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  1. Yes let’s not blame a coach in his seventh year that he hasn’t recruited the players or trained them to run his offense yet. I mean heck we only pay him a lousy 7 million a year. What would a measly 7 million buy you? Heck I read somewhere some pro coaches don’t make that . And the ones that do make that , no one expects them to win tough games. No I’m with you if Gus can beat Troy and Samford and occasionally Arky or Vandy then heck I’m all for giving him a raise to $10 million a year. 😂 some Gus apologist on here are grade a comics for sure.
  2. Exactly to say the offense is a work I. Progress after 7 years insults folks intelligence . Yes we do have a freshman QB ( who’s fault is that) we have a line full of seniors that have all started for two years. We have two seniors and one junior WR. And like I said this is Gus’s seventh year so if there is a lack of roster of experienced players that is his fault. I don’t want excuses, I want results. I doubt any of the top 25 teams would still have Gus on the payroll especially at his Inflated wage, after delivering the results he has. It’s an insult to Auburn University, Auburn students, Auburn fans and Auburn players if Allen doesn’t cut Gus at the end of the season. If he doesn’t then he needs to be leaving as well. Seven years is enough OJT time. Let Arky have him they will just be grateful for 8/4 and 7/5 or maybe vandy might want him, but he is definitely not Auburn material. And Bo’s comment just shows you the attitude Gus instills in his players. Heck uat players came right out and said after LSU that they had not played to uat standards and they were not satisfied no mater how close the loss was or who it was against. That’s the attitude winners have. And Gus doesn’t have it and neither does his players. They are fully ok with losing to anyone. Just marching in time. It won’t get any better till Gus is gone.
  3. Now his goal is to win 10 games. In two weeks it will be his goal to win 9 games . After the bowl game his goal will be next year we are going to win championships . I mean then we can start a repeat right? It really takes an idiot to belive anything Gus Malzahn says.
  4. Sorry I have no idea why it doubled up. I tried to cut the second list twice and it came back anyway lol.
  5. Saw this on AUC not premium content. it is amazing against FBS teams during Malzahn’s HC we have gone down in points per game and rushing yards every single year. No way to spin that folks . Just no way.
  6. I want you to think for a minute. We presently have maybe the best or at least top 5 defense in the country. We have consistently improved each year under Steele . We lost all three of our starting LBs last year and still didn’t miss a beat . If you subtract the damage a poor offense does on their defense you would really understand what Steele And his defensive coaches have done here. I in no way want to lose that . That is already half the equation to a winning team . If you bring In Another coach he will want to bring in his own coaches and we will be in a total rebuild that will last 2 or 3 years at best. On the other hand you keep Steele and keep your defense intact and he will definitely go out and hire a very good OC to fix the offense. Maybe by next year we will actually be playing for something besides a non new year bowl.
  7. look Gus knows the score. When he asked for another year last year there was no doubt that he was told this year had to result in some form of major improvement . It did not. Just the same as it has been. Don’t feel to sorry for Gus. He knew when he pushed for and received top 5 pay it came with higher requirements . So he made his deal and failed to deliver his part. Now he must except the results. It’s business folks just like your job. They pay you for certain results you can blame the moon if you want, but the end of the day you don’t produce what was requested then they fire you.
  8. You mean kind of like when we blew a 21 point lead against LSU and some other teams?
  9. We might look up to Arkansas if they find a coach and we keep Gus.
  10. Who cares about football we got Bruce Pearl basketball 😊
  11. Man these guys are going to be fun to watch this year. They may wind up being better than last year .
  12. Look I don’t really think KS wants a head coach job he has been there done that and it didn’t workout well. I do think that any new coach coming in can take a look at results of this defense , with the offenses ineptness of turn overs and 3 and outs and understand this is a great defensive staff. They would be crazy to not keep them all. We do need a coach that has an offensive background but has also shown a knack of getting the players the right motivation. It also needs to be a coach that is ok with growing and changing as the needs require .
  13. I agree with you and I didn’t take anything negative. I’m just upset that we have watched this show for 7 years and other than the first year in 2013 , which include a very successful Nick Marshal, the prayer from Jordan Hare, and the Kick six, we have seen the same mediocre Gus. Winning a few games that he shouldn’t and losing a lot of games he should have won. Not just winning and loosing but how it happens. We proved capable in all there losses we were capable of wining with decent play calling. We didn’t get it. Every year Gus blames it on the OC that he doesn’t actually let call plays. Then this year he says up front he is calling all plays and if it doesn’t go right then it’s on him. So it didn’t go right and it’s on him. You people that want to continue to deny facts need to understand that it doesn’t make them non fact. Believe this Gus was to be fired last year . The money was on the table. I don’t care what you think that’s just the truth as conveyed by someone that was there. Gus bargained for another year saying he would be his own OC and if he failed it was on him. He failed and there is no question about it. He did bargain away some of his future money. I have not been told exactly the number on that but it was something. That said I have not heard that they will still go through with it this year but that was the plan from last year . So I have no doubt if they decide to move on money will be a point of contention. We will see.
  14. Again I just said Gus has added the never used slant to his package. I think that input came from Dilly since he is the only new peg in Gus’s board. Yes Gus calls all the plays. That’s why the offense sucks. Pretty simple logic.