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  1. Eagle Eye 7

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    I just don’t think uat will be like they have been. There is a real problem brewing in West Vance. Both QB dads have let it known that it’s their boy or the highway. It won’t only affect the QB position it will filter down. The other players will feel that it’s a one man team. Tua will be saben’s kryptonite. Also I think Saben will hang it up after this year. May not happen but I think it’s a 60-40 right now. TIFWIW
  2. Eagle Eye 7

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    Not only better facilities and $75 million, the folks FSU were not real fond of his past year or two.
  3. Eagle Eye 7

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    Just my early thoughts. I believe this might be the best defense we have had at AU. The front seven on defense are as good as anyone in the country. I think the offense under a seasoned JS will look a lot better than what we saw at ADay. I think we will see a better rotation at RB than we have under Gus so far. I think CTH realizes that is what is needed. I think Willis will get more confidence with more playing time and J G will redshirt. I think our special team will look much better this year. Not pumping sunshine just stating what I see at present. Also think with JS coming back offense will be better early on than in years passed. My guess is 11-1 with 12-0 possible. I think uat has problems brewing. Look for them to finish 9-3 or worse in regular season. Uga will not be as good as last year. Their loss of the two RBs will alter their offense a lot. UW won’t beat us. LSU won’t be as good as last year. Jimbo is a year or two away from making an impact. TIFWIW. War Eagle !
  4. Eagle Eye 7

    Malik Willis starter?

    JS will be the starter but please quit throwing trash at MW and JG. This defense is a whole lot better than you folks want to give them credit. I think they are going to make a lot of D1 and SEC QBs look bad this year. Our Front seven are as good as anybody in the country. And again it’s only ADay so don’t go selling your house yet !
  5. Eagle Eye 7

    Rank the Assistants

    I’m not saying that recruiting stars are completely worthless but you are taking opinions from sportswriters that don’t coach D1 football. They mostly base their opinions on what offers players get. That said if you really think their is a great deal of difference between any of the top 15 classes then you just are not paying attention. Some positions draw low marks, kickers , OGs and TEs for example. Doesn’t help your position with the ranking but sure won’t win ballgames without them. Also passpro QBs and OTs get more stars but I don’t think they would fit in our offense. So any team getting top 15 classes definitely have the talent to win in college football.
  6. Eagle Eye 7

    Rank the Assistants

    I am so tired of hearing about our lack of recruits. Please name me the game we lost this year because of lack of talent? Clemson was Gus’s normal crap show early on because he hasn’t decided what he wants to do . LSU was Gus’s decission to play prevent offense and defense once he got a lead. Championship game was do with - A. Playing a very tough schedule at the the end - B. Gus failing to play someone other than a hurt KJ in the game. And the bowl game was strictly attitude from coaches down that no one ( including most fans) cared about. Not once did I see AU on the field this year when they did not have the talent to play against their opponent . JMHO
  7. Eagle Eye 7

    Let's Grade the 2018 Recruiting Class

    One thing I would like to mention everyone keeps throwing down be cause we were outside the top ten recruiting class. Off and on Wednesday we were in the top ten. We finished just outside by a few decimal points. #10 ND actually signed 27 players. It’s not like this is not a class to be proud of. While we didn’t have any really high rated 5 stars we actually signed something like 17 4 star guys. Across the board we got a lot of good players. Just saying.
  8. Eagle Eye 7

    2019 5* OT Devontae Dobbs

    I’m not sure we will ever get the high ranked OTs that most folks on here want. Remember we are a run first team and like the RPO, so we don’t really specialize in pass pro OTs. Most of those guys would not fit well in our offense. That doesn’t mean the ones we get are not good for our offense it just means they are probably not going to be highly rated by the ranking services.
  9. First why does it always have to be about uat or uga? Why can’t we just ask did we get the guys the coaches wanted. First let’s put somethings in perspective. The state of Georgia had a bumper crop this year. Uga usually gets most of those from the state. Other teams like AU usually get a couple of the good one. I think this transpired and help to give uga a big advantage. I do think KS is an ace recruiter in his own rite. He will do go good especially in his state. It will be harder for AU to get good ones out of Georgia while he is there and they are winning on the field. Uat finished lower this year. In fact if it was not for the sites inflating there stars they would finish below us. I think that is a trend you will see continue. The other thing to notice is that we finished 3 rd in the SEC. the surprise was from teams outside the SEC taking a lot of good players. If you look at this class overall against the last few classes that have finished higher, this class by the numbers was actually as good or better than some of those. It just happened that quite a few teams from other conferences did well this year.
  10. Eagle Eye 7

    Let's Grade the 2018 Recruiting Class

    Would that be Bud to Budlight ? 😁
  11. Eagle Eye 7

    Let's Grade the 2018 Recruiting Class

    Was wanted if we found one that worked. Gus is not going to do like NS and sign a bunch of 5 stars at QB that are going to transfer as freshmen nor should he. We have quite a few backup QBs should we need them playing other positions. I believe in going for QBs you really want in a progression that you can really use them. JS this year with Malik as back up . Malik or JG text year with the other at back up then JG or Bo the next year with a new Freshman Redshirt. Since we recruit QBs at other positions it’s not really necessary to have a lot of project kids at that position.JMHO
  12. Eagle Eye 7

    Let's Grade the 2018 Recruiting Class

    Nice write up by the OP and I agree on most all of it. A couple of comments if I may. First folks don’t need to be too upset about the finish Wednesday for several reasons. A lot of teams didn’t do much including uat on Wednesday. That is probably the nature of the new early signing period. Over 80% decided back in January. Probably will be even less activity next February. While we did not get a true TE we did get HJ and he very well could move to that spot. I think our RBs are much better than some might think. I think Gus chose to run KJ more because that’s just how Gus is wired. I think the rest along with the new ones will be very good. Or OL is in decent shape. Gus made the comment that there was really none at the end that we really wanted that we had a chance to get. There was not a great crop of OL out there this year but hopefully next year we will do much better. Just a few years ago we picked up a great class of OLs and we will probably do that again. He may have to fill the gap with one or two JUCOs next year.DL , LB and WR were very good class this year. We got more than our fair share of good ones. DB wise I think we did well. The thing I like about this group is several can fill multiple positions. Depth wise it is always good to have those good enough to cover multiple positions. The punter was a bigtime step up I hope. I agree with the B+ grade overall. I think we filled our needs for the most part. No reason not to contend for a championship this year.
  13. Eagle Eye 7

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    I think returning a proven QB , very good WR group, lot of talent on OL and a very good Garner/ Steel/ Willis defense and the second Carlson we have a good shot of making it through the SEC game unbeaten. Worse case scenario would be to lose one to uga or uat. But I’ll take 13-0 going into the CFP.
  14. Eagle Eye 7

    Emmert aware of sexual assault charges at MSU

    Everyone of these administrators. ADs, President, board members, Olympic committee and NCAA admistrators that had a report on their desk or were told about this should be charged with accessory to sexual abuse, failure to report a felony or gross negligence. Not only should they be fired and never allowed to hold this type position again, I think the majority should serve time for their failure to stop this years ago.
  15. Eagle Eye 7

    Prayers please

    Sorry I’m late with my prayers but I pray God will continue to heal him and strengthen all your family during this time. God Bless.