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  1. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    So is the best case, we win out and still fire Gus???
  2. Auburn coaches distraught

    Yes !!! @TigerEyez13 that's totally it. At every half he always says Stidham did a good, "didn't turn the ball over" he's scared of INT. He has hammered it into his qbs, did it with Nick as well. With JJ, they only through screens or outs because he was prone to throw to the other team. He says he trusts Jarrett but it's not true. He doesn't trust anyone really. It made Jarrett indecisive early in the season but it's also just Gus's overall strategy to not turn the ball over. Gus is so easy to figure out at this point.
  3. Weekly Presser - Arkansas

    Maybe someone should ask.. ."the fans don't like your philosophy, what do you have to say"
  4. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Gus said in his press conference yesterday and multiple times...his philosophy is run first. "Power run and play action". Occasionally with tempo. Unfortunately that play action is only throw it deep. I seriously doubt Gus is in favor of the screen game, so I'm guessing that's Chip's "balance". He has had the consistent mantra of just "focus on us, get better" . He does not have an adjustment mentality. He wouldn't recommend hitting the middle of the field because that's not his philosophy. He thought the defense would hold and eventually we would hit a run or a bomb. That's honestly what he thought no matter how wide open the middle of the field was. Gus is not going to change. He'll go down in a blaze of glory....he'll only air it out when his back is against the wall probably in the bama game, mark it down. To get rid of the stubborn philosophy, we have to get rid of the coach with that philosophy.
  5. Weekly Presser - Arkansas

    Matthew Stevens @matthewcstevens Auburn WR Nate Craig-Myers: "Coach Burns tells us a lot, when you don't get the ball, what does that tell you?" #MGMAuburn 9:48 AM - Oct 17, 2017 ugh... that we have a dummy for a coach and playcaller and a dumb WR coach
  6. My face hurts

  7. Moving Forward

    All I've heard is that he wanted absolute control...ability to hire and fire anyone related to football. Saban like control and that didn't fly. That was the rumor at least. It worked out for him though
  8. Stidham not allowed to audible

    I read: "No adjustments. Just bang our heads against the wall harder. " Gus is garbage.
  9. The Official Meltdown Thread

    we're going crazy..
  10. Auburn's next Head Coach

  11. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I'm referring to beating Clemson. Its sarcasm.
  12. Auburn's next Head Coach

    To be frank, That's more than Gus has done.
  13. Once again

    I'm with you
  14. Once again

    No doubt. Defense needs to finish games as well. Same thing happened last week v Ole Miss. We should have had two or three more sacks that game but coulldn't get him to the ground . Defense still has work to do.