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  1. So your saying 9 would be ok for uat and LSU ? I mean a lot of folks have tough schedules in the SEC west and They still seem to play for championships . How come it is ok for AU not to win the tough games like LSU and Uat? Just seems every year with Gus we have built in reasons why it’s ok for him to lose tough games and even not so tough games. Maybe that why we don’t play for championships because we are always working with conditions that other teams don’t seem to have. 🤔
  2. I think he said from Gus to Bo. Hostile environment wouldn’t hamper that much cause they use signs and hand signs to send them into Bo. The problem was Gus couldn’t decide on a play then when at the last moment to send one in Bo had a hard time trying to pass it along to his folks because of the noise. Would have been better for Gus to make the decision faster and have given Bo more time to pass it along.
  3. Do you really have a reading problem or just interject what you want it to say anyway? I said ( please follow closely and I’ll type slowly so you can read) Bo actually seems to read and throw better on the run. Was obvious during highschool has been obvious since he has been here. Now that is what I said . Try to inject your sore feelings in some other discussion I don’t really have time to waste with someone just looking for a point to flap his wings like a peacock.
  4. And yes I love Harold also. We are not using him enough in the wheel route. It would be the best play when they box up the middle like UF did. Send your WRs ling and hit Harold on the wheel.
  5. Just don’t know if DJ has the playbook down yet.
  6. I disagree on a couple of points. First Bo was struggling. Getting him off the field for a few downs would have helped Bo. Second you know if Gus sent Joey in he would have been more safe in his play calling less likely to pass . Without the turnovers we might have had a chance even Gus conceded he should have in retrospect . But like you said let’s move on.
  7. Big question now is running back. Where do we go for now. I think it will be a rotation mainly around Kam with Worm DJ and Joiner get a lot of rotation. My concern is more about pass blocking by them. I also want Gus to roll Bo more intentionally . I think Bo throws well while moving and that makes his running ability more dangerous. Nick was always more sucessful out of the pocket than in it. But then again I don’t get paid 7 million I make those calls 😁
  8. No I agreed with you that the loss to Florida on paper was not a big deal. We can still make the SEC and the CFP by winning out but now I’m just wondering if the Gus we saw last Saturday will rear his ahead again or if we will see the changed Gus we saw the first few games. Sorry if it sounded like an attack on you wasn’t meant to be.
  9. No do you ? If you thought I felt better then you either didn’t take time to read it or you didn’t understand it 🤔
  10. When will folks realize it’s not about the loss to UF. In the record book that will be a good loss. The problem was how we loss. What I’m mad about is that Gus regressed back into his mode of trying to outsmart himself. I’m not mad about any player’s performance I’m mad about play calling and lack of by Gus. For example KS side got smoked on the first play. Bad ? Yes. But it didn’t happen again because KS fixed the problem. On offense from the first quarter till the end of the game Gus continually couldn’t get a play in to Bo. Most of the time Bo had under 8 seconds to run around and tell each lineman and back and rush back for the snap. He had zero time to look at the defense after he was set and adjust blocking or anything else. We were back to the prairie dog offense again. But my major point is that Gus had done better with his change up to that game. Now that he reverted back will he go back to what he was winning with or will he pop up and do the same again next time. I was actually building confidence in Gus changing for the good but now I’m back to square one with him again. Nuff said. Just don’t want folks acting like this loss wasn’t nothing because it was and it was because of how it happened.
  11. Uga will gives us their best no doubt but uga isn’t any where close to where they have been the last two years. Fromm isn’t playing with the same results. Not sure is that is Fromm or his receivers. If we play like we did last week uga might beat us. If we play like we are capable of and have shown in some second half games then we could easily beat uga by two scores. Arky will be a good trend setter for the team. If they come out and beat them like they did mrs st then I think we will be moving in the right direction if not it will be a long fall.
  12. Successful coaches overtime have to be willing to grow. Folks like Mac Brown got fired because he didn’t . Look at Saban. Who in the world would have thought he would run a better HUNH offense better than Gus. Remember when he fussed about it. Said it took away from the game. Eventually he had two choice improve his offense or start loosing. He chose to improve his offense. Another thing Gus feels like when he hires a coach he has to be friends with him. Saban runs coaches off then hires them back. His only motive is to win. I’m sure he has had coaches he didn’t like but if they can win then he’ll put up with them. That’s why he has been successful at what he does. Gus needs to hire the best qualified coach and recruiter whether he is his friend or not .
  13. My fear also. If you look their big thing is yards after catch. Making people miss tackles. That’s a bad spot for our secondary this year. One bright spot is that TD looked a whole lot better the last game. Our interior DL is without a doubt the best in the country. If we can compliment that with outside pressure then that will seal the deal. KS just has to watch for mismatches like the first play against Florida. I assure you a play like that will come early by the three big teams we face, finishing up. I haven’t seen speed running from RBs at uat this year. They have a couple of power runners but that plays to our strength. Also Tua has run very little this year. Don’t know if that is by design or Tua after the injuries last year. May even be that Saban does not want to go to backup QB. Any way we have other fish to fry till then.
  14. So I would think our loss to a ranked UF should put us ahead of uga with a loss to a non ranked team . Anybody agree?
  15. Yes and uat’s defense is soft also. I think our d may be capable of slowing down Tua and his wide recievers. I’m hoping anyway. Tam had success running against them but threw to much. Mond just isn’t a great passer. Arky looked pretty decent against UK to start tonight. We could win them all or lose another 3 or 4 just hard to tell at this point.
  16. Wrong we live in a world where everyone has to be the greatest. Constantly put down others in order to make theirselves look better. Lie about anything or everything to make theirselves look better. From religion to politics . Race, nationality, gender or even ones gender orientation. All in fear that someone might not think them better than everybody else. Folks make up fake life’s on social media like Facebook to impress family, friends and heck even strangers. Anything to make ourselves more impressive. Buy a bigger house or a more expensive car. No one actually just enjoys life anymore, they are to busy creating their image. The really bad part is we are passing it on to our kids and grandkids. I wish life was like when my grandparents lived. They were who they were and never felt a need to reinvent theirselves. Heck we can’t even love God anymore because were to busy trying to prove our belief in him is better than someone else’s belief because of a need to even win at that. Guess what if I finish last and did my best, I am ok with that. I don’t have to be first, in fact I would rather hold the door and let you be first. It’s a thing called humble. Most folks today call being humble, liberal. If it is then I’m okay with that too. Of my soapbox now 😊
  17. So I guess if we are here to discuss the weather, it’s ok to rant and rave about how nice the sunshine feels, but let’s not mention anything when it rains or snows. I don’t think that would be much of an opinion board. I found in life that some days are good and some days are bad and I don’t have the luxury to only exist on the good days. In fact I’m glad when I have a bad day because that’s how I get better. I doubt I’ve every got better on a good day. My thought for those that oppose any negative though maybe you should take up being a monk in solitude. I’m always open to criticism and I actually look seriously at it to see if it can make me a better person. I hope all have a good weekend
  18. I want some one to show me where anyone called Bo out. BO had a bad day. Bo said it . Gus said it. Facts proved it. It’s not the end of the world , all of us have bad days. Now if his parents only want praises for his good days and no criticism at all for his mistakes not only are they being ridiculous but they very well will be hurting Bo. When we make mistakes we need to own them and as far as I have seen Bo does. Most ever comment I have seen are folks mad with Gus for not trying to help Bo in that situation. I don’t know about Pat but maybe I’ll go back and check and see as Bo’s coach did he ever pull Bo out after he did something wrong? If not I would be surprised . I can tell you my coaches jerked me a few times and smacked my helmet a few times. I like to think it made me a better player. I’m sure Pat has had the same happen to him. Most anyone who has played has. I personally think her comments were out of line. I’m sure Pat’s mom and Dad didn’t act like that. They probably told Pat to live with it and comeback better and prove them wrong. I hope Bo does learns and comes back stronger.
  19. You remember hearing the old quote “ when you find yourself in a hole then quit digging”. That’s what happened to Bo. Once thing started crashing around him the harder he tried to put a square peg in a round hole. And all he did was create more problems. If Joey has come in Gus would have put a halter on him because that’s how Gus rolls. But it would have definitely eliminated the last two turnovers and we could have kick two mid-range field goals and rested the defense and most likely won the game. No would have felt better. The team would have felt better and even Gus would have felt better. Normally losing a game like this would not phase me. Not the case here because it became painfully obvious that the bad Gus is back. I was so hopeful that He learned a lesson and we wouldn’t see that from him again . But then it happened and now I’m sure it will happen again. He is like a drug addict. He just can’t stop with the overthinking and then freezing up and going into a fetal position and watch the game slip away. It’s just who he is. He doesn’t have the ability to change. I think he really tried but it just didn’t work for him. Hate it for these young men .
  20. Exactly . It would have been better for Bo. It would have been better for the team. It would have been better for him and it would have been better for the results. The man literally screwed hisself. 🙁
  21. Exactly it sells tv time. Look how much time the network took showing clips of Pat to Sanders pics. To bad for college football we have become more about tv time than enjoying kids playing ball. I would discourage any young person today from commuting to the circus D1 football has become . It is like junior NFL and I’ve got to the point I don’t even watch NFL anymore.
  22. I’ve heard it’s lower than that after the “no changes contract” that Gus swears he didn’t make. He would get 8 when fired and 8 paid out over the next 3 years after that.
  23. I think it’s wrong to say the offense regressed it just never grew so other coaches made adjustments for it and Gus had no answer . His method was using eye candy as a distraction so coach told players to ignore the eye candy and play the ball. Gus’s response was to make some new eye candy. It doesn’t help because they aren’t watching it anyway. You can change it all you want , they aren’t buying it. So Gus is stumped .
  24. Nobody is saying everything is on Bo. Most everybody here has laid it rightfully on Gus. Poor planning poor adjustment poor use of talent and substitution. Bo had a bad day in a bad situation and Gus didn’t make it better with inept play calling . How many times did you see Bo almost let the clock run out cause Gus could not decide on the play. So In a case like that with no time, how is Bo supposed to read the defense and make critical adjustments to blocking assignments? No Bo needed to be pulled for a short period where he could stand in the sidelines and watch the offense and figure out what they were doing. Brings into my mind an old saying “ it’s hard when up to your waist in alligators to remember your initial objective was to drain the swamp” . That’s where Bo was Saturday and he got no help from Gus. Gus let Bo just bury himself in real time.