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  1. I like this move. Dunn graded out extremely well in his time at JSU (IIRC it was around 90% for 2016) and did not allow a sack this year. That's pretty incredible, especially considering that JSU played LSU this year and Auburn the year before. It allows us to move Golson to abigger position of need and brings a ton and a bit of experience to our OL, and personally I always love seeing players on the OL play with high motor.
  2. AFAIK, "grayshirting" doesn't exist in the NCAA's eyes. Because he has not signed with a school, he is not an NCAA athlete, therefore any school is free to contact him.
  3. Wonder if Bama will get him the SRT package on his charger for grayshirting. Seriously, the #93 player in the country decides to forfeit a full ride scholarship to multiple other SEC schools, wait a year, AND pay $20,000+ in tuition just to go to Bama? How is the NCAA all over this s#!7?!?!?!
  4. Opponent - W/L Prediction - Confidence Level Georgia Southern - W - 1 at Clemson - W - 12 Mercer - W - 2 at Mizzou - W - 7 Mississippi State - W - 4 Ole Miss - W - 8 at LSU - L - 11 at Arkansas - W - 6 at TAMU - W - 9 UGA - W - 10 ULM - W - 3 Bama - L - 5 Confidence Level: 1 = Most Confident Pick, 12 = Least Confident Pick IMO the 2 key games on our schedule are #1 Clemson and #2 LSU. If we can come out of the gate and beat Clemson, it will give us confidence heading into our SEC schedule. Aside from Clemson, I think we have a greater than 50% chance of beating everyone on our schedule until LSU. The LSU game will dictate how the rest of the season goes, especially during our 3 game road stretch.
  5. Where are we going?
  6. In for the melt
  7. yeah, us millennials area all really freaking out over here. oh wait, you're telling me that Gus and JJ and Marcello and PM and Keef and pretty much everyone reporting all this crap AREN'T millennials???? ah well, blame it on the gd millennials anyway, they get blamed for everything else.
  8. in for 100
  9. Runs a spread offense, but that can mean 1,000,000 different things these days. He focuses more on RPO (run/pass option) plays rather than Read Option plays. Essentially the same concept, except the 2nd option is a pass instead of QB run. See this YouTube video for a good example of his Offense:
  10. yeah, he posts pretty often over on tRant as well. He posted another name over there, but it looks like premium info and I don't want to risk breaking rules by posting it. With that said, should anyone go looking for that info, all they would have to do is go to, click on the "OC search thread" link (pinned post at the top), and go to Page 37. Post was 1/19 at 7:42 AM CST. Username is WareagleKK. And don't forget the first rule of tRant: Don't repost the info from tRant. Edit: Or just look at the post below me until a mod comes and removes the info
  11. Don't you tease me like that.
  12. IMO our top candidate right now SHOULD be Sterlin Gilbert. Pros: Success everywhere he's been, specifically has shown improvement year after year Focus on playing fast Very good at QB evaluation and development Experience mixing high powered pass/run offense (see Texas's D'onta Foreman this year, over 2000 yds rushing) Young guy with lots of energy, but has a lot of play calling experience Coached under Art Briles at Houston in 2005, familiar with his scheme Cons: Moved to USF this offseason with Charlie Strong, might be tough to pull him away Could be a HC candidate next year (is that really a bad thing though?) I can't find anything that suggests he shouldn't be our top target. Can anyone else?
  13. I'm sorry, but that is a load. The players aren't in the hospital because they mailed it in during Helf's S&C workouts, they're in the hospital because the new S&C coach didn't do his damn job. There's pushing players to their limits so they can get better, and then there's just putting them in danger. This is a case of the latter. Plain and simple, between the nutrition staff and the S&C staff, something went very wrong, and the new staff shouldn't blame a single thing on the old staff. Hell, the University even recognizes it. They've already suspended the S&C coach for a month without pay during arguably the most important part of off-season training.
  14. I guess the one negative is that there could be some disagreement in offensive philosophy between Yurich and Malzahn (pass-heavy vs run-heavy), but that's a pretty big statement to say that the worst thing I can find about the guy is that he may be too confident in what he's good (especially when we're specifically seeking him out because he is so good at what he does).
  15. I honestly don't see what the downside of Yurich is. Has been successful calling an offense at the P5 level Known for QB development Young and brings energy to the staff Not associated with the Malzahn tree (means that any ideas he has about the passing attack will be un-influenced) Utilized a QB with a similar style to Stidham at OSU (Mason Rudolph, 4091 yds, 28 tds, 158.9 QBR, 83 rushes for 61 yds, 6 tds) ran an offense know for using RPOs and more advanced route combos