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  1. Got tickets for US/Grenada here in Austin in June. Nations League game. Apparently our last game on home soil before the World Cup. Looks like the September international window will be games in Europe.
  2. Its a tough group, but not impossible. Scotland getting out of the playoff would probably be best case for us, but I think Wales will qualify. I see a path to 5-6 points though which should get us through. If we can somehow win the group, we have a real shot at making the quater-finals.
  3. Our absolute best case scenario is a draw with Qatar, Tunisia, and either Peru/Ecuador/Scotland
  4. We can't draw Canada. Can't have two teams from the same federation except for UEFA.
  5. We qualified. Being 1st or 3rd in the region doesn't matter. We're in and that's all that matters.
  6. What if we "accidentally" all got sick.
  7. I would put all 11 guys in the box and never move em. Or, do the galaxy brained thing and forfeit. A forfeit is an automatic 3-0 loss. We would immediately qualify.
  8. No. They have to beat us by 6. 5 goal win would tie us on goal differential, but we move forward on total goals scored.
  9. This arena is perfect for a tv wrestling show. Holds about 6,000 people. Not a bad seat in the place. And everything feels intimate. Just a fun time.
  10. Once I realized they were likely heading to the concourse, I went out there. I also happened to be coming back from the bathroom later and got held up because this happened: 20220323_193741.mp4
  11. I'll take the draw, but we left two points on the field. Canada losing last night didn't help either. Sunday is a must win.
  12. I should pop in and share this 20220323_192853.mp4
  13. This Miami team beat both Duke and UNC. I was rooting hard for USC the other day because they were a better matchup for us. Oh well. Sucks now, but this team still did things no other AU team has ever done. Fun damn season.
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