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  1. You haven't been paying attention to current polling if you think Kavanaugh has any effect on this year. Two things should also be noted about 2018: 1) The Senate map was extremely unfavorable to Democrats and wasn't a representation of the full national mood with only 1/3 of the seats up for vote. Democrats lost seats in deep red North Dakota and Indiana, trending more red Missouri, and Florida (where a Democrat hasn't won a major statewide election since 2012). The Dems also flipped seats in states that are turning red to blue (Arizona and Nevada). Your point that Kavanaugh was the
  2. So yes, McConnell did change his stance after realizing his initial one didn't hold water. Thanks for confirming. Of the things you mentioned, only making DC/PR states and potentially packing the court could happen. Abolishing the EC takes ratification of a Constitutional amendment, which isn't happening. I fully expect at least PR to become a state. Again I say, Republicans are playing a dangerously short sighted game right now. The country is skewing more and more left. Marginalizing a young generation isn't a smart move.
  3. Obamacare literally took over a year to pass and that was with the Democrats holding the House, Senate, and Presidency immediately after an election, not before one. It wasn't "rammed down our throats". Try again.
  4. You missed what I was saying. My contention is this is a crock of ****. He needed something to use as an excuse to change his stance because he's quite literally on tape in 2016 saying "hold me to my words".
  5. Welp, that's foolish and short-sighted, but I expect nothing less. Win the battle now but lose the war. Seems like a dumb strategy to me. And the Dems won't have to try it with regards to adding states. If they win the Senate, they have the ability to do it without opposition. It only takes an act of Congress to admit a new state if that territory is not part of a current state. Puerto Rico and D.C. fit that bill. One other thing. Y'all act like some of the conservative justices are young. They aren't. Alito is 70 and Thomas is 72. Very, very likely, based on current pollin
  6. Arguably the Senate for the next generation. Let's say the Dems win the Senate this year but don't retaliate by packing the court. Instead they choose to admit Puerto Rico and D.C as states. Show me a path to a Republican Senate majority anytime soon if that happens. And keep in mind that traditional red states like Arizona are turning blue, North Carolina is purple, and Georgia + Texas are trending towards purple.
  7. That was NOT Lindsey's Graham's position in 2016 nor was it McConnell's at the outset. Mcconnell shifted to that rationale later. His first comment on the matter though made no mention of this. It was merely that the people should have a voice.
  8. Sorry, but I don't buy that for a second. He's looking for any kind of cover because he's on video saying he would do the exact opposite of what he's about to do.
  9. "Dem angry socialist mobs were standing around in lines, some spread as far as six feet apart, for hours on end. The liberal lovers even had masks on too. What happened to freedom in this country?!!!"
  10. Hey man, that patriot Air Force manned by the Army in 1775 was legit!
  11. I'm not one that thinks Biden wins Texas, but this is an interesting take/trend.
  12. We actually keep the same offensive personnel on the field for more than three straight plays.
  13. https://thehill.com/homenews/media/517412-trump-campaign-plays-up-bidens-skills-ahead-of-cleveland-debate-hes-actually Trump campaign plays up Biden's skills ahead of Cleveland debate: 'He's actually quite good' The Trump campaign attempted to play up the debate abilities of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with the first debate in less than 10 days. With the first presidential debates slated for Sept. 29 in Cleveland, the Trump campaign's communications director on Monday told Fox News that the former vice president “knows his way” around the debate stage after 47 years
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