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  1. It'll be a few months. All of my horses are two year olds still in training. They start racing this summer in juvenile races.
  2. Have you seen this yet? Allows you to buy micro-shares of horses with top trainers and you get dividends based on performance, sales, rights fees, etc. I bought in on the "Filly Four" package for the fun of it. The app gives you a ton of information on your horse/s like training videos, times, etc. It's pretty cool and I'm stoked to follow them.
  3. They give awards and leadership positions to people in Hollywood too. Doesn't mean they aren't foolish in other areas.
  4. Make no mistake. This is all about a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
  5. You won't see him again for two months. Sad, because he's a hell of a talent.
  6. Meh. It's a good theme, but Edge and McIntyre's old jam are ones I'd legit listen to in the car.
  7. It's got a nice following already. I went to one of their tv events and it was, without question, better than any live WWE show I've been to. And to put this in perspective, I've been to: 2 Royal Rumbles 2 WrestleManias Smackdown at Madison Square Garden And a few others. AEW was that good. I have tickets to AEW's next PPV in Vegas if we're all allowed to leave the house by Memorial Day.
  8. Horse racing is happening as well. I've been getting way too deep into it on Saturdays and Sundays on FS1.
  9. I've already rewatched the Firefly Funhouse Match. There were soooo many meta jokes and references for the hard-core fans.
  10. Watch some old episodes of the real GLOW first on YouTube. Need to ground yourself in the history before watching the dramatic series. It will help make more sense of things.
  11. To a point. Lacey was actually in the military though. I think they should drop "The Sassy Southern Belle" thing and just make her a legit military ass-kicker who is also a mom. Would be an amazing role model based on real life.
  12. GLOW (Georgeous Ladies of Wrestling). It was an actual show in the late 80s. Watch the Netflix series. It's pretty solid.
  13. IRL Not sure about Sasha. They may be setting up a four horsewomen vs four horsewomen feud. Rumor is Ronda is coming back soon.