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  1. Randman5000

    Men Vs. Duke

    I love the depth, but do we need someone else shooting a 3?
  2. Randman5000

    Men Vs. Duke

    zion reminds me of lance stevenson
  3. Randman5000

    Men Vs. Duke

  4. Randman5000

    Men Vs. Duke

    bull crap.. he threw that out of bounds!!!!
  5. Randman5000

    Men Vs. Duke

    zion just trying to dunk now...
  6. Randman5000

    Men Vs. Duke

    ah! crap
  7. Randman5000

    Men Vs. Duke

    Its because we shoot only three pointers
  8. Randman5000

    Men Vs. Duke

    We need to drive to the basket to get more free throws. We LOOOOOVVe to shoot three pointers.
  9. Randman5000

    Bama Week! Beat Bama!!

    Bama opens as 24 pt favorite.
  10. Randman5000

    Chip Lindsey

    I'm in favor of Briles, but I doubt Gus will meddle with Freeze. That's objective number 1.
  11. Randman5000

    The future is bright!!

    You are debating with opinions... There is no use. It's more than accomplishments.... It's attitude, it's philosophy, it's ones approach to the game. Six of those coaches on the list ate Gus's lunch and made him look foolish after they beat him. Our future is bright, but not with Gus as our 'leader'. We know what we have and we're not going anywhere.
  12. Randman5000

    The future is bright!!

    There are about 15-16 coaches on there better than Gus. Get your head out of Gus's butt.
  13. Randman5000

    A Little Buyout Backlash

  14. Randman5000

    Petrino fired

    Remember when Auburn fans wanted him a the HC 😂