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  1. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Tracy-Rocker-Auburn-Tigers-football-coach-Philadelphia-Eagles-defensive-line-Jonathan-Gannon-159856429/
  2. Yeah i forgot about Cam Payne too. But @bigbird point is taken. We need more success in the NFL.
  3. No doubt. Could be a blessing in disguise.
  4. Mason doesn't seem like the type to do that. He's been on staff doing work the longest thus far. I think he's invested. For now.
  5. Good lesson for Hars. We have work to do. Also Lupoli is a dream. Look for him to be Oregon's new defensive coordinator.
  6. Don't shortchange Tate!😂 And Mason.. If you got Trent and Lacey on your list you got to include those two!
  7. I've never liked Dan Dakich. He's a terrible announcer and also an a**hole.
  8. No problem. https://www.aufamily.com/forums/topic/174947-harsin-vs-gus-from-a-former-player/?do=findComment&comment=3352814
  9. This was refreshing. I like how he talked about how he picked the staff, a staff who wants to win and compete. he observed that they are all a bunch of former players who now coach but they love to compete and they've translated that to coaching. Pretty awesome. WDE
  10. Thanks for sharing. Didn't know about this show but it's great!
  11. Just listened this afternoon. This was great to hear and completely frustrating. I'm so glad Gus is gone. I'm sure his principles of keeping it simple and let players focus on a fewer things may have worked for a while, but it didn't translate once others picked up on our offense, did not translate to the NFL and other programs. And didn't translate over the years with different players and recruiting. We were caught in a catch-22 because people didn't want to build a facilities for an 8-5 coach. That being said I've been really disappointed in the designs I've seen outside of the Jordan Hare
  12. I really thought he was great. We had one of the best recruiting classes here with him. We pulled offensive lineman from all over and there was a reason why Texas wanted him.
  13. Used to live in Basking ridge, NJ. Nice town. Or township I should say. Good to hear Hall is excited about this hire. Let's close out recruiting and get to work. Here's where the phrase "the future is bright" finally works
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