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  1. I think the lines are accurate right now, for a couple reasons: 1. While they did lose a lot, Clemson will still field an elite defense and has weapons on offense. If one of their QB's can step up and lead that offense, they can be dangerous. 2. Stidham has a limited portfolio at this point, and the only action we've seen him in working with our OC was against 2nd string players. At this point, I consider him an unknown. We have yet to see our backup QB perform in this offense, though the 3rd string QB performed well in the spring game. 3. Our defense lost our two most effective players from our front 7 and our most decorated defensive back. On top of that, attrition has left us with a very thin secondary, which could become an issue if Clemson stretches the field vertically and we get into a shootout. I think it will be a close game either way, but at this point their prediction is accurate given their success last year and home field advantage.
  2. Noticed a post on about a new helmet design call the Vicis Zero1 being allowed for use in the NFL. When I saw the helmet design, I couldn't help bu think I had seen it before. Re-watched the spring game, and sure enough, it appears that Will Hastings was wearing the new design. Pretty cool detail I hadn't noticed before. Also explains why the helmet looked about 4 sizes too big.
  3. Saw an article on Reddit's CFB page today that I thought some of y'all might like. The article goes through terminology and visual examples of Notre Dame's RPO offense. It is the best that I've seen that shows what the QB/OC are looking to exploit on each play. Credit goes to /u/Downinthebend on Reddit for writing/posting and to 18Stripes for hosting.
  4. A conservative Auburn grad who raised the gross state debt by $10 billion in just over 8 years. Auburn grad or not, she's not the right person for the job. Let's not forget that Alabama has the most corrupt state government in the entire U.S according to Five Thirty Eight and is top 10 for corruption according to Fortune (6th) and USA Today (7th).
  5. Take care of yourself lion. Listen to some good music. Stay active, take some walks. Eat good food. Anything you can to stay in good spirits. The way chemo makes you feel sucks, but what sucks even worse is the helplessness that comes with letting cancer take over your life. People always focus on the physical strain that cancer puts on your body, but even more damaging IMO is the mental strain it puts on you. You'll have good days and bad, it's just really important to keep everything in perspective. And above all else, Cuck Fancer.
  6. FWIW Kyle Davis is the receiver missing spring for Personal Business, not NCM
  7. Kid has been bit hard by the injury bug and never really saw the field here. This decision is in the best interest of both parties. Good luck to him.
  8. Right, what I was getting at was the case when JS and SW both get hurt. Since you said Malik would be 3rd string, the coaches would have a decision to make - either play Woody and keep Malik's RS intact or play Malik and lose a year of eligibility. It creates an interesting situation where the coaches are essentially having to put a "price" on Malik's red-shirt.
  9. This kinda gets interesting, because the coaches would in essence be putting a "price" on Malik's red-shirt. How much more confident would they be that Malik would win a game that Woody might lose? Is it worth him losing a year of eligibility for that gamble?
  10. I like this move. Dunn graded out extremely well in his time at JSU (IIRC it was around 90% for 2016) and did not allow a sack this year. That's pretty incredible, especially considering that JSU played LSU this year and Auburn the year before. It allows us to move Golson to abigger position of need and brings a ton and a bit of experience to our OL, and personally I always love seeing players on the OL play with high motor.
  11. AFAIK, "grayshirting" doesn't exist in the NCAA's eyes. Because he has not signed with a school, he is not an NCAA athlete, therefore any school is free to contact him.
  12. Wonder if Bama will get him the SRT package on his charger for grayshirting. Seriously, the #93 player in the country decides to forfeit a full ride scholarship to multiple other SEC schools, wait a year, AND pay $20,000+ in tuition just to go to Bama? How is the NCAA all over this s#!7?!?!?!
  13. Opponent - W/L Prediction - Confidence Level Georgia Southern - W - 1 at Clemson - W - 12 Mercer - W - 2 at Mizzou - W - 7 Mississippi State - W - 4 Ole Miss - W - 8 at LSU - L - 11 at Arkansas - W - 6 at TAMU - W - 9 UGA - W - 10 ULM - W - 3 Bama - L - 5 Confidence Level: 1 = Most Confident Pick, 12 = Least Confident Pick IMO the 2 key games on our schedule are #1 Clemson and #2 LSU. If we can come out of the gate and beat Clemson, it will give us confidence heading into our SEC schedule. Aside from Clemson, I think we have a greater than 50% chance of beating everyone on our schedule until LSU. The LSU game will dictate how the rest of the season goes, especially during our 3 game road stretch.
  14. Where are we going?
  15. In for the melt