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  1. I'm very fortunate in that I get to travel a lot for work and see/experience cool things.
  2. Except she's not. At all. She's so not mainstream that her committee assignments are largely inconsequential. And her own party put her in those spots. Because you apparently don't pay attention, let me allow you in on a secret. Dems are fighting amongst themselves in the same way the Republicans did in 2010 (Centrists vs Tea Party). There is very little mainstream consensus about what the Democratic party is right now, and that's where I see a potentially big issue in 2020 for them. Also, word of advice. Stop with overuse of exclamation points in your posts. It's kind of redundant and hurts your credibility. Feels like you can't debate without screaming.
  3. Hi, I'm Brad and I'm example A of the kind of person Titan is referring to here. Although I would argue that I know a little more about Christian doctrine than many other non-believers and believers as well.
  4. No problem. Have to be in Chicago this week for work, so going to the White Sox one night. Will post pics from there too.
  5. I feel like you didn't watch much Purdue football last year. I saw them play at least six times. They weren't very good. Beating #25 Iowa isn't a top ranked team. It's a fringe ranked team. The only real win of note they had was vs Ohio State and to their credit, Purdue played great that evening. But you also conveniently left off the fact that Purdue lost to Eastern Michigan and got their doors blown off by a middling Minnesota team. Good teams don't let that happen. Do I think Troy beats them? Quite possibly yes. And it's not "laughable or disrespectful" to say because there is evidence that Purdue can and did lose to a worse than Troy caliber team last season.
  6. For that prediction to happen, we'd need to lose to Oregon. 6-2 in conference won't win the division.
  7. The players on the field for Purdue during that game were part of recruiting classes that averaged rankings in the mid-60s. To give you perspective, there are only 64 teams in the Power 5 (65 if you include Notre Dame). The school was literally being out-recruited by some MAC and AAC schools during those years. As long as we tried, Purdue had no chance just based on pure talent.
  8. Predictions: Oregon - gonna need a good summer ale. Too hot in Texas that time of year for much more. Plus Oregon is an amazing beer state. Weeks 2/3 - whatever is in the house Aggie - probably need a pint of Woodford here. Something enjoyable that I can sip on slowly throughout the day. MSU - after last year, I feel like something dirty is needed. Hello Mr Cuervo! UF - Nattie Light feels appropriate for the jorts wearers, but I can't drink that swill. So it'll likely be a Funky Buddha Key Lime Pie Sour. Arkansas - meh, maybe a good IPA. Need to be ready for.... LSU - Dear God in heaven help my liver! Watching us play a game in Baton Rouge calls for the big guns. Welcome to the party Lagavulin 16. Ole Miss - Need a breather. Let's ease it up a bit with a nice fall pumpkin spice ale. UGA - I'll need copious amounts of ole trusty. Take one solo cup, fill with ice. Equal parts Jack & coke. Mix with a second solo cup and enjoy. Repeat as necessary. Samford - something sweet for the cupcake. Peanut Butter flavored whiskey should pair nicely. Bama - Clay County's finest. It ain't legal and it's clear as day. Be smart, but be brave.
  9. To be fair, most of us have called him a liar since day 1 as he's consistently said demonstrably false things well before his election.
  10. You mean like answering to the American public on a consistent basis by taking questions from the White House press corps while having his uninterrupted answers aired nationally for all to see? Seems like a stupid thing to vote against if that's your argument.
  11. Spent a couple of days at Yankee Stadium this week. Unfortunately my Rockies lost both, but still fun. Did Monument Park for the first time and also walked through the Yankees Museum.
  12. This is what Perry's is known for. It's one pork chop....and it's freaking delicious.
  13. You're right. They held these regular things called press conferences instead where reporters didn't have to shout or rehash stuff since they would also be allowed follow ups. Amazing how that works.
  14. Don't need a pro tip. Just thought his take was interesting. Nothing more.
  15. This is such an interesting take about the recent "go back" tweet from a Black man who identifies as conservative and voted for Trump in 2016. Worth the 2:30 to take the time and watch listen to his words.