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  1. HotLantaTiger

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    My favorite part of this game was just before the half. I started yelling at the TV when Gus lined up to take a knee with 40 seconds left. I thought, "Here we go again with the conservative crapola." Then they ran the Woody play and continued to try for yards and move the ball down the field. Hopefully Gus really is starting to be more aggressive.
  2. HotLantaTiger

    ***AU vs WSU Post Game Thread***

    Adams is Tracy Rocker part deuce! And Marshall needs some work with his receivers on deep route timing. Secondary didn't play as well as expected but appeared to be more bend not break. They were playing off the ball most of the night. Running game.... No need to talk about it! WDE!
  3. I think MIss St will be closer than most think. Look at our matchups the last few years and you'll see that we've had some close games. MIss St, to me, is a lot like Arkansas in that I never have a good feeling when we play them. We always seem to get their best. They also have some experience on Offense, too, with Tyler Russell and LaDarius Perkins. Not sure about their defense, tho. They managed to win their first 6-7 games last year, albeit against weaker opponents, in the first half of the season and then faltered late. Look for this game to be a close one. I truly believe if we can pull off this one, it will spring board our year giving our guys a lot of confidence. First SEC game of the year is always a good one to get.