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  1. I thought the below was an interesting perspective. Essentially arguing that Trump and the party's capitulation to him has become Mccarthy 2.0 https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/01/politics/gop-silence-trump-false-election-claims-mccarthy/index.html
  2. It's not being aghast at the outcome. Most of knew we were losing that football game a long time ago. It's being aghast at the complete lack of effort from the coaching staff on Saturday. No imagination. Not even trying to attack Bama. Get into 2nd and long and run the ball up the middle? Sorry, that's piss poor. Losing Saturday was inevitable, just like 1998, 1999, and 2009. But you know the difference between those years and this one? We actually fought our asses off in those seasons and at least threw everything we had at Bama. If anyone feels like we did that on Saturday,
  3. 1) You don't get to change the rules now that examples have been pointed out to you. Saying, "Well they are two of the greats" doesn't absolve you from making a bad point. Neither one had succeded in recruiting the South before they got to LSU or Florida and Saban in particular wasn't lightning the world on fire at Michigan State. 2) If you want to go down that road though, here's a quick list: Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson (Miami years), & Chip Kelly (Oregon years). All built conference and national title caliber programs. None of them had college ties to the region.
  4. I hate when people say this. Nick Saban never coached in the South before going to LSU. Same for Urban Meyer before he got to Florida. And neither one of them were the big name coaches that they ended up being at the time of their respective hires. Meyer was at a then Group of Five school in Utah and Saban came off a decent, but not earth shattering, stint at Michigan State. Point being that recruits follow good coaching, plain and simple.
  5. I have not. Been drinking a lot of Texas bourbons lately. The TX Pot Still is really good a cheap price point ($30 a bottle).
  6. I can agree on the Pappy comment. It was underwhelming. Blanton's though? Gimme!
  7. This is your problem. You think Angel's Envy is expensive. Angel's Envy is Gus. Mid-range, mid-tier. We're shooting for Pappy Van Winkle over here. And if not that, at least some Blanton's.
  8. Whoa! Chad is a high school coach from Texas. Gotta make sure we get these things right.
  9. Man, I've already had a vasectomy. What's a testicle at this point? Take it from me if it means getting Fickell.
  10. This....this is the point. Gus is responsible for four of these performances. It's not that we are getting beat by Bama when we play there. It's that we aren't even competitive.
  11. Don't forget the Kentucky game too. We are 2-3 really bad calls away from being 3-5 at best.
  12. 1) Comparing Gus to Tubs isn't very strong. Awesome. Each averages 8-4. Yippee. 2) As someone else has stated, if your argument is that we might just hire someone of Gus's quality anyway, then that's a net win. We can get the same results for $3M-$4M less per year. It's just good business at that point. 3) Clemson had the same kind of program Florida State had in the 70s and Florida had pre Spurrier. Both of those places have been successful after their Dabo-like coaches left. Clemson ain't going anywhere anytime soon.
  13. With respect, it seems as if you are missing something very important. The coaching staff's job is to give the team it's best chance to win. I don't think anyone complaining here expected to win today. But what is unacceptable is rolling over. Things like running up the middle on 2nd and 13 repeatedly are disgusting to watch. That's throwing in the towel. Remember the 1998, 1999, or 2009 games? We were severely out manned those days too. But we threw EVERYTHING we had at Bama. That's all any of us are asking for with regards to today. And the problem is, this isn't a one
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