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  1. That was amazing!!! 2 plays and 71 yards. Awesome
  2. I expect Saturday to be frustrating for Auburn fans. Gus with be trying to bang it in there trying to force the run, trying to challenge his players to get the run game going. Based on his comments and the way the run game went against a weaker opponent, he will want to try to establish the run game as it sets up his play calls. How many times have you all heard him say... We are a run play action team. Holed on, its going to a rough one. Unless Nix adlibs, but remember, he's a freshman.
  3. I was stuck on the concourse... Security was waving us through. Luckily, I had a whole handle of bourbon with me that we passed around while waiting to get into the the seats. Just drinking right out of the bottle. Alot of fun but I was wasted by halftime. And so were my neighbors. 😂🥃
  4. He saves his best trick plays for them,... Like the slant
  5. If we are going to run all night, just leave Gatewood in.
  6. This is going to be a running game for sure for Gus
  7. He was so pissed!! Said he would get fined if he commented
  8. Missed call! They scored. Terrible refs