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  1. Dang well Tenn after all 😆. That was fun to dream about though. Next!
  2. 8-5 should be good for him
  3. I like Camden Brown and Landen King to step up and be our go to players in the redzone. Can't wait to see Mba this fall.
  4. Pitt WR and one of the best in the country is in the Portal after spring. Their coach was not too happy and said USC and Lincoln Riley are poaching. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33857148/breaking-jordan-addison-decision-enter-portal-how-reshape-college-football
  5. Watching Yohan's film, Its going to be hard to keep him on the Bench. I'm excited to see what Coach Pearl does.
  6. Good to know. I don't think so I think Jaylin is quick enough to keep up with some small forwards. Depends on who it is. Vs. Arkansas I think he would struggle. Vs. Others, I think they would struggle vs him. IMO. I didn't say that Flan would be the best on the floor at SG but that seems the likely place. Maybe SF is the best spot but He's going to have to pick up his game for us this year, no doubt. I'm not a fan of the smaller guards on the floor together because they seem to be liability defensively. Hence the SG position is a big question mark for me unless KD Johnson seals that up but I like Westry to start this year.
  7. It seems like the Center spot is definitely going to be Johni Broom. He seems to be a replacement for Walker Kessler. Averaging a double double and that block shot presence was huge for us last year. If E says that Chance Westry will get PT at the point position that's big. His scouting report and film says he can shoot it. We need someone to pick that up. Not that we will have a Jabari replacement but that dude could shoot better than anyone I've seen since Kevin Durant. But we need someone who can reliably hit a bucket when we need to. It sounds like he likes the ball and can create his own shot or find others. Big Time. I would think that we would experiment with Green and Westry on the floor if that's the case. I really do like KD Johnson coming off the bench by mid-season. It just seems like a no-brainer but CBP is going to have fun playing with this lineup. A big ? is Flannigan. He needs a good offseason! He lost alot of his playmaking ability and wasn't the go to scorer because of Kessler, Green and Jabari but he couldn't hit his shot when he needed to. He needs a pull up shot but we'll see how things go. Because of his defense and rebounding, I could see him starting though. If Traore is the 4 then I am curious if we put Jaylin at the 3. He has an outside shot, is really athletic. I think it depends on matchups though, because if another team goes small, then we may have Zep, Westry/KD Johnson and Flannigan at the guards. I think Westry and Traore are the future for Auburn. It seemslike my ideal lineup would be PG Chance Westry or Green SG Flannigan SF Jaylin PF Traore C Broom
  8. Haven't read all the thread but what's everyone's thoughts on the projected lineup if we get Phillips? Seems like we're really tall but need a guard. I prefer if Johnson were coming off the bench bringing the energy. Hopefully the freshman can ball out during practice and show his shooting touch.
  9. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33822608/bryan-harsin-reiterates-commitment-auburn-football-program-offseason-uncertainty AUBURN, Ala. -- Bryan Harsin passionately doubled down on his commitment to being Auburn's head football coach and to his players Thursday despite his future seemingly hanging in the balance nearly three months ago amid a university-directed inquiry into the program. "The simplest, strongest statement to come out of all this was what I said at the time, that it was bulls---, and I still feel like that," Harsin told ESPN during a lengthy interview.
  10. Sounds like he's all about it and it's really going to help student athletes adjust to the life outside of football and do things to help the Auburn brand and themselves.
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