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  1. Got it on the way up. He needs to go stronger to the basket. He's got a soft touch but sometimes uses it too much
  2. We've finally started playing good teams and it's showing. Good thing is Allen Flannigan showed up.
  3. Wouldn't Air have better competition than Walker as well.
  4. 2 SEC line backers and they have 2 and 3 years of eligibility
  5. Doesn't this mean we're not getting Mazz
  6. What's the point of this post... The first response does not argue against the falsehood of the facts. Facts are facts and everyone has agreed that OL recruiting was inept.... It grew under Gus and expounded under the previous staff. All acknowledge this. Do you? And.. To be beside the point... TJ Finley could have been a great TE. L...No one is arguing against OL becoming receivers.... the point has and will continue to be made because of.. facts...OL recruiting was terrible. We aren't the folks that wrote the article and I get venting but going on and on could be more understandable and poignant if directed towards the author. This will be my last post towards you because you lost your point when you tried to even the argument when you stopped advocating for LB recruiting which is also in dire need. Didn't that used to be your thing? Have a great season..
  7. Wait... 2g8 ..are you two the same
  8. Can't believe we got Tolan to visit. Didn't we try to get him last year! Better late than never
  9. Reminds me of the Euro Cup with Eriksson. No way they should play without knowing what happened to their teammate
  10. Should have been some sort of flag. College football needs to get a grip. It may not be targeting by the letter but totally unnecessary
  11. Bunch of Georgia fans on here can go to hell
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