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  1. The Green Beret who advised Kapernick has spoken on the Brees situation and given a really nice perspective.
  2. Chuck and Nancy's own party colleagues don't hate them. That's the difference.
  3. He's the most hated because he did stupid stuff like shut the government down over his Republican allies objections. He punished everyone to make a point.
  4. Oh I believe they understood. But by changing the narrative, they didn't have to face what he was protesting.
  5. Ohj, a retirement party. I'm sure hard conversations were had there. As for "what have I done", when I go to our NYC office that I co-manage, I'm the only White guy there. In my time, we've had people of African, Asian, Central American, and South American decent. Many of them are first generation immigrants. And I fight every damn day to promote them and give raises, most of the time at my own financial detriment. Prior to that, I travelled every day of the baseball season with a team filled with multiple races. You think we didn't have some candid conversations over the course of 9 hour bus rides? Not that I feel it's really worth the mention, but I also dated a Black woman for a year when I was younger. I've sat in her home and had those hard conversations. I've received the looks and comments from racist a**holes for dating her. I don't even pretend to say that I know what life is like for a Black man in this country, but that little bit of vitriol I personally felt and dealt with sucked. I can only imagine what they deal with on a day-to-day basis. I've also gone into inner-city, underserved Black schools and taught. Would spend extra time after school doing things like playing basketball and building relationships. This school in particular was one no one wanted to go to. I spent six months there before moving working every day to try and help foster a better environment. I truly believe you have your head in the sand on this. Part of that is probably based on your surroundings. I doubt you've traveled much or experienced places around this country over the last decade. I've been fortunate in that I do travel a lot. That opportunity has opened my eyes even more to a world that is struggling in many areas which I normally wouldn't see. And the people of those areas are economically and educationally ignored while being targeted for harsher judicial punishment.
  6. Cool. Now how many of them were real friends? I'm talking people you hung out with in a non-work setting that you could have actual conversations with. Because I'm 100% willing to bet they held back their true thoughts with you being their employer.
  7. 100% the wrong reaction by the newsroom staff. Let it be published then let the public take him down. Whether one likes it or not, the speech needs to be heard. He's not a hate group leader or anything. He's a sitting U.S. Senator. His opinion, while I think misguided, matters.
  8. Know how I know you've never actually had a real conversation with a Black person in America?
  9. In this tweet, Cruz tries to say the Brees can't talk because of the "angry left". No, Brees was schooled BY HIS OWN TEAMMATES. It's not a left mob. It's the people he shares a locker room with that really got to Brees. Again showing why Ted Cruz is a dumbass.
  10. Damn I loathe Ted Cruz's dumb ass
  11. What constitutes "the correct way" for you? Because if you mean peacefully, then so did Kaepernick. And the reasons are quite similar, specifically Black people being treated unequally in our country. Also, the fact that CK has money doesn't somehow diminish his point about police brutality. That's just a complete red herring on your part to make up some faux outrage in order to dismiss the man's concerns. Finally, this goes beyond just Black people being killed by cops. The term "driving while Black" is real. Don't believe it? Ask your Black friends about it (if you actually have any). Excessive use of force is a problem. Your assumption that someone must not be complying in order to receive harsh treatment is literally voided by two videos in the last week: George Floyd and the students in Atlanta who were pulled from their cars and tased. I'll leave you with Malcon Jenkins, safety for the Saints, responding to the same lines you are using about "disrespecting the flag by kneeling" which Drew Brees espoused earlier today. Would implore you to watch the video and more importantly, listen to the man.
  12. I tend to agree. I hope the wrong charge doesn't let these guys off the hook.
  13. I get that, but the side with guns, tasers, and pepper spray has to be the one with the ability to show restraint. Especially when their job is to keep the peace.
  14. Read a story recently of a Black college kid that was pulled over for weed. The cop cut him a break and said "If you make the Dean's List next semester, this charge goes away completely." Guess what happened? Kid made the Dean's List. That's what good community policing does. Not everything requires the harshest possible interaction or outcome.
  15. Man, I watch Live PD every week and see worse than that each episode as "resisting" without force being used. The spray needed to be a last resort option, not a knee-jerk reaction. It was beyond excessive.
  16. Enforcing the law does not mean escalation of a situation. The pepper spray was not needed in that situation. No one was being violent or resisting. That's an excessive use of force.
  17. Curfew or not, the police in that video escalated the incident. That's not their job.
  18. A friend of mine and I keep saying "Run the ball" about Biden right now. Worst thing he could do would be to beat himself.
  19. Confrontation with ideals that need to be thought about long and hard often piss people off because it affects the status quo. Think MLK and Rosa Parks, two people you mentioned earlier as positive examples, didn't piss people off despite harming no one?
  20. He took a silent knee that threatened no one. There's nothing aggressive about that. And the worst part is that the issue he was calling out, police brutality against minorities, was completely whitewashed by some fanciful "you hate the troops if you don't stand for the anthem" agenda that was made up by people who simply didn't want to hear what the man had to say. This all in spite of the fact that Kaepernick's taking of a knee was suggested to him by a former military member as the best way to protest using his platform because Colin was cognizant of not wanting to disrespect them.
  21. There's five big public high schools there. Lee, Lanier, Carver, JD, and Park Crossing. I know the demographics of the first four are primarily Black. Not sure about Park Crossing as it opened long after I moved away. It's sad to say, but when I was younger, JD and Lee were the "White" schools while Carver and Lanier were the "Black" schools. As time went on, more and more White people started sending kids to private school in Montgomery. The city's educational system became re-segregated in many ways during the 90s.
  22. Statue of Robert E. Lee was taken down in front of Lee High School in Montgomery tonight. Was done so peacefully by the city I believe. Should be noted that the school is attended by predominantly Black students.