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  1. Glad you mentioned the strength training. I think the last few years we have really sucked at that pop art of it. I don’t know if it was Russle’s fault or Gus’s be we definitely declined
  2. Actually the coaching in 2004 cost them the national championship. That was probably one of the best assembly of college athletes I have ever seen. Two top five picks then another top 15 and a forth , first rounder. Others in that group went on to be very good as well. Had tubby got off his butt early on and beat folks as bad as they could have, we would have been the #1 team going into the bowls.
  3. The point was I believe Pat made it known that Bo would be the starter period. Again Bo has the talent but he needs the competition as well. I think sitting Bo a couple of times during his freshman year would have been extremely helpful in Bo’s career. Now that Bo knows there will be consequences for his play I expect Bo to be much better.
  4. Exactly . Folks fail to remember we have 3 or 4 gimmes each year from small schools that we pay to come get beat. So an 8-4 is really a 4-4 and then there are the Vandys that we should beat most every year. We just have to decide if we want to be the top of the league then no more than 2 losses each year 3 in a bad year. At least playing in November for a chance to go to Atlanta.
  5. Actually, I think Bo will have a much better year this year for a couple of reasons. First it’s his 3rd year so he is maturing. 2nd we won’t be calling silly plays that Gus had. Early on they fooled some folks but not so over the last few years. We won in those years despite Gus not because of Gus. And finally Pat was allowed to have to much influence on Bo the first two years, probably to a deal he made with Gus to bring Bo to Auburn. Now Bo can be an instrumental part of the offense and not have to try and be the offense by himself or be showcased. Bo has talent, that is a given. I think wit
  6. There are . It was the draft sight that listed the top 100 in order . With Powell being #74, Cooper at #25 and Petty at #86 I believe .
  7. Not only is Cooper predicted in the first round but Powell is showing in the first 4 rounds as well. Both ranked above Petty, Alabama’s SG. And both of them are freshmen .
  8. Nope just not like you and totally consumed with a message board. Sorry to hear your total existence is now driven by a message board. May I suggest a job or maybe a new hobby? Really would help your take on the world. Peace😊
  9. End of the day most of football at this level is about attitude. Sure play calling and talent is important. But you see all the time teams that are not big league that are successful. Gus wasn’t a person that believed in attitude or strength. He thought you could just out trick them. If you want to win consistently at this level you have to have the right attitude as a team. You have to train hard, be tougher both physically and mentally and not just on game days. Games are won Sunday thru Friday not on Saturday’s . If you wait till you show up then you are too late. Simply said Gus was to wea
  10. Exactly. He even said before that if the offense wasn’t successful it was not the play but the players not doing what he drew up. Never thought about once those players had seen his one trick pony they wouldn’t be fooled by it again. 🤔
  11. Look Bo has a lot of potential its just Pat and Gus/Chad didn’t finish anything to bring it out. He has a lot of faults you would expect a high school QB to have. I’m sure that Harsin and Bobo can help Bo reach his potential. He has talant he just needs better decision making.
  12. I agree you are hilarious. In fact I think most everyone on this site thinks your hilarious. Heck maybe you should get a side job at the local comedy club. You could do a stand up comic line acting like you were a knowledgable football fan? 🤣😂🤣
  13. So what does this have to do what the poster said in their post? What he said is mostly true. We need to quit writing about what bama does and worry about what Auburn does. Nick came in and had a bad first year. I don’t think he has cheated anymore than any other coach. Does he gripe about things that don’t go his way? Sure who doesn’t.?Point is if you win games good things come your way. Unlike Gus, Nick was not afraid to hire good coaches rather than yes men. Nick knew he needed a hurry up offense rather than his safe offense and he went and got one. Remember Nick’s first winning teams were
  14. The best thing is he is going after coaches with head coaching experience and here is why. First they will be anxious to come in and do good hoping for another HC book. Secondly because it shows Harsin is not intimidated by other good coaches like Gus was and will go after the best. They may move on but just like Nick he will find another. I think Harsin will dictate the offense and defense philosophy and his OC/DC will call plays on game days. Like I said we need a head coach that is a manager more than a coach .
  15. I’m hoping we actually start passing to TE across the middle like every other successful team
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