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  1. Sean White arrested

    Dealing with Gus, would make me drink too.
  2. FWIW.

    CCL next week after CGM lets him call the plays.
  3. FWIW.

    Well, start chiming in others!
  4. Gus vs Power 5 w/ winning records

    Damn.... Gus is lost
  5. FWIW.

    I agree 100% but, if it is true..... Gus is one stupid(want to be head coach) .
  6. FWIW.

    I agree 100% but, if it is true..... Gus is one stupid(want to be head coach) .
  7. FWIW.

    So, was we not running slants during the practice? I was looking for our WRS to change the most. I am tired of being lied too by Gus .
  8. FWIW.

    Also, get rid of the damn clap snap!
  9. FWIW.

    This can not be true. Gus could not be that big of a dumb @ss ! No way!! But, if true, then he needs to win out to save his job. I am about to be off the bus.
  10. 2014 4* QB Brandon Harris (LSU signee)

    So he believed Sabans lies?!? Do these guys not know of the history of him telling every QB he is the best he has seen, and, they wll be the starter the next year??? White, Aj, etc....
  11. God doesn't want healthcare insurance for eveyone

    I agree grumps. Are you helping the poor, to show obedience to God, or, you doing it cause the government is making you?
  12. Macro Economic View

    Yep, amazing what you can do by printing money.... wait for it.... wait for it.... Boom , here comes the inflation.
  13. Ellitor, you are one bad mofo! Great job!
  14. 2014 5* QB DeShaun Watson (Clemson signee)

    [/quote"]Miller said. “I think he and all of us have learned our lesson in social media and I do not think Deshaun Watson will take any more visits.” Last part sounds very fishy to me!
  15. Wow! Cannot believe how hard it is to bring this guy down, plus his ability to turn on the afterburners when he sees a hole and needs a burst of speed. Barry Sanders?