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  1. I am 84.7% sure it is because of the algorithm they use with weighted predictions and where it rounds off.
  2. With everything going on in Knoxville, he will get his release and a clean slate from the NCAA. If not, lawyer up and both the NCAA and SEC will fold.
  3. That’s a fair assessment on the rehire. However, don’t get upset with Rocker because he has a skill set that is desirable by the highest level of his occupation. He only needs to worry about himself and his family’s future. Auburn sure as hell wouldn’t keep him around if the Harsin era turns out to be a failure.
  4. Agreed. I think we need at least one transfer and the two high-school recruits to field an effective rotation.
  5. I’m selfish, I want all three of these kids on the AU roster next year. Especially the two high-school recruits.
  6. I hope we convince this kid to commit to the good guys. Unfortunately, we may need 1-2 more RB commits to field a decent rotation.
  7. I believe earlier in the week Ellitor said it didn't since Grant didn't enroll and arrive on campus. @ellitor am I spreading misinformation?
  8. I would be happy with a MelGore type running back on the roster. If you want to see something interesting, click on the college team profiles on his profile and look at the group 247 has listed at the RB position for AU.
  9. I counted Shenker, Deal, Fromm, Pegues, and Frazier currently on the roster and then the incoming kid from Texas. I may have missed someone, but either way we are good from a numbers standpoint.
  10. Between Grant’s past medical issues and the fact that we have 5 scholarship TEs currently on the roster and another freshman coming in, this had to be the best possible outcomes for all parties involved. I hope he stays healthy and finds success at SMU.
  11. He played some on defense, but didn't record many stats there. He put up his stats on the offensive side and was recruited as an athlete. I am sure he is more comfortable at the TE position, but I think he would make an impact on the defensive side if everything clicked for him. I am ok with him staying at TE, but I want Harsin to actually use him as a focused weapon. As he did with most of his weapons, Gus used JJ for "specialty roles" on 2 or 3 plays, including the wildcat. I just thought it was a waste of the kid's talent.
  12. I think he make a bigger impact at one of the end spots in a 3-4 scheme. He would still lack the ideal height there, but I think has other attributes that would make an impact at the position.
  13. Offense: Bigsby (will become a first-team all-American once a competent oline is in front of him) Defense: J.J. Pegues
  14. My bad. So many new threads have been created that I forgot about that one, maybe we can pin it to the top like the recruiting class thread is? Thanks for putting all that info together for us.
  15. I’m excited at the young talent at WR, concerned about the depth now though. How many WRs do we have on scholarship now 7-8?
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