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  1. This comment and what Metafour was saying is how I've felt about the Harsin hire in general. I did not immediately dislike an outsider, and I didn't even dislike the attitude adjustment that he brought. It felt like bringing in a bunch of his Boise guys and then hiring Mason and Bobo.. he did not bring an energy that I feel like a new coach in the SEC has to bring with him. Then with the changing landscape of transfers and NIL, a new coach's energy could definitely reshape a team much, much quicker than we've ever seen in the past. It feels like he's a guy who was expecting to build something for 5 years in a new landscape where you will be sunk in 2 cycles if you don't show momentum.
  2. If there's one thing I know from being an Auburn fan.. it won't be a cut and dry 3-9 record that gets Harsin fired or a 10-2 outstanding record that affirms his greatness. It will be somewhere in the 6-7/7-6 range with stretches of good and stretches of bad. Everyone will take sides, recruiting will be bordering on great but likely ends up so-so. The Powers That Be get riled up again most likely.
  3. Uhh.. I mean I'm a positive guy but I wouldn't go that far. The depth and overall talent level on this team is a huge concern regardless of how bought in people are.
  4. My personal gut is that Ashford wins the job due to overall athleticism. And then I can see Geriner getting some chances during the year (hopefully).
  5. Thank you for the response. This is useful.
  6. So @W.E.D in your estimation did this mostly come down to money? That basically money folks/administrators were hoping that something would be found to not pay the buyout? Because it seems like he's generally not liked and there's alignment that success will be highly unlikely. It had seemed like the consensus was he was "out" and now he's not. You seemed to have your finger on the pulse, in your mind did this come down to not wanting to pay buyout money?
  7. My vote is Jeff Grimes if it has to happen
  8. I mean ideally someone who is actually rebuilding the program? What would be the point in riding out 4 years with someone who is not taking us in a positive direction? That would be very damaging to us with the current SEC landscape. We had a great defense, and needed a new offensive philosophy/identity. Right now, the offense might be worse than it was under Gus. (Actually did break a record for futility at A&M this year)
  9. Lot of experienced guys stayed. That's the positive for right now.
  10. ASU had a worse offense than we did last year. In an easier conference. No reason he should have been in the discussion.
  11. I think in the new world of CFB though, a lot of that is going to get replenished with transfers. I know in the old world everyone said "You should have as few transfers/JUCO guys as possible" Because the thought was that it turned your roster over too fast but I think there's going to be more of a "year to year" roster architecting going forward. So even though we may be light I think it can be replenished with transfers. Again, Harsin needs wins to level this out a bit. Recruiting wins, on field wins, coaching staff wins, etc.
  12. You aren't totally off base. We have lost some depth of bodies although there's an amount of this that is due to the whole extra Covid year. We had guys come back that in the past just flat out would have been unable to so that's part of the scholarship issues. It does seem like at present that after this next year we'll have a group of guys finally be out of eligibility that will mean we need to replenish a lot with the '23 class. We are top heavy at the moment but not in as bad of shape as it would seem. Bottom line is Harsin needs some wins to make everyone feel better. Recruiting trail, in game, etc. Any or all wins will be taken right now.
  13. Eh, I mean I like the sentiment but the blown leads in so many of these losses down the stretch just really put a damper on any 'battling' being done. Once in the Miss State game against a tough scheme that starts firing on all cylinders? Okay I can give that a pass but the way we finished (something Harsin preached) in 3 straight games to the end the season was just pathetic.
  14. Genuinely curious, what was the mental philosophy shift?
  15. Yeah I completely agree with this assessment. No one wants to make a change after a year, but there's reason for concern and not a staunch amount of evidence to point to the contrary. This is a forum for discussion and that's what many of us are doing here is discussing the concerns that have arisen over the Harsin tenure to date.
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