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  1. How has she had plenty of time? The story just broke a few days ago. All I'm suggesting is another week. And for sure there's Kavanaugh's family to think about. But to my knowledge, they aren't the ones getting death threats. The accuser however, has been.
  2. Brad_ATX


    Last week sucked to be sure, but tonight counts for just as much in the SEC standings as the LSU game did. Time to get right.
  3. She really hasn't had a lifetime to prep. When this alleged event happened, do you really think she believed her attacker would be a SC nominee? She's already on record as saying that's why she finally came forward.
  4. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    The VP is not hand picked. The VP is an elected official. There's no law saying the President and Vice President have to be from the same ticket. It's not tough to talk about. Titan flat out said from the start to remove Trump and consider any POTUS. It's a discussion on the merits of the 25th Amendment.
  5. I think she will. I also think it's unreasonable to say Monday or bust for her by Rs. There's no harm in giving her an extra week to decide. There's a lot of personal stuff that goes into that decision, not the least of which is the potential effect on her family.
  6. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    Yup. That's what needs to be understood about the law. The Cabinet needs a majority and then you need vast majorities in Congress before action could be taken. The evidence would likely be overwhelming if this law were ever used.
  7. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    OK, but the 25th Amendment process has to be initiated by the Cabinet and VP. And you need a majority of Cabinet members to agree before it can even be sent to Capitol Hill. Now, if the President's hand picked Cabinet sees a major issue, does that not cause concern for you?
  8. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    Yup, the crazy mofo comment was unneeded (although I happen to agree, its not the place for that debate). However, the link he provided is useful as it details the law being discussed and you've admitted to not even reading it. Shows you have little interest in the discussion.
  9. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    Nowhere near offended. Just hate it when people aren't consistent.
  10. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    Again, as I said to Salty, use the exercise that Titan brought up and take Trump out of the equation. Apply the standard to any president. How do you feel about the law? That's what Titan is getting at.
  11. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    You quoted Titan when you made your comment. By doing that, you should stay on topic. If you have an issue with Homer, quote him.
  12. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    Did you read the premise of Titan's first post? This is a general discussion that is purposely not about Trump. It's about when/how/why is it appropriate to use the 25th.
  13. Brad_ATX

    Rosenstein Now Implicated

    It's not a coup when there is a constitutional amendment on the books for the very reason of protecting the best interests of the country. And it can't be done by a single person. The law is written that way to avoid the look of a coup. It's why the action has to be started from the President's own Cabinet.