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  1. Wow Kentucky is fast. Getting them in foul trouble will slow them down.
  2. Weathered the storm, collected themselves, and got the victory. Great team win AU.
  3. Gotta think Ole Miss’ shot will go cold at some point. Ball is definitely bouncing their way so far.
  4. First Eason leaving, now Calzada committing. Back to back days of bad news for the AU football program.
  5. Great pick up! Wish he could reclassify to the 22 class.
  6. Another bama uga championship… great, 😞
  7. Makes you wonder if Bobo was just the fall guy. They can say Harsin is changing the culture at AU and he very may be doing that, however, I see a lot of similarity between him and Gus. This team was just flat out stale today, especially on the offensive side. I am just glad this season has come to an end.
  8. Offense is just dead with Finley in charge. Harsin needs to give this team a chance and pull Finley.
  9. Always said Holden would take over as soon as Nix left. May happen a year earlier than expected.
  10. Lord help us if TJ is starting next year. There is no excitement watching him quarterback this team.
  11. already have. GA vs Cincy was the best bowl game last year.
  12. If Gus was running the show, we would have had Grant Loy QBing the offense after Bo went down. Somehow Loy and Gus would have had us at negative points at that point of the game. JMO
  13. I can stomach this one over the last two giveaways. Losing Bo was the nail in the coffin for this season.
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