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  1. Brad_ATX

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    It's weird. There are times where I think we play with better flow without Wiley, but you can't deny that his size inside is a difference maker and wouldn't have affected the game plan.
  2. Brad_ATX

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    Would have liked to have seen the refs swallow their whistle a little more in the second half, but it is what it is. Two total home losses in three years by a combined 3 points ain't bad. We'll be fine over the long haul.
  3. Rasmussen is a tracking poll. Greater chances that the numbers won't fluctuate as much since it's always the same group of people being polled instead new folks.
  4. It's not on Buzzfeed to tell others how to use headlines. I saw the CNN Bombshell line too. If accurate, it is a bombshell report. It's the exact thing that got Nixon ousted (directing witnesses to lie). It should be noted too that Buzzfeed's editor has now challenged Mueller to point out where the story's flaws lie. From my experience, you don't put yourself out there like that unless you know you have the goods. We can debate all night whether the journalist should or should not have seen the document. I tend to agree with you there and lean on the side of caution, but again, this goes to editorial choice. If the same story is corroborated by multiple folks independent of one another, then there is something legitimate to run with. And as has been noted, this very likely did not come from Mueller's office, but rather the SDNY. So Mueller could deny certain things, be accurate, and still have the article be accurate as well.
  5. When you actually spend time in a newsroom, I'll let you tell me what I'm missing. Only one of us in this conversation has done that. It ain't you. If this debate was about how to be a hippy during the Summer of Love, well then I'd be happy to defer to you. Editorial choice for each news organization is not always standard. Ever actually research into the Pentagon Papers? WaPo, after getting the info from the NYT, initially sat on the story. There was hard discussion about publishing (largely due to government backlash), this despite these being actual government documents. It's not always cut and dried.
  6. So because you don't have a background in news, let's educate you on newsworthiness and the public interest. Obama and Trump, as CNN reported, were both briefed on this dossier. That's newsworthy in and of itself. The public knew that this existed, and given the circumstances, had a reasonable right to know. At that point, it can be in the public interest as a news organization to print what government officials had seen, as long as the release of said documents doesn't put any lives in imminent danger.
  7. Because their journalism side is different from the clickbait list side of the house. Happens all the time.
  8. 1) People are forgetting about the SDNY part of this. Great point. 2) Last part is accurate. If they got it completely wrong, then I would expect heads to roll at Buzzfeed.
  9. Wasn't talking about where something was or wasn't posted and it wasn't directed at you. If I wanted to interact with a post of yours, I will quote you directly. The point was to point out his own hypocrisy when calling people out about news. As for Buzzfeed, they do have a legitimate news side of their business. Are they slanted left? Yes. But it isn't all clickbait stuff like DKW was claiming. It's like saying Yahoo doesn't have legit news people because they are a search engine, when in actuality, Yahoo News is a very real thing.
  10. Questions this, but takes the Washington Examiner as a beacon of light in another thread. You don't know a damn thing about journalism. Quit acting like you do.
  11. This x1000 It's from the Washington Examiner, which is not exactly a bastion of integrity. Also, she has made no such anti-Semitic claims (to my knowledge) and this article quickly focuses not on her, but on this other dude whom I've never heard of. Notice there isn't a tweet or quote from her or anyone in her office here? That's because this is bad journalism. Good journalism gives the other side at least an opportunity to respond and if they decide to not respond, the article will say so. The "she's quickly compiling a record of promoting anti-Semitism" line in particular has no basis in reality or corroboration at this time. In fact, the article could not back up that claim at any point. Hamideh may have that record, but there's nothing in the public domain to suggest that she does.
  12. Brad_ATX

    Take That Pelosi

    I legit laughed out loud at this. Well done.
  13. Brad_ATX

    Take That Pelosi

    No one on this board has advocated for an open border. Ever. If you're going to join the conversation, please keep up.
  14. Brad_ATX

    Take That Pelosi

    I'm not so sure the visit could be made in the interest of national security here. My basic point though is what's good for the goose is good for gander. He shouldn't be shaming her use of a military plane when he is using one during the shutdown too. Just screams hypocrisy. As for the SotU, I'm ok with a postponement. Pelosi is right that the Consitution makes no specific date or month requirement for that speech. Re-open the government and then have that charade of a speech (which it has been for decades now).