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  1. It's right passed the other article with the title "Don't buy the Auburn hype for 2017"
  2. How is Johnson ahead of Jackson at DT??
  3. Yeah that's my point. We need to adapt. Yes hope JS and Coach CL can fix this.
  4. Well you would think that throwing it would keep teams off balance. I know that coverage is tight in the redzone but if you show a tendency to run every time in the redzone, then we get overly predictable. It's the coaches job to draw up plays that White can make. And using your talent as weapons not just as blockers. I rewatched the National Championship the other night and Clemson did a really good job of throwing in the redzone. Good routes and using their receivers, TE, and backs as weapons. It's a night and day difference between our offenses.
  5. I think it was pretty much the same all year.. throw it between the 20s and just run it three to seven times in the redzone, coming predictable and settling for field goals. I think we actually threw it into the actual endzone maybe six to seven times all year. And a total of ten to fifteen in two years. Most passes in the redzone were short of the touch line. Our go to is that pass to the short field that we scored with CJ Uzoma with a few years ago. The go to this year was #8. Our actual success came from the TE because no one could predict we were setting everyone up for three years on that play. Going off course...but throwing in what I remember as well.
  6. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I feel like I'm watching an Xman.
  7. He learned from the best... alittle disappointed this isn't from being kicked off like usual. It's still early though
  8. Woopee! In all seriousness, the talk of the one and half year and done was just flat out ridiculous. Man do we hype.
  9. I think Roquan got caught last year but passed and so they let him off
  10. http://auburn.247sports.com/Bolt/UGA-receiver-arrested-late-Saturday-night-51735285
  11. Dang what a tackle. His head snapped off the wall. They did what we didn't in the bowl
  12. He was a pitcher in High School. And that's when he first got hurt. You're both right.
  13. Nope.
  14. Welp, there goes post season
  15. Ah Jeez!