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  1. FWIW.

    so if this all is true - and i don't have many doubts that it is - how long until these 4 and 5-star athletes that chose Auburn over the programs we consistently lose to cause divisions in the locker room?
  2. Prince Tega Wanogho

    dream scenario IYAM. allows the other 4 OL to play their most natural position.
  3. Receivers want to be best in the nation

    McClain, at nearly 230lbs, is who I'm looking for against Ga Southern. Hoping he can make an impact and not transfer - you don't find his size and speed often. Albeit, he's Sammie Coates-like raw.
  4. OL Depth

    Darius James is a bit of a disappointment here. Really hoped he'd solidify that RT spot and give us some talent and size like we haven't seen in a few years.
  5. Offensive style with JF3

    that's not my take on the matter, just spit-balling. fully intend SW to start and improve from last season, but my theory isn't totally out of left field.
  6. Offensive style with JF3

    maybe Gus is delaying a decision because he doesn't want SW to transfer 3 weeks before the season?
  7. haven't seen anything from in-the-know posters to suggest SW isn't still the clear #1, so i'm taking this as just interview talk.
  8. Bama DL Coach alleged of recruiting violations

    i don't want a torrid witch-hunt, a la Joe Schad in 2010... i'm just asking for a level playing field with the media.
  9. New Hype Video - Not Backing Down

    ready for September.
  10. put bammer in black, they're one or two injuries away from dropping back to everyone else. they're beatable.
  11. Spring look at Pass Defense

    appears to me that we've finally got a healthy balance of talent and experience. TJ Neal from Illinois could be the final piece to the puzzle, bringing lots of experience and a résumé of big plays to the weakest position group on the team (in my opinion). i share some of the optimism expressed, but i also want to see our offense to get back to 2013 "nascar" speed... which does our defense no favors.
  12. Football Talk

    i think moving Justin Thornton to OLB might be worth investigating. clearly too small to be a consistent DE, as i've read that he's on 230-235 after his redshirt year.
  13. Is Cameron Toney still on the team?

    Cass was rated a 4-star 91 by 247, recruited heavily by Clemson. Toney was a 3-star 87, ranked about 250 spots lower than Cass in the national composite, also... kinda comparing apples to oranges.
  14. we let Blake Gideon walk out the door...

    i say "let him walk out the door" because he's a guy i felt had a very bright future in coaching and a solid relationship with our current DB's. didn't mean to imply that Gus and Auburn's off-the-field coach philosophy wasn't effective. just hated to see the guy go is all.