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  1. I really like to see Capers get some touches or at least some targets.
  2. TD Moultry has to be the most penalized player in college football history!
  3. Arkansas: some points Auburn: a few points more
  4. I’m sure JT Daniels will be cleared for this game and both sides of the AU lines worry me at the moment. However, with a week to get better I think AU pulls out the W. 31-23 AU.
  5. I’m not sure where he is with his injury recovery from last year, but I’m surprised the Ja’Varrius Johnson isn’t listed anywhere in the WR rotation. I was hoping we would see a role for him this year. Also, a lot of first year faces on the two deep.
  6. Mobtowne check in. Myself and most of my neighbors had minimal damage. We mainly had limbs down and other debris to clean up. No power for about 36 hours, but it has since been restored. We were very lucky. Prayers for all those to the east of us that were affected much more.
  7. Run the heck out of him, make him take a substance abuse class, and suspend him for the first game. Sidenote: at least Sheffield wasn’t charged with 1st degree attempted murder like the kid who just signed with Oregon. Additional up-downs aren’t going to get him out of that one.
  8. It would be nice to have a consistently successful offensive scheme to pair with Steele’s remaining years as a defensive coach.
  9. From another forum: ”In 2019, Keyes led Taylorsville to a 15-1 record and a state championship. Keyes completed 213 of 309 passes for 3,721 yards, 41 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He added 805 rushing yards and 11 scores.”
  10. Every football game I’ve watched has had two halves and AU hasn’t given up in a game yet this year. As good as Minnesota has played they needed help from the refs to score.
  11. Minnesota is playing as good as they can and AU as bad as they can and only down by 7 with awful officiating. I think we turn it around in the second half. Look for Whitlow to make some plays to jumpstart this offense.
  12. I guess I’m in the minority that likes the selection for both AU and bama. I did want AU to get a shot at Michigan, but I’m satisfied with the Minnesota draw. Why? First, all my bama friends have talked trash about Harbaugh for years (it’s probably justified to some degree) and I can’t wait to see him beat bama when all their NFL prospects sit the game out. Second, I’m intrigued to see what Malzahn can do against Fleck. As mentioned earlier in this thread, many posters here wanted Fleck to replace Malzahn. Malzahn has already beaten Cristibol this year and now has a shot at Fleck. I
  13. Just not AUs night. Been yelling at tv for 20 minutes
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