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  1. I swear if these guys can learn to play the first 3 quarters like they play the final quarter and OT the can win it all in the tourney . Why do they wait to play till then? SMH 🤦‍♂️
  2. Oh I agree about these two I was talking about the thousands that get caught with a bag for their own use. When I was a kid where I live was a dry county. We usually bought booze from bootleggers . Cops knew them but didn’t bother them but when they caught us they usually took our booze ( home with them) occasionally the made is pour it out. They scolded us and sent us on with a warning that they would tell our parents next time. The moral is we didn’t face long time repercussions from our young and dumb mistakes.
  3. Even without its supposedly medical factors you are right it should be legalized. It’s no more a gateway drug than alcohol is. People looking for max highs move on to bigger things because they aren’t satisfied with life. Never seen use of MJ lead to domestic violence, rape, divorce or violence like alcohol does. Creat DUIs just like alcohol. But quit leaving young folks with a rape sheet for the rest of their life for smoking something not much worse if an than cigarettes. Now what they were doing was just plain dumb. I hope they don’t have to spend 20 years in jail for it.
  4. Agreed and they deserve that. A lot of times they have an option to start at a smaller school but when recruited are led to believe they will get a chance to show their stuff at the big school but coaches should be honest with them. They should tell them that they will be a back up but if someone get hurt they will get their chance. Then let the player decided. Not really bad for the school unless they make to many bad judgements .
  5. It I’ll definitely have an impact on the uat, Clemson and OSU teams that like to stockpile 4*5* talent. For teams like AU will probably be a neutral thing ( lose as many as we get) . That said I think it’s great for college players because it allows those second best folks to actually get playing time and improve their chances of playing at the next level. I also think it is a major plus because it makes the field more even across the board. It will make NCAA football much like NCAA basketball as far as a competitive level . As it is today it’s almost like 20 teams make up one league and the rest make up another league. I think overall it is good for the game and I think that it most likely will be the rule in the near future. 🦅🦅🦅
  6. Yes it’s nothing like Miz got extremely hot last night at home . It wasn’t like they played the best game they have played all year 🤔 well then maybe they did. Folks this is D1 basketball.
  7. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but after that game last night I am calling Allen Green today and tell home he must immediate fire Bruce Pearl and call Kentucky and pay Barbee what ever he wants to come back . I don’t know who Bruce thinks he is that he can lose three road games to SEC opponents while only winning a mere 22 games in the process. If he thinks we are going to be happy to be a top 15 team and lead the SEC this late in the season and already be a lock for the tourney then he has lost his mind. He can’t even teach a guard how to drive and no Brown and Jared didn’t really play here last year folks are just getting confused. There is just no way we should be happy with making the tourney each year or making it to the final four. We need to demand the new coach that we win every game and all are players are top five players in the country just like every other team in the country have. We need to get back to those years when we won March madness every year. Barber come on down these Auburn fans miss you.
  8. I wouldn’t worry to much about that fee if any read this board also they vomw to play for Auburn and for Bruce they don’t come to please a few hard to please fans. 😁
  9. Ps Bruce did exactly what he should have. We could afford to lose a game . It won’t hurt our seeding. Best thing to do tonight was rest Okoro and give the young guys some real minutes that’s how they learn. Sometimes losses are good. This was a good loss . The guys needed to remember how it feels to lose. Hopefully they learn and move forward.
  10. Just a word of caution , don’t pay this game much attention. Anyone who watches D1 basketball knows these days happen. First it is a road game. Second it’s been a long stretch since Christmas. A lot of tough games. We played without a starter. Missouri is about done for the year this game was as close as they will come to the spotlight. Let them enjoy their brief moment of glory beating a team at home that was playing without a starter and add in referees that were very intent on calling against Auburn tonight for whatever reason. Now that we have all that off our shoulders let’s move on to finish the season. We are still 22-3 . Top 15 team still will be a #3 seed #4 at worse. And yes Bruce has brought us to this point. For those worrying about the folks we are losing you might remember we list 5 good ones last year and three of those were drafted and still we are sitting here in better shape than we were last year. Everybody at this point last year that thought we would be a final 4 team and beat 3 blue bloods in a row, please raise your hand. None . I didn’t think so. This team is good enough to win it all. Will they. We will have to see. Getting to the tourney in a good spot is all you can do, and we have done that. Now it takes a lot of luck and the ball bouncing your way and hoping no injuries. Point is we are right where we need to be. As far as next year you might want to look at the class we just recruited. Bruce said it might well be his best class ever. Includes another 5 star probably one and done like Okoro. But that’s the way it is when you play in the top with the big boys. Look at KY they pretty much change their whole starting line up. Remember too when you are on top like AU then your going to get every teams best game and a lot of poor officiating because those refs are people and have biases. Bottom line, most of you wanted AU to be in the big league in basketball. Well we are here. Now how about some of y’all start acting like AU belongs here.
  11. We definitely need to sit him against Miz if there is any doubt. It will be good to give the others time to work some. We can afford to drop a couple if need be and still get a 4 or 5 seed at worst. We saw what happened with Chuma last year and Mac the year before in the tournament. We need to be full speed by SEC tourney time.
  12. On Espn Bubble watch today they were showing teams that were a lock and those on the bubble. They said the win against LSU and the turds made AU a lock for the NCAA no matter what. KY and LSU are probables. Arky, Ms St and FL still had work to do. 😊 have we ever been considered a lock this early ?
  13. It is my opinion that Chad, even with the disaster at Arky has shown at Clemson and SMU he is one of the best OCs in college ball. With his buy out at Arky he didn’t need a job. Considering all of that I truly think that Gus accepted the deal for Chad to have total control to come here. I doubt Chad would have took it any other way. I also think Gus is figuring out that he has to make some changes to his brand of offense which everyone has to constantly. With the play action getting much more the thing in CFB today, he realized he needs Chad to help him reinvent his offense. Just my thoughts .
  14. I’ll just insert this remark . I appreciated everything that Dilly did and I think he won us some games last year. But being a young guy his approach was more of a nice guy. Chad is old school which is good in my book. He plans on pushing these guys and putting down some discipline including doing your school work. No matter how good a player is he doesn’t help the team unless he is a team player . I think one player has already saw that and others might shortly. Let’s hope that helps the team. Really think Shaun is going to get some extra work. Think that is why he decided to skip track this spring and do FB instead. WDE
  15. Fat finger disease lol . I should look better before I send.😁
  16. Most of this goes on and the head coach has zero idea about it . Probably mist of theM don’t want to know. Just a group of folks that get info that coach likes this guy and they go from there. That’s not to say they don’t know it goes on in generally, they just don’t know anything specific . Like who is getting what from who. That way they can never be tied to it and if the bag guy gets caught. He gets banned from the official sight but he is still family 😁
  17. Well at least he confirms he does read and hear what we say. If this works out well then maybe he will listen more often. 🤔
  18. My heart aches because this young man fails to understand even with his playing time at AU I doubt he has a 5% chance of making a pro team . Most likely play XL or CFL for less money than he oils have made with a college degree. He will regret this choice down the road.
  19. It’s tough in these loser wannabes if their team starts losing then they got to go out and buy new wardrobe, tag, repaint their house and car and replace all their furniture in their house. Lol 😂
  20. 👏😊😊👏😂😂🦅🤣👍👍🦅🦅
  21. Undoubtedly they must not watch the game pretty sure it was Bruce that was catching unfair abuse from the refs including the technical for nothing.
  22. Yep you can bet come tournament time those SDS fans will be praying they don’t get in our bracket or it will be an early trip home for them.
  23. Come on guys their pay and play basketball is the only thing they had going at UK , now they got nothing but losers written all over their head. Feel sorry for them . 🤣😂