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  1. AUEngineer2016

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    If you haven't yet, watch the Mic'd Up portion. He's young, but he clearly has an understanding of the nuances of being a Quarterback. He stresses fundamentals, execution, and stays on top of his players. One play in particular stuck out to me- on a triple-option play, the QB read "keep" for the handoff mesh, then read "pitch" for the 2nd read. After gaining ~10-15 yards, Kenny ran up to the WR, told him he had a good block, but if he held it 0.5 second longer, they would've scored. That's the kind of "keep pushing, always get better" mentality that exists at places like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Clemson, etc. and is one of the reasons they haven't "fallen off", despite losing talent year after year.
  2. AUEngineer2016

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    Maybe, but that's like saying "the right trades at the right times can do much better with penny stocks". Obviously that's exaggerated, but you're asking the guy to go from a very stable job where he's having success to a much more tumultuous position with a rabid fanbase where the expectations, his level of competition, and the ceiling are all higher. It's a High Risk - High Reward gamble for him, and some people are more risk averse than that. I'm guessing given his family history that he is going to opt for the safer route.
  3. AUEngineer2016

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    2 points with this: I don't think they're as competitive as you think, evidenced by Mike working under Bob for so long. Over the course of his career, Bob and Mike worked together for 13 years, and for 10 of those Bob was Mike's direct superior. The only "competition" they had were: a) from '92-'95 when they worked on the same defensive staff at K-State and b) when Mike took the HC job at Arizona for 7 years, after which he came back to work under Bob. That doesn't show a pattern of competition, it shows a pattern of family loyalty. More than a competitive family, they are a family that doesn't jump around. Looking at their tenures: Bob: Iowa - 4 years (GA and Assistant) Kent State - 1 year (Assistant), left for a better job at K-State Kansas State - 6 years (DBs, Co-DC), left for a better job in UF Florida - 2 years (AHC/DC), left to take the HC job at OU Oklahoma - 17 years (HC), retired Mike: Iowa - 3 years (GA, LB/DB), left to work with Bob at K-State Kansas State - 6 years (DE, co-DC, DB, AHC), left to work with Bob at OU Oklahoma - 4 years (AHC/co-DC/DB), left to take HC job at Arizona Arizona - 7 years (HC), fired, went back to OU to work with Bob Oklahoma - 6 years (AHD/DC/DB/OLB), fired by Bob's replacement, Lincoln Riley Mark: Iowa - 2 years (GA) - Left for the AD job at a HS High School - 3 years (AD/DB) - Left for a college coaching job USF - 1 year (DB) Wyoming - 3 years (DB) - Left to follow HC to Houston Houston - 1 year (Co-DC/S) - Left for a better job in Miami Miami - 3 years (DB) - Left to coach with his brother Mike Arizona - 5 years (DC/DB) - Left for a better job in Florida State Florida State - 2 years (DC/DB) - Left to take the HC job at Kentucky Kentucky - 5 years (HC) If you look at all of their career paths, you'll notice some similarities: all coached at Iowa to begin their careers, all bounced around a little as assistants, all eventually specialized in DBs, and all of them stayed with 1 school when getting the HC position until they were either fired, or retired. Mark saw what happened to Mike when he started losing, and he saw how Bob was able to maintain a level of success by building a program and staying at the same school. My guess is that he will follow the "build the program" model vs the "it's a better job" model.
  4. AUEngineer2016

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    No, they aren't the only team, but (assuming we fire Gus) we will have fired our last 2 head coaches within 6 years, both of whom had success (Chizik won a natty in 2010, Malzahn won the SEC in 2013 and almost won a natty, won the SEC West in 2017). That's a lot of stability you're asking coaches like Franklin, Shaw, Peterson, Patterson, and Stoops to give up. Of that group, Shaw's been at Stanford for 11 years, HC for 7 Peterson's been at Washington for 3 years, previously was at Boise State for 7, and is a playoff contender. He's never had any ties to the southeast, much less Auburn, which means we'd have to throw serious bags of cash at him. Bags of cash we do not have. Patterson's been at TCU for 20 years, been HC for 18 (and built that program up from C-USA to Mountain West to Big 12). Patterson is as much a part of that TCU program as Bill Snyder is at K-State. Mark Stoops has been at Kentucky for 6 years and has found success in a place with lower expectations. He's been building that program year-by-year, and is just now rounding the corner into success. He's in a situation where he realistically has 1-2 challenges/year in the SEC East, and you think he's going to leave to come to the toughest division in CFB? At a school that in the short term has had a very short tolerance for losing? Franklin's been at Penn State for 4 years, but also built that program back from nothing to a top-10 contender year in and year out. He's also in a situation with a wealth of resources with less competition. He isn't leaving, and I doubt we could afford both his and Malzahn's buyouts. People need to get over Bob Stoops. He retired due to his health- hell his Dad died from a health condition during the middle of a game. He isn't coming back to coaching. That leaves Kiffin, Clark, Cristobal, and Strong. Strong had success at Louisville and is doing a decent job with USF, but he was clearly not the answer at Texas. Kiffin is a good offensive mind, but seems to have struggles as a HC. His FAU team is 3-3 currently with wins over Air Force, Bethune-Cookman, and Old Dominion. They're 5th in-conference. Cristobal is having a ton of success at Oregon, has the backing of one of the biggest names in sports worldwide (Nike), and benefits from a Pac-12 that isn't the toughest. The last coach to have success like that only left to go to the NFL. That leaves Bill Clark, who I've already voiced my support for.
  5. AUEngineer2016

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I really only see 3 options for us here: 1. Bill Clark, HC UAB. 13-6 in the 2 years he's spent resurrecting UAB football, including a 2nd place finish in the MAC West their first year back. Not bad for a school that lost all of their top-tier players. It'd also be interesting to see if he could convince John Grass (HC Jacksonville State) to come be his OC again- the 2 coached together at Jacksonville State in 2013: 35.2 ppg on offense, 23.6 ppg on defense 89% Red Zone scoring percentage, 64% Red Zone TD Percentage 4.8 YPA rushing, 7.6 YPA passing 49 School Records, 13 OVC Records, 3 NCAA 1-AA Records I think the ideal scenario here is: Bill Clark, HC John Grass, OC Kevin Steele, DC 2. Josh Heupel - HC UCF. You want offense? A guy who can develop quarterbacks? Heupel's your guy. Just a few of the names he's coached: Sam Bradford Landry Jones Blake Bell Trevor Knight Drew Lock Mackenzie Milton He's shown he can coach a successful offense in the SEC with Mizzou. In his 2 seasons as OC, they put up video game numbers. The year before he became OC, Mizzou averaged 13.6 PPG. In the 2 years he was there, they averaged 31.4 and 37.5 PPG. His offense at UCF is averaging 45.7 PPG. His team is undefeated and in the Top 10- I don't care that Frost did it the year before, it's hard to keep that going. Just ask Major Applewhite at Houston, Mike Norvell at Memphis, and every other coach who's taken over a Top-10 G5 team only to find that it's not so easy to get those guys to buy in. Heupel is a QB guy, he won the Heisman at OU under the Pirate himself Mike Leach. He's coached under both Bob and Mike Stoops. He's a young guy with a lot of energy, intensity, and a proven track record of offensive success. I think the ideal scenario here is: Josh Heupel, HC/OC Steele or Randy Shannon, DC 3. Keep Malzahn for another year. We spend the year scouting other coaches, preparing to pay the buyout, and are ready to pull the trigger at any point.
  6. AUEngineer2016

    2018 Signee Numbers

    Woody Barrett, Class of 2016. 247 Sports Recruiting Link
  7. AUEngineer2016

    2018 Signee Numbers

    Per @AUBlog on Twitter: #1 - Joey Gatewood #6 - Christian Tutt #9 - Jamien Sherwood #11 - Shedrick Jackson #20 - Asa Martin #21 - Smoke Monday #36 - Josh Marsh #44 - Daquan Newkirk
  8. AUEngineer2016

    next Head Coach

    I'm just going to leave this here... Scott Frost plays Scout Team QB to help team prepare for Navy
  9. AUEngineer2016

    next Head Coach

    After taking over an 0-12 team that looked gave up when O'Leary resigned after losing by 46 to Houston. Not to mention he was in his first year of being a HC with a 1st year OC and a 1st year DC. He's also 6-0 this year. Let's look at some of those 7 losses too- 1. @ #5 Michigan (14-51) This was one of 4 games that they lost by more than 7 points. It was also on the road at a team that ended up going to a New Year's 6 bowl, and that could probably win on talent alone. Not counting this one against Frost. 2. Maryland (24-30, 2OT) 1st game for Milton as the starter, took a B1G team (with DJ Durkin, a coach I really like at the helm) into double overtime and lost on an unfortunate fumble. Close game. 3. Temple (25-26) Temple went 7-1 and won the AAC in 2016. They had 3 players drafted in the NFL draft, 1 in the first round. They were a good football team, and UCF lost by 1. 4. Houston (24-31) Houston came back after 4 turnovers in the 2nd half (2 fumbles, 1 interception, 1 turnover on downs), and it's not like they were a bad team. After all, they beat Oklahoma last year, and their HC is now coaching at Texas. 5. Tulsa (20-35) Tulsa is actually being coached by another guy I like for the Auburn job, Phillip Montgomery, who was formerly the offensive coordinator at Baylor under Art Briles. Tulsa's only losses in 2016 were to #4 Ohio State, #13 Houston, and Navy, all of them away games. Another good team. 6. South Florida (31-48) Coached by a guy who was hired by Oregon and led by a dynamite QB (who was a Heisman dark horse at the beginning of the season). USF went 11-2 last year, losing to Florida State and Temple. 7. Arkansas State (13-31) The worst loss of the year. Arky State was not a good team, 8-5 with a loss to Central Arkansas. Bowl games can be weird, but the Knights should have won this one. So out of the 7 losses, I would say that 5 of them were to good teams (Michigan, Temple, Houston, Tulsa, and South Florida). 3 of the 7 were by more than 7 points, the others were by 3, 7, 1, and 6.
  10. AUEngineer2016

    KJ quote is surprising

    Have you ever been interested in buying a bridge? Because I have the PERFECT one for sale right now! It's naive to think that we don't pay players. We are not alone in doing it (in fact, I would wager that the VAST majority of schools do), but I firmly believe that we have before, that we do no, and that we will continue to do so.
  11. AUEngineer2016

    next Head Coach

    Shaw isn't happening. He has no reason to leave Stanford. Before I get the "Auburn is a better job!" crap, save it. Stanford is currently a major player in a P5 conference that has a Heisman favorite at RB. They are in an insanely nice part of the world, and are a world-class institution. Not only that, they are competing for the Pac12 championship year in and year out. Why in the world would Shaw leave that to come to Auburn, who would have fired their last 2 coaches within 5 years (Chizik '09-'12, Malzahn '13-'17)? Answer: he wouldn't.
  12. AUEngineer2016

    next Head Coach

    That's fair, but I personally think passing on Frost would be a huge mistake. To me, he's exactly what Auburn needs (and what we thought we were getting with Gus): Energetic guy with an explosive offensive approach who players love. Some added stats Arky State under Gus in 2012 was 26th in Scoring Offense (34.9 PPG), 43rd in Scoring Defense (24.5 PPG). UCF under Frost in 2016 was 66th in Scoring Offense (28.8 PPG), 41st in Scoring Defense (24.6 PPG). UCF under Frost in 2017 is 1st in Scoring Offense (50.6 PPG), 14th in Scoring Defense (16.8 PPG). I get that Frost doesn't have a ton of experience as a head coach, but his resume doesn't lie- the guy just fricking wins. It's very telling to me that he went from Co-DC/LB coach at FCS Northern Iowa to WR coach at Oregon. Chip Kelly obviously saw something in him that he liked. Pros And Cons: Pros: Turned UCF from 0-12 to top 15 in Scoring Offense and Scoring Defense in 2 years Protoge of Chip Kelly. Played under Tom Osborne, Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, and Jon Gruden. Has experience as an OC and a DC at the D1 level, and was successful at both Young and brings lots of energy to the program Former Broyles award winner (and has coached a Heisman winner) Former national championship winning Quarterback and NFL Safety Cons Only has 2 years of HC experience. Frost reminds me a lot of Tom Herman in the coaching realm, so much in fact that they are the same age. He has a TREMENDOUS upside, and IMO he will create a powerhouse wherever he goes. I want that to be Auburn.
  13. AUEngineer2016

    next Head Coach

    Generally curious, why don't you like Frost as a tier-1 plan? He's been a successful coordinator (actually, both an OC and a DC at the D1 level. DC at Northern Iowa (FCS), OC at Oregon), and now a successful head coach. For those that don't know his background, he was Mariota's OC at Oregon the year he won the Heisman. His offenses at Oregon were incredible. Scoring offense rankings: 2013 - 3rd (45.5 PPG), 2014 - 4th (45.4 PPG), 2015 - 5th (43.0 PPG). Keep in mind that this was all after Chip Kelly left for the NFL, and that after he left, Oregon had a huge drop off: 2016 - 27th (35.4 PPG), 2017 - 22nd (37.9 PPG). The year before he took over, UCF went 0-12 and were the worst team in CFB. In year 1, UCF improved to 6-7 (4-4), including losses to several P5 teams (Michigan, Maryland, South Carolina). So far in year 2, they are 5-0 with victories over Maryland, Memphis, and Cincinnati. They also have the best scoring offense in the country this year (50.6 PPG). FTR, I love Frost. He's young, energetic, and has shown that he can take a bad team and turn them into a good team. He has also shown that he knows how to get the ball in the endzone.
  14. AUEngineer2016

    Thank You Pres. Trump

    FWIW, I graduated in Mech. Engr. in 2016 and never felt like any prof pushed political opinions. In fact, I would say that in the majority of the classes the prof didn't push anything except for formulas and engineering down our throats, because they literally didn't have time for anything else.