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  1. VAtiger12

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Yeah I haven't agreed with a lot of the stuff said here all day but I do with this. If Greene is "just staying out of it" because Malzahn wasn't his hire or this wasn't his bed than he was a poor choice for an AD. It's a leadership role. Be a leader.
  2. VAtiger12

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Was probably about twice that in all honesty.
  3. VAtiger12

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    My man. Let's do it.
  4. VAtiger12

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Oh I'm aware. I'm just saying they need to figure out which direction and then power down. I think we as fans would support either direction. We just want to see a direction.
  5. VAtiger12

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I think it really depends on what our powers see as the way forward. Bill Clark would be excellent to build on for a few years if we think Saban has maybe 3-4 years left. I'm not saying we should totally base our future off Saban but realistically a coach will have a much better time once he is gone. If we think Saban is there for another 7-10 years then we have to go get a Top 5-10 guy, pay him like a top 2-3 guy and then tell him to go kick Saban in the teeth. I don't care either way really. I'll always support Auburn and I'm young enough to be okay with holding out for a few years. But the older, big money guys probably need to make a decision one way or the other.
  6. VAtiger12

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I have no idea what we can afford. I'm just saying that Liberty could probably pull a big name coach if they wanted. It's about money. Long gone are the Beamer/Paterno type days of a coach loving a school.
  7. VAtiger12

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Poor comment. Big name coaches are available if you pay for them. That's really all it is these days in CFB.
  8. VAtiger12

    New Players/Plays for the Iron Bowl?

    If we are inside the 5 that TE throwback will be wide open, however.
  9. VAtiger12

    Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    If people here think Gus is stubborn wait until they get Chip Kelly...
  10. VAtiger12

    next Head Coach

    I'd be thrilled to get GP. I just don't think that's going to happen. For the record, I don't think it's us, I just think he's got what he wants there at TCU.
  11. VAtiger12

    next Head Coach

    I've thought a lot about this topic so forgive me for the depth in the post. First calls should be to Gary Patterson and Bob Stoops. That's 1A/1B. However Stoops seems to be very firm in his commitment to retirement right now and GP is unlikely to leave TCU as he has taken them so far and is still going up. I put the chances of either of these guys at <3%. Still though, I'd like to know that we at least gauged interest. Barring one of those two, I don't think an NFL guy coming down is going to work for us. There's not a good candidate who looks like they'll be displaced at that level who would come down to the college ranks and we could be assured of some kind of success. So no Saban 2.0 is likely. Chip Kelly somewhat falls into this category but evidently word is that he's NFL or bust at this point as he hates boosters and recruiting. Who knows, maybe that's all blustery and if the right job comes along he'd be in. He's an interesting thought. He always had a problem with his defenses though. The real answer here is Art Briles, but he's completely radioactive to any school. Frankly, most of us on this board would probably stop supporting Auburn if he got hired, so that's a no. Petrino is kind of Briles lite in terms of baggage, and I know many here enamored with him but I feel like he doesn't win big games very much. He's a great QB coach though, so that would be positive. His defenses seem to be always majorly undermanned. He's a possible I'm guessing. Especially since he's probably going to be looking to bail on the L'ville situation. Up and comers are great but ... if we get the wrong one we become Tennessee. Fleck's name pops up here but he's never really recruited down south and I don't like that. I don't think the air raid would really work long term in the SEC so I don't see a guy from that coaching tree working. Triple option guys are out. Fuente at VT is attractive but there's 0 chance he leaves. (I live in the Blacksburg area and you have nowhere near the pressure here that you have at an SEC school, it's a perfect job for a coach.) That leaves some of our similar types of coaches: Gundy, Dantonio. Guys who have been successful as the second big state school. Either one would be good to inquire about but I'm not sure either would leave. Dantonio maybe but again, hasn't recruited down south much. Gundy just got rid of Stoops in his state so I doubt he'd want to trade Stoops for Saban unless the T. Boone Pickens situation is bad. My Picks: Dave Doeren (NC State) - but he's not without question marks. Not a ton of sustained success, hasn't recruited that highly at NC State. Does seem to put tough, competitive teams out there though. Would be good to see him with Auburn level talent but he'd also have to recruit better to keep that talent. DJ Durkin (Maryland) - excellent choice, but again not as much success to speak of. He's also a defensive coach so that probably means he'd dump the defensive staff as soon as he came in, and we'd be starting fresh on both sides of the ball. He's got SEC background though and can recruit so he'd be a good interview. Most likely: Will Muschamp. Especially if we don't have a solidified AD to make the new hire or god help us that we have the same AD making the hire.
  12. VAtiger12

    Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Mostly agree but I'd switch Malzahn and Bielema. The wheels never got on and they are already coming off.
  13. VAtiger12

    Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    I think it's kind of crazy that since he has come aboard, we've asked Malzahn to fix the defense. That took some time, but it's been done. Now we have asked him to upgrade the passing attack, and he's in the process of doing that. Neither were/are going to be smooth sailing but we've asked for changes and we are getting them. Does he have some flaws? Yes. He's paranoid almost to a fault and it affects how he handles injuries, suspensions, and the media. He also has issues adjusting at halftime. He is stubborn. However he's got some positives as well. He has kept us stable and recruited well. He's created an atmosphere that top players want to come play in. He (knock on wood) seemingly has done this the right way with no violations and we also (knock on wood) don't have to worry about hooker phone calls or motorcycle rides ending in scandal. He also has done a great job with discipline as well. He booted Jovon and Duke even when they certainly could have made our record prettier at the end of the year. Do I think it's time for a change? Possibly, but you do have to weigh what you have before do that. There aren't a lot of Sabans, Meyers, Harbaughs who are just going to swoop on down here and make it all better. Anyone we get will either come with inexperience, or baggage, or both.
  14. VAtiger12

    Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    Yes, that's a real concern. I'd love if people on here were actually discussing some of the actual concerns such as how we've seemingly missed on a few of these highly touted WRs (because I was told these guys are great and I'm not really seeing it. Hastings just shouldn't be the best guy out there. I love him but he just shouldn't be the best guy out there) and how the OL, while talented, seems to be missing a solid LT. These are things that the board could be discussing and are valid criticisms. What isn't a valid criticism is being angry that a traditional run-first scheme coach is trying to implement a passing game and is having some growing pains.
  15. VAtiger12

    1/4 of the Season

    I guess I never felt like we were really out of it. I really just wanted to see Stid settle in and make a pass or two. He couldn't get his eyes off the rush. But Louisville's final numbers were much better because Clemson put in second and third stringers while Petrino kept in Jackson to clean up the scoreline. They never looked in the game after the first TD.