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  1. If they are splitting reps among 3 quarterbacks, then that takes away some of those valuable reps from Finley. They don't have an unlimited number of minutes or reps to practice their plays against the coverages and blitzes that Penn State has shown, so it is something that I'm just not sure about. Aside from the injuries, they must like what Calzada brings to the table. Aside from the 3 or 4 bad plays in the first two games, I thought that Finley has thrown some beautiful balls. As always with AU football, it should be interesting. We have a chance to control both lines of scrimmage. Doing that would really help our QB situation and pass coverage. Looking forward to the game.
  2. I vote for him to succeed with Boise St coaches.
  3. Just based on Calzada's film I just looked through from 2 or 3 games this year, he has chance to be a on par with Nix in regards to the passing game, maybe even better in some areas. Bo showed some ability this year to stand in the pocket and deliver a throw under pressure, but Calzada did that on a much more consistent basis in the film I saw. Bo bailed way too much, and operated out of the system/progressions way too often. Both have similar arm strength, but Nix has quicker release and can throw it better from different angles. Calzada may be better at the deep ball, but I honestly didn't see A&M take many shots on film. Also, regarding Calzada's "happy feet" that some have mentioned, I think a lot of that is just from his in-the-pocket technique of consistently moving the feet to stay in throwing position, sort of like Peyton Manning always did. Now of course he does bail some when he doesn't need to, but I think that part of it may be overstated. One last thing - Calzada looked terrible at times carrying out fakes in the run game. Very lazy movements.
  4. A little fact I wanted to interject in the middle of some of this nonsense I am seeing . . . . Bo Nix will turn 22 before TJ Finley turns 20. This may not matter to some of you, but I think it needs to be taken into account.
  5. After doing a little bit of research on him, I would be happy with Zak Hill.
  6. I just don't like his alignment this year. Seems to be very close to the ball at setup and doesn't look very athletic on approach. Whatever it is, there is no consistency to his kicks. If you just watch the extra points, not many go straight down the middle. Maybe he can get it figured out.
  7. I don't see Harsin as the type of guy that will entertain meddling from the outside Along those same lines, Harsin is not really an up and coming coach. He is very well established as a successful head coach Yep, receivers will be thin, but offensive line should be better with good numbers for this year I don't think we went into the negative on transfers. Seems like we at least broke even, maybe even on the positive side of things, but that remains to be seen. New schemes....yes, please. Minus the few mental mistakes that will arise because of the newness (that you are alluding to), I think the new schemes will be better for the players, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe it is just me, but I say we shoot for a championship season.
  8. I keep saying I will, but it is just hard to find the time. Even then, someone else has usually covered my point so I don't want to be redundant.
  9. Wow, there are so many little nuggets of info from this one clip. I'm thinking the OL has wider splits than previous years, they correctly identify and have hat on hat on the 5 man rush, QB feels the pocket pressure and slides left while still being able to make the throw. It is a successful play even though the OL struggled to maintain. Good stuff.
  10. Quick look at his film (most of the time at LT and DT) shows pretty good pad level. Not elite feet and quickness of course, but overall not bad at all for a PWO. Also, his senior highlights show his weight at 310 lbs. Good pickup. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/9502300/5fc416723deab706c0c16c96
  11. Surprising that the new Vols staff would pull the offer to Roc since it is this late in the game. Lots of talent in Oxford the next few years that I imagine they don't have a chance at now. Does nothing but help AU in the future.
  12. I know it is highlights, but he looks good. Spins it well, and once he decides to throw it is quickly out. Has shown he can navigate the pocket. I don't have a whole lot of time to argue my point, but as of these Junior highlights he may be a better passer than what is currently on the roster.
  13. And now dual-pol radar can detect actual debris in the air to confirm a tornado, which can not only be used to warn, but also can be used to hold off giving a warning. The Birmingham NWS is one of the best in the business at reducing false alarms. If they give a storm a warning, it better be taken seriously. Amazing technology being used.
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