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  1. Actually no one should. This is going to be the new usual in college football and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. These guys should be able to go where they want and where they feel they can improve their chances at playing at this level as well as the next. For as long as I can remember these players were at the mercy of the schools and coaches. Promised playing time that didn’t happen but stuck because of transfer rules. Now teams like uat can’t stockpile 5 star studs . I think it will equal things out much better which will improve the game going forward. Not a big fan of the NIL, but I mean the colleges have been making a fortune of using these players likeness for years. ESPN and colleges chose to make the NCAAF into a semipro team so don’t blame it on the players. 🤔
  2. Heck why not that make Jackson #1 in the pecking order now at WR 😊
  3. You’ll know shortly if others follow his lead. 🤔
  4. Usually the QB in high school is the best athlete on the field and could play many other positions better, but is pushed into playing QB, not surprising if they don’t make it at QB in college or the pros they can usually assume another position and be very good at it. Just saying.
  5. Wonder if the Big 12 or PAC 10 has an opening for Auburn. Since we are just taking 2nd hand coaches in football maybe we can do better in one of those conferences as opposed to the SEC when we are only going to Win one when we catch lightning like Cam in a can.🤔 undoubtedly we just don’t have folks in the front office that are capable of finding football coaches. We were just lucky that no one was ready to take a chance on Bruce so we got a shot at him. Really since Pat Dye left, AU hasn’t hired a decent coach. It’s almost shameful. Looks like UGA or uat will pick up another natty. SMDH.
  6. Only one fault to your logic. If you know you have a QB that is not reliable passer ( means he can hit some great passes and totally puke on others ) do you put the game in his hands at that crucial moment or go with something safer like running Tank. Calling plays includes calling plays you think your team has an efficient chance of completing . 🤔
  7. It’s for sure that Nix didn’t fake an ankle injury. He is a tough kid that played thru the injury. He also made the right decision for himself in transferring. He has talent and has a shot at the pros. He knows AU will not be the place next year to make that happen. Oregon offers a much better platform to get him to the NFL. It was really a no brainer for Bo to transfer . I personally wish him well and hope he finds a coach to help him showcase the talent the young man has.
  8. What exactly did you see that makes you think Harsin deserves another chance? Did you think he improved anything this year? Was their one part of the team that you actually could point to that was better than Gus, other than he used the TE to actually throw too? What is it that gives you hope with another year Harsin will be successful. Remember the BSU team he took over was good before he got there. I am willing to give BBC a guy a second chance if he actually shows me improvement. Harsin hasn’t done that.
  9. Just for the record I think TJ ( Bo as well)is a great person and has a good disposition. I think if he were to go into the portal and pick up with a west coast team, he could be successful. I don’t know what happened at LSU but I know what I saw at AU and that is TJ can’t make decisions quick enough, he isn’t decisive in his decisions and that’s what make his play look bad. He has talent. Just not the mental toughness to play in the SEC. I’m not sold that Bobo or Harsin are QB whisperers. I didn’t see improvement in either TJ or Bo all year. As I said, I didn’t see anything from Harsin that gives me hope going forward. My prediction if he stays is another subpar year next year. Then he will be fired ( as well as Greene) and then we will be right back in a rebuilding mode. What makes me mad is when I see good coaches being lured to USC and LSU and AU has to take the Chiziks, Malzens and Harsins of the world. Is AU’s Rep really that bad or do we not have qualified people running AU? 🤔
  10. Why do you think LSU hit the portal and brought someone in over TJ? You reckon they might have realized the guy is just not cutout to be an SEC QB?
  11. As bad as Gus was he was still light years ahead of Harsin. Auburn spent 73 million dollars just to get the crap show we have seen over the last 3 months. Then we wonder why AU is always behind uat. AU is always playing the lottery hoping to hit on that million to one odds.
  12. If Harsin is still coach then TJ will start. I’m willing to bet money that if Harsin stays at AU next year 7 wins is the most we will see and then he will be fired and we will be years getting back to even Gus like days.
  13. Let me just say this .Harsin Sucks period . Allen Greene you need to be fired today.
  14. I’m ready for Harsin to go his happy butt back to Boise. He has shown me he can’t finish. He is worthless.
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