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  1. Their "pack line" man defense is different than most. Defenders one and two passes away sag to help with dribble penetration, yet are close enough to close out on the perimeter pass to their man. On ball screens they typically hedge and recover, but they will double the ball. It is different, but it is good that we have a few days to prepare for it. Almost like playing a mix of man and zone.
  2. FYI, Groce transferred to Pleasant Grove prior to starting his Junior year. He was previously at Munford in Talladega County. Athletic kid.
  3. Well, we at least know he is going to be a hard worker. He has coached the position, so that helps having that experience in the way you run your drills and the little details that need to be coached up. I know he played it at a high level, but it is just different being on the coaching side. Not all who play it can coach it. There is a lot of youth and inexperience on that offensive coaching staff. Hopefully it will work out.
  4. With Bo, there shouldn't be any need for "time to develop", as he has had on-the-field college level coaching for at least 3 years, and more than that at home. Understanding of coverages, reads, footwork, concepts, mental toughness, should all be there. Being there for spring will help him get used to the speed of the game. I would certainly look for him to be the starter Game 1.
  5. About to post something similar, but Bird you did a better job than I could have. Brahms first steps were bad. Also looks like he pops up some when snapping, especially on some of the other plays, which raises your center of gravity. As for backside pursuit, I don't like that the RB is 8 yards deep. QB boot or read should keep them honest, but they have to be afraid of it. Just seems to take a while for the RB to get there. Also don't like 5 step drops out of shotgun, especially after fake handoff, but I know that is common for Gus. Makes it tough on Tackles handling the edge rushers.
  6. Stating the obvious, but doubt in your assignment wreaks havoc on an O-lineman. Not sure what the problem is currently, but some of those LSU highlights shows good pad level and more vertical movement. Arkansas and Southern Miss may have played some shades/techniques that give our zone scheme, or rather certain personnel, more confusion or doubt. That 1st run in the above Southern Miss video is a poor excuse for Outside Zone/Stretch play blocking, if that is what it is supposed to be.
  7. Just now seeing some of the highlights. This has probably been mentioned before, but the eye discipline from the RG and RT on the TD pass (HERE) is really bad. Easy to see that the RB didn't have his body ready to take on the DE, but that is a simple LB stunt that the right side missed badly on. Just not good. Good thing I've only watched a few plays here and there this year. Mostly been listening on the radio.
  8. It actually might be a good time to release this, as all the attention will continue to be on the upcoming games. AU may have been the one sitting on it, but that's just an opinion.
  9. Yep. Probably felt like typical bruising, but after a few days of not healing decided to get it looked at. Just a guess.
  10. On several run plays I saw the OL do a terrible job of coming off their combo blocks and allow a scraping LB to fill the hole untouched. Even if you don't come off the double, you at least have to push that DL back into the LBs lap, and that ain't happening. That stuff is zone blocking 101, but it takes lots of live reps to nail it. Of course Malzahn runs a lot of man powers and counters as well, but that stuck out at me a few times.
  11. Some more info on Mazzone and the stuff he sells to the high school ranks:
  12. I think our current status with Benton and Ignont at LB had something to do with this year's LB recruiting. Those two would be huge gets, and only signing one this year possibly helps us next year with them. Time will tell.
  13. Stats in JUCO and at FSU don't mean a whole lot at this point, especially since he will participate in the Spring. He did get practice reps and coaching at FSU, and participated in the . Just from watching the Spring game, he is extremely fast and has a very good arm. He has the tools. Of course decision making, confidence, and composure are very important at the QB spot, as we all know from this past season.At the above link, Franklin plays at the 7:27, 8:44, 11:00, and 13:20 marks. The 13:20 mark really shows what kind of potential he has as a passer.
  14. Great news! From briefly watching some of his film, it looks like he has been well-coached (or maybe better to say that he is very coachable).
  15. No surprise there. Thankfully CWM has a spring and fall camp to coach them up.