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  1. I actually think all four have the ability now we are looking for one that has the knowledge, attitude and winning desire as well as a take command leader. Whoever that is will be the guy.
  2. It was and that’s a very good sign . Watch Brady and Peyton’s arm release speed. Extremely important . That’s part of the package you want. Now if his mind and eyesight matches it we have the makings of an All American.
  3. The really bad part is the team will be playing in a higher altitude and NM ST is use to it better. For those that have never played ( especially basketball) in a higher altitude it is tough. But this is a group of tough guys so I still think they can do it. WDE
  4. I’m happy with whoever wins as long as he has proven he is the best of the four. What I really hope for is whoever wins that Gus puts them in a position to win. That means he tailor fits the offense to their abilities. Every QB has his strength and weakness the OC has to recognize them and work the offense to that end. Good example of how even a good coach can screw it up. Last year Clemson vs uat game. Clemson came in playing against Tua’s strength. uat should have responded sooner with JH but instead they waited till they were 3 scores down to bring in a running QB in a throwing situation. That’s been part of Gus’s problem the past few years, trying to fit square pegs in round holes. Doesn’t matter who calls the plays if the don’t call the right ones the results are the same. I also caution those who take a lot from the Purdue game, the HUNH can do well against a slow B1G team but it’s not going to do that well against the uga, uat and Clemson’s of the world. They have changed the type players they use from the 2014 days.
  5. I will say this about OL recruiting. It is probably the hardest position to recruit . The hit/miss numbers on potential OLs are unimaginable. Very seldom do you get a guy coming in that is ready especially for D1 P5 or SEC competition. Because of that a lot of Star high school OLs don’t make the switch or make it late. I think our last 5 star OT was like that. I actually think he will go elsewhere and be sucessful by his junior or senior year. Chad Slade was a 3 star who took a couple of years here to develope now he is playing on Sundays. We fuss about coaches but a lot of time it’s about the players getting bigger and stronger and learning technique that he wasn’t taught in high school. The other thing is on the OL there has to be trust between the players and to get that it takes playing together for a while. Also buy it or not, the offense we run, especially fast paced may not be a favorite with 300 pound guys. AU really plays more guards than OTs with our type offense. So even though someone lined up at OT he may play more run than pass blocking. Don’t get me wrong we need to do better recruiting and teaching than we are but it’s not easy. I haven’t looked at it but I’m pretty sure that uat and uga both have a good share of OLs that don’t pan out as they hoped either. Just my thoughts.
  6. It’s not just on the field it offthe field also. They are recruiting folks and operational folks. They may not seem important to the average Joe but they are really important. Most of these folks have been with Gus for a while and were his go to guys. They are the guys that normally travel with a coach from one school to another. Part of Gus’s internal team.
  7. The dump across the state is in trouble too. They have a boat load of talent on their bench. NS keeps his analyst positions stocked with qualified replacements but he has had some good coaches leave this year for equal positions elsewhere it will come back to haunt him come season time. Problem is unlike them we are not filling those positions with experienced folks but start ups, much like those in the non P5 groups.
  8. Well let me assure you that you will like the DB play even less come next year. Folks we have lost more coaches in the last few months than we would lose during a HC change. You can keep trying to convince yourselves it’s all part of the plan but it’s not. Things are going south really fast down on the plains. You might want to batten the hatches and hang on.
  9. They lost their DC today.
  10. I made the comment we would be in the top 15 by the time the season started, in a thread after the bowl game and most folks on here said “ no way “ 😁
  11. How do I know. I told you I don’t know the supposed medical situation, my thought is before everybody goes out trouncing the guy maybe we should know all the story. TIFWIW War Eagle !
  12. Didn’t you see where Gus said he is signing the biggest OL class ever in 2020? 😁 By the way guys I’m not privileged to know exactly what but Calvin has been supposedly dealing with a medical issue for quite a while. I understand he tried to work through it but just couldn’t get to 100 percent. TIFWIW
  13. You got it right. Hopefully Dilly and Cad will prove like Williams has that they can succeed because of their relationships with the players even with lack of experience . I’m pulling for both.
  14. Not blaming this on Danjel but this group has lost all their chemistry and confidence since he came back against UAB. There just seems to be some disarray right now. They look like a pick up team. No team work between them. Watch after every screw up somebody is telling the other one it their fault. I think if I was CBP right now I would sit the top 8 and play my non scholarship guys if need be. This team has absolutely quit playing as a team. Just a bunch of solo guys out there.
  15. I will say the problem right now is the team is not playing as a team and their confidence has been wounded seriously. The whole thing can and probably will swing back after one sucessful game. In basketball things like this happen often .