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  1. Pat Dye My sister picked this school I never heard of in Alabama (we lived in NE Ohio at the time). We drove down to either move her in or it was a parents weekend? Not sure. But, I remember getting out of the vehicle on campus (I was 12 years old) and it felt like home. I was hooked. I have so many favorite and memorable games. However, on a personal note, the 2010 BCS Natty game was special. That whole season was special to be honest. My husband and I were going through some tough times to the point of separation and considering divorce. Outside of my kids, winning the natty was the only thing that put a smile on my face during that emotional time. I’m thankful for that. My husband and I worked out our problems and have been married for over 22 years!! It’s nice to be married to a man who understands me. He knows I will cherish an Auburn shirt or hat for our anniversary instead of flowers 😊
  2. Completely agree. Love the kid, but Nix was way off today. I wish Gus gave Joey a shot. Maybe it would’ve been the spark we needed? If Nis was just somewhat accurate, we’d be celebrating tonight.
  3. That play reminded me of the Cam to Lutzie in the iron bowl to seal the win.
  4. I was listening to Andy and Stan last night instead of the Awful espn announcers. I heard they made a joke or something about the painted kids in the stands that spelled out “Ride for Rod” I think? They have since apologized and I heard that but I didn’t hear what they originally said. Anyone know what they said?
  5. I almost went with Boobie but decided to stay with my man Coach Steele
  6. After talking with my family and praying to God, I am announcing that I am 100% committed to Coach Steele!! My recruitment is over and I am no longer taking OVs. Please no interviews... ps. I picked him last year!! Glad to repeat!!
  7. I’m afraid it might’ve been a premature nip watch... heat index in the 100s tomorrow in north Alabama. My poor son is going to die out there during summer workouts for football...
  8. I ugly cried.... I can’t stop thinking about their kids and what a road they have ahead for them. Keep praying for them!!
  9. Does anyone know if there is a place to watch the memorial for those who can’t be there?
  10. Does anyone know how we can watch the memorial at the arena from afar?
  11. I’m so heartbroken... I’ve never met him but I’m crying. The kick six call is my ringtone and I was actually thinking it was time to change it the other day. Not gonna happen now. RIP sir and War Eagle Forever