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  1. Robby has the ability, he just needs to be taught a little and improve his passing especially his touch passes . He also needs to learn to read the field better and learn some patience in the backfield and allow things to develop. Robby is playing sandlot football at the present but he is gifted in athletic ability. He reminds me of Bennet IV in his early years. I totally believe Robby is coachable. But we do need good backups as well.
  2. I mean seriously that was the easiest choice Freeze made. First who better to coach RBs than one of the best ever. Second he is Hugh’s ticket to getting the family behind him. A lot of folks would have been mad. Plus as I said yesterday, nothing against Freeze but Caddy was the AU presidents and AD’s ace in the hole to assure there are no repeats of past mistakes. And I think Hugh is fine with that. That might have been Kiffen’s reason for backing out and I’m good with that. Like I said Hugh is getting a great present in Cadillac . 😊👍
  3. My pleasure rest assured 😂🤣 as I close in on that 70 mark, I am proud if I can just make it the mail box and back without forgetting to get the mail out. 🤔
  4. True with the portal things can change fast. Look at the Joe Borrows, that transferred looking like a walk on then turned into a Heisman winner the next year at the new school.
  5. Why? Lately at AU football, head coaches come in and win a championship year one, then we give them a 100 million contract and the next year they go to crap . So I would be ok if maybe we just have a winning record and then improve every year afterward 🤔
  6. Don’t feel bad I delivered my power bill to The water company’s drop box and as I drove off I figured out what I just did. Had to call them the next morning to go get it but they said no problem we have this often so we go over and pick our bills there and deliver their bills that we got. 😂so I guess it’s pretty normal . 😊
  7. I think he meant hire someone whose expertise is getting the team to get down to the red zone. I know Coach Freeze is good offensively but to be really successful coach you have to worry more about everything and hire good leaders to handle the individual departments. That’s how you win games. Just give your leaders the overall plan and how you want things handled. Like Nick says, he listens to play calls and can override any but he doesn’t try to micromanage each department .
  8. One thing I expect from Coach Freeze is a good hire on the OL coaching and sone really good recruiting some good OLs . Also need a hood hire for strength coordinator . Outline has been a huge problem not just in recruiting but in development and coaching. As Pat used to say games are win and lost in the trenches. Look no further than tuscalooser this year. You have a Heisman QB and world class RBs but their OL was down this year and it cost them dearly. The OL and DL can make or break those players playing behind them.
  9. You are correct he did not have a show cause but under SEC rules and coach involved or terminated for NCAA violations and he was charged with failure to oversee the program, require the President of the University to meet with commissioner and explain precautions in place to prevent another episode. Again SEC and AU football are big money not only effecting the team but the university,conference ,ESPN,local businesses and student and teachers. They all need to be protected from an individual that can bring financial harm upon them. That why the rule is there. No Auburn is not going to humiliate an employee by telling you they required him to oversight of his social media , but believe me they do and should . Same with Pearl or any other coach or employee in the leadership position of the program 🤔
  10. How about the president of the United States . I’m sure a lot of coaches and businesses do. I’ve seen sone mentioned . As I said anyone that doesn’t agree need not be hired because they are a nightmare wishing to happen.
  11. Quite often these days and bosses should be ok with it. It’s one thing if it’s just you but when you are the face of something bigger that should be a must in today’s world.
  12. Actually most universities as well as companies going that route. Sone times all of us are prone to make a comment in social media we should refrain from. That’s why it is good to have someone else looking over your remarks when you are the face of something as important as AU Football or AU anything.
  13. Not surprised . As I said the SEC bylaws require for the AU president to show that precautions are being taken in cases like this. Just like Bruce couldn’t recruit early on. And university should require some conditions for all coaches so they don’t hurt the University. If a coach resist the conditions then the university should not accept them. A lot of money and prestige are in the hands of these coaches also they should have boundaries drawn for them.
  14. Zach has done well too. Especially having an air raid offense opposite from him. 😂
  15. I like Phil Parker from Iowa for DC. Put 16 DBs in the NFL . His numbers are pretty impressive.
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