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  1. Eh, if you're a good enough coach, that doesn't matter. Urban has zero SEC ties. Neither did Saban when he took the LSU job.
  2. Orgeron went 10-25 at Ole Miss. I'm not the biggest fan of the Steele idea, but on some levels it makes sense. Defensive continuity + recruiting. Cheaper option. Allows you to break the bank for the best offensive coaching staff money can buy. When you look at it, the idea isn't that crazy.
  3. If you intend to fire him after next year, you're advocating for AU to spend more money. More expensive to let him coach 2020 and then give him a buyout vs just paying the buyout now by nearly $2M.
  4. Not at all. It's classic Sexton. Another job opens up where his client may be interested in going/have his name in the running. So he approaches the current school about an extension or threatens that the coach may leave. It's worked for Sexton for years. I just love that if it's true, AG had the sack to say no. Past admins wouldn't have.
  5. No offense meant here, but your analysis doesn't work. You can't say Bama has the O edge and we have the D edge when those two units face each other. Gotta look at from this perspective with units facing off. My opinions in parentheses. Bama O vs AU D (probably a push) Bama D vs AU O (slight edge Bama) Bama return vs AU coverage (big edge Bama) AU return vs Bama return (probably a push) Field Goal kicking (HAHAHAHAHA for both)
  6. Gonna have to do that no matter what is what I'd tell them.
  7. Here's the thing you have think about with his buyout. My understanding is that it's 75% of the rest of his contract if we fire him. So if he stays and you fire him next December, you're paying him a full $7M next season + the 75% of the last four years ($21M). That equates to $28M to keep him until December 2020. If you fire him now, it's 75% of the $35M left on his contract. That equates to $26.25M. So for those saying the money doesn't make sense until after next year, please note that it's actually more expensive to keep him for another season.
  8. He's done and I think anyone looking objectively from the outside could understand why. Gus bet on himself and his offense this year. It simply hasn't worked. Sitting in the stands yesterday was one of the more frustrating experiences I've had in a while. The fans were into it early. Defense was playing lights out. And still one side of the ball couldn't get anything going. Walking out you could just feel the air leaking out of the program from our fans. No one was really pissed. No one was surprised. It was more of "yeah, that's about right" and it's sad.
  9. It is now my mission tomorrow to find The Nature Boy and have a beer with the man.
  10. So much truth here. Tubs lost more games as a ranked team to unranked opponents than I care to remember.
  11. I love me some Mayor Pete at this stage. Extremely bright when you listen to him. Understands middle American issues. Isn't out there pushing for programs and platforms that have no way of being paid for. Understands what it's like to serve in the military. Doesn't believe that everything is an all of nothing proposition. He's the kind of person I want to represent not only the younger generation, but the kind of person I want our citizens to strive to be. He admits he's not perfect and makes attempts to get better by listening first. That, in many respects, is all you can ask of someone.
  12. Because having to actually think deeper about an issue kills any argument he makes.
  13. It's apparent that you don't watch football at all. Orgeron went out and completely changed his offense this year. He brought in Joe Brady from the Saints who transformed LSU's ground and pound traditional offense into a wide open, pro style spread like the Saints use. It's not like Joe Burrow turned into Superman during the off-season. He just got the right scheme and coaching to take advantage of his talents. Orgeron recognized his team's shortcomings and then changed the scheme and coaching to elevate their chances. That's called evolving and is the sign of a damn good football coach. Also, Orgeron was still winning 9-10 games his first couple of years at LSU before changing the offense. Nothing during his tenure at Ole Miss would have suggested such success. The man has undeniably gotten better as a head football coach.
  14. Here's the problem. You're assuming coaches don't change or adapt. Ed Orgeron is a prime example that indeed, good coaches do get better over time if given a second shot. Could be that Cristobal has simply gotten better.