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  1. Muschamp fires OC Kurt Roper

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he goes for hugh freeze...
  2. did we just screw Bama........again

    I’m not sure the committee will put 2 sec teams in...
  3. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    If it was up to me and it clearly is not, I would give Gus a small raise but give Steele and Lindsey nice raises. Also I would agree to upgrade facilities. Right now gus is only as good as his assistants. If we keep them, we will be successful next year. The upgrades to facilities will help keep the talent coming in the future. I would not get in a bidding war. I would tell him to take it or start packing.
  4. did we just screw Bama........again

    What’s the point of playing for a conference championship if you let a team who watched the championship game from their couches into the playoffs?
  5. did we just screw Bama........again

    If I was on the committee, conference championships would matter. It’s not fair that bama sits at home and watches these games, and watches these teams get banged up even more and get into the playoffs. This would be my top 4: 1. Clemson 2. Oklahoma. 3. OSU 4. UGA
  6. Hard to believe we are still in this game. We can still turn it around but we’ve got to hurry up and turn it. lets go big D!!
  7. Quit being cute Auburn
  8. This game feels like the Clemson game... hope we make the adjustments needed
  9. If I were Gus, I’d be in the eat of the refs about the piling on and late hits by thuga
  10. I’ve seen a lot of talk about UGA zeroing in on KJ. Looking at that drive, are they using him more as a decoy? Hope that’s not a dumb question
  11. I’m teally not looking forward to listening to Gary. I would listen to Tob and Stan but I can’t stand the delay. Any ideas?
  12. A Few Notes From Inside the Stadium Today

    I love this!! Thank you for sharing!! Good luck to Jake in his game!!
  13. Kerryon Johnson updates

    So KJ scared a few twitter followers. He’s definitely worth a follow as he’s pretty funny.