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  1. I was in the student section end zone. I remember Stan White getting hurt and being concerned for him. Then Nix went out there and when they lined up I realized it was 4th and 14. I thought Terry lost his marbles!! What a catch by Sanders!!! And then I remember Bostic's run at the end to seal the win. That was my first Iron Bowl. I'll never forget it!
  2. Croley is helping Gus and Kristi start a foundation:
  3. From Cooper herself... not broken thank goodness!!
  4. I think I remember that as well. Hate to think it was one of ours but.... I pray it wasn't one of ours!!
  5. I'm wondering that as well
  6. So here's my question... does the NCAA know the identity of Student Athlete B (who enrolled at another institution)? If so, wouldn't that student athlete be ruled ineligible? Or was a deal struck (like immunity)?
  7. Even if he goes to bama... he'll be done. Guy can recruit but not a good coach. Saban will chew him up... besides, they don't need help recruiting...
  8. Does anyone have any intel on how things went last night?
  9. Can't catch a ball all day and we call a pass play on 4th and 2 with the game on the line... smh
  10. Grew up in FL and became a gator hater very quickly. They're obnoxious and I got picked on a lot for being the only Auburn fan in town. Went to Auburn and lived there a few years after graduating. Didn't realize the orange and blue bubble I was living in until hubby got a job in north Alabama. Up until then, I didn't mind the turds. I cheered for them unless they played us. I hated the gators... Then after a few weeks of living in north Alabama, that opinion changed. I encountered the 85% and became disgusted. Bans fans became like a child with a nasty cough and runny nose who wants to sit in your lap. I just wanted to stay away from them and still do. What's really bad is that they are breeding and borderline bully my kids for being Auburn fans. A couple of years ago, my family and I took a quick vacation to Gatlinburg. We went to a small theater to see a magic show. I wore an Auburn shirt and this older man (normally I would say gentleman but that term does not apply here) out of the blue started insulting me in front of my children about being an Auburn fan. He was decked out in Georgia gear. I took the high road and walked away while waiting to enter the theater. But he wouldn't stop there. When we got to our seats he decided to sit next to us. It was a very small intimate theater since the magician involved the audience in his show. So throughout the show, the magician would make jokes and the Georgia fan would call out and pile on by trying to say stuff like, "just like her (he would point to me) she's an auburn fan!" He ruined our experience at the show. I hate them both as well as the gators. But if I had to pick one... the turds.
  11. Butch's days are numbered IMO. That program has never been the same since Fulmer left.
  12. I'm nervous about this game. I hope the players don't go in over confident. Also, if "good" Chad Kelly shows up, this will be a close game. Let's just say I'm cautiously optimistic... WAR EAGLE
  13. Gus seemed different today... More relaxed. I liked it. I think Gus micromanaged that offense. I used to work for someone who micromanaged me and it's frustrating. I always felt like my boss didn't trust my abilities even though I knew I was good at my job. (I ended up quitting that job and I found out later they hired two people to replace me.) you always hear that the HC sets the tone. If he was micromanaging, then that lack of trust in abilities could've been the tone that trickled down to the players. It's just a thought...
  14. Isn't there a German manufacturing plant coming to Auburn? Maybe he works for them? No matter, deport him back to Germany!! buh-bye