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  1. US - 10 Them - 42 I don't see this being close at all.
  2. I noticed he didn't play, nor did Ashley.
  3. 1990 beat Indiana (formerly Hall of Fame game) 1991 losing season Eric Ramsey scandal started after Texas game Stan White returned at QB New Running Back 1997 beat Clemson 1998 losing season Bowden quit mid-season New QB Rusty Williams converted Linebacker 2001 lost to North Carolina 2002 9 win season beat Penn State in Citrus Bowl Cobb/ Campbell returned at QB Cadillac returns/Brown emerges at RB 2007 beat Clemson 2008 losing season Tuberville fired New QB Tate/Fannin/Lester returns at RB 2011 beat Virginia 2012 worst season in 40 years. Chizik fired New QB Mason returns at RB 2017 lost to UCF 2018 not looking good! Stidham returns at QB New RB
  4. he probably got hit four times in the 1st half. Go back and watch that touchdown strike to Williams. Stidham got leveled on that play.
  5. Stidham is off because he is shell shocked from getting hit so much.
  6. This may have been already discussed, but with KJ, Holland, Pettway, and Davis leaving, does that mean we have four more slots left?
  7. well, it was obvious he is hurt. Shouldn't have played.
  8. Going back to the Ole Miss game, the defensive tackle that did the belly flop. Is he still playing, and has he improved?
  9. I agree, White would have been running for life just like stidham, but there were time where stidham have up on the play and scrambled to soon. I think white, with his experience would have gotten the ball down the field quicker. Stidham needs a game like Merce to gain more experience. Now, when we go to Missouri and see the same results, then White needs to take over. Receivers aren't gonna get open all the time, the QB just has to trust the receiver to make a play on the ball.
  10. A seasoned quarterback like J. Campbell would have made anyone look good in 2004. I always thought it was funny last year when people made the comparison between J. Johnson and J. Campbell going into their senior years.
  11. We have a pretty good Defensive line, just not a great defensive line. I think our best option is with Sean White. Stidham might be better, but he's problem is he is waiting for the receivers to get wide open before he throws the ball. Leard had this problem in 98, Frazier in 2012, and campbell had that problem to a certain extent in 2001.
  12. Well, it's a safe bet that our defensive lines not as great or deep as everyone thought. If so, then our offensive line would have been ready for Clemson's D-Line!
  13. Watching that Clemson game was like watching the 1998 Virginia game, 2008 Vanderbilt game, and 2012 LSU game all in one!