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  1. Good if they do we will have some easy pickens cause I can assure that will be the number one practice drill this week
  2. Yes but Dabo has a much easier road to travel. He wouldn’t be winning as much if he was in the SEC west
  3. Yes he actually bobbled it. I think it bounces of his cast but he stayed with it even as he was being tackled. Impressive young man
  4. Very much I noticed he was playing with an attitude last night . WDE
  5. There has been plenty of reason for folks to rag on Gus and Gus would probably admit it. That said as I have said already, I see a lot of progress by Gus this year. It’s sad that it took heating up his chair to get it but it definitely seems to be working. A lot of good calls last night. New wrinkles. Actually using his old predictability by doing something different. That’s good and it’s moving in the right direction. Actually the offense is way beyond what we are use to from Gus at this point and we actually have two freshman QBs . That is no easy feat. Next week will be report card day. We win it will be an “A” for Gus. Even if we play well and make it a game till late in the fourth then it’s a passing grade. If he gets beat bad by 14 or more it’s a non pass and the heat will be on because we will probably be looking at a 7-5 at best and there will be a new coach coming in. Gus knows that, Alan knows that and most of the board knows that. With that said, I’m pulling for Gus, because these guys like him. I hope he just stays on the bandwagon where is has started now and believe if he does he could be successful at AU for a long time. WDE
  6. Just football #101 . When you get the running game efficient the passing game improves. Like the flea flicker. The safeties wasted no time coming forward on the handoff, because AU had so much success with the run, Stove was wide open. Joeys pass was the same they were all playing the run and a simple crossing pass was wide open. Gus actually is getting a little more unpredictable like he used to be. This will aid the offense immensely
  7. I hope so because it very apparent yesterday that uat’s defense did not function well at all against SC’s fast paced offense yesterday. Had usce not shot theirselves in the foot with overthrows dropped passes and costly penalties the could have score a lot yesterday. Our defense is much better than usce and I think if we can keep up the fast pace we can beat uat this year.
  8. Yes and it’s a little unfair. Team like Clemson winds up without having much damage by injury through the year. Really they just have to play two decent opponent each year and that the play. With FSU down and even LU and VT they could win most of their games without starters.
  9. Well what I saw was some inexperience there. CKS has to do a better job getting them in a good place. But we may have some of the best sheer talent at LB that we have had in a long time. I just wish we had DD’s knowledge out there with them . I’m ok with the D. Kent St. been practicing for this game for a while. Did you see how many little schools beat P5 teams yesterday. There is so much talent out there today and combine it with the portal and it a recipe for an upset or at least a good showing by the low rate teams. While players like WB might leave AU is doesn’t mean they are bad talent wise. The offense made a big stride even, Gus For once ,he followed up a long run with a fake handoff and the flea flicker to Stove I believe and caught everybody napping because they were waiting on Gus’s signature run up the middle. Progress, I’ll take it
  10. Exactly I don’t know why folk fail to believe. They were ready to pay a much higher buyout last year than what it would be this year. His knows he’s on the clock, win or go home. I’m not to worried about the team at this point. Everybody should know that Gus just never can get things right the first few games every year. Just typical Gus. That said if we can go to ATM next week and win ( I think we will) then we at least get 9 and the other 3 are all 50/50 ball. We can beat any of them or we can lose to any of the three. No will get better. Or running shows potential. We have a good stable of running backs. If I have any worries at this point it’s our DBs . There’s talent there just not sure about smarts. We can’t have done mistakes from the DBs next week or beyond . Kevin’s got to get this fixed.
  11. Wouldn’t nothing close to 3-2 lol
  12. Listen a lot is on the line and a lot is on Bo also. He is young and he makes mistakes. Again as both Gus and Bo have said some of it falls back on Bo checking out of plays or checking the setup.
  13. When we get the ball back I want to see Joey throw it
  14. I tell you what Hasting and Stove are tough hombes . Coming back from ACL and just don’t care. They throw their bodies in their with no fear.