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  1. Let's go Pats!!!!!🍾🍾🍾
  2. Let's also hope Gus let's Morris calls plays to the middle of the field. Announcers were basically screaming it the past two years
  3. Good to see Gus has his players backs. He's got them. No one is perfect but To be a family you have to walk the talk.
  4. Nah, each side gets one fan! They can sit in the upper deck and And they will have to represent!!!!
  5. He loved Auburn and Auburn loved him. He will be missed but his legacy and memories will be celebrated every fall. He will not be forgotten. War Eagle Coach Dye.
  6. This really stinks.
  7. Yeah, probably a smart move to compete somewhere else.That kid Slovis wasn't going to lose that job barring an injury. UGAin a pickle and need someone to take the reins
  9. Definitely... It's kind of like all those Wide Receivers who want to be the man then realize that the only reason they were putting up huge numbers was because the had someone on the other side who was taking the pressure off. You see it every other year. You can't have Batman without Robin... In the canon. But the kid can ball and dunk. Hope we get him. I've been following him since his senior year. I think he came out the same year as Tyler Herro
  10. Howard's coach got into trouble for mistreated the players and I think student athletes who transferred got eligibility extensions
  11. Unless he pulls a Tre and disappears, Kerryon will still get opportunities. It will be up to him. He's in a better spot