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  1. This is a discussion that Coach Dye and Bobby Lowder have had on more than one occasion...
  2. I respectfully disagree. Oregon has invested a ton of $$$ into the football program because it DOES mean a lot to them. They have some of the best football facilities in the country. The facilities in turn bring in the top recruits. In turn, top recruiting (with the right coaching) results in success on the field. They really don't have the history and tradition, but they have made the necessary upgrades to change that.
  3. Do we have the defense?
  4. Well, he has been to the NC Title game the past two years and won one of them. If he does better than that, Lord help us.
  5. Foundation work on the South End Zone?!? For what? Wouldn't the Mega-scoreboard have to come down to expand the South side?
  6. Yeah, I still scratch my head over that one...
  7. Given the results, we would have done the same thing had we been in their place...just sayin'.
  8. I would add Richt to that list. Richt was fired so that they could go after Kirby and model the program after Saban's... JMHO.
  9. Typically, you don't get the full affect of the NC bump until the following year.
  10. Yeah, that was what I was getting at.
  11. Well, you can't add additional loading like that unless the foundation can support it. Isn't there like an underground river under the stadium?
  12. That's because we are not a drop back passing team. Our qbs spend less time in the pocket than all other SEC teams.
  13. I wouldn't want a coach that would accept those conditions. Major red flag there.