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  1. My thought would to be look at the NFL and find a business type guy like Nick to come in. Someone willing to take the bull by the horns and instill winning into the group. Gus’s main downfall is he sees no problem so has no reason to fix anything. We were lucky to get Bruce. We just happened to be in the right spot at the right time .
  2. Pretty sure old miss will give him plenty of facilities. Looking for Lane to lock in for a while at ole miss.
  3. Maybe again it was just a matter of taking Gus four games to find out what his offense was 🤔
  4. Sometimes those runs up the middle for nothing have to do with RBs not reading the block right. Not saying others aren’t on the OL but you really have to look back at the tape .
  5. Looks like the bus ride home from SC made some difference. 🤔
  6. What we need to do is fake the screen and when their back comes in send Flash straight out and drop it right over their head for a TD
  7. We need to take those outside screens out of our playbook completely we just never have mastered that play . Works well against us so maybe they get the wrong impression from practice time.
  8. Yes but let’s not let them drive the length of the field and hope we can pick it off in the end zone . That’s a losing bet.
  9. Dumb run out of the end zone on the interception
  10. Notice when the offense Craps on theirselves the defense responds in like kind.
  11. So Nix left the pocket and ran right into oncoming traffic 🤔
  12. Didn’t say other people money pretty sure AU generates that 150 million off of us in ticket donations advertising and sales . I’m talking about taking a loan in future revenue to fix the problem before we start losing that 150 Million in revenue. 🤔
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