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  1. Is this true? Please tell me it's true. I'm too lazy too look.
  2. Gary can F*** off. After his comment about Davidson and Brown celebrating purposely injuring QBs... I'm writing CBS sponsors informing them I will not be utilizing their products or services until the classless SOB apologizes to decent kids who were just playing hard.
  3. I'm sorry. Did LSU just benefit from their own penalty?
  4. So what now? Obvious unsuccessful onside kick. I'll cross my fingers.🙄
  5. I'm so very tired of Gary today.🤬
  6. Will never hope for an injury, but I hope we decided to try something different.
  7. Even with the poor execution and questionable coaching decisions, take the refs out, and I believe we are up three or tied.
  8. QB play... I believe we have more than 1...
  9. OK. I'll say it. These refs have accounted for 10 points for LSU and shaken our young players. Coaching and playcalling, and execution, have accounted for some, but let's not ignore the elephant in the room.
  10. Let's just play with out officials, please.
  11. First hold of the day I believe🙄 how long do we stick with Kim at center, really?
  12. I've been screaming this. With the weather and these refs it's time someone does it. No win is worth the kids health and safety.
  13. Great list, but if we're letting QBs sneak onto the RB list, Nick Marshall should be at 21.
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