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  1. Who Do You Want?

    1. Well, this is a discussion thread, so... 2. Frank Wilson isn't just some dude who walked in off the street either. He was the RBs coach and recruiting coordinator at LSU. Funny, he was also the associate head coach. If he had stayed through 2016, he likely would have been the interim HC at LSU. His resume is remarkably similar to Swinney's. 3. Strong from Louisville, who wasn't yet a member of a P5 conference, to one of college football's blue bloods in Texas. You're talking about Mullen moving from an established SEC program to another established SEC program in the same division that he has no prior ties to. Those are completely different situations. Auburn is not as big of a jump up from Mississippi State as Texas was from Louisville, which brings me to my next point... 4. I'm not arguing that AU doesn't have more, I'm arguing that the risk of Mullen jumping to AU greatly outweighs the reward he might get by coaching Auburn. The advantages would (arguably) be in recruiting and facilities (and probably funding?), while the risk is that he gets canned by an impatient fan base and loses his chance to coach in the SEC. I don't see him making that move, but apparently you do. That's fine, you'e entitled to your opinion.
  2. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Could also be because he was running CL's offense, which @WarDamnEagleWDE, @passthebiscuits, and others have said Gus changed a few weeks before our game(s)
  3. Who Do You Want?

    Why in God's name would he leave the program that he built from the ground up to go to a different school in the same division? Forget football, think about it on a personal level- he'd be uprooting his entire family (including 2 children), leaving all of their friends, the city that they've lived in for 10 years for (in the grand scheme of things) a similar opportunity? Look at the steps he's made: Bowling Green to Utah (Step up to P5), Utah to Florida (Move to SEC, following Urban), Florida to Mississippi State (HC opportunity), then State to Auburn? I just don't see it. We would have to offer him something different that what he has now, and that likely would be a truckload of money. Is that what we need as a program? If Herman can get the boosters to stop trying to meddle, he'll do well. Any coach in any program will be worse at their job when boosters come in and try and tell them how to run a program. Saban didn't put up with it at Bama, and it made all of the difference. Strong didn't fail at Texas because he's a bad coach, he failed because he didn't tell the boosters to go eat it. He changed Louisville's program. Without him, there is no Petrino. There is no Lamar Jackson, no Heisman, no ACC bid. He took them from a Big East basketball school to one of the best in G5 and eventually getting a P5 bid. He has shown that he can run a successful program if given the opportunity. Just like Clemson's site would crash if they hired their WR coach as the HC, right? Or if USC hired the interim coach for the interim coach in Clay Helton? Frank Wilson may not be the flashiest name, but I would bet that he's going to be a P5 head coach someday soon, and a damn good one. You also haven't mentioned any of my 3 favorites, so I'll repeat them again: John Grass, Scott Frost, Phillip Montgomery. On top of that, you haven't mentioned who you realistically think we could hire that would be a great coach. You've mentioned Mullen (who I've argued isn't a realistic option), but who else?
  4. Who Do You Want?

    You're correct, Strong didn't win at Texas. Right now, neither can Herman. Tom Herman is a damn good coach, but if you have enough cooks in the kitchen it doesn't matter how good of a coach you are, you won't succeed. UF offering Mullen is a much different situation than AU offering. He has history with UF, including a Heisman winner. He has no connection with AU. Oh, and he took State to #1 in the country. Like it or not, with Ole Miss likely out of the recruiting game for a while, he should own Mississippi recruiting, and he's shown he can do more with less already. Take a few seconds and look past Wilson's record: He is UTSA's 2nd football coach ever. That 6 win season was the first bowl appearance ever for UTSA, and he followed it up by signing the #1 recruiting class in CUSA. Only 3 of his 7 losses came in-conference, the other 4 came to Colorado State, Arizona State, Texas A&M and New Mexico. The only game of those that I would say he should have won was New Mexico. Also keep in mind that the year before, UTSA went 3-9 (3-5 in conference), with their best win against a terrible Rice team. Biggest thing for me with Wilson is his recruiting prowess. Want to build what Bama has built? You can't do it schematically. You have to get top talent, year in and year out. Look at how Dabo has done it at Clemson, since he's been there- he did it by changing the culture of recruiting at Clemson. Currently, they have 2 of the top 3 players overall committed in Trevor Lawrence and Xavier Thomas. Bama has had the #1 recruiting class 7 years in a row. Clemson's last 4 recruiting classes have all been in the top 15, 2 of them were top 10. Ohio State's average ranking over the past 4 years was 5th. Florida State's was 3rd. All of these teams are in the title talk year in and year out. Coincidence? Look above for a more detailed listing of my top 3 picks (even though I think this whole conversation is a bit premature), but they are (in no order): John Grass, Scott Frost, Phillip Montgomery
  5. Who Do You Want?

    I agree on Moorhead, and off the top of my head I would also look at: John Grass, Jacksonville State HC 33-6 as JSU's head coach, had the best 26 game start in FCS history (23-3). 23-0 in conference. In three years, he has been named both the AFCA’s Region Coach of the Year and the Ohio Valley Conference Roy Kidd Coach of the Year three times and was the AFCA’s National Coach of the Year in 2015 Scott Frost, UCF HC Took a TERRIBLE 0-12 team to 6-7 in his first year as a HC. Coordinated a huge defensive turnaround (117th in the country to 42nd). Offense scored 28.8 points per game last year. Oregon WR coach from '09 - '12, OC/QB coach from '13 - '15. Oregon's offense never dropped below 6th nationally while he was on staff. Position coach for Heisman winner Marcus Mariota. 2014 Broyles Award winner. Phillip Montgomery, Tulsa HC In his first 2 seasons as Tulsa HC, he went 6-7 (2015) and 10-3 (2016). They were both improvements on the 2-10 team he inherited. Statistically, Tulsa was phenomenal last year. They were among the nation's best total offense (527 YPG, 4th nationally), scoring offense (42.5 PPG, 7th nationally), rushing offense (261.7 YPG, 8th nationally) and passing offense (265.3 YPG, 30th nationally). Their defense also improved, cutting their allowed-PPG by 10 from 2015. Before taking the Tulsa HC job, Montgomery worked with Art Briles at Baylor and Houston. He was Briles' OC from '05 - '07 in Houston and from '08 - '14 at Baylor. Montgomery won the Broyles Award in 2013. All 3 of my options are successful offensive minded head coaches who have shown year-over-year improvement in their programs. They are all successful play-callers and have shown the ability to install an offensive philosophy, build the team around it, and make them successful. Ideally, these coaches would keep the defensive coaching staff intact.
  6. Who Do You Want?

    I disagree completely because: Both Strong and Wilson are at non-P5 programs. Mullen is at an SEC program. Both Strong and Wilson have been at their programs for less than 2 years (Wilson - 2016, Strong - 2017). Mullen has been with State for 8 years (2009) Strong has been a P5 coach and will look to get back. Wilson is an up-and-comer who is looking for his first P5 opportunity. Meanwhile, Mullen is an established P5 coach and has no reason to try and move. How in the world is Mullen a more realistic hire than Wilson or Strong? If you're thinking in terms of the "best" coach of the three, I agree. However if you're thinking in terms of coaches that would actually come in and find success at Auburn, I disagree.
  7. Who Do You Want?

    Y'all. I don't care if you start thinking about names, but let's be realistic about it, okay? Dabo has built a program that is competing for national titles year in and year out, and he played at Bama. He's not coming. Clay Helton is HC at a blue blood (USC). Also competing for championships. No-go. Fleck just got to a program that he feels can compete in the Big 10. He's not the kind of coach that would jump ship after 1 year. Cross him off the list. If Patterson hasn't left TCU yet, he's not going. I doubt Stoops would come out of retirement. He retired because heart problems run in his family (his dad had a heart attack and died while coaching). Most realistic names I've heard are Mullen and Durkin, and even those aren't really realistic. Durkin has great support from fans and the school at Maryland and is in a talent-rich area. Mullen coaches for a conference opponent, also has full backing from the university, and has built that program. You want more realistic names? Chad Morris, HC SMU (assuming he doesn't take Texas A&M) Charlie Strong, HC USF (I don't want him, but we could get him) Dave Aranda, DC LSU (Strong pedigree, well respected) Jeremy Pruitt, DC Bama Larry Fedora, HC UNC (long-shot. I don't think he'd leave) Frank Wilson, HC UTSA (fantastic recruiter, SEC experience) Bill Clark, HC UAB (again, doubt he'd come. I want him though)
  8. Hurricane Harvey

    I'm on the ground in Houston, living in Midtown. The flooding is no joke, but luckily my area has had good enough drainage to be almost unaffected by it. At the most, we've had about a foot and a half of water, but that only lasted for a few hours. This is the image that kills me: For reference, this is what that area typically looks like: This image is less than a mile from where I live as the crow flies. More images:
  9. Auburn opens as underdog at Clemson, LSU

    I think the lines are accurate right now, for a couple reasons: 1. While they did lose a lot, Clemson will still field an elite defense and has weapons on offense. If one of their QB's can step up and lead that offense, they can be dangerous. 2. Stidham has a limited portfolio at this point, and the only action we've seen him in working with our OC was against 2nd string players. At this point, I consider him an unknown. We have yet to see our backup QB perform in this offense, though the 3rd string QB performed well in the spring game. 3. Our defense lost our two most effective players from our front 7 and our most decorated defensive back. On top of that, attrition has left us with a very thin secondary, which could become an issue if Clemson stretches the field vertically and we get into a shootout. I think it will be a close game either way, but at this point their prediction is accurate given their success last year and home field advantage.
  10. Noticed a post on about a new helmet design call the Vicis Zero1 being allowed for use in the NFL. When I saw the helmet design, I couldn't help bu think I had seen it before. Re-watched the spring game, and sure enough, it appears that Will Hastings was wearing the new design. Pretty cool detail I hadn't noticed before. Also explains why the helmet looked about 4 sizes too big.
  11. Saw an article on Reddit's CFB page today that I thought some of y'all might like. The article goes through terminology and visual examples of Notre Dame's RPO offense. It is the best that I've seen that shows what the QB/OC are looking to exploit on each play. Credit goes to /u/Downinthebend on Reddit for writing/posting and to 18Stripes for hosting.
  12. Gov. Bentley to resign Monday afternoon

    A conservative Auburn grad who raised the gross state debt by $10 billion in just over 8 years. Auburn grad or not, she's not the right person for the job. Let's not forget that Alabama has the most corrupt state government in the entire U.S according to Five Thirty Eight and is top 10 for corruption according to Fortune (6th) and USA Today (7th).
  13. All Things Woody Barrett (Merged)

    Take care of yourself lion. Listen to some good music. Stay active, take some walks. Eat good food. Anything you can to stay in good spirits. The way chemo makes you feel sucks, but what sucks even worse is the helplessness that comes with letting cancer take over your life. People always focus on the physical strain that cancer puts on your body, but even more damaging IMO is the mental strain it puts on you. You'll have good days and bad, it's just really important to keep everything in perspective. And above all else, Cuck Fancer.
  14. Projected depth chart Week 3

    FWIW Kyle Davis is the receiver missing spring for Personal Business, not NCM
  15. Tyler Queen transferring

    Kid has been bit hard by the injury bug and never really saw the field here. This decision is in the best interest of both parties. Good luck to him.