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  1. Just Lockhart. You can have Salt Lick. Overrated BBQ.
  2. Can I also take everything within 30 miles? Lake Travis, BBQ considerations, Deep Eddy Vodka, Jester King Brewery all at stake here.
  3. You hit the nail on the head as to why its working here. Big transplant city and a ton of folks like me who didn't attend UT. Latino population is large (30%ish) and team is actively including them in marketing and reaching out. Whole city is rallying around this club and its fun to witness.
  4. Man, I pray we have a full stadium for our home opener in June. Austin just surpassed 18,000 ticket members on the wait list today. This city has been electric and our players basically said we turned that Colorado road game into a home atmosphere. Tons of watch parties around town too since we play 7 straight on the road to start. Bunch of us planning on going to Nashville in May since that's the next stadium we go to where we can get a decent quantity of tickets from the other front office.
  5. Amazing weekend in Denver. Two Rockies wins (including a walk off homer) for my first Rocks home games in two decades followed by Austin FC's first ever win. About 200 of us went up from Austin for the game. I have zero voice left. And if you're a soccer fan, you're gonna want to get to Austin for a game. Trust me here. Closest thing I've ever experienced to college football. 20210423_220357.mp4 20210424_002901.mp4 20210424_191505.mp4 20210424_191524.mp4
  6. I've traveled all over this country. This is the most beautiful place I've seen in America.
  7. A few pics from yesterday and this morning. Heading to the Columbia River Gorge in a couple of days.
  8. Hello from Cannon Beach, Oregon!
  9. Not the point. The Commissioner is hired by and paid by the owners. Groups or individuals, the Commisioner is beholden to their interests.
  10. Do you make major decisions without checking with your bosses?
  11. To say its all over Voter ID is a gross over-simplification.
  12. Total side bar: I once walked right past the Westboro folks when leaving the Super Bowl. It was the game where Russel Wilson threw a pick at the goal line to lose. Westboro folks were expertly trolling Seahawks fans from a secured, penned in area and I couldn't help but crack up.
  13. My own family work for you?
  14. Then that goes to owners. They pay his salary.
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