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  1. I guess so. I saw the defense and special teams contribute to the loss as well as the offense. The defense played good enough for AU to win, but they had some big miscues as well. And that fumble by Tutt on the punt didn’t help our cause. So yes, I believe the execution as a team hurt AU as well as coaching calls on both sides of the ball. 3 phases + coaches = team.
  2. While I agree in part with your statement about those players being MIA. I believe the player execution sealed our fate more than the play calling. Not saying Gus shouldn’t shoulder some blame, but don’t dump it all on him. This was a total team loss.
  3. I don’t trust Nix to make the throw (rough day), but we have to take a shot with Schartz. Need a quick TD
  4. Whitlow’s vision has been very subpar today. Hope he gets it together. KM has looked liked our best RB today.
  5. I agree with this as that was one of the worst calls and reviews I’ve ever seen. What irks me more was on the next AU drive where replay had to step in to call targeting on an obvious late and leading with the crown of the helmet hit on Seth Williams. At the beginning of the game, I cringed when I saw what crew was in charge of our game.
  6. He did fumble. It was missed by most of the TV viewers because espn was to busy showing the helicopter hit on States QB against KState. It was the drive after Papoe forced the fumbled and the targeting call against State for the hit on Seth. Watching the replay now.
  7. I think Tutt fumbled a punt as well. He could’ve been down when it happened, but that wouldn’t have matter with the refs from last night.
  8. It’s not that great and it’s not $5.00 in my neck of woods.
  9. I think it is time for Gatewood, Joiner, D.J., S Jackson and M. Hill. Save the starters for FL next week.
  10. 31 - 17 AU is what I am going with. However, if the offense finally clicks on cylinders then 52-17. The offense is getting better every week, but they are still leaving a lot of points on the field with missed "impact" play opportunities.
  11. Shivers had a TD on the second play if Bo fakes to Stove
  12. 24-13 AU. Low scoring for most of the game (13-10) Bo manages a TD scoring drive in mid 4th (17-13). AU defense seals the game with a pick 6 as Mond tries to lead a comeback. We all know he is good for at least one int.