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  1. Randman5000

    Arkansas Game Report Card

    No worries. I misread. I do think this is some hodpodge of his offensive coordinator and Gus. The ultimate goal is an evolving of the offense right? Or at least adapting
  2. Randman5000

    "Clap Snap"

    Hate the clap snap. It's way too easy to predict. And if you watch films, like every did, you can get the timing down hence Arkansas blowing up a few plays as soon as they started. We need to help the Oline any way we can and so far it doesn't seem like it is
  3. Randman5000

    Post game Arkansas thread

    The freshman this year are a pleasant surprise. Excited for the young guys
  4. Randman5000

    Arkansas Game Report Card

    This isn't it either
  5. Randman5000

    Pump The Brakes!

    This frustration has alot to do with philosophy vs actual coaching. Gus wants to only use tempo after first downs. Instead of doing the straight up the middle run we are running the screen. He slows it down if we don't It's obvious. We are rarely throwing it over the middle, this may be a case of numbers but it doesn't seem so. He wants to minimize risk with his qb. And thats his philosophy. Stidham has that option only because he's been in the system for two years. I can't explain the run or lack thereof outside of the line. Brahms will help though... If we keep pounding it with Whitlow and mixing it up with the faster guys. Just a multi year observation.
  6. Randman5000

    Iggy to the house!

    Great stat. I knew it had been awhile. The return game has been great this year. Expecting more the rest of the year. RD needs some TDs.
  7. Randman5000

    Post game Arkansas thread

    David. Stills. And Ryan Davis
  8. Randman5000

    Stidham's Accuracy

    Seems like when he's over throwing Anthony Swartz... Yeah he's lost his touch
  9. Randman5000

    Post game Arkansas thread

    Or that they made them look ridiculous on the play of the year fake fair catch... On about positive note our special teams took advantage.
  10. Randman5000

    Post game Arkansas thread

    I don't think we've ever been this upset over a 34-3 blowout.
  11. Randman5000

    Post game Arkansas thread

    Omg. Winner winner 🍗 🍴 chicken dinner. Hilarious
  12. Randman5000

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    Great post DTR
  13. Randman5000

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    It will probably be Fromm. Unfortunately
  14. Randman5000

    Post game Gif party