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  1. Exactly. The part everyone misses. 1x2=2x2=4x2=8x2=16x2=32 etc. it grows fast. Take out just 1 of those 2s, and you reduce it greatly. That’s why we wear the mask. And as for immunity from getting it, new reports show some folks repeat catching the virus in as little as 1 month later. We aren’t even at the half way point in this pandemic yet. Stay safe and protect others.
  2. My guess at this point is there is a better than 50 / 50 chance that no college will play football this fall. I also look for pros to cancel as well. If they do play I would say it would be almost assuredly without fans maybe with the exception of the donor suits . They can’t space them because They couldn’t divide up the season ticket holders. Even with a vaccine by January , it will still take months to vaccinate 250 million people just to get us to a safe point. Just the cards we have been dealt. I’m sure my grandparents weren’t thrilled with what they sacrificed during WWII which was much greater than anything we might go through with this.
  3. Exactly. Some folks just want to believe what fits their desires. I have seen plenty of coroners saying that they could not give a person they were sure of a test so their state officials forbid them to list it as coronavirus . But whatever
  4. Yes and we have a lot more dead that aren’t listed as well.
  5. We have had 1500000 cases and over 100000 dead . I’m not sure where you got the numbers but that’s 6% . There are more cases than shown and there are more deaths than shown. My comment was that you n order to get herd immunity it would take 70+% to get there that would mean 270 Americans at 6% that’s 16 million people even if we half it it’s still 8 million people . I understand folks not liking to being unconvinced but at what point does your inconvenience override my right to live?
  6. And what about if the other person passing you doesn’t . Thanks but I won’t put myself at the mercy of hoping everyone has some sense. Most people that don’t wear mask are afraid that it will make them look cowardly. The fact that a person feel that way proves it though. It’s like wearing seat belt or using condoms or taking flu shots. Being safe is the “smart thing to do” I will also advise you to take your normal flu shot this year because come November you probably won’t want to be making a run to the hospital. One last thing. I have Learned in life that conspiracy Theories are told by folks that are not to smart So they try to convince other folks that it’s the other 95 percent that are all in on the hoax. I don’t think 8 billion people on the planet earth all got hoodwinked about a hoax virus. Be safe, War Eagle . And thank you Mr Greene for coming to Auburn . You make us proud.
  7. It’s not a matter of opening it’s a matter of how we open. I have had times I have had to go into dangerous situations because I had no other choice . What I did have was the sense to be educated about how I went in. Same hear . I don’t understand why people feel criminalized by wearing a face mask. I’m in the middle of contact training class thru John Hopkins so I maybe understand things a little better than others but this I can tell you, if everyone wore a face mask ( correctly) we would almost completely eliminate it. This SARS-CoV-2 has an infection rate of 2.5. So If everybody that gets it does not do anything and we don’t take precautions then 1=2=4=8=16=32=64=128 etc. so for ever person that wears a mask it makes a vast improvement . Gloves are needed by medical people but normal folks just need to wash your hands often . Each time you do something to prevent it, just think how many possible cases you prevent. And while 3 to 4 percent those effected sound small consider if 250 million of our 320 million got infected ( that’s the number it would take to get herd immunity if it’s even possible) we would be looking at 7.5 million Americans dying. Don’t know about you but that is not a number I am willing to take. And that doesn’t include putting our first responders in a inhuman position. Stay safe. War Eagle. 🦅
  8. I agree with that before, but I’m hearing Phil’s cutting back on Oregon and may not be in the best of shape financial . As well with the crackdown on the show deals in basketball because of the investigation watch for the NCAA to keep a close watch on it for a while. Again with the new likeness deal in play these kids can make money on more ways than basketball shoes . Just saying now is not the time to change . We have done good the last two years so let’s hold on for a couple and let the landscape level out. ✌️🦅
  9. Probably the biggest things folks are missing is this is a new virus. We don’t understand a lot about it. When folks hear Virus they think the seasonal flu. While that is true most of the time but not all of the time. We talk about herd immunity but sometimes that doesn’t happen. HIV was a virus . It has no immunity. All these folks that caught the virus may not be done with it. Hopefully they will be we won’t know for a while. A lot of facts to be learned yet, so my advice is if you can avoid it for you and your family then do so. By years end maybe we will have answers instead of opinions. Stay safe and take care . We will get through it.
  10. I disagree. Keeping Bruce and continuing to win and send folks to the NBA will keep us moving forward . Shoes don’t make that big a deal anymore . They can’t pay players under the table like they were. In fact with kids now able to make money on their likeness that’s what we need to be looking at . I saw today thy figure Bo can turn 6 figures so Cooper should be able to ad well. We need to find some folks that can manage this likeness business .
  11. On the top of that Nike is backing up. They are losing ground to several folks In The business . I think after the stuff that went down a couple of years ago the shoe business may make some sudden changes especially in basketball. I think right now AUs best bet is stay with who we came to the dance with and see how things shake out a couple of years from now. JMHO 🦅🦅🦅
  12. Agree 100% . We need to be able to be consistent . But my point is because Alabama has had success on the field they have many drafted and some of them turn out to be duds. But they do have some good ones that make up for it. I guess for example a player like Derrick Brown make folks around him look much better than they are. Teams having to commit two maybe even thee player to him leave holes for other players to make big plays . That scenario happens a lot at uat. In pro your going to be going against the best at every position so it comes down to can you beat the guy in front of you man on man. That’s what it takes so we have a lot of guys that don’t get drafted and go up knowing they have to work harder and can’t depend on a team member Doing the hard work for them. That extra chip on their shoulder helps them exceed expectations. But you are right we need to do better highlighting these guys. And again winning more consistently will help also. 🦅
  13. I agree with the second wave but we could still have football as War Tim said . I think players would be ok because you can monitor them 24/7 and take temperatures and such. Fans would be less likely due to them coming in from all areas and no monitoring. The best you could do would be take temperature at entrance. That could be moderated if everyone were require to wear mask. Countries like Germany and China that are returning to new normal have mandatory mask as well as constant temperature monitoring. All businesses that will be opening will be required to do the same. Not because it’s mandatory but businesses are not going to put theirselves into a possible lawsuit . I suspect until we get a vaccine or medicine that can treat the condition that may well be the new norm. If what WHO is suggesting now that bodies are not making antibodies or they are not lasting long it could really get bad. Hope we get a vaccine soon. Be safe. War Eagle
  14. I think also he is more raw ability than experienced. His top side is extremely high if he can reach it. Hoping the best for him.
  15. You notice over the past few years our FA players sign almost immediately after the draft, in hours . And then more of them stick around than Those drafted from Alabama in late rounds.