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  1. Marshall's telegraphing every pass... everybody knows where it's going.
  2. For Charter subscribers Charter Communications, a cable provider spread throughout Alabama, is in active discussions with ESPN. The nation's fourth-largest cable provider is distributed to 5.7 million homes. "Charter is always seeking additional programming for our customers to enhance their entertainment experience," Charter communications director Patti Michael said. "We are currently in discussions with ESPN regarding the SEC Network." http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2014/07/sec_optimistic_more_cable_sate.html
  3. That is so awesome! I love Dr. Spurlin's reaction. My hat's off to the band for regaining composure to play. AUMB, you make us proud. War Eagle!
  4. I read an article earlier in the week saying Nova would be in attendance but would not fly.
  5. I couldn't czare less about the reputation of the SEC. It's Auburn's reputation I'm concerned with. And I think, just like last week, if Auburn loses this game then in the eyes of the national media our guys' accomplishments all season long will be deeply discounted. We'll be hearing from espn how they knew we never deserved to be there in the firstt place, our last 2 games were flukes, etc..Auburn needs to win this for Auburn's sake. No one else's. No doubt MO feels the same way. +1
  6. Oops didn't catch 9 on the list til just now... Mine should be 10. ☺️
  7. 9. A guy calls in to the Tim Brando Show and was trying to state a case that Yeldon step out inside the 37 with a second left... claiming if they had spotted the ball correctly (in his dream world) Davis would not have been able to return the ball... for the ball would have sailed over his head. I loved Brando's response... he started snoring into the microphone as if he was being put to sleep... then he says in an angry tone... GET OVER IT... YOU LOST!!! YOU LOST THE GAME... AUBURN BEAT YOU! Lol
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