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  1. Best game we played all weekend by far. Plate approach was much stronger today. Pitching was on point. Good win.
  2. I'm sitting right behind the plate. Trace has been brilliant today. Probably done for the day with two guys warming up in the pen.
  3. The difference from past wall collisions is that he didn't hit padding. He hit the plexiglass that guards the LED board on the wall. Hope he'll be all right long term, but didn't look good.
  4. I didn't see Cody today so can't confirm if he was in a boot or not. Judd ran into the wall extremely hard. Long delay to see if he would even stay in after that, but he did until after his next AB. He was visibly holding his arm to the side after reaching first and not trying to move it.
  5. A lot of that offense was "garbage time" against the back of Baylor's bullpen. We didn't do a damn thing for the first few innings.
  6. I was there live. It was hideous. First batter of the game hit an opposite field dinger (wind blowing out hard to left). Fitts got hit hard today. Lots of line drives and solid contact against him. Fuller wasn't great, but he got no help. Misplayed infield pop up cost him a run and LaRue was a bit sloppy behind the plate, which allowed runners to advance and completely change situations. Thought Glavine threw well in his stint and the team did show some fight late. We had a nice little rally in the 9th. And Woley played a hell of a game defensively at 3rd base. Biggest co
  7. In my opinion, it was clear in the 8th that Mason simply didn't have it all together. He threw three 3 strikes in 9 pitches in the 8th. Once he walked the second batter of the 9th, a new pitcher should have been ready to come in. However, we didn't even have anyone warming in the pen until Mason was in deep trouble in the 9th. Just a severe lack of thinking/planning ahead. In a one run game without a clear cut closer, I'd like to have options ready. It was also evident early in the 8th that Gonzalez was getting hit pretty hard. Thought we left him out there far too long. Mos
  8. Good to see AU baseball again in person. Thought we mismanaged the bullpen in the 8th and 9th pretty badly. And we can't hit a breaking ball to save our lives. Big turn though was OU getting out of bases loaded, no out situation unscathed. We had a chance to blow it open and just couldn't cash in. Changed the whole game.
  9. Katrina happened in 2005, a non-election year. It never left the political spectrum and those in leadership paid a price at the polls. This is a Texas version of that. People are still lining up for hours just to get clean drinking water. I'm telling you man, midterms here and 2024 are going to be real interesting.
  10. You really underestimate the anger in this state about what is still going on.
  11. Adler (Austin Mayor) has been getting skewered by his own constituents. He's certainly not getting a pass where it matters, which is with the voters.
  12. He could be doing something here though. It's actually beyond just optics. Beto activated his machine to reach out to 700,000 elderly and at risk people in the state to connect them with resources. AOC, who doesn't even live here, raised $2M in a day for relief efforts. Cruz can do something to try and help the community. He's an elected leader and needs to act like it. I look at it this way: I'm in leadership at my company. When **** hits the fan, I don't dare take an impromptu vacation. Instead I make sure that everything is back to normalcy before even thinking about time of
  13. I would be too. But the difference between us and him is that we aren't elected leaders. I am, however, in leadership at my job. Know what I don't do? Take impromptu trips during times of stress on our operations.
  14. Translation: I got caught and scurried home.
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