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  1. Look Gus had a few good years with his unseen offense, but that has passed now. Everyone has watched it in tape and know how to stop it. He will win a few games against lesser folks but he won’t win against talented teams without him getting some talent as well and he just doesn’t recruit that well .
  2. This is insanity. Especially after beating FL yesterday . The guy is not even two years out from an NC and maybe the best team at LSU ever. Considering coming off Covid and everything they would have thought differently. He recrudescence well and has a good defense and has lost a lot of coaching talent because they are moving up. It wasn’t like he had lost the team like Chiz or never had the team like Gus. 🤔
  3. Yes that one break up RM had yesterday showed how good RM can be. You can’t coach those type reflections or speed . He has NFL talent.
  4. Exactly. And he has shown me he is not afraid to take chances to improve things. He is not going to just wait till next week. He seems to be a fixer not and excuse make. Bird I know your experienced in the DB area ( really about everything FB wise) what’s going on with our back 7 ? I realize we are not getting the pressure up front but we seem to be playing with way to much cushion . Any ideas?
  5. Exactly and this has been sorely missing in years gone by. You play on Saturday just the way you practice during the week. I think Harsin is making that understood. Along with the fact excuses don’t work. And you never quit . 😊
  6. You are actually on the mark. Everything went good Saturday and Bo played well ( like everyone knows he can). Maybe it was just Arkansas or maybe someone got him to look at his film. Bo has all the makings of a great QB. He is the legacy of a good College QB and has been trained since diapers to be a QB. He has talent and IQ. Bo’s biggest problem is when things get hectic Bo resorts to the bad habits of trying to do it all himself and not staying in the pocket. Bo did well when things went south during the middle 8 minutes. He stayed in the pocket , gave the plays time to develop. Looked to be
  7. Bo played like he is capable of and that’s never been a doubt. Now Bo has to bring that same effort every day and every week. That said, I watched Council last week, and don’t know if he was sick or just that out of shape. He sure didn’t look like an SEC caliber OL. 🤔
  8. The other play I remarked to was the pass that Sheckner dropped was into traffic. I agree Sheck needs to catch that but go back and look at the play and about 10 feet behind him is Hunter running wide open. Bo could have lobed Hunter the ball and he could have followed Sheck into the end zone. Bo was looking right at him and never saw him. You just can’t miss seeing that as a QB.
  9. Pretty sure that teams that play from behind tend to pass more. So it’s not really surprising in games where they had to pass more than 25 times it was because they were behind thussetting up a pretty good reason why they tend to lose more. Results are usually dictated by previous actions. 🤔
  10. The same miss st that beat TAM last week before TAM beat uat this week and did it in their home stadium? Is that a game you count as a sure win? I think if we lose to Ark we might we finish 5-7 and maybe even 4-8 since we play USC East at their house and we haven’t been strong on the road. 🤔
  11. Pretty sure we don’t have anyone as fast as flash today . With flash all Bo had to do was sling it and flash would go get it.
  12. Yep TJ came in against the same defense and hit the passes. Again hitting the receivers hands doesn’t get you anything. Throwing a ball that does get caught does. Remember at least one of the passes that TJ thru was the longest gain of the day. So it wasn’t like he was just making the safe plays. Bo has to learn to help his receivers by putting balls where the chance of catching it is much higher. I agree our receivers need to do a better job as well. Kind of a like a coach who can teach all the right stuff and still lose, he must find a way to motivate the players to do those things. QBs hav
  13. Good write up and so true. We always talk about the talent at UGA and uat but fail to see the mindset of the players. They aren’t just having a good time they are doing business. Saben preaches it to his team constantly. If you want to make it to the next level you have to work harder/play harder than the other guys. He is not their buddy, he is their coach. Our players right now are way behind in the mental game. You have to live, breath and eat football at this level. You have no time for other things. If your not interested in winning at the top level then sure, just kick back and enjoy you
  14. As I’ve said many times , Bo has all the ability to be a winner. His problem is between his ears. To often he is trying to hard to do it by hisself. People keep talking about drops, but they are far fewer drops when TJ throws. Like the ball that got intercepted , go back and look. Yes it hit Worm in the hands but his hand were back to his shoulders while running sideways. That pass needed to be in front of Worm. That was at best a 50/50 catch also some others were high. To often to hard and not in a good spot. If your going to rip one you better be aiming for the numbers to a receiver that’s f
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