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  1. Well I was just pointing out that they had more than 1 missed WR assignment on that last drive. Others you get in a back and forth with.
  2. You said it was once when it wasn't. I, don't get the lol. Others don't either. Not wanting to start fights. Let's just move on.
  3. Lol. Ok I watched. I didn't make fun of everyone on the forum for 30 pages for not wanting all the coaches fired.. He wasn't your man crush.
  4. Looking forward to LSwhoo talk., Can we we fire fans too? Jeez let's move on. I watched the Miss St game and the UCLA game. UClA really put it to them. Impressed by that game as they had something to prove. Should be able to run the ball in my opinion if our offensive line putstheir big boy britches on Saturday night. Miss St didn't really do anything on offense but it's wasn't for lack of opportunities. Their RB draw was an underutilized weapon that Washington State used to kill teams with. LSU looked beatable, MSU offense found rhythm but it was too little too late. And the freaki
  5. I rewatched today. It happened twice where a receiver didn't know whether to stay or go. One had to be pulled off by a coach. Also mentioned, a couple of guys were lined up,wrong.
  6. Maybe...we have transfers in the middle. The ends need to pick it up. I hope Pegues gets an opportunity
  7. Funny stuff right here. Damn we needed something positive.
  8. rewatched the game... hopefully this guy can take care of the WR blocking. We had numerous WR bubble screens get blown at the line of scrimmage. Terrible.
  9. I like the attitude after a win. "Auburn football, get better." I hope the team and coaches respond this week for LSU. War Eagle
  10. Sounds like he's not just a 'Boise guy'. Coached at Cal, Washington, Alabama, Fresno.
  11. you can question it... we are all questioning it. Its strange. I was never on the Gus Bus. I questioned more of gus's decision making than anyone. Gus would have never pulled Bo and never fired a coach, so that's why I'm giving this guy a break. I think he made a good decision yesterday pulling Bo, I don't know about this one but I'm not going to start blasting someone because we don't know anything. ... the point is to win games. No one is convincing anyone and no one is following the coach blindly.
  12. Dude. We have who we have. Its not because we are following any man. He's the leader... I'm not jumping off the trusting the process just because he fired a coach he felt like he needed to. If after a few years we aren't going anywhere then its time to move on. The same guy that switch QBs yesterday fired a WR coach he felt like needed to go. He's trying to make us better whether you like the decision or not.
  13. I feel ya. My man crush Dr0b didn't even play yesterday.
  14. That seems like someone exaggerating. Especially since the WR coach was from the Sunbelt. Just kidding. In all fairness, its probably that the guys who know Hars ways and the others don't?
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