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  1. I got to meet Cadillac after the 2004 IB just outside the stadium. In fact I met him, Ronny Brown, and Brett Eddins all at the same time. Got their autographs and talked to them for a few minutes. Cadillac is the nicest and most genuine man you will ever meet. All three are, but Cadillac just stood out. I’m so happy for him and wish him well. This is great news.
  2. Those same folks would condemn Jesus because His Father also created Lucifer.
  3. Stoops is a terrible in game coach and doesn’t recruit well enough to compensate. Even Jimbo does better during a game and look where that got him this year.
  4. It could be tempting, but it would be like working for Satan and selling your soul to the devil. Nothing there holds any interst for me at any price.
  5. He would have to improve to be a non factor. His play led to several touchdowns, for the other team.
  6. I agree. I was in Harsin's corner after the February fiasco until March when he wasn't even trying to recruit or coach the team in a way that would lead to success on the field. I blame him 100% for the state of the program after he told us to "just watch". I know now he meant for us to watch how he was going to run the program into the ground because a few people believed and ran with a story that impugned his character. It turns out his character is not something to hang one's hat on because he did nothing to earn the outrageous money he was being paid. He should get nothing in a buyout because his termination was for cause. He did not do his job, period.
  7. No. I'm saying many UK fans are not enamored with Stoops either and would love to see him go. He wins just enough to keep his job and not threaten basketball supremacy. The basketball team fills Rupp Arena for a practice every year (and would sell 4X as many tickets as are available), but the football team can't fill their stadium when they are ranked and playing a ranked SEC opponent. And it's a small stadium by SEC West standards.
  8. With UK's schedule, a decent (not even top tier) coach at Auburn would win 9-10 every year. Stoops is a terrible in game coach and a so so recruiter. He would get killed in the SEC West..
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