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  1. Brad_ATX

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    This time also had Cesaro, Owens, and Zayn. Just ridiculous talent. Only problem I ever have with ROH is it can lack in psychology sometimes. But if you want to see one hell of a feud, find the year long stuff between Kevin Steen and El Generico (aka Owens and Zayn) from around 2009. HO-LEE CRAP
  2. Brad_ATX

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    His ROH heel persona is very different from his WWE heel runs so far. If he goes into ROH mode, it'll be sweet. Very much a "I know I can kick your ass, gonna kick it, but will also do anything to win" kind of character.
  3. This is the correct response. If the WH had simply pulled Acosta aside in private and stated their concern, everything would have been fine. If Acosta disagrees, then make sure he knows that he will not be called on in the future by either SHS or POTUS. Pulling the credential was the extreme reaction.
  4. Well two things on that. 1) Trump rarely holds a real press conference. This one last week was the first time in over a year that he's done it. 2) Sanders has cut back the daily press briefings to occasional press briefings. Access to this WH is becoming increasingly limited. Recently went 18 days without the WH holding a press briefing.
  5. You're new here. Word of advice. Read the board rules with regards to the serious forum. Comments here need to have substance as we try to keep this part of the site more intellectual. If you want, you may be more interested in the Political Smack Board.
  6. Maybe arbitrary is the wrong word in this context and that's on me. Think I've stated my case as to my view, but definitely think the implementation of said rules could be better (the two minutes example really is sad excuse for discounting the corrected vote total IMO).
  7. Agree with this process over the long term. Unfortunately in this situation, there isn't time to pass a law in Florida for the immediate needs. It's why I think some of the current rules are arbitrary and flat out dumb. It's also really stupid to me that the entire state doesn't have the same voting machines, ballots, etc for any statewide offices/referendums.
  8. From a non-lawyer perspective, the law puts into place an arbitrary date for finalizing recounts as more important than getting it right. So to me, the "spirit of the law" here is quite dumb. I think you're arguing law and missing the forest for the trees here. Getting the vote count correct should be the first, second, and third concerns. The fact that a county certified election day numbers knowing they were inaccurate is beyond ridiculous. Here's a perfect example. Broward missed the Thursday deadline by two minutes. Two. Freaking. Minutes. And the updated recount totals were rejected because of that. So basically, the state said accuracy was less important than 120 seconds. That's beyond dumb.
  9. Yes, following the "exact letter of the law", which were the actual words I used, can be stupid sometimes. Law enforcement uses discretion all of the time even when laws are violated, often for good reason. My point here, which has not been refuted, is that it's more important to get it right than it is to be expedient with the process. Either way, the results aren't going to change with the recounts.
  10. FWIW, most of the experts I've listened to or read feel that the winners in the Florida races won't change. Here's a good read on why, using some recent recounts in other states as examples.
  11. Me too, but you get my point. Sometimes following the exact letter of the law is stupid. What's more important here: getting the recount done by yesterday or getting the recount done correctly?
  12. Depends on the state I guess. For years (up until around 2000), interracial marriage was codified as illegal in Alabama under the State Constitution. It wasn't enforced. My point here is that the judge hasn't found any nefarious means yet. Stupidity to be sure, but nothing intentionally misleading to try and sway the election.
  13. I just don't see any way he would win if he did follow through with his threat to run. Dem party is a different process than Republicans in the primaries thanks to full allocation of votes based on percentage rather than having some winner take all states. No way would he garner enough support to claim the nomination. Agree though on wishing he would just go away.
  14. Failed to complete the count when required? There are still absentee votes coming in. Every state builds in extra time because of mail-in/absentee ballots. The Supervisor is incompetent to be sure, but there's no evidence of willfully breaking the law as of now. You're jumping to conclusions based on very inconclusive data.