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  1. I'm sorry, but that is a load. The players aren't in the hospital because they mailed it in during Helf's S&C workouts, they're in the hospital because the new S&C coach didn't do his damn job. There's pushing players to their limits so they can get better, and then there's just putting them in danger. This is a case of the latter. Plain and simple, between the nutrition staff and the S&C staff, something went very wrong, and the new staff shouldn't blame a single thing on the old staff. Hell, the University even recognizes it. They've already suspended the S&C coach for a month without pay during arguably the most important part of off-season training.
  2. I guess the one negative is that there could be some disagreement in offensive philosophy between Yurich and Malzahn (pass-heavy vs run-heavy), but that's a pretty big statement to say that the worst thing I can find about the guy is that he may be too confident in what he's good (especially when we're specifically seeking him out because he is so good at what he does).
  3. I honestly don't see what the downside of Yurich is. Has been successful calling an offense at the P5 level Known for QB development Young and brings energy to the staff Not associated with the Malzahn tree (means that any ideas he has about the passing attack will be un-influenced) Utilized a QB with a similar style to Stidham at OSU (Mason Rudolph, 4091 yds, 28 tds, 158.9 QBR, 83 rushes for 61 yds, 6 tds) ran an offense know for using RPOs and more advanced route combos
  4. Since the stipulation is just "less than 4 games", could a player potentially become a starter for the last 3 games of the season (due to injury, a la Ole Miss QB Shea Patterson after Chad Kelly went down) and still take a redshirt? Would this rule change be retroactive (i.e. could Shea still apply for a redshirt)?
  5. My bad. Serves me right for browsing at work. Edited my post.
  6. So let's play a hypothetical game. Someone mentioned in another thread that Gus has been on record saying that if the NCAA allowed an additional assistant, he'd hire a full-time Special Teams coordinator (currently coached by Scott Fountain, along with TEs). So, it could be that: Name Current Position Hypothetical Position Scott Fountain ST/TEs ST Coordinator Rhett Lashlee co-OC/QBs TE/H-back coach Chip Lindsey OC (ASU) co-OC/QBs In this scenario, we have Hand/Lindsey as co-OCs and Lindsey working with QBs. Rhett stays as an on-the-field coach and works with a critical position. Special Teams gets a full-time coordinator.
  7. As mentioned by @lionheartkc, Ron Cooper was LSU's DB's coach from 09-11. Their current DB's coach has been with them since 2012. All of the players that I listed were coached by Ron Cooper. The reason that Raymond is number 1 on my list is his recruiting prowess. Here is a list of his all-time commits, including: 5 Star Kevin Toliver II 5 Star JaCoby Stevens 5 Star Kristian Fulton 5 Star Jamal Adams 5 Star Kelvin Joseph
  8. If I'm making this decision, my first call is to Corey Raymond (LSU DBs coach), simply because it's a win-win situation. We offer him what we were paying Crime Dog, and 1 of 3 things would happen: LSU doesn't match, Raymond takes the pay raise. We get a good coach. LSU doesn't match, Raymond stays at his Alma Mater. We are no worse off. LSU does match, Raymond stays at his Alma Mater. We are no worse off and LSU stretches their budget a little thinner. Should we not get Raymond, my second call would be to Ron Cooper, who is currently the Interim HC at FIU. He was the DB coach at LSU under Chief (2009 - 2011) and his resume is extremely impressive. Specifically, these are some of the players he coached: Morris Claiborne (All-American 2011, Thorpe Award 2011, 2012 1st Rd Draft Pick) Patrick Peterson Tyrann Mathieu (All-American 2011, Bednarik Award 2011, Heisman Finalist, 3rd Rd Draft Pick) Eric Reid (All-American, 2013 1st Rd draft pick) Brandon Taylor (2012 3rd Rd Draft Pick) Should we miss on both, my next call would be to Al Pogue. He's done great things with the Troy pass defense (though they did regress slightly this year according to national rankings).
  9. Agreed. FWIW, Canada was also previously an OC at NC State and Wisky. He had success at both, but not overwhelmingly so. His offenses appear to be efficient, but not dominating.
  10. ESPN now reporting that LSU has hired Matt Canada as OC from Pitt Canada's Panthers offense ranked #4 in this years S&P rankings and #14 in the Offensive FEI
  11. WR - Kyle Davis OR NCM LG - Mike Horton OR Marquel Harrell RT - Calvin Ashley OR Prince Tega Wonahongu OR Prince Sammons DT - Andrew Williams OR Derrick Brown CB - Javaris Davis OR Jamel Dean NB - Daniel Thomas OR Stephen Roberts OR Markell Boston P - Ian Shannon OR Anders Carlson (gotta keep his leg loose, am I right?)
  12. FWIW, here is a series of tweets from him: 1. Re-Tweeted Stidham's commitment tweet 2. 3. Sounds to me like he made his decision a few nights ago, and that things are trending toward AU.
  13. Decommitted from LSU this morning
  14. DML = Design and Manufacturing Lab. It's a class you take as a MechE at Auburn where you get hands on experience machining so that you can figure out what machines like lathes, mills, and CNC's can and cannot do, as well as exactly how long it takes to get tight tolerances. The project we were given actually has pretty wide tolerances at 10 Mils (note: 1 Mil =/= 1 mm. 1 Mil = .001"), but every Mil out of tolerance was .5 points off of the total project. Every blemish was 1 point off. Link to more info for those interested
  15. Leff is a hell of a guy. Studied Mechanical Engineering with him at Auburn, and he was one of the few in all of my classes that really knew his stuff. He was always on the ball with assignments, heck he finished our DML project a month and a half before I did and he did it while going to football practice every day. PSA: Don't call him Bobby. Dr. Roberts always would and I don't think Robert liked it one bit