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  1. 2018 Signee Numbers

    Woody Barrett, Class of 2016. 247 Sports Recruiting Link
  2. 2018 Signee Numbers

    Per @AUBlog on Twitter: #1 - Joey Gatewood #6 - Christian Tutt #9 - Jamien Sherwood #11 - Shedrick Jackson #20 - Asa Martin #21 - Smoke Monday #36 - Josh Marsh #44 - Daquan Newkirk
  3. next Head Coach

    I'm just going to leave this here... Scott Frost plays Scout Team QB to help team prepare for Navy
  4. next Head Coach

    After taking over an 0-12 team that looked gave up when O'Leary resigned after losing by 46 to Houston. Not to mention he was in his first year of being a HC with a 1st year OC and a 1st year DC. He's also 6-0 this year. Let's look at some of those 7 losses too- 1. @ #5 Michigan (14-51) This was one of 4 games that they lost by more than 7 points. It was also on the road at a team that ended up going to a New Year's 6 bowl, and that could probably win on talent alone. Not counting this one against Frost. 2. Maryland (24-30, 2OT) 1st game for Milton as the starter, took a B1G team (with DJ Durkin, a coach I really like at the helm) into double overtime and lost on an unfortunate fumble. Close game. 3. Temple (25-26) Temple went 7-1 and won the AAC in 2016. They had 3 players drafted in the NFL draft, 1 in the first round. They were a good football team, and UCF lost by 1. 4. Houston (24-31) Houston came back after 4 turnovers in the 2nd half (2 fumbles, 1 interception, 1 turnover on downs), and it's not like they were a bad team. After all, they beat Oklahoma last year, and their HC is now coaching at Texas. 5. Tulsa (20-35) Tulsa is actually being coached by another guy I like for the Auburn job, Phillip Montgomery, who was formerly the offensive coordinator at Baylor under Art Briles. Tulsa's only losses in 2016 were to #4 Ohio State, #13 Houston, and Navy, all of them away games. Another good team. 6. South Florida (31-48) Coached by a guy who was hired by Oregon and led by a dynamite QB (who was a Heisman dark horse at the beginning of the season). USF went 11-2 last year, losing to Florida State and Temple. 7. Arkansas State (13-31) The worst loss of the year. Arky State was not a good team, 8-5 with a loss to Central Arkansas. Bowl games can be weird, but the Knights should have won this one. So out of the 7 losses, I would say that 5 of them were to good teams (Michigan, Temple, Houston, Tulsa, and South Florida). 3 of the 7 were by more than 7 points, the others were by 3, 7, 1, and 6.
  5. KJ quote is surprising

    Have you ever been interested in buying a bridge? Because I have the PERFECT one for sale right now! It's naive to think that we don't pay players. We are not alone in doing it (in fact, I would wager that the VAST majority of schools do), but I firmly believe that we have before, that we do no, and that we will continue to do so.
  6. next Head Coach

    Shaw isn't happening. He has no reason to leave Stanford. Before I get the "Auburn is a better job!" crap, save it. Stanford is currently a major player in a P5 conference that has a Heisman favorite at RB. They are in an insanely nice part of the world, and are a world-class institution. Not only that, they are competing for the Pac12 championship year in and year out. Why in the world would Shaw leave that to come to Auburn, who would have fired their last 2 coaches within 5 years (Chizik '09-'12, Malzahn '13-'17)? Answer: he wouldn't.
  7. next Head Coach

    That's fair, but I personally think passing on Frost would be a huge mistake. To me, he's exactly what Auburn needs (and what we thought we were getting with Gus): Energetic guy with an explosive offensive approach who players love. Some added stats Arky State under Gus in 2012 was 26th in Scoring Offense (34.9 PPG), 43rd in Scoring Defense (24.5 PPG). UCF under Frost in 2016 was 66th in Scoring Offense (28.8 PPG), 41st in Scoring Defense (24.6 PPG). UCF under Frost in 2017 is 1st in Scoring Offense (50.6 PPG), 14th in Scoring Defense (16.8 PPG). I get that Frost doesn't have a ton of experience as a head coach, but his resume doesn't lie- the guy just fricking wins. It's very telling to me that he went from Co-DC/LB coach at FCS Northern Iowa to WR coach at Oregon. Chip Kelly obviously saw something in him that he liked. Pros And Cons: Pros: Turned UCF from 0-12 to top 15 in Scoring Offense and Scoring Defense in 2 years Protoge of Chip Kelly. Played under Tom Osborne, Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, and Jon Gruden. Has experience as an OC and a DC at the D1 level, and was successful at both Young and brings lots of energy to the program Former Broyles award winner (and has coached a Heisman winner) Former national championship winning Quarterback and NFL Safety Cons Only has 2 years of HC experience. Frost reminds me a lot of Tom Herman in the coaching realm, so much in fact that they are the same age. He has a TREMENDOUS upside, and IMO he will create a powerhouse wherever he goes. I want that to be Auburn.
  8. next Head Coach

    Generally curious, why don't you like Frost as a tier-1 plan? He's been a successful coordinator (actually, both an OC and a DC at the D1 level. DC at Northern Iowa (FCS), OC at Oregon), and now a successful head coach. For those that don't know his background, he was Mariota's OC at Oregon the year he won the Heisman. His offenses at Oregon were incredible. Scoring offense rankings: 2013 - 3rd (45.5 PPG), 2014 - 4th (45.4 PPG), 2015 - 5th (43.0 PPG). Keep in mind that this was all after Chip Kelly left for the NFL, and that after he left, Oregon had a huge drop off: 2016 - 27th (35.4 PPG), 2017 - 22nd (37.9 PPG). The year before he took over, UCF went 0-12 and were the worst team in CFB. In year 1, UCF improved to 6-7 (4-4), including losses to several P5 teams (Michigan, Maryland, South Carolina). So far in year 2, they are 5-0 with victories over Maryland, Memphis, and Cincinnati. They also have the best scoring offense in the country this year (50.6 PPG). FTR, I love Frost. He's young, energetic, and has shown that he can take a bad team and turn them into a good team. He has also shown that he knows how to get the ball in the endzone.
  9. Thank You Pres. Trump

    FWIW, I graduated in Mech. Engr. in 2016 and never felt like any prof pushed political opinions. In fact, I would say that in the majority of the classes the prof didn't push anything except for formulas and engineering down our throats, because they literally didn't have time for anything else.
  10. Thank You Pres. Trump

    I disagreed with it then, disagreed with it now. But the hope was that he'd raise his level of professionalism to fit the office. He hasn't, and that's a problem when he starts using that platform to announce policies and discuss foreign relations. Weird, I must've imagined all of the "nasty woman" comments, the linked tweets above calling the leader of a country with nukes "Little Rocket Man", etc. He tweeted that transgender Americans were no longer allowed to serve in the military. That one example proves that the problem still exists in some capacity. His prior comments about women serving suggest that the problem isn't isolated to transgender people. Don't know how it gets any clearer than that- he mandated discrimination based on whether or not people are transgender. Thanks for your service. Political opinions aside, you served and that should be commended. I have not and will never be able to fight (prior medical issues). With that said, I'm not saying that things are perfectly equal right now. I'm sure the situation could be more equal, and you would know that better than I because you were in the military. However, that's not the point that I was trying to make by pulling that tweet- my point was that President Trump saw that there were a large number of unreported sexual assaults in the military and came to the conclusion that the issue was that men and women were serving together. I DO have an issue with that. It's the equivalent of blaming a woman for being sexually assaulted because of what she was wearing. There are a couple other tweets (you can look them up if you want, I'm not going to post them) where he is against women being in the military. Why should they not be allowed to serve just because they were born women? To your point, there are obvious physical differences between men and women, nobody is trying to say that doesn't exist. What they are saying is that just because someone is a woman doesn't necessarily mean that they can't serve their country well. Yeah, I am. It shows that Trump has set a precedent for his beliefs and presents a clearer picture of what Trump truly believes. In 2013, he didn't have to worry about convincing people to vote for him, he could say whatever he wanted to. In 2016, he did. Now, he still does (if he wants a 2nd term that is). It's the same notion as "do the right thing, even when nobody is watching". I did. I live in Houston, and I see the impact that Harvey had every day. I have friends who lost everything. I also saw Trump's effort in his visit. I saw the same effort with victims of Irma and in Puerto Rico. To use his words, it was "low energy". Speaking specifically on Houston- The first trip, he didn't meet with any victims. During his second trip, he did meet with victims, but he immediately made it about himself. He talked about how big the turnout was, how great the crowd was, etc. while speaking to people who have been through a hurricane. That's not an isolated incident either- Trump has a noted history of making things all about himself. In Puerto Rico, he did it by putting emphasis on how Puerto Rico "[threw] our budget out of whack". Rather than focusing on the hurricane victims and the tragedy that they were (and are) still going through, he brought the attention back to his own problems. When the CEO's left his Manufacturing Council and Strategy & Policy forum, he tied to save face by tweeting that he was "ending both" to avoid "putting pressure on the business people". This is another case of everything having to be about him: the councils weren't ended because everyone on the council left, it was ended because HE decided to end it. I diverted the topic not only because I don't believe that Trump is doing a good job with his humanitarian response, but also because I don't think he's doing it with the end goal of helping people. His end goal is not to serve the American people, it is to serve himself. Is everything he does bad? No, obviously not. But posts like OP's don't tell the whole story. Yes, we are doing things to help Puerto Rico, but that ignores things like the Mayor of San Juan having to publicly ask anyone who can help to come save them: We obviously feel very different about Trump's presidency, and that's fine. You are just as entitled to your own opinion as I am to mine. I want what's best for this country (just as I'm sure you and many others do), and in my opinion that is not President Trump. I feel that the evidence I've provided as well as other easily obtainable data shows that. If you don't that's okay.
  11. Thank You Pres. Trump

    No, but I figured I could provide some explanation with it as well. I was also providing examples of Trump's Twitter to Jeff since he asked for accurate facts. Since almost every news outlet is "fake news", I decided to go straight to the source. Btw- Not sure if this is intentional or not, but you're not quoting me when you reply, which means I don't get notified (or know who you're responding to for that matter).
  12. Thank You Pres. Trump

    Absolutely. He's the President of the United States and complains about everything on Twitter. He uses that platform to attack other and announce his own policies without consulting others (see tweets below) What the heck is “them?” Opinions??? As in “he uses his opinions to ban transgenders.” If so, fact check unnecessary, statement is already pathetic. Or tweets? Did he use tweets “to ban transgender Americans from serving in the military? If somebody is going to give facts, do so accurately. And preferably not on a post which involved nothing more than thanking Trump for his support in natural disaster relief. "Them" = Tweets, such as announcing that Transgender Americans won't be allowed to serve in the military: (Despite Trump saying he consulted with his generals, it was reported later that Defense Secretary Mattis was only made aware of Trump's decision that morning. Mattis later froze the policy pending a study into the "tremendous medical costs and disruption") Or threatening North Korea and calling Kim Jong-Un "Little Rocket Man": And let's not forget Trump's tweets while campaigning, such as: Smooth, 45. An oldie but a goodie: Because the problem isn't with the men sexually assaulting the women, it's that women are allowed to fight for their country. That's our President, folks. Nothing like a little personal slander and not focusing on issues, right guys? This is a small sample of his twitter feed. You are welcome to go look at it yourself, here's a website where you can search his tweets (oh, and they all link back to his verified twitter account so you can make sure he actually tweeted it- no "fake news" here). I for one do not want my President to stoop to the use of sexism, childish name-calling, and personal slander. I want those who are passionate about fighting for our country to have the opportunity to serve. I want people to have equal rights regardless of if they are a man, woman, or transgender and straight, gay, or bi. Because at the end of the day they are people just like you and I. Trump's twitter shows that he does not believe the same.
  13. Thank You Pres. Trump

    Which parts of my post weren't accurate? Everything I posted can be found from multiple sources with a quick search. If anything, this is one person's twitter account vs multiple news sources. Call me crazy, but I'm going to trust the multiple sources on this one.
  14. Thank You Pres. Trump

    Which parts, the ones with the direct quotes from the man himself? Or the ones with the videos of him saying it? I seem to remember another person in history whose following defended him regardless of his actions, who condemned the media and utilized propaganda to further his own gain, who said that anything that opposed his views was "fake news". The US fought against him in WWII. It's also super convenient that everything that is complementary of Trump is "real news" while everything critical of him is "fake". Please, tell me what Trump is doing to "Make America Great Again". Are you tired of winning yet? Is America better off with a leader who calls women in powerful positions "nasty"? Are we better off with a leader who consistently makes every situation about himself, and has spent MONTHS after being sworn into office talking about how huge his victory was (he lost the popular vote) and how big the crowds at his speeches are (even when he's talking to hurricane victims)? Or who wants to create a database of people based on their religion? Tell me which parts of my post(s) are wrong. Specifically.
  15. Thank You Pres. Trump

    Let me preface this by saying that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, and if yours is that Pres. Trump is doing a good job then so be it. With that said, take a step back from the situation, and try and look at things objectively- Told people in Puerto Rico that it wasn't so bad if you look at "a real catastrophe like Katrina". He said this to people who just lost loved ones, lost everything they've ever had, and STILL don't have power. Then he guilt-tripped them for how much money they were costing the US (full quote): "You've thrown our budget a little out of whack. We've spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico". As of the writing of this comment, Trump has had 64 separate trips to golf (259 days between 1/20/2017 and 10/5/2017). That is one trip every 4 days. And it's not like he's going to courses in Washington either, he's gone to Mar a Lago 25 times (7 flights), Bedminster 33 times (11 flights) and just his golf has cost the US an estimated $72 MILLION. At this pace, he will have 356 trips to golf clubs in his 4 year term. For comparison, Pres. Obama had 306 in his 8 year presidency. And let's not forget all of the times Trump tweeted about how bad Obama was for golfing all the time, or the promise that he wouldn't leave the White House because he'd be so busy. Trump and Republicans haven't filled their campaign promise of "repeal and replace" the ACA, because even GOP members recognize that the proposed bills do nothing but take healthcare away from people who need it and give tax cuts to the wealthiest people in the US. He referred to NFL players who kneeled during the National Anthem as sons of bitches, but said that the Nazis protesting in Charlottesville were good people and that both sides were to blame. He also said that the protest against the Alt-Right did not have a permit (they did). Why is he trying to protect White Supremacists? On Feb. 28, he signed a bill which blocked the Social Security Admin. from reporting Mental Health issues to a national database, which is used for things like purchasing firearms. Coincidentally, one of Trumps biggest campaign backers was the NRA. He uses Twitter to voice his opinions, and does so regularly. He also used them to do things like ban transgender Americans from serving in the military (which he can't do) and threaten North Korea with a nuclear missile strike. He conveniently ended his "Manufacturing Council" after the majority of the members left voluntarily. Notable CEO's who left the council before it was disbanded: Elon Musk (Tesla), Kevin Plank (Under Armour), Brian Krzanich (Intel), Bob Iger (Disney), Inge Thulin (3M), Kenneth Frazier (Merck), Jeff Immelt (GE). He pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Change Council, even though it was favored by nearly 71 percent of Americans according to a poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (Yale conducted a similar poll, citing that 69% were in favor, 13% opposed). Also notable that despite the U.S. formally leaving the accord, the vast majority of major cities have publicly stated that they will be adhering to the Paris Accord's mandates whether Trump likes it or not. Gun Control isn't being talked about, in large part due to GOP members saying that gun laws won't keep guns out of the hands of bad people. Not only is it statistically proven that it will reduce the number of deaths by guns, but it's also extremely ironic that GOP members believe that Gun laws won't reduce the number of guns while saying that banning abortion will keep people from getting abortions, or that not legalizing marijuana will keep people from using it. Not all of these things fall back solely on Trump, but I do blame him for being an overwhelmingly divisive force in our country. Go look at his Tweets and count the number of times he blames someone else- "fake news", the Senate Intel Committee, James Comey, the list goes on and on. At some point, you have to look at the underlying connection between them all- and that is President Trump.