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  1. Thin on the Defensive Line

    I knew we would be thin on the defensive line, but we are danger thin from looking at the rotation from the practice report. That Ga Southern triple option attack could be a problem if our offense sputters.
  2. Pulling starters when winning big?

    That 2015 Jax State game went down to the wire. We needed Holsey in that game.
  3. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    It's about time. Been hearing this since 2014!
  4. Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Lawson can do what he wants to, but in my opinion, I think another year would help him. I don't see him going til the 4th round. Wasn't Avery Young projected in the 1st or 2nd round, and he didn't even get drafted. If he was a running back then go, but another year could boost his stock.
  5. 2017 4* DE/Buck Markaviest Bryant COMMITS TO AU!!!

    What is our contingencies plans if miss on Bryant, Johnson, and Solomon?
  6. Sugar Bowl Roll Call

    Is there a meet n greet planned?
  7. Sugar Bowl Roll Call

    I went in 2004 and I am going this year. Got seats too! Can't beat the Superdome.
  8. 2017 5* DT Aubrey Solomon

    Russell and Brown are the only ones with real experience. Williams played in mop up duty, Jackson redshirted and Johnson is coming off an injury. We have bodies, but not much experience. I was hoping we could land a juco DT and DE but that's not happening.
  9. 2017 5* DT Aubrey Solomon

    We are gonna be thin at Defensive Tackle next year. Like we were in 2015. I don't understand why the coaches let the depth slip every other year at this position.
  10. Are we recruiting any JUCO Defensive lineman besides buggs?
  11. 2017 Early Enrollees

    What is the signing date for early enrollees?
  12. Is there any genuine info on SW injury

    Well considering White has run 52 att for 148 , 2 TDs and JF3 has 30 att for 179 and one TD.
  13. this is alarming to me

    No, there is one person on the team that I always suspected to be a plant, and now it all makes sense. I know sounds stupid, but I wouldn't put anything past saban. Remember his press conference in jan 2007. He plans to dominate bama's in-state rival. That doesn't just mean on the football field.
  14. this is alarming to me

    Sounds like we have a mole on our team! I bet I know who it is. Now it all makes sense. Nobody is that good at predicting plays.
  15. Everybody had Enough?

    The problem I see with JF3 is that he hands the ball off to much when running the read option. He needs to keep it more. It just seems like he is scared to get hit. At this point, he is our only option at QB. Johnson is done. He doesn't have the head to play QB on the college level. I am just assuming white's career is over. We got four weeks to heal and get ready for a bowl game. I hope it's the Sugar Bowl, but I do we really want this mess on primetime TV again.