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  1. A new milestone in Collusion Story...

    1) Flynn lied to the VP about his communication with a Russian agent before Trump took office and then lied to the FBI about it as well. As for his working for Obama, it was Obama that warned Trump against hiring the guy to a sensitive, high-level national security post. Trump ignored those warnings. 2) So because Manafort was only there for two months means he's unimportant? He ran the campaign during his tenure! To dismiss his importance because he wasn't there long is hopelessly blind. Also, you hurt your argument when you say his problems "pre-date" his campaign involvement. If anything, that makes him more susceptible to outside interference upon assuming an influential position. If his problems with Ukraine and other entities happened after his involvement with the campaign, you'd have a better point. 3) Your articles both mention names that were, at the time of publication, already on the public record as being under investigation. Regarding Manafort, no one knew the raid on his home was coming. Regarding Flynn, the news that he had pleaded guilty and was cooperating with the FBI blind-sided everyone. My point stands, and you've done nothing to discredit it, that we have zero clue what Mueller's team knows which means they aren't leaking jack squat. Now, I tend to agree with Nola that nothing will stick to Trump in the end, but your assertions have no basis in reality.
  2. A new milestone in Collusion Story...

    Re-read what you wrote. "DNC has concluded that Mueller is not going to find anything since he apparently has not found any thing yet......since otherwise, there would have been leaks to their favorite newspapers." Your assumption here seems to be that if Mueller had found anything regarding Trump yet, we would know. This flies in the face of everything we do know about Mueller's team, which is that they've played it close to the vest the entire time. Don't confuse the DNC with Mueller. The DNC absolutely would leak it, but there's no indication based on already established precedent that Mueller's team would give up any information. As has been said 1,000 times on here, none of us know the extent to what Mueller's team has or has not found. Everything they've done so far in public has come without any warning. Mueller is old school. He's not giving up info until he absolutely has to in order to protect the integrity of an investigation. Finally, the fact that you consider Michael Flynn, the former NSA, or Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign head, "minor players" is laughable and exhibits extreme partisanship. Feel free to believe what you want, but at least be honest with yourself regarding the relevance of some of the people involved.
  3. A new milestone in Collusion Story...

    Try again. Mueller's team has been extremely good at not leaking info. Several raids, arrests, and even plea agreements have come out of nowhere.
  4. Baseball vs uat Game 3

    Badly needed sweep and to do it in impressive fashion is nice. Bats finally came around. Hopefully we can snag at least one in Gainesville.
  5. I tend to agree. I just think his tweet begs the question of "why is he commenting about a potential flip in the first place if there's nothing there?"
  6. Baseball vs uat Game 1

    Baseball. Game 1 is on the SEC Network. I'm not the biggest softball fan. Respect the talent involved, but until the powers that be fix the dimensions of the field, I can't get too into it. Baselines need to be extended 10-15 feet because the athletes today are way too fast for 60 foot lines. It's not fair that a pitcher gets a routine ground ball to short stop and the infielder has to rush to make a play because the lines are so short.
  7. So got a question for you there Mr. President. Why would you be even remotely concerned about if Cohen "flips" assuming you are innocent, as you've said is the case? Wouldn't you want Cohen to be transparent at that point to clear your name?
  8. Baseball vs uat Game 1

    Doubleheader today FYI
  9. Baseball vs uat Game 1

    Missed the game tonight, but good to see the bats really come alive. Gotta back it up tomorrow with another strong one.
  10. Oh I'm aware of how tough AA is and how teams view the leagues. But you also have to take into account his age (21 at draft time) and college competition level. If he spends two years in the minors, he's now 23 before getting to the majors. That's a lot of extra innings on an arm that has ace potential. Some major league clubs may look at his college experience as comparable to what he would see against top competition at high-A. There's still a lot of very raw talent at the high-A level and tons of players never make it past there. AA is where the rubber meets the road. The one thing that may cause a team, especially if Detroit takes him at #1 overall, to start him at high-A is if they play home games at the Spring Training facility (the FSL is known for this). Would allow for more organizational support around Casey before splitting next year between AA/AAA.
  11. My guess is he would start in AA instead of the traditional A-ball route. His stuff would crush A-ball and the Tigers need pitching in the big leagues. Spend this year in AA, part of next year in AAA, and if he does well enough, call him up mid-season or in late April of 2020 (for contract control).
  12. Shameful behavior by America

    Ketchup on a Big Mac doesn't count.
  13. Shameful behavior by America

    No chance. Eve got Adam to eat the fruit as well. Trump hasn't looked at a piece of fruit in 40 years.
  14. Nope, your take is 100% spot on. He says or does these outlandish things that do little to nothing to further our national interest, only to pull back later. In the case of the DPRK, I'm glad he's pulling back. But, he potentially loses credibility with other world leaders over the long haul and with those in our own country. I'm sure the TPP reversal pisses some folks off who were behind it. Abe of Japan basically said this week that you have to take everything Trump says with a grain of salt. That's not healthy.
  15. I hope they win and take every cent from this prick that they possibly can.