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  1. Smart decision by the kid, but I wouldn't be surprised if Riley moves on before this kid get to OK. You have to think if Riley develops Hurts this year and the OK program has success, then NFL will be calling with all the young QB talent already in the league and what is available in the upcoming draft.
  2. Fine example on how Gus handles adjustments. Screws up the kids redshirt, but still sticks with the plan on not playing the kid even when he knows the year of eligibility is gone. Think Asa would’ve stayed even with the screw up if he got in the rotation more. Lets be honest, no one ahead of him was showing “greatness” at the position.
  3. Great response! Now we big kat to tee off on Tua. Come on D!
  4. So we can count CBS out with helping with the buyout? Blew your shot again Gus.
  5. I thought it was funny that he seemed to be excited when they brought up the FG at the end of half. Not sure if I heard him right, but I thought he said that UGA should be satisfied with a FG to end the half when they should’ve scored a TD. If so, typical Gus.
  6. He looked great in last nights game. Hope his arm is alright, kid is definitely a warrior. Hell of a game for both teams.
  7. I have been on a plane from Europe to the States for the last eleven hours and missed the game. If someone doesn’t mind filling me in, how bad was the AU performance this week?
  8. I once led LSU to 27 national Championships out of my 34 years there. Before that I lead Iowa State to a National Championship with a third string QB and my TE won the heisman that year. I will take your sons info though as a possible OC or position coach hire though. Or maybe vice versa.
  9. Glad I’m traveling Europe with the wife and can’t watch this debacle of a season. Been three weeks since I’ve seen AU play, will miss the Tenn game and I care 0% if this is the kind of performances the fans can expect.
  10. While I won’t argue with you on the short comings of this o-line and Grimes. I just wish you would broaden your calling out of the position coaches. There are a lot of holes in this team outside of the oline. IMO I think the only coach we or atleast I can’t complain about is Travis Williams. That LB crew is amazing. Gardner: dline is inconsistent at generating a push rush at times looks unmotivated in their demeanor. Recruit and develop a true pass rusher please. Secondary coaches: too much to type, but begin with the starting talent and technique. Grimes: see above, but not sure if younger talent is there Kodi: think this is the best unit on O, but I would like to see more effort in coming back to Stidham and more consistent blocking on the edge. But he and WRs have been a pleasant surprise. Chip (as a QB coach): work on Stidhams happy feet (then repeat this) and more consistent progressions. Stidham, very rarely will the pocket be consistently clean at any level of football. The great ones overcome it. Horton: young RBs are a work in progress. Porter: overall, I don’t even know what you do to even say anything.
  11. Great job there O. Need to tie this game up before halftime.
  12. Strength of our offense is the QB and WRs, so let’s run wildcat. ??‍♂️
  13. I cussed and yelled a lot that night! Because of that game, my two dogs leave the room every time when I put my AU gameday jersey on. Seriously, for the last 10 years, they have left whatever room I was in when they see that jersey on me. Blessed to still have those two dogs though, truly some of my best friends ever! Edit: As fellow AU fans, you know there have been several more games since that had added to my dog's perception of that jersey.