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  1. The problem is other teams are doing it and they will be recruiting coaches in the in between time . The longer we wait, the less likely we are to get a good coach. In fact that’s exactly how we wound up having to settle for Harsin in the first place. 🤔 just saying.
  2. Yep Penn St won by a close td against a one win NW at home this week. So don’t think PS is a great team that beat us. We were just that bad as we have seen since.
  3. Look for Kirby to bury us. He wants more than anything to embarrass us. We have lost some good starters this week and our defense which has been by far our strong point is about done from all the mistakes and TOs by the offense. We probably lose by more than 35 this week. It is what it is. UGA is a tough place for us to play anyway. 🙁🦅
  4. There are two or three I would go for on the list and others not in the list. First thing any coach has to do is bring in an Line Coach or OC that can recruit decent linemen, condition them and teach them to block. A lot of Harsin’s problem is his OL sucks. Not being mean to the Lineman. T most were recruited by Gus who wanted fast instead of big. One thing good coaches like Kirby and Saban do is recruit,condition and train OLs. Even a QB like Georgia’s who was a walk-on look good behind a hood OL. My thoughts about Deion as I said before he would be a great promoter of AU. He would do well recruiting because young players like him. He would get good tv time because of his connections (that something that help Saban recruiting wise). He also could bring good coaches and have the confidence to Do what he felt best without regard to other folks opinions. His connection to folks like Jerry at Dallas will also benefit him. He just needs a good OL coach and use the portal and recruiting process to get sone talent here. Enough said .
  5. I don’t give a dang what Harsin says. Nothing he has said or fine impresses me at all. He is a JV coach and will always be a JV coach . So let’s just let it go at that
  6. I know this sounds crazy but if I was the president at AU I would make BP the AD. Why? Because he has the right attitude and is infectious. There have been Headcoach/ADs before. Bruce us a guy that tracks down great players because he looks at their heart as much as their talent. He could hire a FB coach that would be successful because he knows what a successful coach looks like. He could mentor them . I thought that would happen with Harsin, but Harsin is way egotistic for that. He never accepts his mistakes and because of that he never truly fixed them. Just like this week. It was about “execution” not about play calling according to him. I can tell you the reason Nick and Kirby get execution is because they hammer it home everyday in practice till it’s actually natural instinct to do it right. 🤔Won’t happen but it’s a thought anyway. Most likely we will do it what has become the “Auburn” way. Keep paying the clown to make AU look bad. We would be better off if we have to pay him to at least get him out of the way.
  7. You do that by playing them. Again the days of stockpiling talent has ended. Good Players want to play and they will move to do that. Just ask NS. That’s why he doesn’t like the new system . And the NIL just legalize what places like nana have been doing for years. All of it just evens the tables a little more.
  8. Not even close. Harsin is just another Gus just not as good. His success came in cooking up crazy plays. They work ok in sandlot leagues but the SEC West players have way to much speed and ability. You might fool them once but not continually . Harsin is just a sandlot coach. Always has been.
  9. Mark my word Sam will have Arky playing for championships before long . Remember what Bret left him and where he has already taken them . Why? Because he keeps it simple. He teaches his teams about effort and hard work and they buy into it. Actually he reminds me of a young guy we hired many years ago out west. Pat Dye I believe was just name. 🤔🦅
  10. Disagree . The portal is the only advantage we have at the moment. Yes we need to recruit better, but their are so many good players sitting in teams like Bama or OSU or UGA that will not get to play there unless someone is injured. Those guys want to play now. I would have a team not only surfing the portal but looking at each team to find talent sitting on their bench waiting for a shot. 🤔
  11. I don’t know how the President, acting AD or the BOT members can go thru this day and not fire Brian Harsin. To not act now after what they have seen especially the last two games, should be enough to demand all of them to resign their positions now.
  12. Very true. So we need to quit hunting another Nick Sabin and start looking for a coach that can get his players to play every week ( and the second half). With the NIL and the portal rules as well as Tx and Ok coming in next year it’s a great time to hire a new coach. What we need is a coach without gimmicks. Someone who believes in hard work and holding folks accountable. A coach that can go to a players house and give them a reason why they should come to AU. That’s where Nick wins his games in recruiting. It starts with being honest with players and their family. Tell them they have to come in and work hard. Best players will play regardless of their ranking coming in. In return AU will do all I can to provide a place where these players can get an education and an opportunity to play at the next level. Selling them on the SEC should be simple. Our coach needs to be able to work the portals to find hidden talent stockpiled on big teams and convince them to bring their talent to AU and play now. Someone like Mark Stoops or Arkansas coach . AU has a lot to sell. But make the pay on performance and not on just signing. 🤔
  13. He is like Gus. He thinks that just because the defense was able to stop the offensive plays he called the first half surely they can’t stop the same plays the second half. I remember some body saying repeating a mistake and expecting a different result was the definition of insanity. At AU football we have gotten good at insanity. 🤔😒
  14. While I think there may be better coaches out there than Prime, he definitely would be an upgrade to what we have now. He is popular, can bring in good coaches ( maybe some NFL type) and would promote the university well. Also I think we would get more coverage . I think also he has the ability to win those recruits in their home because of his personality. If he just hires some good folks around him and keeps Rich around to keep him out of trouble, it might work well for us. 🤔
  15. Please refresh my mind on the good recruiting that Harsin has Done. We haven’t cracked the top 25 in recruiting since Harsin’s arrival. I can’t think of anything Harsin has improved. Recruiting is worse, coaching is worse, decission are worse and team unity is worse. Heck I can’t think of anything that’s hasn’t gone down since Harsin’s hire 🤔
  16. Nebraska beat AZ to the punch letting Frost go . Remember sone wanting Scott to come to AU? Just shows being successful in lower classes is not a guarantee to be successful in the SEC West. 🤔🦅
  17. Look Deion is a great player and person and maybe a decent coach, but he is not a D1 SEC West team coach yet. Maybe someday but he doesn’t have the experience yet. Again I think the world of Deion but we don’t need someone OJTing at Auburn 🤔
  18. Boise State is one of those schools big teams hate to play. If they played them every year they would beat them 10 out 10 times. But just getting to see them once in 50 years gives them a chance. They can come in and throw the bomb all day against a big team because there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. If that get crushed by 90 points no one says squat, but if they just hit on a few miracles and catch the big dog sleeping then everyone counts them as dragon killers . That is really why we need to quit playing crappy teams. 🤔
  19. Just this. There was enough mistakes by everyone but the ball falls on coaching. All the coaches have not done their job, especially Harsin. When you see the sloppy mistakes by veteran players as well as newcomers it’s because the coaches don’t have mental control of the players. They don’t hold them responsible, they don’t ride them hard enough at practice and they don’t teach them the mindset of champions. A lot of folks were mad about what I said last spring and this summer. Auburn will have one if it’s worst seasons since Shug was here and come December Auburn will finally fire Harsin and the whole coaching staff. The question is will AU learn anything. Rich isn’t the answer at AD but for AU to succeed the new AD will be a vital choice. If they don’t get it right AU will fall farther. If they do get it right maybe we will make an Honest attempt at finding a real D1 football coach and pay the price necessary and then we can rise back out of the ashes. 🤔🦅🦅🦅
  20. They are blocking their signals they think SJ are stealing them . Not kidding
  21. This is a fact. Finley was better last year than he was this year and he was even better at LSU before he got to Auburn. Does that pretty much sum up Harsin’s ability to coach QB. Now you know why Nix went to Oregon. 🤔
  22. Yes against a SEC team we would already be down 4 scores.
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