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  1. I agree, they will sign another Great Value brand coach.
  2. Was it Sledge? I noticed he was in the game at the end.
  3. We need Deion Sanders! He is the only coach that win recruiting battles against Saban and Smart.
  4. Can we focus on winning the game. Just wear the blue jerseys!
  5. anyone think they were looking ahead to Penn state?
  6. and the fumble by shivers on the kickoff in the ole miss game.
  7. Craig was reshirted in 93. Beasley came in 94. Anderson and Jesse McCovery were both major recruiting signings by Bowden. A lot of because of Garner. After Garner left, recruiting took a nose dive. Bowden's last class in 98 is a mirror of how this years class going.
  8. Maybe we can get him when he enters the portal next year.
  9. A lot of people blamed Tank for going out of bounds in the Iron Bowl, but TJ got sacked twice that took us out of field goal range.
  10. This explains why most of our defensive lineman have left!
  11. and he'll probably be looking for another job after next season.
  12. Auburn fired Gus for giving us 8 wins!
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