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  1. So happy for Bruce and his assistants. They deserve it!!! And I’m happy for us because we get to keep him!!
  2. I’m going to be honest here and say this one hurt. It hurts as much as the 2013 BCS game. I still can’t watch the replay of that game. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m disappointed. Having said that, I’m so proud of these Auburn men. It was such a fun ride. I’m so happy for the season we had. It was so magical. Thank you Bruce Pearl for coaching these fine men. Thank you to all the players for the memories. Good luck to the seniors!! I hope the underclassmen come back and make another run and bring home the Championship next year!! WAR EAGLE FOREVER!!
  3. Anyone else getting emotional??
  4. Thank you, that helps my nerves!
  5. I’m thrilled we’re in the Final four. At the beginning of the season, I thought we had a chance to make it this far. By mid season, my confidence wavered. I knew we’d make the tourney, but I thought we’d be lucky to make sweet 16. Then our draw came and I saw the road was going to go thru Kansas, UNC, and Kentucky. I was nervous but after the UNC game, I regained the confidence from the beginning of the season. This has been a fun ride. If it all comes to an end on Saturday, I will still smile, I will still be proud of those young men, and I will still say it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!
  6. or it’s normal symptoms of being an Auburn fan. But, I’ve watched Coach BP give several interviews, and I’ve watched many Instagram videos from players and there seems to be so many distractions and I’m worried that they are not focused or dialed in enough. I’m glad to see the men having fun but it just makes me nervous. Anyone else getting nervous???
  8. So frustrated. Set the DVR because we went to church and I knew my family wanted to go to lunch afterwards. Then they decided to go to the store. I was on with it because I knew I set the DVR. little did I know our power went out and so the first half didn’t record because I have to reset the box anytime the power goes out. So I was only able to tune in the last minute of the half. Can anyone give me a cliff notes version of how we’ve played?
  9. Chuma, we are heartbroken and hurting with you. Praying for a speedy recovery. If anyone else from the team is reading this... NEXT MAN UP!! PLAY FOR CHUMA!! Great win guys!! So, so proud of all of you!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!
  10. Has his firing been officially announced yet? Or is it just rumor like the Gus situation a few months ago?
  11. Ber798297


    Watched it. Jarrett got the SEC the overall win because of his accuracy in the first leg of the relay.
  12. I found it on the ESPN app. Good game ladies!!
  13. Me too... woke up with a big smile on my face. My kids school has a new principal this year. He’s a Clemson grad. He was all smiles this morning at drop off.
  14. Caught a glimpse of the bama post game interviews... the arrogance is still there. Only one tiny mention/congrats to Clemson. The theme was, “we didn’t play well”. They can’t admit that they got beat bad...