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  1. Mr. bigbird is correct. You're better off trying to have your guard get across his face and run outside zone or read him, in my opinion anyway. Also ridiculous, and this is burned into my memory, is to ask your backside guard try to come all the way across the formation and block Myles friggin Garrett... which Herb Hand asked Braden to do like three times vs TAMU that year.
  2. I was gonna just give you a thumbs up but apparently there's some sort of daily stipend and I've run out. Kinda annoying. Anyway, I hope more Auburn fans take time to learn more about the game, good link.
  3. Yeah you know it's real damn hard to discern from TV sideline angles, I just knew that Aranda was one of those guys deploying Tite...Either way very similar in principle. Thank you sir, I enjoy gleaning from your knowledge. I'm guessing maybe you use the 7 and 9 when worried about a nub TE or some other possible danger of pinning a backer inside?
  4. Was most likey the TITE front. It's two 4i techs and typically the NT is slanted to one side or the other which determines the alignment of the Mike and Will. I mean I havent been able to go back and see whether it's Bear or Tite, but Tite front is the newest Chess move on the board and we've seen FOUR teams go to it to shut our ass down since the first GA game last year, those teams being GA in game 2, UCF, Washington, and now LSU. LSU and Wash were already playing around with it last year and I'm assuming Kirby got tipped off by someone (lil Nicky and the giant turd related coaching tree including Belichik) because he immediately adjusted to it after getting the Dogg beat out of him. I first asked questions about the front during the OU vs GA semifinal because I noticed both teams using it. Apparently Chip Kelly was using it to hide.the fact he had excellent odd front Ends but not great DT depth. The big twelve spearheaded the current trend of using it vs spread teams and it's spreading like crazy. Aranda being very sharp and open minded was quick to adopt it. Fact, Kirby called Orlando, the Texas DC, and spent time this offseason gathering more pointers on the TITE. Orlando installed it last year at Texas and brought a garbage defense up into the top ten in several D categories. I've seen Zero attempt to Counterpunch by our geniuses. It's hard to watch anymore. I know you're super sharp Bird, so this is for anyone else who may wonder why it matters. The 4i techs force both your Tackle and Guard to take them on for most of the typical spread inside runs. Both B gaps are toast. Most spread teams don't run into the A Gap, but if they do you have a nasty NT stoning your center, who you can't double now, and the Mike will help fill the other A even if the Nose doesn't blow it up. You can't pull Guards because the 4i can ride his butt to the ball so Power is gone...Buck Sweep is probably gone because the Geometry sucks. This is done to force everything wide right into the loving arms of monsters like Devin White or Roquan Smith. There are ways to Counter it, as there's always a counter move in football... But we won't/don't or can't run any of those blocking schemes apparently.
  5. We gave up so many big passes in crucial moments last year, which one was this? If it was that Runya catch against Mstate, we were in CoverZero and Mincy didn't even try to keep his inside leverage, which is imperative with no deep safety help. We weren't a cohesive unit on D last year. Every secondary player gave up a needless big play due to poor technique or completely blown assignment. It happened every game for the most part. You are correct, in that scheme doesn't mean anything if individuals are using poor technique, and also sometimes their guy is just a better athlete. Joe Haden is one helluva corner, but I've seen him get owned by guys like Antonio Brown.
  6. It's a solid answer to trips open sir. Do you coach HS or College Fball?
  7. Oops, I tried explaining that on another blog to no avail, maybe I'll give that up ha-ha. It's not that hard of a concept. I certainly won't go into the Rip/Liz concept that Saban, and most likely Boom, implement in order to get the best parts of Cover 1 and Cover 3 on the same play.
  8. Twice in the spring game we made a nice adjustment pre-snap, based on a stacked pair of WR's (obvious sign there may be a bubble called). Both times the corner and safety rotated, with the bigger stronger safety lined up at LOS with the corner rotating back to provide help against any verticals. Twice the safety fought thru the wr to make the tackle on a bubble. This secondary will improve, hopefully sooner rather than later, but it will improve.
  9. Boom calls so many different coverages each kid will need to be very well prepared mentally. Some coverage schemes he implements are based on the pre-snap look. For instance there will be automatic checks into coverages like 3 Buzz Mable with a trips look. It'll also depend on the quality of the personell. If he has a true lockdown corner on one side he can run split field coverages like 3 Buzz Mable, Blue Special, and Solo...allowing for some pretty cool blitz concepts and forcing the throw to the side of the field where he is pattern matching with either 3over2 or even 5over3 (# of defenders vs route runners). Pattern match (zone coverage untill pattern distribution, switching to man afterwards) is honestly a better design than standard zone IMO (even if it was co-developed by Belichik and Saban) Some ppl mention dbs and looking back for the ball. There's a little more to the story. They are taught to look for the ball only when "in phase" with the wr, and to wait momentarily before ripping their arm between the WR's arms when they are "out of phase". Boom learned these concepts from Saban and still uses them
  10. I was referring to ROC being the most physically gifted back since Carnell. To Mikey's point, I think CAP was an average talent at rbs, with great effort he maximized his potential. I fail to see how another "unproven" rb with the talent of ROC, or for that matter Barber or JR, won't chew up yards this year, especially after the unproven Jeremy Johnson leads the league in passer efficiency (my predictions based solely on what my eyes tell me). I feel like the offensive line is pretty solid, although I'm not liking what I see from Young at RT... He doesn't bend well and looks slow to set his feet in pass pro, I saw 47 embarrass him more than once in the Spring game. Liked him at guard, unsure about RT. Grimes days he has 7 OL he feels good about, for now I'll believe what that fiery little man has to say. On defense it's going to come down to whether these minnows are ready for manhood. Once they have enough repetition in the different fronts and coverage schemes, it'll be up to them to play angry and have some damned attitude. You can't play at that level without ferocity.
  11. Hmmm...9-3 is always a good season in the SEC West, but with a passer as accurate as JJ, and for that matter Sean White, the most talented runner since Carnell (the other 2 backs are real damn talented too), Duke et al. (Ray and Louis can stretch the field, 80 is very underappreciated, and 84 Looks the part of a star in the making), two great athletes at Hback, what should be yet another productive offensive line, and an improved Defensive unit (a guess at this point), I won't be able to hide my disappointment at a 9 win regular season.
  12. If the Defense can hold opponents to 25 or less, Auburn wins about 99% of the time. To hell with yardage stats, we need turnovers and a highly ranked scoring defense. Boom installs a defense that has built in checks for situational football, i.e. pattern matching trips formations with 4 over 3 (4defenders vs 3 wrs), where the goal is to match pattern distribution with more defenders than routes run which counters flood concepts. He also has awesome checks in the red zone There will be automatic checks for nearly everything, including those damn unbalanced heavy sets that LSU, turds and GA ran down our throat last year, and our defense never shifted to equalize strength... That should become a rarity. We may get whooped on some plays, but not because there's 6 blockers on 4 defenders. Boom can't dress out for games so the kids are going to have to be self motivated, but the teaching will put them in position yo make plays, if they so desire to be great AU will finish top 5 in total defense (SEC). Gonna have to get lucky with injuries, but every other SEC team is in the same boat.
  13. Watching some more Spring game, another great play by Toney at Q2, 8:41 on the clock. We run Buck Sweep to boundary and Cam fights his way to the ball carrier, fights through Cox' block. He uses great leverage and arm extension once again. If he doesn't make that play Roc gets far more yardage, as Duke cracks the backer and Leff kicks out cb.