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  1. If Aubie doesn't dress up as a golfer or giant mustard bottle during the game, we have a problem.
  2. Yeah, the new coaching staff definitely didn't offer and get a high school offensive tackle in January. Oh wait..... As for depth, we've been through this before. You can have 100 dudes on the line. If they're all glorified FCS guys, you don't have anything.
  3. Same guy who said we had plenty of offensive line depth last year.
  4. Yup. Tennessee has had 8 losing seasons since the start of 2008. We are and have not been anywhere near that.
  5. I got news for you. Every broadcast is in the business of making a profit, very much including Auburn.
  6. To me its just further validation for those of us who had been screaming about the man's coaching for years. And I see nothing wrong with that. If his feelings were hurt when he got fired, oh well. He got paid $20M to go away. Hard for me to sympathize.
  7. He's the absolute last guy I want LSU to hire. Only looking at career record will get you in a lot of trouble. Dude is currently undefeated after inheriting a really bad roster last year. In his only full recruiting cycle at MSU, he crushed the transfer portal to where his team is sitting 7-0. And he currently has MSU 17th in the country in recruiting. They usually sit in the 30s.
  8. Jimbo going actually makes a ton of sense. He's about to have to directly recruit against Texas and Oklahoma for SEC recruits, plus Houston is now a P5 school. His recruiting advantage is gone. LSU and the talent in that state can look mighty attractive when you don't have another conference school in the borders.
  9. Man I totally forgot about Murray and I was at that game.
  10. The rumor that is picking up steam is Jimbo. Remember, he does not have a buyout clause. Can walk for free.
  11. Who pissed in your cereal this morning? I literally wasn't in this thread. Also, if you need a disclaimer explaining that you are trying to be witty, you should probably be better at actually being witty.
  12. Andy simply isn't very good at football pxp on radio and Stan loves to step on calls. Its a very hard listen. Ole Miss has the best radio crew in the league by a mile.
  13. - Bringing girlfriends and their kids to practice and allowing kids to take part in drills during practice. -Hitting on the pregnant wife of a prominent LSU board member - Putting in minimal time around the football complex
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