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  1. I agree. We holler about the refs but over the past few years we have been getting called on PIs that were in fact PIs. The reason we are doing it is because they are getting beat in the first three steps and have to wind up grabbing arms and committing PIs. We have to get better at the line of scrimmage
  2. Wouldn’t be breaking to me. He might then again he might not. So far I’m not hearing anything to that effect. Gus just stated 1 + 1A going into summer. That doesn’t mean next year is set in stone. Either one could get injured and that would put Willis back at least at 2. He has had a couple of years here. I’m sure he has friends and would like to stay. Could even go the Kodi Burns route. I’m not going to get too worried about it. It’s this way every year. I’ll say this though I think Willis has it in him. He still is about the closest thing we have to a Nick Marshall at the moment. As long as he wears the Orange and Blue I will be pulling for him.
  3. Whether Gus calls the play or not is not going tO improve his win loss record. It’s always been his offense. For Gus to get better results he is not only going to have to script the first 15 plays of the game, he also going to have to learn how to change the plan when the other coach makes adjustments to stop him. You might surprise someone the first time or two you do something but after the hat hood coaches are going to adjust. At that point you can’t just try to continue doing what you were doing. If you listen to Gus he thinks if he runs off right tackle every play that he should be successful even if the defense knows it, if everybody just does their job. That’s not true. I’m hoping he learns that.
  4. Both of these guys will play during the year. I don’t think that’s a bad idea. I think they both are talented and bring different packages to the offense. Willis and Cord will be good backups. They know they could be needed through the season. Now all we need is for Gus to stay on course.
  5. After watching and rewatching Aday ( and I know this was just a show game) and from all the on hand practice viewers, I come away from the spring practice greatly impressed with the quality depth that I’ve seen on both sides of the ball. I really feel that our two deep throughout the team looks very good. The reason that’s important is in order to make a championship run you have to have that. Playing our schedule their is just no way we don’t have some folks miss some games. My only concern at this point is coaching and play calling. If the coaches can put these kids in a position to win, I truely believe AU has the talent to win it all. Just hope summer and fall practice continues to produce positive results.
  6. Doesn’t matter what your system is someone will find an answer to it. If your not improving your plan each year then you will be getting beat.
  7. I’ve seen football coaches that could do it. Tubs was always a guy that could get the most out of his guys just wouldn’t spend the time recruiting. The coach at UCF that beat us with his 3 stars. What Bruce did was convince them if they went all in they could beat anyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re coaching 3 or 100. You have to be a salesman just like Bruce.
  8. Not talking about over coaching but about reaching inside them like Coach Pearl has his guys. They play as a team, they play for each other. They are not greedy or self indulgent. They are a team. They are confident and most of all they give it their all. That’s the biggest part of coaching. Saben does it by using the business approach. Pearl does it by the family approach. I like Pearl’s way better👍
  9. I was mad till I woke this morning. Since then I’m just excited where these young men and coaches have taken Auburn basketball this year. We have reached heights most couldn’t even dream of. Uat will most likely never reach this status that’s why their moron fans are really trying to rub the loss in because they know they will never play in a final 4. This was a great bunch of young men and coaches that took us to the elite group of colleges that have had this level of basketball and football success. They will be folklore hero’s forever. They were the pioneers. Be prepared for continued success from them. Thanks to the seniors and I hope all your dreams come true. Remember the AU family will always be here for all of you. Now let’s get ready for next year’s final four. War Eagle 🦅
  10. In fairness to Joey he has just been here a year and there was no way last year Gus was seriously going to let anyone move ahead of his boy Jason and realisticly a true freshman wasn’t going to do it neither was a sophomore . So I don’t really believe either Joey or Malik was given a chance to do much more than burn out the clock. As for Bo remember Tua nor the kid from Clemson started the first game of their freshmen year. In fact Tua didn’t start a game his entire Freshman year. Remember Bo is quite capable, in my opinion, but he still has to learn Gus’s playbook and he still has to win the team with his leadership. I feel confortable saying QB quality will NOT be a factor in us losing any games this year. If we lose then it’s on the coaches. We have plenty of experience and quality across the team. Coaches have to step up like Pearl and his assistants and get this team where the need to be. And that is both ability and mind set.
  11. We need to do a go fund me account to raise some serious money and suite the NCAA and the refs. Not just for this game but all of them. They called against AU all day. They are deciding the games. I think the fans could be sucessful. It wouldn’t be just AU but all the fans across the country. Big money is ruining college sports. The guys did well just made a few mistakes. That’s two games the refs have given Virgina. Trying to rectify them being # 1 last year and loosing to the #16. War Eagle AU MBB
  12. In fairness to Gus here is my take on things for what it’s worth. Gus is a very detailed person. You can see that in the design of his offenses. As an OC he was terrific at what he did. He came back to AU in 2013 as HC he still was much more an OC with some added responsibility. 2013 turned out great but you could see while the offense was stellar defense was not. 2014 Gus stayed with the same game plan. Again the offens was good but not quite as good as 2013. The defense dropped even further. Like loosing to uat 55-44. After 2014 everyone including the AD was in Gus about having to be involved in all phases not just offense. So Gus goes full speed HC spending less time with the offense. Problem is he tried to continue, especially on game days, to override the OC at critical times. That was a recipe for disaster. You can’t be a remote OC. The final chapter of GM/AU is still to be written but I like what I see so far. I think AG May have worked things out where Gus can be a remote HC by delegating a lot of time consuming HC functions to others and being a full time OC doing what he loves to do. If and a that is a major “if” Gus can follow what AG has helped him establish he and AU can be sucessful. One of two things will likely happen. We will be sucessful winning 10+ regular season games and be in the hunt for a championship or the opposite losing 5 or more games with Gus being fired. I hope that he will be sucessful and take this opportunity to set his future in a good direction. War Eagle.
  13. And what great coach is means he can get they players to give it their all. The BB team has good players but they were KY or NC talent coming out of high school. But Bruce has got them to buy in and do their best and to believe in theirselves. Gus has to do the same. We recruit every year in the top 12. That plenty of talent if you can get them to give their fullest devotion and to believe in theirselves. Once Gus can reach the same level as Bruce in getting his team to that point the sooner we start seeing the results.
  14. For what it worth I think QB live is done for spring. They went live and Gus was happy with the info he got. No use pushing the issue.
  15. Yes AG talked about that after the season that some of the non field HC work as far as administration is being farmed out to administration folks and it’s my understanding that AG is doing more booster interaction that Gus might have had to do before. For what is worth a lot of HCs like NS are doing this also. Big time D1 football is requiring more and more of the HCs time on the field.