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  1. You're relatively new so you probably haven't seen this from me. Trump lost me the moment he couldn't put a coherent answer together about the simple concept of the nuclear triad. He was asking for the launch codes but didn't understand the basics. I had no interest and still have no interest in voting for that level of incompetence. I wouldn't hire someone for a job at my office who couldn't answer basic stuff and the same applies to my vote.
  2. He 100% had my vote in 2016. We didn't agree on everything, but I at least knew he would work with people.
  3. Show me where they are lining up to take jobs in the school system. Schools are having major trouble recruiting teachers. And even if the teacher, administrator, or other employee isn't at risk, you don't know what they have to deal with at home. If I was a teacher, there's no way I could justify going back to school right now considering my wife being immuno-compromised. And again, it's not someone's job to put their health or their loved ones at risk for your student.
  4. I just told you that I'm voting for the Democratic candidate and why I'm doing so. Trump's actions on this issue speak louder than his words. But no, I wouldn't vote for Trump even if he signed said law tomorrow. He's not my cup of tea. I'm not anti-Republican. I'm anti what the Republican party has become over the last 4-8 years. Give me more candidates like McCain and Kasich and you've got my vote.
  5. There go those damn Democrats again trying to screw with elections via mail fraud. Oh wait, it was a Republican?
  6. It boils down to this in many ways: It is not the job of an educator to put their lives and/or health at risk for your child.
  7. This is a BS stance. Of course in a normal world everyone wants kids in school. No one is arguing that it's better socially and from a learning perspective for them to stay home. It's a health issue. While the kids may be less likely to become aversely ill if they contract COVID, what do you do about the teachers, cooks, administrators, janitors, etc? My grandmother worked in schools well into her 60s and would have been considered high risk. Should she have been asked to put her health in danger? It's not like kids are bastions of practicing good hygiene or social distancing and all of those folks who make schools functional are being asked to put their health and subsequently their family's health at risk.
  8. I'm not assuming they wouldn't be covered in any new law. But absence of proof of concept, there is no replacement law to be had. You don't seem to want to acknowledge that the Republican party talked about repeal and replace, yet never gave us an idea of what the replacement looked like. As for McCain's vote, it had nothing to do with Trump. He's on record as to why he voted against it. Use google and find out yourself. And yes, I absolutely want pre-existing conditions covered. It's the top reason I'm voting against Trump because it's a very personal decision for me. My wife has a chronic illness and we spend tons of money on her healthcare. Remove the pre-existing conditions clause and you might as well pronounce her dead right now because many of her procedures wouldn't be covered. I'm not going to vote for a man who's administration is actively trying to take that away nor will I vote for a party that has yet to put forth a plan if it were to be stripped from law.
  9. There has been nothing put forward to replace it. No plan has ever been shown to the American public. You're assuming it will be replaced if it ever got repealed or struck down in the courts. I'm telling you, based on all evidence out there, the Republican party has zero interest in actually implementing a replacement plan. It's exactly why McCain voted no against repealing the ACA.
  10. Nothing would replace it. Trump doesn't pass laws. Congress does. The Republican led Senate, which campaigned on repeal and replace in 2016, has never publicly offered a replacement alternative to the ACA. This is where it helps to pay attention to what is actually going on instead of taking Trump and his cronies at their word.
  11. Trump administration is backing an active case that would dismantle pre-existing conditions. Literally just asked the Supreme Court a few weeks ago to take away the entire ACA. This would include pre-existing conditions.
  12. Big 10 just announced that they will be conference only this year. I think if we play, that's the only way to make it work. Personally, sign me right up for an all SEC season.
  13. ....a horse race Broke his maiden in a race a Keeneland today for trainer Wesley Ward. And yes, the horse is named in honor of Dr. Fauci. Thought we could use the levity.
  14. Hilarious to me that his two nominees voted with the majority. But we won't see any of these records until he's well out of office.
  15. Y'all are crazy. I get lower bowl whenever I want them for under face value all of the time. Too many people dumping tickets for cheap or free at the alumni gate each week to get me to buy early. 2013 Iron Bowl was the last time I paid over face and I'm always in the lower bowl.