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    Defensive Coordinator Diiscussion

    I'm pretty much just a lurker around here but had to get in on this epic thread. Can't wait for the Boom!
  2. DeepSouthHunter

    Car shopping: Questions and Comments

    I agree. And you can have a bad experience with any make. The first Honda I bought developed synchronizer problems about 30k miles after the warranty expired. I had it fixed but wrote Honda a polite letter complaining about what I thought was a weak design. A few weeks later, the dealer called me and said he had a check from Honda for me to reimburse the cost of the repair. So no one's perfect but it's important they respond. A friend had a Ford Ranger that threw a rod long after the warranty expired. I told him to write Ford. He was skeptical, but did so, and they paid for most of his cost. Treating customers like that is just good business. I wish Honda would offer a wagon version of either the Civic or the Accord. That is what I really want. A CRV would likely meet my needs, but it still looks to me more like a downsized SUV with more ground clearance than is needed for highway use. The Mazda 3 is a lot more appealing to me than the CRV for that reason. I wish they would publish Center of Gravity height. Hatchbacks rule for utility. And there is no reason they can't be made to perform well either. Have you seen the Honda Crosstour? It looks to be basically a hatchback Accord.