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  1. Got to love this.
  2. Did you see what he told Perine. Jeez talk about face palm.
  3. Oh boy!!! Golf's dream come true! welll minus the PBR and Abigal Adams pinup poster! 🤣 Should be a good one. Can't wait!
  4. chuma is the #1 steal in the draft. Thankfully I / we get rewarded for fanboydom. let’s graduate from this flash in the pan bullcrap. Let’s go!
  5. Well at least our guys survived to play another day of baseball!!! 😂
  6. Great catch by them. We need some defense next inning
  7. Should have had that ground ball to limit the damage. Need to play near perfect and hope for some errors on their part from here on out
  8. Totally forgot about those. Just curious, it seems they steal any LB recruit we want outside of Tre so its nice to keep one instate! We need to put LBs in the pros!
  9. no not jibunor. We needed this guy. Could have been a tackling machine at OLB. We need to retain the kids we have and stick with true DE. Come on staff.