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  1. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    What about the DJ Fluker situation?
  2. Official Tournament Thread

    I look away and Xavier is losing. What just happened
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    No kidding, I'm not sure how to react. Oh wait, it's #FireGus!
  4. Men vs. Clemson

    Yeah at one point Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan St had players taking benefits , that disappeared quickly. Those guys live for scandals. They made their careers of of it
  5. Men vs. Clemson

    Really, did he think he didn't deserve to be fired. Now that's 😂 right there
  6. Men vs. Clemson

    I'm out. Jeez, no pride. Going to watch a decent game.
  7. Men vs. Clemson

    Just keep playing defense
  8. Men vs. Clemson

    Gotta play defense and rebound
  9. Men vs. Clemson

    True. However in the tournament its survive and advance. They got the win against Charleston. A better team would bllow us out which is what's happening. It's their play that's just been pathetic here lately. However right now Pearl needs to let them know, you are in the tournament down 20. It's time to play for PRIDE
  10. Men vs. Clemson

    Nevada was down 22
  11. Men vs. Clemson

    Hey Nevada came back after being down 20
  12. Men vs. Clemson

    We don't have many backups.
  13. Men vs. Clemson

    0-14 on our last shots. Need to play defense to get in this. And rebound
  14. Men vs. Clemson

    Lol, we're bad right now. Pathetic