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  1. A lot of people blamed Tank for going out of bounds in the Iron Bowl, but TJ got sacked twice that took us out of field goal range.
  2. This explains why most of our defensive lineman have left!
  3. and he'll probably be looking for another job after next season.
  4. Auburn fired Gus for giving us 8 wins!
  5. yup, the same ones, that wanted Finley to start. Be careful what you wish for.
  6. yeah, they'll be running for their life behind a crappy offensive line too.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if he lands at Clemson.
  8. A lot of these same comments were made about Jason Campbell back in 2003. Just imagine if he transferred out of Auburn.
  9. I don't think Loy completed a pass in the A-Day game.
  10. Is it that bad that we have to fly all the way to Oregon to get an Offensive Tackle!
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