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  1. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    I was worried about MW last night running that read option. Was screaming that he needed to either hand off or throw the ball by reading a defense (only way he's gonna learn). He takes one big hit running the ball and we no longer have a viable back up.
  2. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    It's not a dump at all. Probably comparable to Kentucky's stadium. The Rock M end zone is actually super cool to see. Long time tradition of theirs. You want a dump? Go see a game at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. That place succkkssss.
  3. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    Great win. Here's what I saw from the stands. - Major O line improvement - Aggressive early play calling - Multiple ball carriers - Only concern was what seemed like a limited pass rush - A lot of empty seats Mizzou fans are great in general. Nice folks just there to have a good time. Beautiful campus. GORGEOUS co-eds. I'll happily come back here any time. WDE
  4. Who Do You Want?

    Yeah, I'd be 100% OK with that hire if we get to that point. Know several UGA folks who lament him getting away.
  5. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Arkansas Florida LSU South Carolina Tennessee Alabama Florida State Oklahoma State Georgia 45
  6. Ole Miss voting on replacing mascot....again

    Make the mascot a burner phone?
  7. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Mix? A good Southern man drinks his bourbon neat my friend.
  8. 2018 Schedule released

    We better hope Jake Browning goes pro this year. Otherwise you are right, we are in for a dog fight to start the season.
  9. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Not to mentioned what would have been 550-600 yards of offense. We still had 500 with the 5 TOs. I've said it already but it won't take a ton of improvement for us to looks fantastic this weekend. I do agree with him about concerns with the o-line. That's an absolutely fair assessment based on last week's game.
  10. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    There's actually not a contradiction here. One has nothing to do with the other. I also specifically said if Gus fails this year, feel free to fire him. As for improvement, who we played doesn't matter. We schedule teams like Mercer specifically to work on things and improve. Sorry if I don't just look at the score and instead choose to actually watch the games for things like scheme adjustments and player development. But, hypothetically, let's say we fire Gus today. What does Auburn gain? Did it help LSU last year? I'd argue no because Coach O got hot and they were forced into a sub-standard hire. Would it matter if we went 8-4 this year with Gus or without Gus? It's still 8-4. What happens though if, by some off chance, Chip calling plays turns this around and we go 10-2? You still gonna be angry? It would then be his second 10+ win season in five years, with a stacked team and talented QB returning next year. There's plenty of time after the season to make a move if one is necessary. Getting your scalp now vs getting one in November makes no difference as no hire would be made until after the season. But I think you're scared that in November it may not be warranted.
  11. Byron Cowart

    If a 5* plays like a 2*-3*, they often transfer because they get passed on the depth chart. Recruiting rankings aren't an exact science. It's an educated guess, but a guess nonetheless. There are 5* busts every year around the country.
  12. 2018 Schedule released

    2019 in the Swamp
  13. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    I'm thinking something along the same lines. 48-14
  14. Byron Cowart

    I'm am chilled out. It's called looking at the situation like an adult. Notice other posters here saying the same things I am talking about with regards to talking down towards the kid, including one who played college football? Go read Byron's interviews so far. He has spoken well of AU and the coaching staff's help for him off the field. For AU "fans" not to do the same towards him is just wrong.
  15. Byron Cowart

    I read (and quoted) your entire ignorant post. You essentially called out the kid's manhood without knowing a thing about the situation and then projected your family's values onto him. Not cool.