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  1. ^ ^^^^ This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I dropped out of engineering and majored in something easier
  2. We look like keystone cops
  3. Please, for the love of all that is good and kind, do something other than run the ball up the middle
  4. Well, that just means once the game is over, it'll be closer to the 2017 opening kickoff. War Eagle!!
  5. War Eagle and congratulations, Mr. Truitt
  6. Did I read somewhere that JS would have to sit out a year if he goes to a Big 12 school? Or does sitting this year out count?
  7. How about 27 in at quarterback on 4th down?
  8. That may be the most ridiculous 4th down play call I've ever seen
  9. It will be his demise
  10. I'd like to see Martin and franklin on the field at the same time. Maybe it's the bourbon, idk