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  1. I saw a Washington State ad I think a couple of weeks ago. I had go back a page to double check. Pretty funny.
  2. Glad for Rudy Ford. Hope he proves the doubters wrong. He was a heck of a player for us in the secondary.
  3. He did have a couple of timely sacks, not Dee Ford timely but a few against Ole Miss and again LSU last year.
  4. Yep. Yeah unfortunately those injuries really hampered his production and a chance to improve his numbers. He just never put up the numbers as other elite DE in SEC. Hope he does well in Cinci.
  5. IF our defense plays as well as it did last year. Then yes. And, because we won't be running three different quarterbacks out there.
  6. Yep. It could have happened with Woody too until Stidham came on the market. Well we still have White though. From his video Fields has nice touch. Would like to see passes where he airs it out and lets his WR's go get it just to see some arm strength. FSU, UF, UGA all smell blood in the water. Chip Lindsey is his primary recruiter according to 247. This is a nice move by the coaching staff to go after another QB and one highly rated at that.
  7. We need to get away with that kind of talk...it puts unfair expectations on everyone, fans included. I'm referring to the gone in three statement. We kept saying it about Lawson, Adams and they were late drafted for various reasons. People are already saying it about Stidham. Kind of ridiculous. The NFL guys were ranting on ESPN the other night about QBs need to stay for four years. Folks were saying it about Wiley when all he did was dunk this year. People are entitled to their opinion but lets just hold our horses until we see them in the fall. Rant over. sorry.
  8. YES! love the move. We can't put our eggs all in one basket with the Gatewood. Hope you are right.
  9. PITTSBURGH -- Steelers coach Mike Tomlin probably didn't expect to play social media mediator to two of his wide receivers while preparing for the NFL draft in the war room. 2017 NFL DRAFT | Philadelphia Rds. 4-7: Saturday, noon, ESPN/ESPN App Draftcast: Follow the picks live » NFL draft home page » • Pick-by-pick analysis | By team • Best available: McShay's 25 | Kiper's 25 • Seifert: Historic run on DBs on Day 2 • NFL Nation: All 32 teams' draft classes • Pros, cons 2nd Rd | Pros, cons 1st Rd • Fantasy: Day 2 reaction | Round 1 • Tracking every trade Tomlin tweeted Sammie Coates and Martavis Bryant to "play nice boys" after friendly fire over the Steelers' selection of USC receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster with the 62nd overall pick. Bryant, the prodigious but troubled wideout who just recently was conditionally reinstated by the league after serving a yearlong suspension, tweeted shortly after the pick: "lol that's Sammie coates replacement not minds take it how you want to I am back." Coates replied to Bryant, "Hahahahahaha." Bryant eventually deleted the tweet. Coates also responded to Tomlin, saying: "No nice playing in football. See you Monday coach." Twitter/@ThaBestUNO Coates, a third-round pick in 2015, served as the Steelers' depth threat while Bryant was suspended but struggled late in the year while battling injuries. Bryant has scored 15 touchdowns in 21 regular-season games but has missed a total of 20 games over substance-abuse violations. Smith-Schuster is the Steelers' highest draft pick at receiver since Limas Sweed went 53rd overall in 2008. When discussing the pick Friday night, offensive coordinator Todd Haley said the Steelers want to create competition at all positions. Game on.
  10. I agree. I'm not sure how you gather that just from tv however. I was just wanting people to recognize on here that the south and republican south is not a bubble . Glad we agree. W.E.
  11. Totally agree. I think espn felt the pressure when they signed their big deals. That changed their programming and they messed up by letting the 30 for 30 guy go. They're no longer the automatic channel at 5pm because of competition, Variety, and stale programming.
  12. Yeah man. I hear ya. I respect your views on here. Similar insight as well. I think it's funny that most Auburn folks think that everyone is conservative that go there, which is not the case. It's great for the school. Sometimes us West Coasters need to speak up. Espn on the other hand needs to change their programming and not their on air talent. It's so clear. I know people that will watch NFL network all day long because it's sports reporting..somewhat.
  13. All of you folks on here bashing or stereotyping liberals need to remember that there are lots of liberals who attend or have attended Auburn. You could easily fall into what you accuse liberals of. Ps. FOX is not the way to get your political news. Let's get back to ESPN and less biased media talk
  14. Don't forget Mason and whatever he's going through. They all seem to have nice starts.