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  1. Really hasn’t been a lot of flagrant contact so far
  2. These guys have the long ball down pat today. That’s good but we also need to learn how to work it into the paint as well.
  3. Auburn is a big time name in athletics. Don’t let anyone kid you. I’ve traveled the whole country wearing my AU stuff . No one has ever asked me who they are. Do we get the tv media hat other do? No. But we have good history. And the football has been good the last Decade just not great. But not far off of it.every year we have a couple of bad games do to dumb mistakes. We have the talent, we have the position coaches. We have the resources. Most of the time we wind up shooting our self in the foot with stupid things. Like rotating 3 QBs in a game with one being a FB. Sitting on several leads instead of winning because the HC was scared. Playing a RB that was hurt instead of trying something different. Continuing to run a RB that is fumbling the football when you have good talent behind him. Playing favorites instead of playing the best qualified players. Playing veterans when you have better talent in the younger guys. All these thing can be corrected . We also need to quit being afraid of firing someone that’s not doing their job because we are afraid that we can’t do better. We need to quit excepting excuse. Be like Liberty Mutual and only pay for what you get. 😁 K off my soap box.
  4. I have no doubt he has considered retirement. CKS has been doing this a long time on some of the best teams in the country against the other best teams in the country. When you stop for a minute and look at his resume you wonder why we don’t have to fight each year to keep him. It’s a good thing him and his family enjoy Auburn. I hope we are his last stop 🦅👍🙏
  5. This was a smart move by Gus and AG . It would’ve hard to replace KS. Only a handful of DCs out there in his class.
  6. I vote for Bird. Then we could get all kind of inside information 😁
  7. Yes but my big take away was 16 assist by by our three backcourt guys. That opened up a lot of 3 point shots. That’s what team play looks like. 18-21 from the FT line was also big. Now we got to learn to play on the road like that. 👏👏👏
  8. Chizik actually interviewed for a DC with some team this year. Don’t remember off hand who it was.
  9. Bama had the best receiving corps in the country. Their WRs destroyed most defenses.
  10. Woodson was a decent position coach but I think he was even better at recruiting especially in Mississippi. Hope someone can fill that void. As far as DB play, while I wasn’t happy with it all. as I believe Bird has said on occasion it’s more the type of defense we choose to play as opposed to the players. Probably way to much man coverage and with today’s offense that doesn’t fly. Using a lot of pick screens on offense that don’t get called. If I’m wrong as to what Mr. Bird said I apologize. 😊
  11. Exactly . Could have 3 five stars in this class from in state . Right now AU is tops for all 3. We need to sign them all .
  12. At least it looks like Gus may begin to understand his lack of a true passing game is putting his offense at a disadvantage. Bubble screens and Hail Marys does not a passing game make.
  13. I think a lot of what you saw with Burrows this year came from two things. First was toughness that Ed taught his guys. Like him or not he teaches his guys to be tough. Not something Gus does. Plus Steve being willing to let Joe Brady come in and actually make some changes. Two heads are always better than one. Part of Gus’s problem is he will never listen to anyone else’s suggestions. Hard head= Gus Malzann.
  14. Until the guys start playing as a team instead of individuals we are going to have problems. To many wasted shots , poor excuse handling the ball. My though might be to move Okoro to Point to handle the ball maybe he can find an open shooter. The team is better talent than they are playing right now.
  15. When we learn to actually work the ball inside and make shots by folks besides Wiley, then that will open up more uncontested 3s like we saw last year. But if you shoot a 3 early and no ones underneath you better dang well make it. Last year with Harper, Brown and Chuma we could take it inside to the board. So defenses had to shade inside and when the passed ( good not like the crap we are seeing now ) around the horn we usually found someone open to shoot the three. Since we haven’t proved we are very good at driving inside, defenses are shading to the outside and when we pass around the horn usually everyone is covered. So they have to shoot a contested shot. Unless you do like Mac and just come straight down and pump a long range before you even get set. Those first three shots he took look like something you would do if there was only two or three seconds left on the clock not as a first choice.