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  1. Are the stars aligning?

    He doesn’t have a vote and the CFP is already showing that they think highly of AU. We win we are in. Period
  2. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Maybe he wanted to see just how bad they wanted him and how much room they would give him. Seems like they (Florida) failed the test .
  3. Bielema officially fired

    Gus would be an idiot to go to Arky. He wants to win to bad. If he really wants to leave there are better jobs opening. He has the credentials to coach at the big dogs. Just because we may want more he is still a top D1 coach.
  4. Bielema officially fired

    Arkansas was a no-win situation football wise from the beginning. TBH WDE
  5. How Kerryon Johnson became touchdown machine

    What makes you think he would get worn down. Seems to get stronger the longer he goes. I am sure we will see some KM and DB. Also Stove and Davis will be doing some sweeps also. But late in this the fourth when we have put them away, it will be KJ, KJ and some more KJ till they are sick of seeing #21 coming at them. 😁 WDE
  6. Bielema officially fired

    Good riddance.
  7. Bammer Lookalikes!

    They think that if some newspaper says they were the best 3 loss team then that should b close enough to claim an NC
  8. How Kerryon Johnson became touchdown machine

    I just loved KJ’s response about they have a job to do just like he does. That his job is to run the football and that is what he plans to do. No macho just facts. WDE KJ . Beat uat
  9. Quoting Gabe Gross

    Comments from outside are not going to change either of these teams perspective. All the players know what is on line for this game. It isn’t just about bragging rights, it about SEC championship and a shot at the national title. That is all they are focused on as they should be. It will be settled on the field. No B.B. material will be a part of the outcome. WDE
  10. Who will be this Iron Bowl's unlikely hero?

    I think a lot of guys will have a big day. I really think this being Tre Mathews last game at AU field will propel him to do good things. Look for him to be in the backfield on some blitzes as well as stacking up Harris and Scarbough in the gaps on run defense. Look for Chandler on the wheel route also. KJ has over 100 yards rushing and JS has over 200 in the air. At least 3 sacks 3 TFL and 2 turnovers for the defense. This game I hope will be one of Auburn folklore that I’ll tell my great grandkids about in the future . WDE
  11. Tre Threat

    No I meant TWill will find the right ones. I have trust in him. He can take a two star make a winner out of him.. He is as good as it comes. And I will tell you in my opinion the best LB group on the field Saturday will be wearing blue and orange.WDE
  12. What is the key to an IB win?

    We need Jarvis on Ridley. He is the fastest guy we have and he has great closing speed. JH doesn’t throw crisp passes. Jarvis can take them away. Again the thing is not to give JH wiggle room. Make him throw Quick. That is not his cup of tea. I think our DL can sack him well
  13. Bama Injury Update

    I can promise you Saben could care less about their health. The win is more important to him. I have a lot of respect for how he can coach but no respect in how he uses these young men and puts their long term health in jeopardy for his benefit. Wonder how he would feel if it was his kid being done this way? This is one place there is no doubt Gus is a better man than Nick. He will always err to the players health. That is why I always believed SW lied to him about his health.
  14. Wrong . It has everything to do with Saturday. It is just as important as talking about them being the present #1 because we just removed the previous #1
  15. I also seen Chris hummer spouting about this would be the best run defense we have saw. Pretty sure uga was ranked above uat in run defense before they played us. They are just another untested run defense coming our way . WDE