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  1. Randman5000

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    Gus malzahn by proxy
  2. Randman5000

    Josh Marsh

    Yeah..I get the message but still.. It doesn't matter what professional s think... I'm a believer in an imaginary being, so.... Come on. This is abit ridiculous. He said God so yay! 😃
  3. Randman5000

    Jalen hurts transferring

  4. Meh, he needs hit the weights...and cut his hair
  5. What is a GT ? He plays guard and Tackle? 😉
  6. Randman5000

    Which Players are Leaving?

    But yet Stidham sucks and can't take proper coaching from our QB guru's..
  7. Randman5000

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Haha. Me too!
  8. Randman5000

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    We didn't deserve it
  9. Randman5000

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition
  10. Randman5000

    Tate Martell Transferring

    Well that solves that problem. Ha.
  11. Randman5000

    Locker room dissension

    I didn't see that. It could be that somebody was telling a dumb joke. He could have sat out the bowl game but didn't. He balled. This dumpster fire of a program isn't Stidhams fault. Just saying.
  12. Randman5000

    Locker room dissension

    That's rich coming from Gus right there... Considering he's "success" with QBs. Stidham coming to Auburn was great or else he would be SOL. He still can't manage to get a decent high school quarterback recruit. We're still crossing our fingers on Gatewood. And he can thank his lucky stars Nix's dad went to Auburn. I would be pissed too. Thanks for the support coach!
  13. Randman5000

    program worth nearly 1 billion

    My guess is Clemson is about to jump half these jokers
  14. Randman5000

    Kingsbury new USC OC

    O M G Fn. Hilarious.Ringing the hell out of that bell.
  15. Randman5000

    Bammer's lost to this...

    Sign her up!!! Has an arm!