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  1. Jimbo’s biggest problem was FSU was broke and he couldn’t hire decent help or get upgrades to the facilities. He made a good move to A+M , they got money. That is where our admin is making a mistake. It cost money to win but it also generates money. Uat and Clemson are examples of that.
  2. I’ll also add this. Both Cam and Marshall were masters of the handoff. Sometimes the cameraman and the defense, actually lost sight of the football. I’m hopeful that Bo and Joey both have acquired this ability. Our last few QBs have held it out in front of them advertising it and giving the defense time to swarm to the ball.
  3. Really you can have a 250 inside QB like Cam with a scat back like OM or a fast outside QB like Marshall and a strong inside RB like he had with Tre and Cap. If you use the option there actually has to be a real Dual threat. So Joey with Worm or Flash or Bo with his passing and Boobie up the middle. Jason didn’t really give us a true dual threat.
  4. I’m pretty sure that is what we pay him 49 million for, to win ballgames. When his team takes a day off on the field it’s on him. Same as when he doesn’t have a plan to win with, or he fails to recruit the needed players. How hard is it to understand that at 49 million he should be making the impossible happen daily. There are several billion folks that would like to have his job for just one day. Folks need to stop acting like we shouldn’t expect Gus to win every game. He was the one that pushed for top coaching pay. If he didn’t want to produce top results then he should have taken a job at a local high school, where he would be much more suited for. Folks constantly complaining about fans not happy with Gus need to understand exactly how much he makes. If you paid a roofer $100000 to do you roof, would you be ok with just a couple of leaks? SMH
  5. I put Oregon because it’s first but as Aujeff stated it is actually all of them. Why? Because it’s not Gus’s overall record that is the problem it’s individual games. As others have pointed out when you prove you have a capable team one week and are a complete embarrassment the next, that’s a lack of coaching. It is his job to ensure that the team is ready each and every week. Most of us get really upset when the “Gusing” starts. That’s where Gus loses a game through some stupid coaching. In example, rotating 3 QBs including a FB. Or blowing a 20 point lead trying to run up the middle ever play the second half, or several other catastrophes that Gus has engineered. No one is mad that he loses games, what they are mad about is “how” he loses games he shouldn’t because of his unexplainable stupidity sometimes. I could live with 8 or 9 wins with our schedule but not losing to a team that hasn’t beat an SEC west team in two years or requiring a miracle play to beat a non P5 team. Just saying.
  6. That’s probably answered best by the words “ego” and “ lack of patience “ 😁
  7. He definitely will have some punishment no matter which way it goes, but rest assured the worst punishment he will have is to live with this everyday of the rest of his life. I just don’t think people realize how painful it will be. Again if this was a person that had repeatedly been a bad hombre, then yes the criminal punishment would be harsher and rightly so. From what I know this was a young man that had not been a poster child of how to be bad, he seems to just be a normal teenager who made a crucial mistake. In this case take his license until he is twenty + give him community service and make him give talks to younger people on why they should avoid situations like what happened to him. Hopefully he can grow and become a good young man. Who knows maybe God has plans for this young man going forward. God loves to take those who have fallen far and raise them to great heights. You can send someone like this to big boy prison and wind up totally destroying him. I’ve spent some time in prison during college criminal justice classes and it’s not a great place to send someone like this. My comment is justice should be about improving the world and a lot of that starts with helping these type see where they failed and helping them on doing better not just about making it painful for them.
  8. I would highly doubt anyone would ever have to remind this young man of this mistake. I doubt a lot of you could live a normal life with what this young man will have to carry to his grave. Folks spend way to much time criticizing and demanding punishment as opposed to actually do what God wants you to do and that is to help these folks become better people in the future. As I said, nothing is going to change what happened so why ruin another life just so you can feel vindicated. I didn’t know the couple personally but I have heard him talk and I truely doubt that he would in any way look to persecute this young man, so why do you folks want that. I bet their children would rather spend their time honoring their parents as opposed of seeking an eye for an eye mentality of some posters on here. Maybe it’s time to look yourself in the mirror and decide who you really are.
  9. All I can say Is I hope God has more mercy on you folks that can’t find mercy for this young man, because I can guarantee you will need it.
  10. I really don’t understand some folks logic so let me try to explain. If I hire a guy tomorrow that has no experience at the job, I would be pretty stupid to fire him on his first day for a mistake. So translated we have to start allowing folks to drive at some age so we decide on 16. So I sure don’t expect a 16 year old with less than 1 year driving to be as smart or capable of say a 25 year old that’s been driving for 9 years. So yes, I’m not going to judge the 16 year old under the same respect as the 25 year old. Why is that so complicated. We start students in school at six so if the wet their pants the first week should we send them to reform school? I bet the same folks that make this argument are the same ones telling their boss he shouldn’t be upset when they are late on getting a job completed. SMDH
  11. They already said he had been out on the lake with his girlfriend and her family all night and like most guys that age, probably didn’t sleep. I’ve done a few of those at that age.
  12. Actually went in enlisted turned down a shot at West Point. Made E5 in two years got a direct commission at 3 years. This is a message board so I’m texting from my phone, so excuse my grammar. Actually I did a gig for the US Army as a GS 12 tech writer also developing courses for Reserve units, so I guess my English isn’t too bad. First response I got from my editor was I had to tone it down to 9th grade level 😁
  13. Again your so deep in your high and mighty stance you can’t even read what is wrote. I’m sure your one of those perfect Christians that have never failed at anything. Probably never had any type of accident or lapse of judgement since the day you were born. People like you are why this world is so screwed up. All of us regular people ( not like you perfect people) do make mistakes on regular basis. And we accept that fact. So we usually understand and forgive others, kind of Like what Christ said to do. As for the law, motive has always been a part of it and giving first time offenders a break has also been a part of it, when no intent or malice occurred . I can tell you as a teenager I had of couple of being on the wrong side of the law and those fine police offers saw fit to give me a break. Had they not I would not have been able to serve my country as and Officer in the US Army with my Too Secrete clearance. Good day I through with your petty crap.
  14. By the way how is your son feeling. I know he run track this summer, is he ready burn up the field this year. So looking forward to seeing him break some runs for TDS and long Gaines .
  15. I agree entirely. But I really believe we have more speed and athleticism in this year’s backfield. Thomas has been good at it and I think NI as a former receiver also has that ability. Just my thought but I do agree KS needs to have them Jam more on then line to disrupt timing. When you play back and give a receiver three or four steps to get his speed up hard to stay with him.