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  1. You need evidence that times are changing? Wisconsin just fired Paul Chryst. He's 67-26 with 3 division titles. That is not a program known for making moves during the season. Just furthers my belief that we won't wait much longer.
  2. Hugh private messaged a sexual assualt victim who called out leadership at Liberty for sweeping the incident under the rug and attempted to defend said leadership. The dude is beyond being a scumbag. He's the kind of person you don't want anywhere near people you care about.
  3. 1) Not everyone deserves a 2nd chance. 2) Why should Auburn be that guinea pig? He hasn't done especially impressive, unless you consider 8-5 last year with an NFL QB impressive.
  4. Would highly recommend watching some videos of Deion as a head coach. The way he communicates to his players is impressive.
  5. That's a wild assumption to make about Deion.
  6. Do y'all realize how bad JSU was before Deion got there? He's far from Trooper.
  7. I'm just saying, our boosters should make a HEAVY bet on whoever we are going to hire and then use the cash to fund the buyout. Also, this genius thinking is why I should be the AD.
  8. He was saying its important to keep our young, talented guys out of the portal. As in keep them at Auburn.
  9. Take out the first 21 minutes and tell me what I should be excited about? I'll wait. 39 minutes without a single point. Bad field position management. And zero 3rd down conversions in the 4th quarter.
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