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  1. And some of us would argue that neither major party truly stands for anything.
  2. Play them in Tempe. When we were there for the Natty, my friends and I found an all-you-can-eat Waffle House in Tempe. I'd go back just for that. Otherwise, I really want to play a home-and-home with Michigan State. I lived up there for years and my wife is a big MSU fan. Would be a ton of fun, plus Michigan (especially the west coast) is beautiful in September. And if you're a beer nut, Grand Rapids is one of the best cities in the country (about 70 miles from MSU).
  3. Must do's for a true Chicago experience..... Portillo's (Lunch): Get the Italian Beef Sandwich and ask for it dipped. You're welcome. Giordano's: Authentic Chicago deep dish. There's one right on the Mag Mile, so you can walk there. Give yourself time though. It takes about 45 minutes for a pizza to bake correctly. Best bet to avoid a wait is to grab a seat at the bar and eat there or just make reservations ahead of time. Cubs pre-game: Murphy's Bleachers (behind center field) for drinks before the game.
  4. I'll be there. Just a 90 minute drive for me, so easy trip. Also going to Mizzou, LSU, & home for the Iron Bowl this year.
  5. Avs fan here with an unnatural hatred of the Detroit Red Wings (those late-90s/early 2000s playoff battles still scar me). Been a hockey fan for over 20 years and just love the game, so much so that I begged my mom to let me skip high school graduation in order to watch game three of the Cup finals back in 2001 (Avs/Devils). So far I've been fortunate enough to see games in three of the original six cities (Detroit, Chicago, and NYC) plus Minnesota and Atlanta during the Thrasher days, Happen to live about 5 minutes from the Dallas Stars' AHL team, so I go there a lot for my fix. When I lived in Michigan, I was near MSU so got to see a lot of really good college hockey. The Frozen Four is on my must-do sports list. Hoping the Preds take the Cup. Best friend is a massive Preds fan so want him to experience that joy. Plus that guy still isn't off-side from game one.
  6. She's a bad excuse for a comedian. I'm a socially liberal guy, but her brand of comedy is just pure drivel. Also, it's not the first time she's said or done something stupid like this. Won't be the last either.
  7. Totally understand that. I went 41-41 with a bird on each side, but I'm still a little perturbed. Was staring 78 or 79 in the face heading to the 15th tee box, but bogeyed 15 & 16 and then doubled 17. Crushed my round.
  8. 1) Brad has a life and doesn't live on this site 24/7. Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you on this, but I was a bit busy. That 82 on the golf course sure was nice though (2 birdies!). 2) OK, so let's look at this from a researcher's point of view. Absolutely nothing she has said was attributed to reporting or public records. If she had, then you really wouldn't have an argument from me because her statements would be verifiable. I could check her sourcing and claims for myself. However, she didn't do that. Instead it's a litany of accusations that have no back-up provided anywhere by reliable, proven news outlets or open testimony. For example, she mentioned something about journalists digging up the info. Which journalists? What outlets were they from? Those things matter, whether you like it or not. A quick google search of Podesta and Russia pulls up only far-right leaning news outlets, so why should I take those as gospel? Finally, please understand the definition of a fact. A fact can't be disputed in any form. It's like when people say "well I know for a fact that xyz happened". No, they probably don't, and neither do you. Just like you haven't heard me say that the reporting around Trump / Russia is a "fact" because it hasn't been proven in an open forum. I have suspicions and concerns, but that's all that they are for now.
  9. I'm Brad_ATX and I approve this message.
  10. "Facts" are certainly debatable in this case.
  11. And there's this. Apparently the vetting process for the Trump campaign was a quick google search:‘anyone-with-a-pulse’-how-a-russia-friendly-adviser-found-his-way-into-the-trump-campaign/ar-BBBwkjT?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp
  12. This should really be in the Smack Forum since it doesn't come from anything close to a legitimate news source.
  13. Breaking now. Robert Mueller, former head of FBI, has been named the Special Counsel to oversee the Russia investigation. He gets the entire weight and power of the FBI at his disposal. This is different from a true Independent Prosecutor as he will still be under the purview of the DOJ, but it certainly gives some added weight to what's going on.
  14. I actually think he may win the Republican nomination if things keep going this way. R's will be looking to get as far away from Trump as possible and Kasich is one of the few who has a provable track record of being against Trump from the beginning. If anything, he's the logical choice to signal a change in the party in 2020.
  15. You would think so, but partisanship knows no bounds with some. As Chuck Todd noted today in his twitter, 31% of the population supported Nixon to the bitter end.