is killing more people in a year than OxyContin did in a decade
  9. Yeah a lot of things will be under consideration. We will see where we are at as a country and what quality of life is like the next couple of years.
  10. I just wouldn’t want him driving my Uber
  11. I just officially got my voting and gun rights back this year. I had all of my convictions expunged in April. This November will be my first time to vote and I am 41 years old. Question is would I vote for Trump when the presidential election comes around? Honest answer is I don’t know. I have a feeling, in November, America is about to do what it always does, and that is over-correct in the other direction. I will relate it to what happened around 2014 when everyone demonized Pfizer and wanted to blame the overdoses from OxyContin on the pharmaceutical company and not personal responsibility. Now doctors won’t write pain pill prescriptions at all to people that really need it. That move has created the market for fentanyl that we have today. The correct path is always in the middle but the people of this country picked Ray Charles as their tour guide.
  12. 2 ⭐️ idiots in Idaho are better than 5 ⭐️ idiots from Florida I heard.
  13. I don’t think there is a plan from either side. The plan is to stay in power. BOTH SIDES! They all stay insulated from a decaying society that their failed policies helped create. We have a sizable percentage of our population concerned about nothing but how they will get their drug of choice for the day. We have a large percentages of society that watches the MSM all day and have no idea they are being manipulated. It is all slight of hand to keep you from looking at the real problem and that is Politicians that are bought and paid for.
  14. If anyone has time during their day and would like to listen to some amazing interviews, Soft White Underbelly is the YouTube Channel name. We are losing a generation to addiction and homelessness. There is not a quick fix. The problem is complex. I encourage everyone to listen to some of these interviews. We have to do a better job of loving each other. We lose over 150 people a day to overdose alone in this country. Their lives are worth saving too.
  15. I’m just going to say what I think I saw happen using just my common sense and no research. It looked like a bunch of idiots marched to the Capitol not really knowing what they were going to do when they got there. When they got there, they meet no resistance and were let into the building. Why? Why weren’t they all shot if they were going to overthrow the government. They should have been if that was their intention. It looked like they were allowed to do what they did, so that the other side could use it as political ammunition later on. I can’t stand either side. 2 wings of the same bird all putting on a theater instead of protecting and leading this country. Shame on everyone. I’m sure everyone will tell me how stupid I am but that is what my simple mind saw. The show continues on today.
  16. Putin’s price hike hasn’t hit the drug market yet. 😂
  17. I would love to have a discussion in here on the “War on Drugs” and it’s complete failure. I personally think we are at the point where harm reduction should be the focus. The problem is so complex and out of hand there is no way our politicians can even put a dent in it. I am in favor of the Portugal model. We have to try something different. So many people are locked up in prison over possession of a chemical. People have been consuming substances since the beginning of time to alter the state of mind. Our government decided alcohol was socially acceptable. You ever seen someone die from alcoholism? Horrible death. Anyway, I guess I tipped my hand about what issues are dear to me.
  18. Thanks man, I read in this political forum but I don’t post much because I have so many views that don’t all line up with either political party. I was born an upper middle class white kid but I was homeless for 6 years and have spent 4 years in prison. My views are a hodgepodge from each political party because my life experiences are so varied. I think all of y’all are crazy. I was in active meth and heroin addiction for 15 years. I am beyond blessed to be alive much less a business owner and a homeowner.
  19. Overall drugs have gotten much cheaper. I got clean off of methamphetamine 8 years ago and I was paying about $240 an 8ball (3.5g). I had a guy tell me the other day that the same 3.5g sells for $100 today. 😂 Too much information, my bad
  20. I think this is why probably most coaches if asked privately would tell you, they can’t stand NIL in it’s current form. The University and it’s employees invest tons of money and time into a athlete to try to get this young man an education and if he works hard and is talented enough, to the next level. In this situation, the school will lose all that they have invested, through no fault of their own. If he does leave, I wouldn’t think coaches will be running to give this kid another opportunity for fear of the same thing happening again. I just think in this situation it’s a bad look for the athlete and a decision that may impact his potential going forward. I guess we will find out.
  21. I wish the coaches would realize we always need to start the backup QB here at Auburn. He is always better than the starter, but what happens once you start the backup, because now he is the starter which now means the other guy is better. This is why we can’t win championships.
  22. Auburn NIL LLC has also been bought or it is being restructured or something to that effect with Harbert(sp) in control. It has a new name also.
  23. I would think good for all colleges in Alabama. No need to repeal a law that is not having a negative impact. I’m not going to pretend to know the details. I guess I could google it but then again so could you.
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