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  1. Donaldson needs to learn to stop fouling on these three point shots.
  2. There was a lot smoke about Barry Odom as DC before he took the HC in Vegas
  3. I think there is some under utilized and under valued talent on the d line. Looking forward to what Roberts and Garrett can scheme up with them.
  4. I think those big name coaches got bigger titles elsewhere. On the bright side, at least Freeze didn’t promote an unqualified coach on staff to coordinator after his Plan A didn’t pan out.
  5. Zep signed a deal to be in the show during the bball season. Shenker was signed to the show during the football season.
  6. I think if they let bama in the playoffs this year, then there will be a movement to disband the committee when the playoff expands. The new expanded playoff will be similar to the NFL’s and they don’t have a committee, but their team selections are based on statistics and other mathematical formulas that don’t include human opinion. Too much money is pouring in and being spent in this sport now, so schools aren’t going to let personal biases ruin their seasons without questioning the madness. JMO.
  7. I’m not sure, but I think this injury might initially have been caused by Robbie himself. Wasn’t it in the Mizzou game where he hurt his shoulder while trying to block for Bigsby?
  8. I’ve heard it the other way. Lane wanted a clause where he would get the guaranteed buyout even if he did indeed leave for bama or another job. Cohen obviously said no. I believe it was briefly discussed on the Locked On AU podcast.
  9. Personally, I think he is gone. They could use some of the NIL money to try and convince him to stay, but I think they spend it elsewhere rebuilding the lines.
  10. Good lord, we are killing ourselves on defense. Need to dump the entire NIL account on offensive and defensive linemen.
  11. Say what you will about Robbie, but justified or not, 50% of our QBs quit on the AU team this year. Robbie is the best we have, accept it.
  12. Rick Neuheisel is on board the Harsin train.
  13. Really wish someone would sit Pappoe. Dude has no reason to be on the field. Shows no effort, doesn’t even pick up his teammates that are actually hustling around.
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