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  1. I blame a lot of that on the pandemic though. Routinely over the last few years we've had guys in great S&C shape and Russell was generally regarded as one of the best.
  2. Totally understand, I was just under the impression we mostly wanted a 'CEO' type head coach?
  3. But we've also just seen what can happen if a head coach is micromanaging one side of the ball so .. it's definitely a catch-22
  4. Count me as one of these as well. (Wait and see) I think Harsin was a pretty good hire but he lost some of the shine with the Bobo hire. Neither CSU or USC have been sad to see him go. His offense seems to have been passed by the rest of CFB so it will be interesting to see if that has been a product of his destinations or him. That's before we get into the racism stink on him from CSU that made headlines. That said the Mason hire on the other side I think was great and am excited to see what can be put together on that side.
  5. If this is what we get from Harsin then I'm not sure he was the right hire. I am tempering some immediate expectations but frankly we should be able to recruit better in 22 then what we are seeing so far. I'd rather pull some random rabbits out of the hat then go strictly 8-4 losing to everyone better than us. As has been mentioned by a few others here, if it takes until 2023 to see some wins on the recruiting trail, this is going to be a slog and Harsin probably doesn't last to see it through.
  6. I'm a pretty optimistic person about Auburn usually but I think 7-5 probably should be a considered a feat next year. I expect the defense to get a bit better from where it was this year but the offense I think could be an absolute mess. We lose most of our playmakers and the depth at RB is not good. Plus where we are on the OL needs work. Mike Bobo has never really been an elite OC (not disputing his recruiting) I think the defense will have to really keep us in games and we have to hope for some major playmakers to breakout on offense.
  7. If you are on the fence it's a good time to go. New staff coming in, you don't where you are going to fall in their depth charts. And even though a lot of posters on here hate to hear it - the players loved Gus so it kind of makes sense
  8. I'm glad that we got Mason. Maybe he can balance out some of the issues that are known as part of Bobo's past. Admittedly there's more smoke to it than fire but from his time at CSU and what happened there, I'm surprised he's still in coaching at this capacity. That said, he runs an okay, not great offense but is supposedly a great recruiter. We have done worst. Not a big time hire though.
  9. I believe Van Gorder alluded to that based on team performance, the coaches would probably get let go. Something like "well.. that type of thing usually follows a game like that" and PM made that reaction.
  10. I don't personally get the Sark obsession this board has developed. Not even getting into any personal issues, his coaching record has consistently been 7-5/8-4 type results. We've got that now. If you want to point to now having worked under Saban.. has that really worked for any of the re-treads?
  11. I've said this even for the current 4 team playoff but it's going to be even truer for 8 and 16 team playoffs. If you start to get a team like Alabama, USC in the 00s, Clemson currently, Oklahoma for most of their existence, etc. who can nearly perennially find a way into the top 10 they will make the playoffs yearly, which will only increase their recruiting and their depth will consistently carry them into the final games. You will quite literally get the same 5 or so teams in it every year even moreso than it is now.
  12. The deer antler spray did a heck of a job as well.
  13. I would agree that OSU probably rocks us. But look at the playoffs for most of the years it's been in existence so far and you'll see a lot of really ugly first round matchups. So there are plenty of teams getting high (top 4) rankings and not really being a top 4 team. I'm not wanting to get too deep into the weeds on this, but this is where I'm coming back to the complaint about salary. People complain about the Top 10 salary and I just don't think that really has any bearing. If he was make $5m a year and we were getting these results would we all be content on the board that "hey we
  14. Having a team ranked in the top 10 and actually having a top 10 team are not the same. I'd argue that if you swapped Auburn and Clemson's schedules this year we'd have been 13-0 and in the playoffs. Before people jump on me, I'm not saying we are Clemson or that we would have beaten them or what have you. But the poll is based on the season and schedule you played. A couple of SEC teams could have walked through the ACC and even Big 12 unscathed this year. (I'd argue also the Pac 12 but that's probably up for discussion) So teams with great records are going to get a great end of season
  15. I do feel like we as a group get a little too wrapped up in what he's being paid. We could pay him 10 or we could pay him 5 and the issues are the issues. I know people like to think that 'top 10 salary equals top 10 results' but if you look across so many other professions or even just in sports, a guy is paid what he was able to negotiate, not some kind of a direct ranking in relation to his peers.
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