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  1. Went to the Bama/A&M game this weekend with my Dad. He's a Bama fan and just moved to Texas. I say this preface because the secret best thing about a game at A&M is their on campus meat store that I discovered prior to the 2015 AU game there. At said store, they sell these delicious balls of meat. Jalepeno stuffed with cheddar, put inside ground sausage, then wrapped with bacon. It's freaking delicious. Also, we had pretty killer seats.
  2. So I went to the game today with my Bama fan Dad. Observations: - Bama's D is baaaaddddd. Mond missed some wide open receivers. Game could have easily been closer. - The offense relies heavily on the receivers. Tua is good, but with talent he has to work with on the outside, all he has to do is complete short passes and let them go to work. - Tua uses the shoulder pump fake better than any college QB I've seen. - If I'm a DC, here's how I'd play the Bama O. Bump coverage on the 4 WR w/ one safety playing center field. Try to knock off the timing at the LOS because otherwise they will kill you with the quick slant. One LB assigned to the RB reading plays and coming on delayed rushes once it's a known pass play. Other 5 coming hard at Tua all day. You simply can't play zone against that team. Tua and those receivers will pick you apart.
  3. I'm personally all here for the Ukrainian people to take down everyone in our government.
  4. He was a racist and it was patently obvious (for example: he literally once compared Obama to a monkey). THAT makes him a bad person. Being a POTUS supporter just makes you silly in my book.
  5. A former poster who no longer posts here for being racist. You utilize many of his same defenses and illogical reasoning (not the racism part though).
  6. It's like PT has been reincarnated.
  7. I hope this event will finally show people that the man is far out of his depth when it comes to this job. He's literally betraying key allies in the region in favor of strongmen taking over. It's absurd.
  8. We wouldn't have a Government if everyone who cheated on their spouse was removed from office. She didn't break a law. Having a consensual affair is not a removable offense. In fact we'd all be better off if we stopped caring so much about what happens in other people's bedrooms. Also, Clinton didn't get impeached for an affair with a staffer. He got impeached for lying under oath. If you could maybe get the facts right for once, that would be great.
  9. If you met me in real life, you'd understand. I freely admit to being a bit of an ass at times. I'm also a pretty giving person who loves the family/friends to no end and will do things for them at the drop of a hat. It's a weird dichotomy.
  10. Wait, Republicans aren't Constitutional textualists anymore? When did this happen?! I've been told over and over that there's not supposed to be room for interpretation in the Constitution!
  11. Go here.
  12. I do and totally would. But I'm a self admitted a**hole who really doesn't care what people think of me.
  13. UCLA and Cal will be off the list within a decade. Home and homes already scheduled.
  14. Huh? Their closest win is by 18.
  15. Yeah, because Arkansas' poor excuse for playing football has nothing to do with a crappy time slot 🙄
  16. It's a tradition. They play that game at 11 CT every year.
  17. It's not so much apathy as getting wiser in my old age. I still watch every game, travel to a few per year, and cheer. But I can't let what a bunch of 20 year olds do run my life. Bigger things going on. Living away from Alabama for over a decade in several places has shown me that college football isn't the be all, end all. World's a big place with a lot of cool things happening. Doesn't mean I can't objectively look at things and understand what we are under Malzahn, what we could be with the right coach, etc, etc. And I still won't buy anything red because Bama/UGA. At the same time, a few years ago I would never do what I'm going to do this weekend, which is go to a Bama game that doesn't involve AU. But my dad is a Bama fan and is coming to visit, so I'm taking him to the A&M game. I've just learned to enjoy the experience for what it is more than I used to.
  18. Saw it too. Couldn't figure out what it was for unless CBS had a camera on it.
  19. Also, if we're doing a sanity check, I walked out of the game laughing. We got Gus'd. It's gonna happen at least once a year. This type of game used to piss me off to no end. 2017 LSU broke me. Now I just go for the party. I'm gonna cheer and wear the colors, sure. If we win, cool. If we don't? Whatever, I still had fun. Maybe I'm mellowing as I age, but I just can't get angry over this stuff anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still want to win and love when we do. However it ain't the most important thing in my life.
  20. From the stands, I saw us play more bump coverage yesterday than I've seen in a while. Looked like the majority of the time we were putting everyone on an island and bringing an extra rusher. Trying to force Trask into quick decisions and overwhelm their line.
  21. 2016 hands down. We could have easily won that game if not for the worst offensive game plan I've ever seen.