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  1. Brad_ATX

    Fake News at ABC

    And other studies have them as centrist as possible.
  2. Brad_ATX

    Fake News at ABC

  3. Brad_ATX

    Fake News at ABC

    ABC is considered liberal? They and CBS are the news equivalent of Mr. Rogers. Also, this graphic was up for six seconds. It was a mistake and I can easily go into detail about how it can happen, having, ya know, run graphics in a newsroom before.
  4. Brad_ATX

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    I'm not old and have heard that one before.
  5. Brad_ATX

    Strozk Escorted From Building

    Had nothing to do with me, I can promise you that.
  6. Brad_ATX

    Strozk Escorted From Building

    I don't work in government. But in private and publicly traded companies, yes, I've seen it multiple times. It's not uncommon in the business world at all.
  7. Brad_ATX

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    Some sad news today from the wrestling world. Big Van Vader passed today at the age of 63. RIP to one of the most agile big men to ever grace a ring and to the man who's smoking mastadon helmet scared the ever living crap out of me as a kid.
  8. Brad_ATX

    Strozk Escorted From Building

    Meh, I've seen plenty of employees escorted out of a building after getting fired. Fairly common practice.
  9. Brad_ATX

    Space Force

    Eh, call me when the Space Force figures out how to go plaid.
  10. Brad_ATX

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    Oh, Ospreay is freaking great! Go look up some of his other stuff. I'm a big fan of Jeff Cobb on the indy circuit too. Big man that can move.
  11. Brad_ATX

    Great Unemployment Rate Report

    Open was fun to watch today. Still think the USGA caved some, but the course played fairly tough as the day went on.
  12. Brad_ATX

    Great Unemployment Rate Report

    If you go back and look it's inarguable that he inherited an improving economy. Those stats have posted on this forum numerous times. And much of the "high gear" as you put it are due to policies that you decried just a few years ago, including increasing the debt through the tax cuts.
  13. Brad_ATX

    Great Unemployment Rate Report

    That's not what I said at all. But I'm not giving him full credit when he inherited a steadily improving economy to begin with. His job was merely to not screw it up.
  14. Brad_ATX

    Thank you, President Trump

    No, the rhetoric does matter. What is being said by the President of the United States is followed by every other country in this world. We do hold a special place in that regard and are looked to for leadership. The current rhetoric reveals, to me, that we are willing to abdicate that responsibility as a beacon of virtue with regards to basic human rights. And you or I don't know if the policy has changed internally. I do know that Trump sets the agenda for the administration, so yes, I take him at his word right now when he tries to equivocate NK with other countries who also do bad things as a softening on his stance.