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  1. I can't wait for August. Especially late August.
  2. It's a quiet summer.
  3. 2!!! I like that both scenarios involve us in the playoffs
  4. Tiger, definitely. Nick Marshall is an Auburn legend!
  5. http://auburn.247sports.com/Article/247Sports-experts-on-why-Florida-State-is-trending-for-five-star-53244771
  6. Well this just sucks. Can't believe the Myers drama is still affecting the team to lose a star player over it. Hope Coach can get a handle on this This really sucks.
  7. The bigger point to be made is, if CDC knew what the play was and could read it. Should he tell his teams defensive unit..yep. make them change it up and that's what they did and they won. Seems like fair game to me
  8. Oh the ups and downs of an Auburn fan.
  9. Had the angle. Catchable ball though. Got to get this out
  10. Didnt even have the angle. Catchable ball though. Got to get out